Claimed by Her Viking Wolf by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 4
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Vikings Through Time, 1

When historical romance writer Kimberly Talbot finds a displaced, injured Viking at her campfire, her life sure starts to get complicated. She can’t just leave him there. Besides, what sort of writer would she be if she didn’t take up this splendid opportunity for some hands-on research of the sexy Viking god variety? 

All she has to do is keep her heart out of the firing line. 

Asger, son of Liufr, wakes up in a strange, cursed land. He's out of time, injured, and unable to shift. Drawn to the flame-haired kona by her intoxicating scent and the promise of food and shelter, he has no choice but to trust the woman his wolf claims is their mate. 

He doesn’t belong in these strange times, but does Kim belong in his? A choice has to be made…

Be Warned: anal sex, knotting, rimming, spanking, public exhibition


Remembering a Burlesque Class she’d attended for research into a story a few years ago, she closed her eyes and swung her hips to imaginary seductive music. Kim ran her hands slowly up underneath the hem of her blouse, exposing minute amounts of skin in slow motion, while continuing the sway of her hips.


Asger’s sharp intake of breath spurred her on. Letting go of the blouse she ran her hands over her breasts, cupping each heavy mound until she could thumb her own nipples. Shivers of delight chased across her skin, and her clit contracted in need.


A Norse curse made her open her eyes to find Asger had retreated to the stairs. Sitting down, with his legs spread wide, he watched her through hungry eyes, as he stroked his dick in slow moves mirroring the speed of her hands on her tits.


Emboldened she danced closer, slowly unbuttoning her blouse until it fell from her shoulders, and she threw it across to him. Asger caught it with a grin, and the bra that followed.


Seeing him lift the lacy contraption up to his nose and inhale deeply made Kim lose her stride. That was just so damn sexy, as was the way his cock jumped in his hand. The thick head glistened in pre-cum, and Kim licked her lips, desperate to taste him again.


A deep rumble rose from Asger’s chest. She tore her gaze away from the sight of his cock, ran it up the ridges that made up his abdomen, over the ink gracing his side and chest into the bearded column of his neck, and the proud lines of this warrior’s face up to his softly glowing eyes.


“Not that slow, kona. I want to see my cunt. I want to see it weep with its dew, ready for my tongue and my cock. I want to taste you, devour you, until your only thought is me. I want you.”


“God, yes, please, I want that, too.”


All finesse went out of the window as Kim unsnapped her jeans and yanked them down her legs, taking her sodden underwear with them. She stumbled in her haste to kick off her shoes and her jeans, and braced herself for impact. Instead of the floorboards coming to greet her, however, she found herself on the stairs draped over Asger’s knees. The first sharp slap of his hand on her ass cheeks stung like crazy.


“Ow, what was—ow.”


A second and third swat followed interspersed by the deep, menacing growl of his wolf. The vibrations of that sound trembled through her body and settled straight in her clit, so that the fourth, fifth, and sixth swats didn’t hurt. They set her ass on fire, for sure, but the pain added to her arousal. Again and again those blows came, until she lifted her butt into each one, and moaned her denial when he stopped. She was dimly aware of being lifted and the feel of the stairs carpet under her knees and forearms, as Asger moved her into position as though she weighed nothing.  In this position cool air rushed across her swollen pussy lips.


“So beautiful with your red ass, and wet, sweet cunt. I want you to scream when you come against my tongue, do you hear me, kona? All the way up these stairs, and if you’re a good girl, you will get my cock. If not…”


Kim gasped and her knees buckled at the first bold swipe of Asger’s rough tongue along her exposed slit, and Asger chuckled into her swollen labia.


“We will just have to start all over again.”


Her clit quivered in need, and yet more of her juices trickled down the inside of her thighs. Asger lapped them up with an appreciative rumble, and then swatted her ass.


“Start crawling up one step, kona. I want to be comfortable for my meal of fresh cunt.


Oh, good lord. Is he going to make me crawl up these stairs with him eating me out? I’m never going to survive this.


Somehow she managed to follow that command, and several more licks of his far too talented tongue were her reward. Kim groaned and moaned as he took her up the rungs of arousal with every step they managed that way. When she slipped, his hands dug into her hips to hold her still, and seemingly satisfied with her, he renewed his efforts. Up and down her slit he lapped up her arousal. He nibbled and teased, and when he ran his tongue up to her anus and circled the tight ring of muscle, while simultaneously pushing two fingers into her wet channel, Kim did scream. Asger finger-fucked her with devastating precision, curling his digits until he found the spot designed to drive her wild with need.


Kim tensed, shook, and then exploded as her orgasm burst from her with an intensity that took her breath away, as his tongue breached her anus. With her ass up in the air, her elbows on the stairs, and his broad shoulders supporting her body she was spread obscenely wide and unable to move—completely at the mercy of this man—as he wrung every last shudder out of her. Only then did he withdraw his fingers, and swatted her butt cheeks again several times in quick succession.


“Start crawling, kona, if you want my cock. He’s mighty eager to sink into your body, but only if you do as you’re told.”


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The Romance Reviews TRR
Written by Evampire on 8th Jan 2016

When Kimberly Talbot's life becomes complicated by the displaced and injured Viking, she vows to keep her heart out of the firing line in this exciting paranormal romance. Even though he's out of time, injured and unable to shift in this cursed land he's woken up in, Asger finds himself drawn to the flame-haired kona and the reader can't help but get pulled into the intriguing events as Asger and Kim find themselves facing difficult choices that will change their lives forever. The chemistry is sizzling and the sex scenes are hot and steamy but time and distance play a major role in this relationship which causes quite a bit of emotional distress. The characters are strong, captivating and easily related to while the well written, fast paced and smooth flowing plot thrills readers with suspense, excitement and romance. Doris O'Connor has created a very fascinating world of time travel that I can't wait to find out more about as the world has some interesting elements which have caught my attention. While I thought Kim and Asger's story could have benefited from being a bit longer with a bit more of the details expanded on, the author did a great job of blending the two time periods and in bringing the two cultures together so I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait to read the next sexy time traveling Viking wolf story. - See more at:

Reviews @TRS
Written by Shannon on 6th Jan 2016

Mysteriously Asger, son of Luifr, has traveled through time injured and unable to shift in a strange and cursed land. Asger has no choice but to trust the woman who his wolf is ready to claim as his mate. When historical romance author Kimberly Talbot finds a Viking warrior at her campsite she knows she can’t leave him to fend for himself and besides letting the opportunity for some up close research is too good to pass up. Now if she can’t just keep her hands off of the smoking hot Viking god. Asger doesn’t belong in the modern world. Does Kim belong in his? It seems like no matter what genre author Doris O’Connor is writing in, she creates magic with strong protagonists, deep emotional intensity, sexual tension and enough rising adventure and passion that keeps the reader captivated. In Claimed by her Viking Wolf, the reader takes a wonderful jaunt through time with a misplaced Viking warrior who has come forward in time to claim the heart of the woman who calls to his soul. The plot flows smoothly as the author meshes a present day heroine with warrior from the past, creating an interesting look both time periods through the time-travelers’ eyes. I really liked Kim. She’s an inquisitive, determined and lively heroine. There is strength in her that makes her seem special and yet her submissive spirit fits perfectly with Asger’s alpha traits as man and beast. Watching these two verbally spar, as their connection and passion builds to a tight and unbreakable bond, is delightful and so perfect. Asger is strong, commanding and sexy Viking who just happens to be a shifter. What more can you say other than smoking hot? His alpha personality isn’t over the top, he cares deeply for his family, the safety and cares of his pack, and of course his mate, Kim. The story wraps up superbly and will have romance readers sighing in appreciation. Ms. O’Connor has a special gift for bringing a story alive and this is for sure one that you aren’t going to want to miss!

Yummy! Vikings!
Written by Nicole on 5th Jan 2016

Kim had no idea that a simple camping trip would change her whole life. She hears an anguished sound that sounds like a wounded animal and is drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. After sending her sister home she returns to the campfire and finds not an animal but an injured man. After doing what she can on the spot she comes to the conclusion that she will have to take him home to nurse him back to health. Taking him to a hospital is out of the question because how do you explain that he is a Viking from the past. Asgar wakes to find that he is in a very different time. Everything is strange and new and he doesn't know what is dangerous. The simple things in this time period are unknown to him, that poor tv, and he needs to protect the woman who is helping him. Because one thing he is certain about is that she is his mate. Together they must bridge a time gap, a language barrier, and the feelings they both have for the other. When Kim is transported back in time she must learn that her life will never be the same. But is love enough to keep her in his world? When she is faced with the ultimate choice, what will she decide? This was a great book. Not only did Doris once again give us a story with an intense plot and love story but she gave us one with some seriously hot, steamy scenes. I'm sure many readers will wonder where they can find their own Viking because if nothing else, Doris makes you want one.

The Romance Review TRR
Written by Merissa on 21st Dec 2015

Kim is on a camping trip with her little sister and her sister's current 'pretty boy'. They quickly decide that more fun is to be had at Kim's cottage, and it is with great pleasure that Kim shoos them off. This gives her the opportunity to investigate a growling sound that she heard that although she knows should scare her doesn't. She doesn't find an animal, what she finds is a big, strapping Viking, complete with broadsword. She is able to get him back to her cottage where, luckily, her sister and pretty boy have already left. The fun then starts for Kim, culminating with a choice that she has to make. This was a fun but hot read, with main characters that were 'human'. There was no silliness in Kim's behaviour, and Asger was alpha enough to be dreamy, without being a misogynistic fool. There is love, action, romance and humour to be found within these pages. This is book one of the series and I can't wait to read more. Definitely recommended. - See more at:

What more can a girl ask for?
Written by Terri on 11th Dec 2015

Another outta the park story by Ms. O'Connor. Vikings, time travel, wolf shifters, some sizzling heat...what more can a girl ask for? Asger is endearing from page one, and by the end, you're claiming him as your new book boyfriend. He's an alpha male, but not a harsh one. Talk about refreshing. A must read!

A delicious blend of time travel and shifter romance
Written by Melanie Fletcher on 9th Dec 2015

Doris O'Connor is one talented writer when it comes to sexy dominant shifters and she hits it out of the park once again with Claimed by Her Viking Wolf. This time she also blends in time travel, transporting the wounded Viking Asgar from his own time to ours where he unexpectedly stumbles across his mate. Whether or not he can convince her to return to his village, however, is a whole 'nother problem. Read and enjoy!

Asger is a Viking wolf that I wouldn't mind knowing.
Written by Kimmy T on 27th Nov 2015

I FLOVED this book. Asger, the sneaky wolf, has to be one of the hottest shifters I've read about in a long time. From simply appearing out of thin air to finding and claiming his mate, he's just the right amount of Alpha. Granted, he wasn't as forthcoming with some info as he should have been. But, sometimes you just have to take what's being offered and go with the flow. Kimberly was the right amount of strength and submissive to Asger's Alpha-ness. Even when she was trying to fight the pull, she still gave in just enough to keep him in line. That's what I look for in a read. The right amount of give and take. The hotness of the sex scenes didn't hurt either. Whew! The scene on the stairs alone is worth reading this one. Doris, you took a storyline that could have been trite and clichéd and gave me something enjoyable and the right amount of different. Thank you for that.

Loved it!!
Written by Ravenna on 26th Nov 2015

I love everything Doris writes, but time travel, Vikings and wolves? Sign me up!! This was HOT and simply wonderful!! I hope we see more of this to come!! (HINT! HINT!) :)