Riding Her Tiger by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 4
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Club Ink, 1

Can one night change your life forever?

Estelle has been lusting after her kinky boss Nathan for ages, but how do you snare a much older Dom? You enlist the help of the internet.

Matched to exploration facilitator Ink, Estelle explores her submissive fantasies to the full. When online sex turns into a real life ménage, will a case of mistaken identity ruin her chances with Nathan?

Or will the shifter claim his mate?

Be Warned:BDSM, anal sex, menage sex, multiple partners.



"Lean back against me, and relax. Nothing is going to happen, yet." Her stomach tightened at the growled words into her neck, and she watched as he grabbed the huge sponge by the side of the bath and proceeded to run it up and down her arms slowly. He washed every inch of her body with great care. Her breasts grew heavy and her breathing shallow, her nipples jutting out into the humid air of the bathroom, and he smiled into her neck. By the time his hands reached her pussy she was so aroused the slightest scrape of the sponge against her labia sent her tumbling into an orgasm.

Ink groaned into her neck, and she froze. Shiiit! He hadn't given her permission to come.  

"Ah, sweetheart, that was fucking hot, but not very wise." Her eyes flew open at Grisha's husky words, and her mouth went dry. "We'll have to think of a suitable punishment, Ink." The Russian was stark naked, his huge swollen cock jutting up out of its nest of thick, black hair, to his tight abdomen, the tip glistening with drops of pre-cum. She hadn't been able to fully appreciate the sheer size of him before, and she licked her lips. He smiled at her and fisted himself with slow, measured strokes. Her cunt clenched, and her insides tightened, recalling his earlier promise. She was never going to be able take him in her ass.

As if Ink had heard her thoughts, his hands spread her ass cheeks, and his fingers probed. She bit her lip at the invasion of two and then three long fingers.

"Indeed we will, Grisha." She squirmed as he thrust his fingers in and out of her tight hole. He pinched her clit with his other hand, and Estelle moaned as the pain zinged along her pussy, to join with the sensations spreading from her ass. She whimpered when he released the tight nub of nerves only to repeat the action, again, and again. Her labia swelled and throbbed, and she writhed in the water, dimly aware of Grisha joining them in the bath. He knelt in front of her, and his hands grabbed her hips, holding her still.

"Stop moving, and take your punishment like a good little sub, sweetheart." He smiled when she went still, and Estelle bit her lip to stop herself from moaning. She watched as he leaned forward and took one of her nipples in his mouth. He bit down hard, and tears sprang into Estelle's eyes.  He soothed the sting with his tongue and then repeated the action to the other nipple. Ink pinched her clit in time to Grisha's bites, his fingers in her ass pushing deeper and deeper, until Estelle couldn't distinguish between the waves of pain swamping her. Pain that morphed into something else entirely. Unable to keep her eyes open, she let her head fall back onto Ink's shoulder. Her body felt lighter, every nerve-ending on fire, sending pulses of heat through her veins, Ink's murmured encouragements in her ear grounding her in the here and now.

Her skin tightened, and her clit throbbed in time with the waves rushing through her. She shuddered when cool air hit her wet flesh, before she encountered smooth leather. Ink pushed her down until her breasts were flattened against the padded bench, and she gasped as her legs and arms were fastened. Before she could panic at being restrained to the spanking bench, Grisha's face was in front of her.

"Focus, sweetheart, on me. Breathe with me, and count the strokes." He looked behind her, and Ink's warm hands massaged her butt cheeks.

"She really has a fantastic ass, Grisha. She'll look hot as sin when it's nice and pink from our hands." Ink's voice send tingles of awareness through her, and her panic subsided. His hand dipped lower and spread her pussy lips. He bit her ass, and she squirmed when his fingers sank deep into her already weeping channel. He curled them into a figure of eight, and Estelle panted her excitement as her sensitized tissues responded instantly.

She closed her eyes against the knowing smirk on Grisha's face.

"How is she doing, Ink? Though I bet she's wet for us."

Estelle screwed her eyes shut tighter at Ink's chuckled confirmation.

"Now remember, Estelle, no coming until I give you permission, or you'll be strapped to this thing for a very long time indeed." Ink's voice had lost its amusement, and Estelle breathed her confirmation.

"Good girl, sweetheart, you can do it." Grisha brushed a kiss across her lips. "Now count."

The first slap took her by surprise, and she screeched.

"Count, Estelle." Ink's voice brooked no argument.

"O…one." She bit back tears and barely caught her breath before the next slap came. "Two." Slap. "Three…"

Grisha's hands massaged her shoulders. He murmured Russian words she didn't understand, the warmth of his hands chasing away the goose bumps spreading over her body. Her butt on fire, the strange floating sensations returned. Her pussy clenched with each slap of Ink's hand across her ass until all of her senses heightened. Every trickle of her arousal down her legs left a wave of fire in its wake, sensations too intense to name consuming her. Her body climbed, tensing, clenching, clamoring for the tension within to burst to freedom.

With one last slap hard enough to send her body forward along the bench as far as the restraints would allow, Estelle breathed, "Fifteen."

"Good girl, you did so well." She hardly heard Grisha over the rushing in her ears, her heart beating so loudly, she felt sick. She winced at the coolness placed over her burning ass, and when her restraints were removed she collapsed into Ink's arms.


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Guilty Indulgence Reviews
Written by undefined on 17th Oct 2012

Both of O'Connor's Club Ink books are erotically delicious. What could be hotter? She has all the elements... sexy shape shifting alpha hero Doms... holy hell! Then add in the women who fall for them. The heroines have backbones, strength to overcome obstacles but that tender need to submit to their men. Some of the scenes made my toes curl and I may have even blushed once or twice. If the characters aren't enough, the plots in each book draw you in so readers actually care what happens. Nothing is necessarily what it first seems to be at Club Ink. Grab a copy and see what I mean!

Kinky Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 9th Sep 2012

Estelle has secretly fantasized that her boss Nathan Fielding would see her as more than just his secretary. That one day he would rip off her clothes and ravish her after declaring his undying love. But the chances of that happening are slim as Nathan is rumored to only engage in BDSM relationships and Estelle knows nothing about it. In an attempt to be helpful her best friend contacts the ‘Kink Dating Service’ and and arranges to have one of their experienced Dom’s train Estelle to be a true submissive. All that’s left is for Estelle to keep her focus on Nathan while trying not to fall for Ink, her new Master. This is a short story with a paranormal tag that I accidentally came across. I’ll just cut to the chase. This book is terrific. This author has taken the same o same o story line of ‘secretary secretly loves boss and will do whatever it takes’ and given it a curve ball. This is a book that has an engaging story line that is enhanced with the erotica elements instead of the reverse. I was really drawn into this story from cover to cover with absolute rapture as the different twists and turns in the story unfolded. This author had me in her thrall which I couldn’t escape until I finished the book. The author’s use of innuendos in this book were more meaningful for me than filling in the dots to tell me the actual intent or descriptive narrative of events, scenes, and such. There were so many times my imagination worked with the author’s writing to allow me to personalize my opinion and take on events and scenes. I don’t know if this was intentional or not but it gave this story an extra dimension I loved and appreciated. The central characters were well written and had chemistry. There was sexual tension that had me squirming in my seat. I didn’t know if I wanted Estelle to want to go through all the training for a chance to be with Nathan or just give in and fall for the dark, secretive but oh so yummy Master Ink. I am a sucker for a strong Dom who has the confidence and experience to give their submissive the experience of a lifetime each and every time they’re together, and even when they’re not (vague reference with spoiler potential). The actual erotica scenes used in this book are mild in intensity but still panty changing, get the fire extinguisher HAWT. My one issue with this story was IT WAS TOO SHORT. There were areas in the book that could have been more developed and characters who could have been more integrated in the story line. I can only hope that the author will develop this into a series format or write spin-offs of the secondary characters. I really want to read Grisha, Cherie, and one or two other significant characters get a story of their own. If you haven’t guess yet I highly recommend reading this book. It has a great plot, suspense, sexual tension, and off the chart erotica that have to be read to be believed. This author is on my permanent ’must read’ books written by her.

Long and Short of it Erotic Reviews
Written by undefined on 5th Sep 2012

I hadn’t even finished reading this story and I was already excited about reading it again! The plot twists and mysterious, dominant men make the pages sing. This explosive short had me on the edge of my seat with everything that was going on. I was amazed at how the author was able to get so much into a short story. I feared I had suffered whiplash from all of it, but would happily wear a neck brace just to read more. The paranormal element within this story was the only aspect that was less than spectacular. I think the BDSM element coupled with the awesome plot and characters didn’t really need the paranormal element. It didn’t seem to play a big role in an otherwise explosive story. Had the author left it out I would have still been equally happy. The characterization throughout the story was just as enchanting as the plotlines. Ink has a harsh edge to him that really excites me when reading BSDM stories. While Nathan seems to be a bit softer, and caring. I was curious to see how things would work out. Then you add in Grisha, another Dom who just screams cruel sweet torment. While Estelle was the main female character, I really think the men are what entertained me the most. Part of that may have been that I secretly wished it was me in Estelle’s shoes. I will not only be re-reading this story, but actively looking for any other stories in the Ink Series. I would highly recommend picking up this story, that is, if you think you can handle the heat.

Nocturne Romance Reads Reviews
Written by undefined on 1st Aug 2012

HOT HOT HOT!!! Now this is my kind of book! I loved everything about this book, Doris O’Connor definitely has it going on, and knows how to bring out your hottest, darkest, mind-blowing fantasies in the most delicious ways. Estelle, I have a female crush for because she is a strong woman who goes for exactly what she wants, but is an obeying submissive in the bedroom (or dungeon!). Nathan is your perfect gentleman, but knows how to deliver kind of HEA every woman deserves. BUT I absolutely LOVE Ink and Grisha, I wouldn’t mind being between them anytime! I sincerely hope there is more to come from the characters of Club Ink! I am definitely going to look into more of Ms. O’Connor writing and “Riding Her Tiger” is going on my reread list! Love it! Warning- BDSM, m/f/m, anal, shifters

You Gotta Read Reviews
Written by undefined on 9th Jul 2012

A short story with loads of hot sex, Riding Her Tiger is arousing and seductive. Nathan has finally divorced his cheating wife… Now he’s fair game, and Estelle is going to do everything in her power to make sure that he plays his “games” with her. Doris O’Connor has another fantastic tale in her repertoire, and I am looking forward the the next book in the Club Ink series. Sizzling hot chemistry makes her characters irresistible, and the plot is very entertaining.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 14th Jun 2012

Riding Her Tiger was a fun read. The characters were enjoyable and I was drawn into the story. Estelle has a major crush on her boss Nathan but believes that he has absolutely no idea who she is as a woman. Her best friend has put her on this kinky dating site and Estelle is not a happy camper at first. She doesn't know how to handle it and isn't sure if she even wants to do this. Her friend sets her up to chat with someone and gives her absolutely no chance to back out. Estelle is turned on by the talk and can't help but interact with Ink. They set up a date to meet at the club and Estelle gets a shock when she first meets him. The characters were well written. They were well developed, especially for the length of the book, it's short. I really enjoyed the characters and the dialogue was great and interesting. The storyline held my attention and kept me fully engaged. The sex was explicit and frequent. There is also BDSM throughout. I enjoyed it and felt that it added to the story. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader's attention. I really enjoyed the story and would like to find out what happened to a few of the other characters.

I'm converted
Written by joanne robinson on 19th May 2012

I have always said I do not like anything remotely, what I would have termed 'nasty'. and by that I meant Bdsm, except of the very gentles sort. well may I say I read this and OH WOW. blown away. now I have been a fan of doris ever since her first book, I make no bones about sharing that. And when I heard she had written this, and a read a bit I was oohhh ho. not for me. well I'm eating my words in public here. THis is superb. Absolutely amazing. She tells a great story, in a way I understand. Estelle never had a chance. If like I was you are a shudder, hide and shake your head at BDSM, well but this and read. You may still shudder for yourself, but you'll never ignore the genre again. Waiting impatienty for the next!

Passionate characters, great sex
Written by Naughty Edition Reviews on 16th May 2012

Riding Her Tiger By Doris O'Connor Paranormal BDSM Romance Sex: 5 Plot: 3 Overall Enjoyment: 4 Club Ink, 1 Can one night change your life forever? Estelle has been lusting after her kinky boss Nathan for ages, but how do you snare a much older Dom? You enlist the help of the internet. Matched to exploration facilitator Ink, Estelle explores her submissive fantasies to the full. When an online sex turns into a real life ménage, will a case of mistaken identity ruin her chances with Nathan? On the other hand, will the shifter claim his mate? Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, ménage sex, multiple partners. Estelle’s best friend Neeve signed her up on a BDSM dating site without her knowledge then set up an online meeting for her. This meeting was to take place within five minutes of Neeve telling her what she did. Would you stay in the chat room and wait or would you delete your profile and run for the hills? Estelle stayed, chatted and began her training. (Open letter to Neeve, Estelle’s Best friend) Dear Neeve, If you ever think to sign up a “dear friend” again without giving them at least 24 hours heads up. You will be stomped. Sincerely, Someone this has happened to, and it didn’t end well. Even though some of the more interesting people in this story weren’t lead characters, all were passionate and entertaining. The complex emotion between the twins, Jordan “Ink” and Nathan, seems beyond normal. However, I think perhaps it’s a bit of too high strung tigers and too much play time. Jordan is out to screw everything he can, and Nathan, well he just wants to find Ms. Right, not Ms. Right-Now. Now having said I liked the book, I am baffled about something. Estelle seemed to know that Nathan was a shifter of some sort. How she managed to figure that out with only having seen Ink’s teeth, I don’t know. It would have been better to add another scene or something where he reveals it to her. The farfetched logic doesn’t work with me.