Hardy by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Skulls, 12

Ten years ago Hardy made a mistake, and it nearly cost him Rose. Instead of facing the harsh reality of what he did, Hardy pretended it didn’t happen at all. Now, Rose has left him once again, but this time she’s not coming back. He can’t live without her. She is his reason for living, and with her being pregnant, he has to find a way of winning her back. 

For too long Rose has made all the changes in her marriage. She’s done with fearing what might happen with Hardy. The baby growing inside her is all she needs. What Rose didn’t plan on was for Hardy to completely change, becoming the man she always wanted in her life. 

Can their marriage heal from old wounds? Can Hardy prove to Rose that she has nothing to fear? Will she stick around to see how good it could actually be for them? How far will Hardy go to win the woman who owns his heart? 


“Not tonight, not yet. When I fuck you, Rose, you’re going to have my ring back on your finger, and you’re going to let me back in here.” He pressed his hand over her heart. “I’m not going to accept anything less.” Hardy leaned in close so his nose was against her throat. “It doesn’t mean I can’t play, and give you what you need.”

“I need you, Hardy.”

He caressed down her body going to the front of her ratty old shirt. The shirt went to mid-thigh. She couldn’t look away from him as he teased his fingers slid up the inside of her left thigh. Gasping, Rose would have fallen if it hadn’t been for Hardy’s hands holding her up. He cupped her pussy, slipping his fingers beneath the fabric of her panties, sliding over her slit, up to her clit. Hardy circled the bud then slid down to her cunt.

“You’re wet for me, baby. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you, Hardy. I want you pushing me against the bed and fucking me so hard that I’m screaming for it.”

“Keep going.”

“I want to suck your cock until you’re hard for me, then I want to push you to the bed, and climb on top. I know you love it when I ride you.”

“Fuck, baby, you know how to get a man hot for you.” He sucked on her neck, and she moaned as his tongue flicked across her pulse. She was hyper aware, and no one could stop or tame her need in that moment.

Hardy went from fucking her with his fingers to stroking over her clit. Each touch heightened her arousal a little more. It had been too long since he’d touched her. Before she was pregnant they’d been using each other.

Wrong. You’d been using him.

You selfish bitch.

You need to stop.

She cut off all thought and focused on Hardy’s touch.

“When you’re ready for me, Rose, I’m going to fuck you so damn hard you’re not going to remember your fucking name.”

“Yes,” she said, begging him for more.

He flicked her clit, pinching, and caressing.

She couldn’t hold off her orgasm anymore, and she came, screaming his name.

Hardy held her throughout giving her the comfort, and the support that only he could.

This is your man. The love of your life.

He picked her up in his arms, carrying her to her bed. Hardy settled her inside, cupping her cheek.

“You can stay,” she said.

“Not until you’re ready for me. I told you, Rose, I’m not going to take your for granted. I’m going to earn my place in your life, and in your heart.”

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Written by Shannon on 18th Jan 2016

They married way too young and made plenty of mistakes along the way. They both love each other, but is it too late to heal from the wounds that run deep? Or will they be able to prove their love and commitment for a lifetime? Ten years ago, Hardy made the biggest mistake of his life and it almost cost him his wife. Instead of owning up to it, he pushed it aside and pretended like it didn’t happen. Now Rose has left him again and this time she wants a divorce. Rose is his whole world and loving her is just like breathing. Now that they have a baby on the way, Hardy is willing to change to prove his love. Rose is tired of always being the one to bend to Hardy’s will. Ever since he swept her off of her feet, she has been the one to handle the responsibilities while Hardy was off doing club business. It’s time for Rose to do what’s best for her. What she didn’t count on was Hardy’s desire to become the man she has always wanted in her life. Once again, the wildly popular and talented author Sam Crescent gives reader a wild ride — an emotional roller coaster full of twists, turns and plenty of tumbles to leave the reader feeling like they are holding on for dear life. Ms. Crescent gives a realistic and often harsh portrayal of Hardy and Rose, leading the reader through their relationship coupled with Hardy’s commitment to Rose really seems to hasten the emotional involvement of the reader. Ms. Crescent has the touch for creating strong heroines, sexy alpha heroes, and plenty of action and passion to ignite the pages. I have to admit, like I am sure a lot of readers who have read this series, I had my doubts about Hardy and Rose’s story but I thought if any author out there could pull it off it would be Ms. Crescent. I was all set to hate Hardy, with thoughts of maiming him for life running though my head after what he has put Rose through over the years. Yet time and time again, Ms. Crescent expresses to the reader that a relationship takes two and some blame lies on Rose’s shoulders as well. Using years of her diary entries as a way for Hardy to reach into the very heart and soul of Rose in order to be the man she needs and has always wanted is pure genius. Scene after scene, watching Hardy and Rose fall in love all over again as they learn to believe in their love and the commitment to it will have the reader shedding a tear or two. Fans of this series have come to expect the danger as the Skulls battle their enemies to protect what is theirs. In Hardy, the focus is more on Hardy and Rose’s relationship as well as the members of the Skulls and their families, portraying the MC as a family not of blood but of friendship. Like always, the author tempts and teases the reader with new characters to come and it sure sounds like things aren’t going to be so quiet for the Skulls.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Debra Taylor on 3rd Sep 2015

Oh Yes, I loved it! It is a testament to Sam Crescent's talented writing that she could make me like someone who cheated, so it means something when I say how much I enjoyed every page. Anyone who has read the Skulls will be familiar with Hardy and Rose and their wild times. We learned in an earlier book about Hardy's cheating, Rose's heartache, and the tragedy that came out of the situation. I was curious about what kind of pain they carried and how it got them to the point of no return and most especially if Hardy could be redeemed. As this latest story opens they are in the process of divorcing when they find out that Rose is pregnant and Hardy is determined to keep his woman. Now to be quite honest I wasn't sure if I could get past his cheating to give him a chance. I stuck with it out because clearly he loved Rose. I wondered what it was that made him do it, and most importantly, could the writer pull it off for me. The answer was yes, and she did an amazingly vivid job of it too. Hardy and Rose had a rough journey together, so their story was emotionally raw at times. They both made mistakes and each one ended up with their own set of regrets because they simply did not fight for what they wanted. So much wasted time and so much delicious heartache. In the end they both did a lot of changing together, and Hardy worked extra hard to be the man that Rose deserved. What a fabulous read this book was for me! I was surprised at how well-crafted and perfectly layered this book was in the end. The Skulls is a complicated series and this book had the most intricate plot yet. It had snippets from my old favorites and even an intriguing and in-depth peek into Gash and what may be in store for his character. I can't wait for his book because I know it's going to be something special. I have only good things to say about this book. I loved it!

... about a man who finally decided to became a perfect man for his woman
Written by Ive on 18th Aug 2015

It's a book about a man who finally decided to became a perfect man for his woman! It was sweet story :) Can't wait for Gash's book! That epilogue intrigued me.

Five Stars
Written by Rachel Tigani on 18th Aug 2015

Love the Skulls! Nice to see Hardy and Rose getting it together. I want more Skulls!!

Five Satrs
Written by CYNDIE MELLO on 18th Aug 2015

Great reading love the skulls

Always pulling for Hardy
Written by Donna Briody Buccella on 18th Aug 2015

Finally. ...yes Hardy was an as@, he screwed up, but for Rose to hold it over his head for 10 years was selfish if you ask me. I don't condone what he did, but she needed to stand up and either say we're done and move on or forgive him. I love Hardy, and he turned into a real man, an honorable man, vowing to be the man that Rose deserved. He proved over and over how much he loved and adored her, and for that, I'm glad he got back what he lost and more.... This was fantastic This series is fantastic

Another Outstanding read.
Written by Maddie Bookaholic on 18th Aug 2015

Hardy and Rose I liked them and always felt they had a open relationship as Rose was always around the club and stuff then they split and it was that hardy cheated 10 yrs ago and she couldn't let it go for that long I felt she lead him on a bit as she didn't leave straight away she changed what she was like and continued to be with him. Then she left 10 yrs later and he showed aside of him that was really lovely and I was disappointed in Rose I know they was young but having this grudge for 10yrs that was not good for them and I just wanted to shake her. I love we got bits from the other characters ( Not giving anything away) and now I'm looking forward to the next book. It's always a pleasure to have the skulls and chaos bleeds together. :D Another Outstanding read and highly recommend.

Had been waiting and was not disappointed
Written by Karen on 13th Aug 2015

I am very happy with the ending of Rose and Hardy. It shows that a person can change for the one they love, and Hardy proved to be a man full a regrets and knew when he did the wrong thing and knew it was on him to finally be the one to make the change. It also allowed us to look deeply into Rose and it made you love her even more.

Another great success
Written by avid reader on 12th Aug 2015

Hardy and Rose getting back together was well worth the wait. His willingness to change for her was beautiful. The whole story was beautiful. Sam Crescent never disappoints. And I am looking forward to more of her work.

Rose and Hardy, intense, emotional and unbreakable.
Written by Angeluscris on 12th Aug 2015

I was cautious at the beginning with that one...but in the end, I love Hardy, and I love him because of the strength of Rose.

Fantastic Touching Love Story
Written by garzarose3 on 7th Aug 2015

As always I'm impress with the story that Sam has create for us as readers can enjoy. This one touches all the bases. I waited for Rose and Hardy's story for a very long time and guarantee any one who has felt true love will enjoy this fantastic love story.

Great Story!
Written by Patricia on 7th Aug 2015

Yes. Hardy is a jerk. Heartache and anguish was well derserved. But throughout the book you will be mad, sad and then happy. This novel will bring out all of your emotions. Great read!

Loved it!
Written by Karrie Johnson on 4th Aug 2015

Sam Crescent does it again. Loved it!

You did it again.
Written by Kindle Customer on 4th Aug 2015

What a great love story. You watch them both grow up more. All along they loved each other. They just needed to find it again. I loved it. Gash story will be good. Can't wait.

Written by Mlmayer on 4th Aug 2015

Awesome book! Freaking awesome book and series and can't wait for more!

I didn't want to like him.......
Written by Lynmt on 4th Aug 2015

What can I say, I didn't want to like Hardy but after this book, I kinda do! This is the latest in Sam Crescents Skulls series and we get Rose and Hardys story. For those of us who have read the series since the first book, Lash, was released you'll know Hardy always seemed a good guy who was in love with his wife Rose, but I couldn't understand how if he loved her that much he let her strip in front of the club?! Then it came out he'd cheated and knocked up a club whore and after 10 years Rose left him. Now I'll hold my hand up and say I wanted them to do DNA testing on the baby and discover the dead baby wasn't his. I'd thought long and hard about what would help bring them both closure and that was what I'd wanted, but this isn't a spoiler cos that's not what happens! This book gave us the soft loving side of Rose instead of the hard nut she came across as in lash and Murphy. It also shows a big manly biker doing everything to win his wife back as they both got what they'd dreamed of having together. I loved it!!!! I didn't expect to like Hardy but any man who'll do what he did for his wife......... AND I got a snippet of my Skulls obsession....... Tabitha and Simon! In each series I have a favourite and they are my fav out of the skulls or would it be chaos bleeds? But I have to say they are my most highly anticipated book by Sam ever and have been from day 1. I can't WAIT!!! But you'll love Hardy and if you haven't read the skulls or chaos bleeds series yet.....what am I saying? EVERYONES read the series!

This Series Keeps Getting Better
Written by Elizabeth Clinton on 4th Aug 2015

What can I say but Hardy and Rose's story was a long time coming and what a roller coaster of emotions their story is. Hardy and Rose have been married for 10 years and not all of them have been great you can say that their relationship was hanging on by a thread. Hardy made a terrible mistake many years ago but now in the present Rose can not seem to let it go and with every right she is wondering if their marriage is worth even saving. Hardy will do what ever it takes to make all his past mistakes up to her to prove to her that he is the man that is suppose to be in her life. The emotion in this book will sometimes leave you with a lump in your throat and at other times will be so heartwarming that you will be cheering them on with every page you turn. This is book twelve in The Skulls Series but with every story you fall more in love with this MC and to see that each and every member truly deserves the HEA's makes you want to never see this end.

Like always made me wish for MORE
Written by Neringa on 4th Aug 2015

I finished reading it and just...Well, like most of the time with a great story, I don't know where to start. Maybe from the beginning? From the frost moment we where introduced to Hardy and Rose, they seemed so perfect. So much love, friendship, loyalty, hotness... You saw all that and you wanted it for yourself. And then out of the blue the true came out. All this was a big fat lie. It was just a beautiful surface. But when the door opened you saw that everything was shattared. No happiness. No friendships. There was... Nothing. I really was shocked. I didn't know what to think, what to do. Well, yeah, I wanted to fork Hardy and hug Rose. But.... I just was lost for words. Through another couples books, we watched what's going on with Hardy and Rose. I alternated between hugging Hardy and kicking his sorry a**. Because one moment he's sorry and sweet. And the next he's an a******e to Rose. But I still wanted more of them. And when Sam said she's working on Hardys story, I so wanted to read it and at the same time I was so scared. Scared to read the moment when they broke. When they lost each other. When they gone different paths. I knew it would hurt my heart. And I was right. It was painful to read. It made me feel even myself broken. And then when Rose decided to find her own way, news comes. She's pregnant. Hardy wants them together. But Rose can't see them together anymore. They fall apart to much from each other. Didn't they? And where would they go from there? I have to say it was exciting, sweet and a little funny watching how Hardy and Rose finds out more about each other. Though they where together about ten years, they didn't know much about each others wishes and dreams. They didn't do somethings that other couples do. I mean those small little things, that you don't pay attention much and just do automatically not thinking much about them. But those small things is as important as others. And those little things Rose wished she could do with Hardy, but she never voiced them to him. And Hardy was to much lost in his own life. I really didn't know how to feel about Hardy at the beginning. He felt sorry, he loved Rose. And those little moments between Hardy and Rose where really sweet. But he cheated. Yeah, it was ten years ago. But did time really matters when the person, who should always hold you when you're shattering, was the one who broke you? I was torn. Do I keep grudge on Hardy? Or just simple love him? After all, we all are people and we do mistakes. More important thing is to learn from your mistakes and move on. I have to say Hardy was wrong on some things when he was trying to win Rose back. He always thought about how to make her fall for him again. I so wanted to say to him "She never stoped loving you. She just stoped believing in you. In 'Us'. So, you need to win her trust. To make her see, that she is and will always be enough. She was his dream." You gonna love Rose and Hardy. I have no doubt. Actually, I think somewhere halfway through the book, you gonna start to adore Hardy. The thinks he did...That was just priceless. You gonna to forget why you where angry with him in the beginning. I did. I just saw what an amazing man he become. And let me mention something else in this story. Sam made me crazy with her little tease moments there and there. I'm talking about Gash. And the epilogue...F*** me! It just killed me. Damn! I so need his story. I don't know how I will be able to wait. Actually, there is another couple, that I need a ride into their journey. They kinda where silly sweet. Dating, without knowing that you're dating. Lol. You will understand when you read it