Finally His by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 4
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A nice hot, forbidden fling with her boss…what can possibly go wrong? 

Jolie Pierson has lusted after her hot as hades boss forever, so when he finally takes notice of her, she can’t help but melt at his dominance. Besides, it would be rude to not give him a present on his birthday. 

Richard Tomlin never dates the women at his office. However, when he realizes the sinfully curvy red head he’s been struggling to keep his hands off for ages is submissive…the gloves are off. This woman makes him forget all the rules and brings out his primitive instincts—to take, to devour, to mark her as his until everyone knows she belongs to him. 

Jolie was ready to accept just one night of hot kinky sex, but when Richard pulls the boss card the very next morning, everything changes—she’s finally his.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, spanking, rimming


“I’m going to unlock the door and go into the kitchen to grab some things that I need. While I do that, I want you to make your way upstairs and wait for me in my bedroom. First door on your left when you get to the landing. Present for me in the middle of the room. Do not take anything off.”

He surprised her by that missive, he could tell because she briefly looked up him.

“I want to be the one to undress you, little one.”

“Oh.” Her breathy whisper of a reply made him groan, and he yanked the door open to get out of his car. The cool night air hit his face, and Richard closed his eyes and took several deep breaths to get in the right head space for this, and to most importantly get his raging libido under control. Otherwise he would pounce on her like a madman the minute he got her through that front door. While a quick hard fuck against his front door held a certain appeal, he wanted to take his time with her.

To show her how good they could be together and to leave her utterly scrambled and begging him to come. Only then would he seek his own release.

Mind made up, he strode to the door, the click clack of her heels on the stones of his driveway a reassuring affirmation that she was following him. Having opened the door, and disabled the alarm, he switched on the lights and gestured up the stairs.

“Up you go, nice and slow and swing those hips for me as you climb the stairs.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jolie dropped her gaze to the floor and proceeded to take the steps one at a time.

“Slower than that, girl. Pull your skirt higher, so that I can see the pussy I will be claiming soon.”

Jolie complied with trembling hands, and his throat went dry as her gorgeous, ample thighs came into view. Skin liberally sprinkled with freckles called him to taste, to touch, and he stepped up after her halting her slow movement upstairs.

“Bend over and get on your knees. Spread your thighs wide for me.” It was sweet torture to see her comply, and when her satin and lace covered cunt came into view, Richard stroked his heavy erection through his trousers.

“Wider, girl, that’s it.”

The pink crotch of her pretty, lacy knickers was much darker than the surrounding fabric, and he murmured his approval when she slid the dress further up her hips to pool around her waist. Putting his hands on the indent on her waist, he skimmed them lower, over the flare of her hips, until he reached the juncture of her thighs.

“I love your curves, little one. So much supple flesh to hold, squeeze, and mark as mine.”

Jolie whimpered her need, when he inhaled against her wet crotch, and nudged the hard little bundle at the top of her slit through the fabric with his nose.

“Oh, please.” Her breathless plea made him repeat that move time and time again, until her thighs trembled, and she pushed back against him.

“So responsive and wet for your Sir. Tell, me, my sweet, I could fuck you right here on the stairs, couldn’t I?”

“God, yes, please, Sir.”

She moaned her disappointment when he withdrew, and Richard chuckled into the soft skin of her inner thigh. He licked a path up to one fleshy ass cheek, only half covered by the satin of her underwear, and bit down hard.

A cock hardening groan came from his girl when he licked that sting away, and his dick jerked in his trousers, seeing the half-moon bite left behind on her fair skin. The scent of her sweet musk increased tenfold, and it was beyond satisfying to realize that this was as big a turn-on for her as it was for him.

He retraced the wet path his tongue had left behind, and then licked up her other butt cheek. Her whole body jerked when he bit down on that side too, and then grasped the underwear and bunched it up until it dug into her slit. Her puffy lips, separated by the twisted line of material, were the biggest turn-on yet, and Jolie groaned when he rubbed the fabric back and forth.

“Oh, God, please, Sir. I need to come.”

Richard slapped one ass cheek and stepped up the movement between her thighs. It was beyond satisfying to see the flesh wobble and redden under his hands, so he did it again, until his girl was a panting, quivering mess in front of him. Her inner thighs were wet with her arousal, and she clamped her legs around his head, when he licked that sweet musk away. One sharp twist and flick of his wrist meant the delicate fabric of her knickers gave way, and Jolie gasped, and relaxed her viselike grip on his head.

Richard smacked her ass one last time and ran his fingers through her wet puffy labia, which caused her to shudder anew. Her pussy hole clenched in rhythmic moves, telling him how close she was to release, one he had no wish to give her yet. Every clench expelled more of her juices, and he groaned under his breath when he withdrew his fingers and licked them clean.

Sweet, with a slightly salty taste, his girl tasted divine. He grinned at her when he caught her watching him from under hooded lids. With her body shivering and covered in the fine sheen of arousal, her dress bunched around her waist, and the mass of her red hair spread over his stairs, she looked good enough to eat. A woman on the edge. It wouldn’t take much for her to go over, but he also instinctively knew that she wouldn’t allow herself to do without his say-so, as confirmed by her next breathy words.

“Please, Sir, may I come?”

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Smoking Hawt
Written by Cariad Books on 29th Dec 2017

This book is just what I needed hot spicy and erotic I loved it and the characters where o so good I fell instantly in love.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by undefined on 6th Mar 2017

Staying late to work never had so many benefits. Jolie is a dedicated and hardworking woman. When she accidentally sends an email, meant for her best friend, to her boss, everything changes. She had been drooling over her boss for a long time. So was every other woman in her office. What she never considered was that he could be attracted to her, too. Jolie and Richard have a “singe the sheets” kind of chemistry that just gets hotter with the turn of a page. Jolie’s character is very relatable. She’s normal looking, not tall and skinny like her co-worker, who loves to flaunt that fact. It was easy to get caught in the romance of the story (as well as the sexual chemistry) and swept up to the last pages. The one thing was that this book was too short. I wanted just one more page, one more chapter, okay lots more chapters. I could have stayed with Jolie and Richard well beyond the last page. It’s a simple trope, been done many times, but the characters held their own and I wanted to see where the author would take their relationship. How would it evolve? Would it last? This is a quick read but one that will have me reaching for another book by Ms. O’Connor real soon.

Kimmer's Erotic Book Blog
Written by Julie on 16th Nov 2016

Finally His, written by Doris O’Connor, is a fun, quick, red-hot read about a Dominant/submissive relationship. Jolie works for Richard's company and they share a strictly professional relationship. Until….. Jolie stays late one night to finish up some paperwork and when she is done, she finds a note on her supervisor's desk instructing her to leave the work on Richard's desk. When she goes to leave the items in Richard’s office she accidentally walks in on him changing. A short conversation has them each picking up the Dom/sub trates in the other and it comes to light that the pair has been secretly lusting after each other, with no plans to act on it. But this new revelation finds Richard and Jolie leaving together to see where things may go. In Finally His Doris O’Connor creates two characters who are likeable and relatable with a scorching hot passion! If you’re looking for a story to perk up your day, and your libido, read this one. I’m sure you will enjoy this short sexy book as much as I did. A copy of Finally His was provided to Kimmers Erotic Book Banter, by Evernight Publishing, in exchange for our fair and honest opinion

excellent read
Written by undefined on 30th Oct 2016

excellent read

The Romance Reviews
Written by Gabrielle Sally on 7th Sep 2016

FINALLY HIS by Doris O'Connor was an incredibly fun read. Jolie was such a sweet and lovable character matched against the enigmatic Richard (her Sir). And by that, I mean her wonderment at why he would be attracted to her. After all, he seemed to have a preferred type of woman draped across his arm as eye candy and they were definitely nowhere close to resembling the curvy redheaded submissive. Except… And with all good stories, there are always exceptions. Where you find out one or the other character was behaving a certain way because of expectations, because it was easier, because it was the right/appropriate thing to do. When instead, we'd rather fiery, panty-drenching interactions that only seem to happen when the right characters meet, submit, kiss, and explode in heart throbbing pleasure. While this is a short(ish) story, it doesn't skimp on plot or character development. Through the story's telling, we aren't missing any details necessary to the characters; the dialogue and internal thoughts are great, and I adored Jolie's sass. As with all O'Connor's books, the characters are well-defined and engaging, the D/s and kink scenes will have you either smiling or fanning yourself (is it hot in here?), and the happily ever after will have you returning to the story again and again - See more at:

Written by Judith D. Woronka on 10th Aug 2016

I am a total fan of Doris 's writing I love everything I read of hers and this was no different now I wish she would write another sci-fi story

Written by Ravenna on 4th Aug 2016

I loved everything about this one. Definitely my favorite of the series so far, although they are all wonderful. Doris is such a gifted writer, and Jolie and Richard burn up the pages. I can't say enough good things about this book. Just buy it. You won't be disappointed! :)

5 Stars
Written by Rhonda on 4th Aug 2016

Another awesome book by Ms. O'Connor! What started out as a "teaser" on her author page turned into a short, sassy and sexy story for her readers. Jolie works for Richard Tomlin in his company and when her supervisor makes her do some work and then tries to pass it off as her work, Richard realizes it and the story starts. He's a dominant man while Jolie is a submissive who hasn't played in awhile. She is secretly in love with him and it turns out, he's been keeping his eye on her also. The relationship develops quickly and is scorching hot! If you're looking for a short and steamy read with BDSM thrown in, this is the book for you. Doris never fails to suck you right into the story.

Finally His is Finally Here!!
Written by KnottyGirl Reviews on 3rd Aug 2016

Doris O'Connor. Just seeing her name gives me one of those Squee moments where my inner Snoopy wants to come out and dance. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge fan of her books. She writes the most delicious Doms and sassy subs out there, and I know that when I start one of her books, I'm not putting it down until I see "The End", which is always a bummer. Needless to say, I had one of my moments when this book hit the stands, I ran right over and bought it. And of course, I'm supremely happy I did, because I absolutely loved it! Jolie Pierson has a huge crush on her boss, Richard Tomlin. But Jolie figures that he's way out of her league. She sees him in gossip magazines with tall, lean, women that don't resemble her short, curvy stature. She is working late one night late, again, when she takes a pile of files into Mr Tomlins office with a note from her tall, blonde and leggy, supervisor. (who reminds her continually that Richard would never go for someone like her.) There is a note attatched to the file. The supervisor is trying to take credit for Jolie's work. But Richard is still in his office, and sees the note. He finally lets his secretary in on how he's been feeling about her. And let the kink and romance commence! This book is hot! Like way up in the hot pepper scovilles hot! I'd say torrid!!