Healing Ella by Lila Fox

Heat Level 4
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Devil's Sons MC, 9

Ella’s life had turned into a nightmare, and she didn’t think she’d survive very much longer. The life that she always dreamed of was gone. She didn't have time for daydreaming, she just needed to survive.

Ax was there in time to save her. He took care of her and gave her hope for the future. She might not end up where she thought she would, but he’d heal and care for her as no one else could.

Be Warned: anal sex



“Goddamn, woman. I’ll never get enough of you.”
“I hope not.”
After he ravaged her mouth, he moved down, licking, sucking, and biting. When he got to the place where he needed more than air, he pushed his shoulders between her thighs. Her pubic hair was trimmed short, but he’d eventually want her bare so she could feel everything.
“Let’s see how you taste.”
She grabbed at his shoulders. “Wait…” A scream tore from her throat when his tongue swiped her clit a few times before diving into her cunt for more cream.
“Fuck, you’re so fucking juicy. Give me some more.” He worked her with his fingers, using one and then two before sliding a third into her while nipping at her swollen red clit.
Ax didn’t want her to come, but he wanted her level of passion to be high to help her at the beginning. He didn’t know if she could deal with his penetration at the beginning, and the last thing he wanted was to frighten her.
Ella’s world dimmed around her. “Please…”
God, he finally stopped his torment, grabbed a condom, and rolled it on. His body covered hers, and he made space in-between her legs for his hips. She vaguely noticed that he watched her carefully as he started penetrating her. The intense pressure made her remember she’d never seen his cock and hadn’t expected it to be this large. Her nails dug into his shoulders as he pressed into her.
“Easy, babe. You can take me. Just let me get it in,” he said.
She thought she nodded but wasn’t sure.
With one last push, he was in her.
“See, I told you that you could take me. How are you doing?”
She didn’t know how to explain what he was doing to her senses. What she did know was she needed him to move.
“I just want to make sure you’re ready,” he said.
“I am. I ache so bad.”
“Then let me take care of that for you. Do you still want me hard?” She nodded. That’s exactly what she needed.
His first few thrusts started to make her nervous because the sensations were over the top.
“Stay with me,” he said. “Come on, baby. Keep your eyes on me.”
She looked into his eyes and watched him, and the world dimmed around her. It seemed to settle something inside her, making her relax.
“That’s it, babe.”
Her body arched and bucked as he rammed into her, and it touched her cervix every time, making shivers race down her body. She could feel the jagged edge of an orgasm build inside her, and the violence and depth of the sensations frightened her.
“Ax…” she cried out.
“I’ve got you. Come for me.”
Her body tightened as she reached her peak and was thrown into a smorgasbord of sensations. A strangled sob tore from her throat as her orgasm seemed to go on forever. When she crashed, she lay helplessly beneath him as he took his own pleasure. He braced himself on his elbows to keep the majority of his weight off of her as they both concentrated on gaining some control back.
“Fuck, babe. I didn’t know it could feel like that.”
She ran her hands up and down his back. “I didn’t either. It was almost scary.”


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Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 13 ratings)
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Love Ax!
Written by Diana A on 20th Jan 2023

I love this series! Really enjoy all the stories and the relationship between the old ladies! I love Ax's straight but sweet. And Ella demonstration straight, loyalty and fearless.

I loved it
Written by Nasra on 20th Jan 2023

I like

Written by Gkp2460 on 20th Jan 2023

Healing Ella is book 9 in the Devil's Sons MC series and it's definitely appropriately named. Ella has been through h*l^ and absolutely needs healing. This book involves rape and touches on human trafficking so if these are triggers for you maybe this book shouldn't be an option. That being said, my heart went out to Ella and the other women involved. She finds herself involved with a fake. Lied about everything and she fell for it. With help from the guys, she's gotten away from him but there's others that need help.

This was such a great book—I love this MC club so much.
Written by Andrea R on 20th Jan 2023

Love this where author combines the add/LG trope with the MC club for added suspense and steaminess. The way they got the bad guys and protected the girl was just awesome.

Healing Ella
Written by Makeen on 20th Jan 2023

Ax and Ella are a great couple!! She’s resourceful, compassionate, loyal, and tough enough to handle MC life. He’s patient, tough, and caring enough to protect his woman and his club. He saves her from a terrible situation and they feel a physical attraction. Lila is so good at developing relationships in just enough dialogue to make the couples real. Trust is key for Ella to bond with Ax and Lila wrote their story beautifully. Love this whole series and the characters!! Hot men loving their women.

5 Star!!!
Written by Amy J on 20th Jan 2023

I really liked this new addition to the Devil’s Sons MC. Once I started reading Healing Ella I couldn’t put it down. Awesome book!!

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 20th Jan 2023

Ella had been through a lot, saved by the MC and Ax can he be the one to help her heal? And what of the other women that need saving? Well written dark themes, and more

Wished it was longer
Written by winn1 on 20th Jan 2023

This was a great one. It was tastefully done dealing with the tortured women, but was comical with the heroines dealings with the evil men. My only regret was it wasn't longer.

Written by Jedi on 20th Jan 2023

This book was different from authors other books. It has several triggers and touches on human trafficking and prostitution. I think the overall relationship between Ella and Ax was lovely was however it felt extremely rush and should have progressed slower considering everything she went through.

Continuation of a series
Written by Michele77 on 20th Jan 2023

Another installment in the Devil’s Sons MC series. This story is unusual in that there was a much longer backstory prior to the initial interaction between the lead characters. The story does contain a rape scene between the FL and the antagonist. It is also mentioned a few times during the rest of the story. A very strong FL but I felt she initiated a relationship too quickly after such a horrific event.

Written by JJ on 20th Jan 2023

Ella was a victim but now a survivor who plays it forward to save others stuck in that terrible situation. Her savior is an MC crew namely Ax. Right away there is that one thing between them that can't be explained but you feel it. This story serves as that se*y reminder that even the darkest times in your life and you're down for the count that there is a light and love at the end of the tunnel. I received an ARC for an honest and voluntarily review.

Written by Sua on 20th Jan 2023

Ella doesn’t have the best of luck when she gets tricked into a relationship and gets kidnapped. When Ax is able to save Ella, their relationship quickly blossoms. It was good to see the connection that Ella made with those around her easily and seeing more of the mc and their women.

This book was amazing!
Written by Heather7170 on 20th Jan 2023

How will Ella deal with all that has happened to her. She was tricked into a situation by a man who does that for a living. Not only to her but other unsuspecting women. Will she be able to save herself and the other women? The Devil Son’s find her and help her to escape, can they save the rest of the women as well?