Dance with the Devil by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Maria’s family were traitors. They planned to take over the mafia, kill the boss, and attempt to rule—all out of greed and a thirst for power. Maria discovered their plan and went straight to The Boss. She now has two choices, get married to any capo that would have her, or die.

She doesn’t want to die, but no one would ever want her. All of her life she’d been told she wasn’t good enough. She knows it is pointless, but she has to try.

Draven Esposito is a dangerous man. Many say he was born in hell and is the devil himself. He saw Maria many months ago. A young woman who tried to become nothing more than a piece of furniture. He cannot let her die. So he marries the young woman. Maria is now his.

There are secrets he cannot tell. Maria knows to be married to Draven will not be easy. The man is scary, but the most shocking thing of all, she doesn’t feel afraid when she's with him. He has never harmed her, but he has warned her, she cannot get pregnant. If she does, he will not be part of that baby’s life.

What will happen when Maria figures out his secret? Will she be able to show him that he can trust her, or will he finally kill her?



His bedroom was large and she tried not to look at the bed, as that was terrifying. She knew what was going to come next and she didn’t know if she was ready for that. When The Boss had given her the ultimatum, she had known sex would play a part, but the truth was, she expected death. Who would want a fat, ugly woman as a wife? That was what she’d been told she was.

She didn’t know what Draven’s game was, but it scared her. The not knowing was the worst.

After Calvin had showed her where the bathroom was, he’d left. Wrapping her arms around herself, she made her way into the bathroom and stared at her reflection.

There were no words of encouragement. He didn’t ask for her story. She didn’t know if she should be relieved or terrified because of that.

Maria forced herself to look at her reflection. She didn’t know what to make of what she saw. There was a bruise that covered the left side of her face. The slap had stung, but the punch had been worse. They had also landed a blow to her stomach, but after that, the guy had been stopped. She wasn’t supposed to be hurt. The Boss had apologized to her.

She had also seen the soldier killed in front of her. He’d not followed orders, and The Boss hadn’t been interested in anyone who couldn’t do as he was told.

Someone had died because they hurt her.

She lifted her fingers and touched her cheek. The Boss had warned her that people would want to hurt her. That even if she survived tonight, there would be those who’d try to harm her. Maria knew she wouldn’t make a lot of friends. Her family tried to kill The Boss and take over.

Removing Draven’s jacket, she placed it into the laundry basket and then removed her bra and panties. She turned away from her reflection and stepped into the shower. She turned it on and let out a gasp as the cold water washed over her body, shocking her.

Clenching her hands into fists, she counted to ten, and then twenty, in the hope of bringing some heat. She didn’t have to wait long for the shower to warm up. Once it was nice and hot, she stepped beneath the spray, tilted her head back, and tried not to moan at how good the shower felt. It had been a couple of days since she last had a nice, hot shower. This felt like a luxury to her. So lovely. So warm.

She looked for some soap. There were no female products, so she had no choice but to use the ones Draven had. She used his body wash first and she couldn’t quite detect the scent, but it was better than stinking. After washing her body, she used his shampoo and conditioner. Even if she died tonight, she would be clean.

Maria didn’t know how much patience Draven had. She didn’t know what he expected of her tonight, and rather than linger too long in the shower, she turned it off and climbed out. She wrapped a towel around her body, and another around her hair. It felt good to be clean.

She was in the process of drying her hair when she walked back into the bedroom to find Draven sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked.


He lifted his gaze and stood. The man was tall, over six feet, and she was five foot five, and had no choice but to tilt her head back. A lot of people were taller than her. She was used to having to look up.

“Are you lying to me?” he asked.

“I don’t lie.”

“All women are liars.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to completely refute this, but she didn’t know who he hung out with. Besides, her own mother and sister were known liars. They had no problem with lying to get what they wanted. They were no longer alive. She had heard them beg for their lives, while she’d been taken away. Their screams for mercy had gone unheard, and as she was pushed into a car, she heard the gunshots. The death of her family. Maria had no guilt in doing what she’d done.

Draven got to his feet. “And if you lie to me about anything, you will die, Maria.”

“I’m not lying.” She’d never been with a man. She hadn’t even kissed a man until tonight.

Maria stayed perfectly still.

Draven didn’t move.

She didn’t want to make him angry, but something told her that if she cowered or whimpered, it wouldn’t do her any good. This man was the Devil. She wasn’t asking him for a dance, but she certainly wasn’t going to run away scared.

“Get on the bed,” he said.

She watched him go into the bathroom.

Staring at that large bed was terrifying. Did he want her naked? Covered with a towel?

Maria finished drying her hair, and then opted for the towel to stay on. She had a feeling he wouldn’t want to see her naked.

Once on the bed, she looked up, only to find her reflection staring back at her. The man had a mirror on the ceiling. Why would he have a mirror on the ceiling? Unless … did he want to see? Did he want her to see?

No, he had the mirror on the ceiling long before he saw her. This was not about her. He had the mirror for himself. For sexual purposes.

Maria tried to avoid looking at her own reflection, but it was hard. She had no choice but to look. Her blonde hair was fanned out across the pillow, the towel covered most of her body. Her legs were on show.

She heard the shower running. Other than the shower, there was no sound. Draven didn’t hum, didn’t sing, nor grunt. Just silence.

Why did he ask if she was a virgin? Even though she’d been considered ugly and fat and disgusting, she was still a daughter of a capo, and being a virgin was part of her value.

“It’s your only value, but no man will want to sleep with you.” Those were the words her mother said.

Her mother had never been the maternal type. She loved money, beauty, and power. According to her mother, she’d been a fat, ugly baby. They hadn’t wanted to throw a party to celebrate her birth, because she brought nothing but shame to the family.

Maria was used to hearing it all. The insults had often hurt, but growing up with them, she’d developed a thick skin, and now they no longer mattered to her. They were just words.

Looking at her reflection, she didn’t see a beautiful woman. No, a beautiful woman was her sister. She saw something ugly. Her blonde hair wasn’t light enough. Her blue eyes were dull and lifeless. Her red lips were oddly shaped and not right. Then of course, her body. She could go on for days about how bad her body was, reiterating everything her mother and sister would say.

Closing her eyes, she couldn’t help but tense up as she heard the shower turn off. Draven was finished. He’d be coming for her very soon.

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Intense and gritty
Written by Eve S. on 31st Oct 2023

Suspenseful dark and gritty romance of great depth of character’s and storylines. Perfect example of a nail biting page turner with explosive detail in addition to passionate dialogue. Ends in a well deserved HEA

Loved This!
Written by Ali D. on 2nd Oct 2023

I don’t know how Crescent does it, but she puts so much into such a short story. It’s honestly so amazing to have such a well-rounded, steamy, engaging, and fast paced story in such a small package. If you like, steamy short mafia romances, then this is the book for you. I finished this in a few hours, and I can’t wait to read more within this world! ?❤️?

Draven and Maria are ?
Written by Brooke T on 2nd Oct 2023

Sam Crescent did it again!! I loved this book from beginning to end. I couldn’t put it down. This book has me all up in my feels. My heart broke, soared and galloped for both characters. They had amazing chemistry and were very complex. The storyline was original and had me turning the pages too see what was going to happen next. I loved the action, drama and spice. Maria was strong and smart. I loved her loyalty in this book. I felt for her and what she went through in her life. Draven was talk, very dark and even more broody. I loved his backstory and wanted to know more!! I loved Draven and Maria had such amazing chemistry together. I loved the push and pull that they experienced in this book. The heat and spicy burned off the pages!!! Sam Crescent has amazing books that grab you and keep you entertained. I can’t wait to see what comes next!!!

Written by Debs48 on 2nd Oct 2023

Loving this author fast becomming another of my favourites she captures the dynamics and fear and from being outcast to face her death as no one would want her so draven took her but he would not fall for her and certainly not get her pregnant. Well everything went out of the window when his boss aka brother made him realise she knew their secret but could she keep it to herself

Loved it!
Written by S. Hansen on 2nd Oct 2023

I loved Dance with the Devil. Wow what a story. Maria can’t believe she’s still alive. After turning her family into “The Boss” she expected to die, Draven saved her. He’s dark and brooding. He is called the devil but he’s been drawn to Maria and now she’s his wife. He’s very clear about what their marriage will be like. This story shows the ups and does of marriage for Maria and Draven. Thankfully, love wins in the end. I would definitely recommend this book and I hope there is a book fir “The Boss”.

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 2nd Oct 2023

I've read a lot of books written by Sam Crescent; she is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. She has written another good book. The story is about Maria & Draven. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

I freaky love reading Draven and Maria
Written by Mary S on 2nd Oct 2023

I freaky love reading Draven and Maria story. I was expecting a more simple read but I definitely got more then what I was expecting. Now I hope we get the chance to have Antwone story I would love to know more about him.

Dance with the Devil
Written by Romance Tragic on 2nd Oct 2023

Another ripping Sam Crescent book to whip you out of your daily boredom and into a world of violence, passion, danger and lust. Hot damn this was a blistering read!

Written by Redfaeryrose on 2nd Oct 2023

This is another book I loved from this author. It's a mafia book, but the story focuses on the capo, his wife, and, of course, the Boss, who finds time to butt in to their life.

couldnt take my eyes of this book it was that good
Written by Mozzy on 2nd Oct 2023

This book for me was definitely a page turner to say the least. I couldnt put it down it was just that compelling for me. All Maria was doing was handing over proof that her parents wanted the Boss dead, then she found herself auctioned, she thought no one was going to buy her seeing her size and looks cause her parents had always put her down, she knew she was going to die. Draven really didnt want to be here, he didnt want a women full stop and he didnt know why his Boss sent him here. It was said if she wasnt bid on then she was to die. But taking a look at Maria, he knew she was his type of women so he bid on her and married her. This is their story and honestly i really loved it. I dont read Mafia books so much and i just couldnt go past this one and im sure you will agree once you read this as well.

I love a good mafia book.
Written by Becky Jean on 2nd Oct 2023

Super entertaining. Super hot. Great storyline. Dance with the Devil by Sam Crescent has it all. Kudos!

Loved this book
Written by MellaM on 2nd Oct 2023

Sam is a one-click author for me and this book did not disappoint. Maria chooses the Outfit (if you know what I mean) over her family, giving the former a heads up about a coup. She's repaid with another choice - death or marriage to Draven, a man so feared he's earned an unsavory moniker. I was so furious on Maria's behalf, like if this is how you repay loyalty . . .In any event, l was impressed with how Maria was stoic about her fate. She was strong and I love a strong FMC. Draven was hiding a ton of secrets, but Maria slowly broke through his defenses and his backstory. Fast-paced, lots of action but not particularly dark or scary. Can't wait to see a book about Draven's brother, the head of the Outfit.

Sam has done it again!!Loved it!!
Written by Alishali80 on 2nd Oct 2023

I love Draven and Maria together. Draven gave Maria the confidence to love herself and others, along with Antwone’s help. Even though Antwone is widely feared I adored the love he had to for his family and seeing them happy.

Cannot get enough!!
Written by KMH on 2nd Oct 2023

Wow! This author smashes it every time!! I couldn't get enough of this story. You know when this author writes a mafia story that its going to be delicious. I loved both main characters and I devoured their every interactions! I loved all the heated tension, making you crave what will come next! This book is one of those books that you have to finish in one sitting because you know you can't stop until you know how their story ends. This author is a one click for me... I cannot wait to see what she gives us next!!

Great read
Written by GAnnG on 2nd Oct 2023

What can I say. I always love Sam Crescent’s books and this one is one of them. Spice, love, alpha mafia male. Great read

Written by Jessica on 26th Sep 2023

rently on a Sam Crescent reading binge right now, not on purpose but whenever I want or need something to read it seems that I am pulled to one that's how good and easy this books are to read. It starts off with Maria having to marry someone after her family plots to kill the mafia boss and turns into something else. In classic Sam Crescent mafia, Maria and Draven are a match, perfect for each other, giving the other just what they need whether they realize they need it or not. So good. Never disappointed and will always come back for more.

I freaky love reading Draven and Maria
Written by Mary S on 17th Aug 2023

I freaky love reading Draven and Maria story. I was expecting a more simple read but I definitely got more then what I was expecting. Now I hope we get the chance to have Antwone story I would love to know more about him.

He was such an amazing alpha man
Written by JudyCh on 17th Aug 2023

She was the daughter of the family who tried to kill the Don but she had saved them and so her fate was in the hands of someone who would marry her or she would die, so Draven was told to come to this auction where Maria was being auctioned off for marriage but no one wanted this curvy girl but when Draven saw her he was smitten and this was a quick story about how they fell in love and had babies.

Beautiful and alluring ?
Written by Nasra on 17th Aug 2023

I really enjoy reading this book. Ot was beautiful. The chemistry between them is amazing. They didn't hesitate in giving and receiving between them. I love that it was refreshing. The male was protective and strong and honest man. The female was strong and matured and beautiful in character you can't help to love them. I also am dying to know the story of the" the boss" man I will cerread that one too. The relationship between brothers was beautiful. Good job

A great Bratva romance and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 17th Aug 2023

This book was amazing. Talk about a transformation for both characters. The unwanted wife and the man who thought he couldn’t be a good father were like butterflies that transformed into the perfect specimens.

Super amazing--this book was so amazing!! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!
Written by Andrea R on 17th Aug 2023

I love how the characters evolved and how they grew closer and how this story played out. The danger and drama was well written and just presented us a great book and story and the love story was off the charts steamy!!

Absolutely Draven and Maria
Written by Jill G on 17th Aug 2023

I loved the story. It pulled be in at the beginning and held my attention until the end. It is full of action along with some violence but the main part is the attraction Draven has for Maria and then their subsequent marriage and HEA. There is so much happening in this story that you need to read it for yourself, but be assured you will not be disappointed. I would love it if Antwon’s would get his own story and find the HEA he so richly deserves. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by Angel Joy on 17th Aug 2023

When she found out what her family was doing, she went to the Don and told him. Now she is considered a traitor to both families.

Awesome Book!!
Written by Amy J on 17th Aug 2023

Loved reading Dance with the Devil. This book was so good I couldn’t put it down. The chemistry between Maria and Draven was steamy HOT and I loved their story!!!

Sam Crescent and Mafia - the best combination
Written by EPM on 17th Aug 2023

I loved this book, any Sam Crescent Mafia book (well, any Sam Crescent book) is well worth the read, and Dance with the Devil is no exception. I loved the characters and their growth together. Despite being downtrodden and treated like nothing her whole life, Maria had a quiet strength of character and when she discovered her family's traitorous intentions, she informed on them to the boss, despite what that could mean for her. Draven is a killer, a hard and dangerous man, except when it comes to Maria, who he saw earlier and when an opportunity comes to save her / have her for himself, he takes it. I hope there will be more books in this "world".

Loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 17th Aug 2023

I devoured this story. Maria helped save Draven's Boss and his men from her family who were planning to take them over. As a result, her parents and siblings were k!lled. She has no clue as to why she was saved but she may not be alive much longer if none of the Boss's men want her. She has to marry one of them or die. Draven sees her and decides he wants her for himself so he marries her. This was a short read and it was packed with everything I've come to expect from Sam Crescent. I loved it and didn't want it to end!

Dance with the Devil
Written by Deanna S on 17th Aug 2023

A marriage for reasons other than love. Betrayl, love, mafia what a great recipe for a great book. Sam Crescent did a fantastic job as always.

Quick Read!
Written by Anotherdayinparadise on 17th Aug 2023

The characters had depth and were likable. Although a dark mafia romance there are elements of sweetness. Forced marriages to save her family who doesn’t treat her well. Secrets and lies will these two be able to navigate it together.

Dance with the Devil
Written by Amd2662 on 17th Aug 2023

Draven/Maria. Older man/Younger woman. Betrayal. Attempted coup. Assassination attempt. Alerted. Proof. Retribution. Savior. Husband/Wife. Dangerous. Murders. Threatened. Belittled. Ignored. Humiliated. Wonderful characters and gripping story. Love. HEA. Endearing.

Maria and Draven
Written by Bobcat on 17th Aug 2023

Dance With The Devil involves a marriage or death scenario. Maria's family plotted to overthrow The Boss. Knowing that her horrible family would make things worse for everyone, she told of their plans. Marriage to a capo was the only way she could be allowed to live when the others were killed. Draven had been intrigued by Maria when he had seen her months earlier. Though he had never intended to marry, he couldn't allow her to suffer when she had been loyal. I love a rough hero who never harms his lady. Draven is one of these. I am left wondering if The Boss will get his own romance story.

Maria and Draven
Written by Samkat on 17th Aug 2023

Maria is used to being treated poorly by her family and being ignored. However, when her family is in trouble, it’s up to her to save them. It’s either death or marriage and she ends up selflessly agreeing to marriage. This should have been a horrible situation for her, but this marriage ends up saving her from the ruthlessness of her very own family. Draven didn’t want a wife, but he made an exception when he saw it was going to be Maria. No way was he going to let someone else have her while he was still alive. They have some hurtles that they have to work out together, but they were meant to be with each other.

This storyline is awesome ??
Written by Mommie2myboys on 17th Aug 2023

This one kept me engaged start to finish. There was just enough suspense to keep me guessing, but not so much to make it trope. The length of it was perfect and I enjoyed the characters interactions. Now I want Antwone's story.

Written by Gkp2460 on 17th Aug 2023

In the most unconventional way Draven and Maria come together. Maria has done a huge thing when she saves The Boss from being killed. But, now she needs saving and Draven is the one to do it in this great, fast-paced forced marriage read. This author brings her characters to life and engulfs her readers in their journey. Dance With The Devil pulled me in from the beginning and had my heart breaking for Draven and Maria. And that ending was swoonworthy.

Written by Alexis H on 17th Aug 2023

Draven and Maria's story will melt your heart. An Insta love rescue that will have you glued till the end.

Finding love and family
Written by Bookbunny on 17th Aug 2023

Maria did the right thing but at a cost. Her father planned to take the Boss out. She had no love for her family. They were always cruel to her. Her loyalty to the Boss was unfound and her price, marriage to a capo or death. Draven Esposito had no interest in marrying. When he saw Maria though, he knew he had to have her. No one else was to touch her ever again. Draven’s life was cold and cruel. That is why he was called the Devil. But Draven has a secret that only the Boss knows. Can Maria break through and have Draven trust her? Heck yes! That woman went through hell. Her parents were a piece of work. Not one kind things ever said to her. No wonder she had low self-esteem. But with Draven, she found her place as well as love and family. Yes, she was intelligent and a blessing to the Boss and Draven. Once Draven moved forward, everything fell into place. I would love to read a story about Antwone.

Dance With The Devil
Written by Karen99 on 17th Aug 2023

Another Great Read! I do enjoy Ms Crescents Mafia Romance and this one was just as exciting. Wonderful characters, a brooding sexy male who had secrets which he would kill for. Draven had a secret passion for Maria the first time he encounter her, but knew she would never be his so when the opportunity arose, he grabbed it with both hands. Maria had betrayed her family and knew if no-one claimed her she would die, shocked when Draven made her his wife, she was determined to be what he wanted. A hot steamy, sexy read with a swoon-worth HEA!

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 17th Aug 2023

When Maria uncovers her families traitorous plot against the mafia boss she goes right to him, and he gives her a choice become married to a Capo or die. Draven was the only one to take up the offer of marriage, he's not a good man and hides a deep secret but he would never harm her, only when his marie discovers his secret where will it leave her? Well written steamy desires, age gap, curvy heroine, and more

Devil take me
Written by AllyMcGarry52 on 17th Aug 2023

Maria's waiting for the bullet that would end her life, her family turned on the Boss and to make things worse, she turned on her family. No one expects her to live, even herself. Until Draven. Another fabulously written book...