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Her Husband's Army Buddy by Doris O'Connor


Product Description

McLeod Security, 1

There should only ever be two people in a marriage...

Sandy McLeod has been perfectly happy in her D/s relationship with her husband Zane for the last ten years. Until his old army buddy re-enters their life.

Sean Manson is altogether too handsome, too virile, far too much of anything. The man oozes dominance, danger, and leashed aggression, and Sandy can’t help but respond to him. Neither can Zane. He walked away from Sean once. Now, he’s back, long suppressed feelings bubble to the surface and cannot be denied. When Sandy agrees to a threesome, happiness seems within their grasp. Sean’s demons, however, threaten to destroy everything they hold dear.

Sean never meant to come between husband and wife, let alone hurt either one of them. Surely, the only solution is to walk away from them both. When you’re the missing piece, however, walking is simply not an option.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, BDSM, m/m sex, sex toys, double penetration



“We need to get her out of this dress, Sir.”

Hearing her husband address Sean like that gave her a secret thrill, the likes of which she wouldn’t have thought possible. To know that she was at the mercy of two Doms, one of which was an unknown entity made this whole thing extra exciting. Whether it was the perceived danger Sean represented, the not knowing how far he would take things, her befuddled brain couldn’t quite figure out. She stopped thinking altogether when Zane unzipped her dress at the back, followed by the snap on her bra and slid his hands around her ribcage to cup her freed breasts.

“Let her go a minute so we can lose these contraptions.” Zane’s grumbled command pitched her need even higher.

Sean stopped kissing her, the pressure on her wrists ceased, and in the next instant she was naked, barring her soaked through thong, hold-up stockings, and the heels she still wore.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful.” Sean’s deep voice showed his admiration of her body as much as his perusal of her as he stepped back and let his hot gaze roam all over. “Spread her for me, so that I can look my fill of our sweet cunt.”

The dirty words turned her on almost as much as her husband’s immediate response.

“Your wish is my command, Sir.”

Zane kicked her legs apart and held her wrists firmly behind her back. Sean, in the meantime, shrugged out of his shirt, and kicked his shoes and trousers off with a speed that left her dizzy. As did the size of his erection straining against the damp confines of his boxers. To know she’d done that to him was a heady aphrodisiac indeed, as was her husband’s erection pushing against her ass.

Sean divested himself of his boxers, too, and she gasped when his thick shaft bobbed up to his navel. She’d been right. He was huge. While his girth wasn’t as thick as Zane’s he had a good half inch in length, and Zane wasn’t exactly small in that department.

Heavily veined, Sean’s magnificent cock looked ready to explode all over again, the broad tip already glistening in pre-cum.

She wanted to taste him so badly, yet Zane’s grip on her wrists stopped her from reaching out. As though Sean had read her thoughts, he groaned and, taking his shaft in his hand, pumped a few times along its length.

“Soon, you get to suck my cock, sweet girl, but for now, I need to taste you properly.” With that he got to his knees. As tall as he was that action brought his head level with her breasts, and he wasted no time in taking full advantage of that fact. Sean held each breast in his large hand, and grinning up at her pushed them together, before he took both nipples into his mouth and sucked hard.

Sandy tugged at Zane’s restraints, and her knees would have buckled had Zane not pushed his thigh between her legs to keep her upright. Her head fell back against his shoulder, and she gave herself over to the intense sensations Sean’s talented tongue subjected her to. Her nipples had always been sensitive, a livewire straight to her clit, and with the dual sensation of Sean’s sucks and the gentle friction Zane’s leg created between her thighs, she climbed the rungs of arousal in record time. Her hips bucked against her husband’s leg as she sought to increase the friction she needed to go over.

A sharp bite to her shoulder coincided with Sean releasing his hold on her nipples with an audible pop.

“No coming without your Sirs’ permission, baby girl, or we’ll leave you hanging.”

Sure enough, Zane withdrew his thigh, while Sean grasped her hips to keep her steady. He kissed his way down her soft belly, interspersing kisses with little bites that left her hovering on the precipice. He bypassed her pussy and, flinging one of her legs over his shoulder, nibbled along the edge of her stocking.

“Hmm, as much as I love these, they need to come off. Look at me, pet.”

Sandy’s eyes flew open, and the sight of Sean between her legs made another gush of moisture trickle past the elastic of her thong. He licked that trail away, and she groaned.

“Please, I need to, please.”

Grinning, Sean blew a stream of hot air across her still covered slit, and her clit contracted in need.

“What do you need, sweet Sandy? Do you need to come?” He nudged his nose along her vulva, inhaling deeply, and Sandy jerked. Not that it got her very far because Zane’s hold on her wrists never lessened, and Sean’s fingers dug into her hips with so much pressure, she would surely be left with bruises. The thought of carrying his marks made breathing even more difficult, and she groaned her reply.

“Please, so close, I … God…”

She wasn’t entirely sure what pleas were spilling from her lips, and in truth she was far too gone to care. With Zane’s harsh breaths in her ear, and Sean’s dirty words she was a goner.

“So very eager. I can see your little clit push against this lace. You’re close, aren’t you, sweet thing? Such a turn-on. What do you think, Zane, should we let her come or torture her some more?”

Sean let go of her hips briefly to tear her thong clean off of her, and then he looked his fill.

“So very wet, and pink. Your hole is clenching, begging to be filled. What do you want in there, pet? My tongue? My fingers? My cock? Or Zane’s? Tell me, or I’ll leave you hanging and fuck your husband instead.”

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  1. Absolutely amazing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Apr 2018

    Ok, I'm fairly new to Doris O'Conner but this one, it's put her on my author stalker list, you know online, not in real life kind of stalking!!
    It started off intense and emotional from the very first chapter and kept me so involved I read it in one read, rare for me these days, time is precious!!
    Sandy and her husband Zane have an amazing relationship, not just husband and wife but deeper, he is her Sir and she loves it that way. What happens when an even more dominant man comes back into her husband's life? Is there enough love and trust between them to add a third to their relationship? Will Sean be able to fight his demons and be what they both need or is this destined to end in disaster and break all their hearts??
    Was a touching emotional read that melted me!
    Absolutely will be telling my friends about this one!!

  2. Awesome start to a new series 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Apr 2018

    Doris O'Connor has long been a one click author for me and this was no exception. The story of Sandy, her husband and Dom, Zane and Zane's army buddy is really one of the best she has written. Ms. O'Connor gets all the feels perfectly in this awesome MMF story. From Sandy being a little insecure and sort of wondering if her husband really loves her to Zane's feelings for Sean coming back to the surface when he comes to visit them. The story is quick paced, the characters are written perfectly and it's hot as all get out! Can the three of them really make a relationship work? And what about Sean's demons that pop up? This is the first book in a new series and I'm am so excited to read more as there are some secondary characters that need a story also. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book. Just make sure you have a fan and some ice water because it's gonna get hot!!

  3. To love impossible men 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Apr 2018

    If you’ve never read a story written by Doris O’Connor, then stop right now and one-click. If you’ve ever been on the fence about a story with MF, MMF, and MM relations, then stop right now and one-click. If you’re looking for a heartfelt story with oodles of charm, fabulous characters with very real lives, and unbelievably hot interactions between the characters, then stop right now and one-click.

    Having read quite a few of Ms. O’Connor’s stories now, I have to say that my favorites are the MM ones. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do really like (and sometimes love) her other stories, when it comes to MM romance, she absolutely nails the characters and emotions to the point that you will end up with a massive case of ‘the feels’ after reading them. For, despite the content, these are very much love stories that you will want to return to whenever you’re looking to feel good. And well, lest I leave out the important bit, yes, this story is incredibly hot. So much so that you might need to cool down after.

Previous | Showing reviews 11-13 of 13

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