Claimed by Her Bears by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 4
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Take one very human girl. Add three bear shifters and one BDSM club. Shake well… 

When Goldie Lockwood tumbles into the arms of the new CEO, she falls head over heels in lust with the enigmatic Dom. Interested in the lifestyle she might be, but Jason Stanhope seems way out of her league. 

Jason’s bear wants nothing more than to bend Goldie over his desk and claim her right there, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. This bear shifter comes as a package deal—three for the price of one. As the oldest of triplets, his mate will also have to submit to his brother and sister. 

While Goldie responds beautifully to his training, will a weekend at the club be one step too far, or can she be the sweet sub the siblings need? Revealing their bears might very well make Goldilocks live up to her name. 

Be Warned: BDSM, whipping, anal sex, menage sex (MFM), f/f sex


He had originally planned to spank her insolent ass, and then fuck her over his desk, but when she hadn’t appeared, his mood had darkened. For one soul wrenchingly disappointing second he’d thought she’d run out on him, and then his bear had picked up the scent of aroused woman. He’d tracked her down to the ladies’, and just when he thought he’d have to break the door in, she had appeared, and a new plan had taken hold.

Her untutored responses to him had made the Dom in him roar, and his bear had positively strutted at them. Fucking her now was out of the question. His volatile animal was too close to the surface, and he would not be able to resist biting her. No, it was far safer for everyone involved to consummate their relationship at the safety of the club, where his bear would be easier to control in the company of Jacob and Cat.

Besides, they had to establish the ground rules, and his little Goldilocks had some homework to do, starting right now.

He spread his legs and raised an eyebrow at her when she just stood there, staring at him openmouthed.

“I’m waiting, girl. If you can’t follow a simple instruction then this ain't gonna work out between us.” She gasped at that, and grinning he reached out and shut her mouth with his index finger under her chin. A shudder went through her when he rubbed the pad of his thumb over her kiss swollen lips, and she pouted when he withdrew again.

“Can’t you just spank me or something, and get that punishment over with, please, Sir?”
Jason threw his head back and laughed, and her pout deepened, but when he shook his head, she gave an exaggerated sigh, and slowly inched the hemline of her skirt up.

It was his turn to groan when her pretty pink pussy lips came into view. Delightfully bare, they glistened in her dew, and his bear huffed his need for a taste of the nectar between her legs.

Jason had to clear his throat to get his voice to work, and the little minx grinned at him.

“Spread your legs, girl. Give your Sir a good view.”

With a groan to match his, Goldie complied, and Jason had to rub his aching shaft through his trousers to gain some relief, as her outer lips opened to reveal the bounty therein. Her inner lips darkened in color the longer he stared at them, as the blood rushed to that area. Her engorged clit stood proudly out its hood, almost daring him to devour it with his teeth, and her pussy hole clenched and released, causing more of her juices to trickle out of it and down the inside of her thighs.

“Now, that is a pretty sight, my girl. I bet you want to come pretty badly right now, don’t you.”


He smirked at her strangled answer, and taking his phone out of his pocket got to his knees to take some candid close up shots of his girl’s cunt. Both Jacob and Cat would sure appreciate those, not to mention he would, while he imagined himself balls deep inside that pretty flesh.

“What are you doing, Sir?” Her voice wobbled, but she didn’t close her legs either, and pride surged in him. Maybe this would work out after all. Not claiming her as his was already too painful to contemplate. All three of them would just have to work really hard to make her fall in love with them so that the small matter of them shifting into grizzlies wouldn’t freak her out too much.

He had a sudden vision of her running away screaming from the club when she found out about them like her namesake in the popular fairytale. He shook his head to free it of those disturbing thoughts, and getting back to his feet showed her the last picture he’d just taken.

“Just taking a picture of what’s mine, girl.”

Goldie glanced at the screen briefly and blushed crimson.

“No need to be ashamed, Goldilocks. You have the prettiest little cunt I've ever seen, and I can't wait to claim it.”

The hopeful look she threw his way made him laugh, and he shook his head.

“Not today though.” He pulled the hemline of her pencil skirt down and tapped her nose.

“You can close your legs now, but remember what I said. No making yourself come, and no panties. I’ll be checking to make sure you follow that rule, and if you don’t…” He grinned at her sharp intake of breath when he swatted her ass twice.

“You won't be able to sit that pretty behind of yours down for a week, got it?”

 “Yes, Sir,” she whispered, and he brushed his lips over hers, drinking in the scent of his woman.

“You have some homework to do first, and when I think you’re ready, we’ll be taking that step at the club.”

Her eyes widened anew at that proclamation.

“The club?” she asked. “Not the one all the staff is dying to find out about?”

Jason tapped her nose again and stepping away, pulled out the list of websites he’d printed off for her earlier out his trouser pocket.

“The very same, baby, only, you’re looking at the new owner. Well one of them. My sister and brother own a third each.”

“There’s more of you?” Her voice rose in her astonishment, and he knew now was the perfect time to test the waters.

“Yes, we’re triplets, and…” He let his words trail off waiting for her reaction, and she didn’t disappoint.

“Triplets? I guess that makes you really close, right?” she asked, and when he just shrugged his shoulders, she wrapped her arms around herself.

“Is there a reason you’re telling me this now?” she asked, and he nodded.

“Let’s just say, we like to share—everything.”

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Long and Short Reviews
Written by undefined on 16th Mar 2016

Goldilocks scent has been caught by not one but three bear shifter Doms. There’ll be no running when they catch her in their bed. I’ve read some pretty imaginative versions of fairy tale rewrites in my time but the premise of this one caught my attention for it’s originality. I think it was the inclusion of a sister bear as opposed to three brother bears. How would the author develop a relationship between Goldie and Cat since Goldie would be mate to all three? I expected some F/F interaction but I wandered about how they would treat her outside of being a mate and sub as well as human. My interest was piqued and I couldn’t wait to dive in. The story opens with some pretty serious sexual tension once Jason literally gets his hands on Goldie. That whole opening scene was both hot and entertaining partly because his bear really really wanted out to play. Like most fated-mates type stories, Goldie has very little control over her reactions when Jason is near. She appears to be a confident woman with only book knowledge of the BDSM world but accepts Jason’s challenge when he gives her “homework” and then proceeds to check her progress at his discretion. That part was a little odd but I chalked up his choice to examine her so intimately in a not so intimate setting to the fact that his bear needed the constant contact and ability to keep her on edge. Next I met Jacob. Like his slightly older brother, he’s serious about being obeyed but I could tell right away that Jacob would be the more lenient Dom. Yes and no. He is a giving lover but he doesn’t let her get away with anything any more than his brother would. I liked Jacob, though. He represented safety for Goldie and this world she’d stepped into was on the harsh side of scary. She needed him. “Cat was intense at the best of times.” That was an understatement. I’ve never had a dominatrix fantasy and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Having said that, just like Goldie needed the difference in personality that Jacob provided to the group, she embraced what Cat could give her as well. It took longer to warm up to the idea but once she saw beyond the exterior, saw the woman underneath, it made accepting her mates a lot easier. This is not a light BDSM book. It’s not a fluffy shifter book, either. Bears growl. A lot! And they like to bite. A lot. Goldie’s reactions to everything she’s subjected to is pretty realistic. Being a part of their world is overwhelming and surreal. I had pity for her but at the same time I expected the intensity that comes with mating a shifter. Readers who look for the fated-mate type books with an edge should check this one out. It’s a very naughty twist on the classic fairy tale that took this reader down a rabbit hole full of surprises

Written by Shannon on 7th Jan 2016

What does one human woman and three bear shifters and a little bit of D/s give the reader? A very pleasurable adult fairytale that mixes fantasy and reality resulting in a sexy and sizzling story. Jason is blown away when one of his new employees literally stumbles into his arms on his first day on the job and she just happens to be his mate. Both bear and man want to claim her on the spot but she’s human and has no idea that shifters exist or that she might be his mate. But this shifter comes as a package deal — a three for the price of one package deal. As Jason is the oldest, Goldie must not only submit to him but his brother and sister as well. There is something about her new boss that has thoughts of submission running through her head, even though she has no experience with it. Holy smokes! Author Doris O’Connor gives readers a sexy story, brimming over with love, laughter, domination and enough sexy mayhem that will have them sorry to see it end. In Claimed by Her Bears Ms. O’Connor displays her imaginative mind creating a lively and fast-paced romance and by adding clever and glorious twists to craft a very naughty little fairy tale that will having the reader craving for more. The well-defined and compelling characters alone will repeatedly draw you into the thick of this tale, which takes off right from the very first page. Goldie is a tough, lovable and determined woman which makes the touches of vulnerability and longing sweet and meaningful. There was a couple of times I really thought that Goldie was going to go running for the hills: between her introduction to the D/s lifestyle, the fact that she doesn’t just have one master but three and the fact that they get a little hairy and turn into bears, a girl can only take so much. But Goldie blossoms, showing her masters her inner strength while fulfilling her dreams. Jason and his brother and sister are alpha temptation incarnate, commanding and compelling characters whose personalities match up perfectly with Goldie. The sexy shenanigans are smoking hot yet emotional and the D/s element is arousing and pleasurable. Whether submitting to Jason, Jacob or Catalina, it is truly wondrous to see Goldie embrace her submissive desires.

Equisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 6th Nov 2015

Wow… I really loved what author Doris O’Connor did with this book… she took a beloved childhood story of mine and brought it up a notch… This is what I would call the adult version of Goldilocks and the three bears… Let’s just say that this book gives everyone a little bit of something. Goldie is someone who on the surface has it together but underneath is yearning for something more… Boy does she get more than she bargained for. Jason is one of three… he is the oldest and a bear to boot… He and his siblings are dominant and go furry something he’s not sure how to tell his mate… Not only does she have to mate with him but his siblings as well… When it is all said and done Goldie will have 3 mates… 2 male and one very hot female… I enjoyed this book a lot I couldn’t help but laugh at times and didn’t want it to end… the author did a phenomenal job making this story flow… and not only gives a menage but some female/female action… I give this book 4 diamonds and can’t wait to see if we can get more adult stories based on our favorite kids books

The TBR Pile
Written by Liberty Ann on 14th Oct 2015

My, oh my, what an interesting take on the Three Little Bears! We meet our bears Jason, Jacob and Cat. They are brothers and sister bear shifters. How’s that for a creative take on the traditional story? It gets even better. They are all Doms and anyone they love and mate with, they do so together. While you chew on that for a moment, meet Goldie Lockwood. 100% human, Goldie’s klutzy moment enables her to fall hard for the new CEO at work, none other than Jason. He is immediately drawn to her and would absolutely love nothing better than to have his way with her right then and there…but…In consideration of the big picture he starts slow to see how she responds to being his sub. She responds beautifully so he gives her some of the information she needs to make a decision regarding giving herself to all three siblings. Of course, he left out a few little details. Things like the fact that he has already claimed her and oh yes, that they are all bears. When she actually finds all of this out, how do you think she will react? Will she run for the hills or stay? ​ Ms. Doris certainly knows how to write a spicy, exciting story, that’s for sure! And what a creative take on a long told fairy tale. If she has written more like this, then I have a new author to love. As for love, I am so in love with her depiction of Jason. Of the characters, I felt he was the most fleshed out. I couldn’t go for Goldie. She was a little too simpering for my taste although while I’m not big of FF, Doris managed to make it so hot between Goldie and Cat that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Jacob could have used a bit more page time and more development in my opinion. The story overall though was terrific. I loved how we were led along with Goldie, almost like bread crumbs, a little bit here, a little bit there, until we were at the big table and ready for the whole meal. And what a meal it was! The BDSM and sex scenes were masterfully done and I thoroughly enjoyed them. If you want a tantalizing, naughty, hot read, you have found it.

This Is Not Your Childhood Fairytale!
Written by Nicole J Plummer on 9th Sep 2015

Running late, completely disheveled, and with spilled coffee all over herself Goldie stumbles into a meeting and is caught by the new CEO, Jason, before she falls on her face in front of everyone. The minute Jason grabs her, and stops her from falling he knows one thing for sure, she belongs to him. But belonging to him also means she belongs his brother and sister. And there is of course the fact that she doesn’t know that he has claimed her. When he does confront her she responds exactly as he hopes. After having her do research he leaves it up to her if she wants to submit to him. But he makes it very clear that submitting to him means submitting to his siblings as well. When Goldie agrees to a weekend with him will she be able to get past her fears? Will she accept not only Jason but his brother and sister as well? And when she learns that they aren’t human and are bears will she run from them, or will this fairy tale have a happily ever after? As always Doris does an amazing job writing shifters, BDSM, and in this case both.

its all about the G;;;
Written by Daria on 8th Sep 2015

You know when you have shifters, BDSM and Menage come in one book, your bound to either hate it or like it. All three Genre's are my fav's and I've read books by Doris before. So when you wrap up a Shifter CEO and a sassy natural sub that is very new to the life style, add in a few surprise and shake well. The only left for you to do is pour out into a puddle. Claimed by her Bears, was so much fun. There was a part or two I was worried that Goldie would actually snap and leave. But she showed alot of determination and a lot of want. A few parts had me going oh damn, really and re-read a part or two. A Dom, A Boss a shifter all good in the hood even its, just about training a new sub. The patience and care requarding the intro to the lifestyle. It was awesome to watch the intro goldie and watching her grow. And in this instance, lol Id be glad to choose having family around. So really hella hot scenes, the BDSM scenes well written. Characters full based and fun, the interaction was just a A+.

Written by Rhonda on 7th Sep 2015

I was so excited when I heard that Doris was redoing this story. I always wanted a little bit more added and boy did she ever live up to what I wanted. This is a short and very sexy read. I love all the extra words, they gave the characters a lot more depth. And while I'm not really into FF storylines, Doris made the scenes between Goldie and Cat very sensual and sexy. Good job Doris!! I loved it but then I've not read a bad book written by you!!!

Not your Momma's fairy tale
Written by Rachael prentice on 4th Sep 2015

Three hot alpha siblings meet there "little subbie" and realize she is there mate and want to mark her but life isn't that easy. Problem 1, she doesn't know she's submissive. Eh not a big hurdle, she's submissive by nature. Problem 2 there's three of them that will share her. Ok a little bigger hurdle especially since one is a woman an the h has never been attracted to woman. Problem 3 they're bear shifters. BIG problem, like 3 giant sized bear big problem! The author does a good job of addressing these problems Goldie, the h, has without turning her into a simpering weak woman. Like the fairy tale Goldie tries all three till she finds just the right mix. Hot alpha sex scenes, the siblings are DOM all the way!!! There were a few places where I would've liked to have a little more development in the story. Some things felt skimmed over. But over all a nice hot bed time story.