Hunter by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Hell's Bastards MC, 5

Hunter is not a nice man.

He is used to enjoying the fruits of married women—they are easy to leave and don't expect any kind of relationship from him. Harlow is one of his club brother’s little sisters. She's young, and he should stay well away from her.

Only, he doesn’t.

Harlow doesn’t know why she is drawn to Hunter. She doesn’t even like him at times, but he's her secret crush, and not only that … she has fallen in love with him. She knows it's a recipe for disaster, but she cannot control her feelings.

Hunter knows it's getting serious, so there is only one thing he can do, break it off with her, and that is exactly what he does.

Devasted, alone, and in danger, Harlow knows she can never tell anyone what happened between her and Hunter. She has to deal with a broken heart. The only problem is, someone else does know, and when they make the club aware, it destroys everything. Harlow has no choice but to turn her back on the club, on her friends, and try to start a new life. Who can she trust?

For Hunter, he has realized too late that he is in love with Harlow. He wants the mouthy little vegan all to himself, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to claim her. But, will he be able to save her, or will it be too late?


“Call this my treat,” he said.

Harlow looked up. “I can pay for my own food.”

“And what kind of brother would I be if I didn’t look out for you?” he asked.

“You’re not my brother.”

“That’s true. There’s no way I could be a brother with what I want to do to you.” He stared her in the eyes, but knew her cheeks had gone a delightful shade of red. She looked stunning.

He pulled out his wallet and slid enough money to pay for their food, as well as a tip. Even though he’d rejected the waitress this time, it would stop her from spitting in his food the next, especially if he was a good tipper.

Harlow sighed and got to her feet. “I’ve got to get back to work.”

Hunter intended to finish his burger.

“Do you see me as a brother?” Hunter asked.

He knew he should let her leave. Harlow was doing the smart thing in putting some distance between them, while he was doing the fucking dumb thing of making her stick around.

Picking up his burger, he took another bite. He was starving, and he knew he wasn’t just hungry for food, but for the gorgeous brunette in front of him.

The question did the trick, as she slowly lowered back down in her chair. He knew people were watching but he also knew they didn’t have a clue what was going on right now. Harlow was Big Dick’s little sister, and part of the club, as was he. No one would question the two of them being together, neither would his club brother.

He was playing by the rules, but if they knew what he was thinking about, there would be bloodshed, he had no doubt about that.

“What?” she asked.

“Do you see me as a brother, because if you do, you need to get yourself … some therapy, because that is no way to kiss a brother.”

He was taunting her on purpose, he just couldn’t help it.

She looked so cute with her red cheeks. The glare she shot his way made his cock hard. He enjoyed her sass. There was no fun in having a doormat in his bed. He had a feeling Harlow would be like fire in his arms. They’d both go up in flames.

“Are you trying to be gross on purpose? Hell, no, I don’t see you as my brother, because you are not my brother.” She folded her arms beneath her chest.

It was a shame it was still winter, because if she’d not been wearing such a thick sweater, he’d be able to see the full curves of her tits. Harlow had a body that was all woman, thick, juicy thighs, large tits, rounded hips. She was a woman who looked like she could take a good fuck and not complain about it hurting.

Some men would say she was on the chunky side, or maybe even fat, but not to him. No, to him, she was all woman, and he didn’t know if that was another reason he couldn’t get her out of his mind.

Harlow was forbidden fruit.

He shouldn’t want her.

He couldn’t have her.

But that didn’t stop him wanting her.

Hunter had a feeling Harlow wanted him as well.

And that meant they both had a problem.

“That’s right,” he said. “Because no brother wants to take his sister, strip her naked, and fuck her until she can’t remember her own name.”

He watched her, and he was surprised to see there didn’t appear to be a reaction. All he saw was the flush working its way into her cheeks, and then he watched as she gently licked her lips, as if she was thinking of doing something dirty.

“Some sick fucks might,” Harlow said.

Hunter couldn’t help but laugh. “True, so very true, but trust me, baby, I’m not one of them. You’re not my sister. You will never be my sister, but that does make you a woman I want to enjoy.”

Silence fell between them.

He’d made his intentions clear.

When he rode into town, he had no intention of seeking out this woman, nor did he intend to talk to her, or proposition her. This had all become part of his split-second decision now. He knew it was a big mistake.

Big Dick would fucking kill him, but the fact was, he didn’t have to know. This was between him and Harlow. Their little secret. He had a feeling she wouldn’t want her brother interfering in their problems. Harlow was a strong, independent woman, she could make her own choices.

“What are you doing?” Harlow asked.

“Simple. I’m making a choice right now. If you want to see where this leads, then call me. You have my number.” He’d already coded it into her cell phone during the Christmas period. He should probably warn her about leaving her personal items unattended. It was so easy for him to look at her things, to snoop into her life.

“Just as easy as that?”

He finished off his burger and looked at her. “It can be easy or hard, but that decision will be up to you. Not me.”


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Great Story
Written by kdavis on 23rd Mar 2024

I enjoyed this book so much. Hunter was the closest thing to a dog because of his interest in only married women, love, and leaving them. Harlow happens to catch Hunter's eye. She's off-limits because she's the sister of a club brother and so young. For a short time, they get together, with no emotions, just sex. When things go wrong and Hunter breaks it off Harlow walks away. Harlow finds herself in trouble and the club needs to get her back. Hunter finds he made the biggest mistake by pushing Harlow away. I enjoyed this story and have read most of this series.

Written by Lizette R on 23rd Mar 2024

I loved this book! I’m so excited to see where the serious takes us and who ends up with whom! I definitely will be continuing the series.

Another great read, Hunter has it all
Written by EPM on 23rd Mar 2024

Another great read, Hunter has it all, hot times, drama, twists and turns, emotions, betrayal, redemption and it is nice that it is a "longer" book than some of the more recent books by Sam Crescent, fitting in with the length of most of the others in this series. It can be read as a standalone, but richer if you have read the others in the series first. I enjoyed that here was a lot of involvement from characters from previous books, and also, introduces a few more characters who I hope eventually have their own stories - I can't wait.

Hunter Book 5 of Hell's Bastards MC by Sam Crescent
Written by TracyaH1976 on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter Book 5 of Hell's Bastards MC Sam Crescent The story and characters are well written and developed. I enjoyed the drama, chemistry and journey. Good read.

Fantastic 2nd chance romance
Written by hburnett93 on 23rd Mar 2024

I loved this book. Hunter was fighting his feelings for her. I loved the passion the protectiveness and the characters and family of it. Harlow I feel sorry for what she went through. I loved she gave him a chance and how she did it. Wished it was longer. Good HEA. needs reading.

Written by Mr. Bobos on 23rd Mar 2024

My first book in this series and I loved it. I love that the heroine was "normal" and not stick thin. I loved the romance and the story. While this is book 5 in a series, it can be read as a stand alone - enough of the back story is given so that you do not feel lost. I loved it and I will be back for more.

Great MC
Written by Danee on 23rd Mar 2024

Harlow and Hunter's story holds your attention from the first page. Hell's Bastards MC is a great series and I thought it was a shame that this was the last part of it. If you like MC stories with a hint of dark or darkness then this is definitely one you should read. I enjoyed the entire series.

Written by Maria M on 23rd Mar 2024

This is an author I really enjoy This is part of a series that I have been lucky to read the others Great characters and really enjoyed their story

Loved it
Written by Court050 on 23rd Mar 2024

I love this MC series. I love the characters. Story is sexy, exciting, lots of drama, and lots of sex. Well written stories. Highly recommend

Good read
Written by Sua on 23rd Mar 2024

When Harlow secretly dates one of her brother’s club brother. Things take a turn for tons of drama and complications that both characters can’t seem to control when it comes to their feelings.

Written by Steacyn on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter the VP has a thing for a fellow MC's sister. They can't let the Mc know or the brother as it's a broken trust within the Mc. When hunter starts to have feelings he has to break it off so no one gets hurt. Will they get back together ?? Will the rival Mc take over? Who knows. Want to know. Read this amazing well written book

Harlow & Hunter
Written by Shell R on 23rd Mar 2024

Sometimes people think certain situations will be for a short period of time but it may last a lifetime. Harlow and the MC VP Hunter has been fighting their attraction for a while and finally Hunter makes his move and Harlow accepts the friends with benefits situation that slows turn into so much more. Join the story to see who falls in love first and how the club will handle this odd relationship. Enjoy ?

4.5 Stars - Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 23rd Mar 2024

This was another great addition to the HBMC series. The characters were entertaining while the story line was engaging and kept me coming back for more. I can't wait to see what Sam Crescent has in store for us next.

Conflicted with Hunter
Written by Eve S. on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter is a gritty MC age gap romance. Hunter is used to getting whatever he wants including women. He has never had to court one nor had the desire to do so. Until Harlow that is, she is constantly on his mind and not easy to shake from his thoughts. Harlow’s brother are in the MC, she is tired of being thought of as only their little sister. She longs to be loved for herself and wants to be independent of the club. Drawn together by a constant pull of desire and secretly, Hunter and Harlow will be forever changed by their stolen moments together. I found the character of Hunter to be very conflicting and unstable in what he wants/needs. The push and pull he put Harlow through was rough. Book does end in an HEA

Fantastic book!!! Loved Hunter and Harlow
Written by Brooke T on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter by Sam Crescent was such an amazing book. Loved loved it from the beginning. The rip your heart out moments with Hunter and Harlow, the multiple POV’s, the drama, action, suspense and spice was everything!!!! I loved the multiple POV’s, they have me itching to read the next books in this series. Halle has been my favorite throughout this series. She’s independent, stands her ground and love her sass and wit. Hunter was intense, possessive, a total Alpha and was very persistent. This story was heartbreaking and had me tearing up a few times. I love Sam Crescent’s writing style, she’s gritty, original and will take you on a wild ride and leave you wanting more.

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 23rd Mar 2024

I've read a lot of books written by Sam Crescent; she is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the fifth book in the Hell’s Bastards MC Series; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Harlow & Hunter.

Worth The Wait.....
Written by thischickloves2read! on 23rd Mar 2024

Another entertaining MC romance with back stories that intertwine. This is book 5 (Hunter and Harlow) it can be read as a standalone but to maximize your reading experience reading the series helps to know all the characters. This book is a little less complicated than the previous novels. There is still action, a villain, the loyalty of family that connects this book to the others in this series. Hunter has a type and it's normally not someone like Harlow but he wants her so he has few rules (no strings, commitment or love) just a secret tryst. Then feelings get involved and in order to protect herself Harlow decides to leave everything she knows behind as a rival club decides to make waves. Hunter finally realizes he is in a race against time to save the ones he loves. This is a series you won't want to put down.

Age gap MC romance
Written by Reader62 on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter was only interested in women for sex, indiscriminate in his choice of liaison. No love, no relationship interest, void of warmth and emotions, selfish and brutal to the core. Harlow was a feisty individual, shielded by her brothers, left home because of parental problems but failing to fully support and provide for herself. Loving Hunter, believed she could change him and when he abruptly ended their secret affair, succeeded in giving him a run for his money. MC dangers lurk in the shadows but the drama is mainly focused on the couple.

Hunter and Harlow
Written by Jamee h on 23rd Mar 2024

I loved Hunter and Harlows story. It had many ups and downs especially hunter seeing married women before he got with Harlow but in the end it all worked out

Hunter and Harlow
Written by Courtney B on 23rd Mar 2024

Great continuation of the series. Although I still think Smokey and Ava’s story is still my favorite, this one might come second.

Wow, so many emotions
Written by Anne H on 23rd Mar 2024

Wow, so many emotions. I have got to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Harlow, she is one tough nut. If she’s in the middle of trouble, she can work out how to get help. She doesn’t scream and cry like a girl. I really liked her. I really felt for her when she had the incident with the car After that, the chapter was hard to read. Hunter is just a man he thinks we’ve one head. He is the vice president in an MC and life has come easy. In the sense of women. He’s got the hots for his MC brothers, little sister and that’s a big no no he thinks he can get in the have some fun and then walk away like nothing happened. and that’s not what happened in this book . did they have great passion oh my,, did they ever and I felt that they made a good connection I just felt like Hunter had to talk himself out of playing this soft man who was controlled by a woman and needed to be home by five because his dinner was on the table . He needed to learn the hard way about that. A really good read love this one

Harlow and Hunter
Written by Ann L on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter doesn’t do relationships, he prefers to go with married women that way he can just leave with no hassle, Harlow is the baby sister of his club brother, she should be off limits ……. Entertaining

Loved it!!
Written by Kimberly R on 23rd Mar 2024

This book was amazing. I absolutely LOVED it!! I loved Harlow and Hunter. They were fantastic characters. I absolutely recommend this book.

Written by Nasra on 23rd Mar 2024

it was such an intense book to read, at first it was all over the place like so many story and character's introduction that i was not happy about it, but it picked up and i really enjoy the intensity of the story, the hard feelings etc. hunter was well a jerk and he didn't even hide it, even if in his action he showed that he cared about her. i really dislike him about how he talk about whatever they had, he cheapened it and like throw it on her face. unlike many story where female lead is soo lost and easily to forget and forgive, this one was wow! just wow , she made it known that she loved him but she doesn't want him and if he wanted it to be over and insult her while he was on it, she took it just move on with her pain, great book.

Great Book!!
Written by Amy J on 23rd Mar 2024

Loved reading Hunter. I found myself glued to each page that I turned in this book and it held my attention throughout the book. Harlow and Hunter’s story was steamy HOT and I loved the ending!!!

Good book
Written by Marie R on 23rd Mar 2024

I enjoyed reading this book. This is the fifth book in the Hell's Bastards MC series. This book is about Hunter and Harlow. The storyline is enjoyable and had me hooked from the beginning. I would recommend reading this book/series.

Renewing trust and faith
Written by Bookbunny on 23rd Mar 2024

Harlow is George aka Big D*** little sister. She totally off limits to anyone in the club. One kiss during Christmas from Hunter has wetted the appetite for them both. Hunter knows to stay away. He is VP doesn’t need to cause issues with one of the brothers. But he can’t stay away. Harlow is temptation. When things go wrong, Harlow walks away. But someone it out to take her and the club needs to get her back. It may be too late for Hunter to realize Harlow is his everything. OMG, this going to go down almost as bad as with Smokey. I wanted to stop reading and not see what happened next. Harlow is a sweetheart. She tries to be independent and not ask for help. Yes, she made some mistakes and she also knew the deal she had with Hunter. But man, I was not happy with Hunter or even her brother BD. First Hunter acted like this was nothing till he kept on stringing her along. Then when it all fell apart, he really was cruel. Yes we had a MC group out there looking for cause problems, Twisted Bastards. But they didn’t protect all the women. So Harlow was a target. THEN everything comes out. I was in tears. I was so frustrated with Hunter and BD. Harlow is one savvy woman. She knew what the club was worried about but she was also hurt by the club. I wonder what is up with Kinky and Hailey. And is Larissa the preachers daughter going to be with someone from the club or Andrew.

Good book
Written by Y3885 on 23rd Mar 2024

This is a really good book.Hunter and Harlow had an understanding of no strings attached he's older and not a good man and she's a virgin they agree to keep it a secret because of her brother and the club but when the truth comes out everything goes to chaos.They have real good chemistry.

Great book!
Written by Kimmijane on 23rd Mar 2024

This book was defy a page turner. This book had suspense, hot times and romance. I can’t wait for the next book!

Good story
Written by Kurtins-R on 23rd Mar 2024

This was an interesting book. I loved Harlow she went through so much in her life and still was able to smile. Hunter did not deserve her and I didn't really think he did enough to actually win her back. But a biker book is a biker book. Still loved the story and would recommend for a read :)

Never an easy read.
Written by ObsessiveReader on 23rd Mar 2024

The books in the Hell's Bastards MC series are never easy to read. The men are colossal jerks, Hunter is no exception. Hunter and Harlow start seeing each other in secret. Hunter made no secret that it would never go anywhere, however, when he ended it he did it in a devastating way for Harlow. Hunter spends the majority of the book trying to win Harlow back. Harlow isn't a pushover. She lost a lot when Hunter broke it off with her and she isn't ready to accept that he has changed his mind. Harlow is an interesting character. She struggles to connect with others but she is a good person.

Great Book
Written by Merry J on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter is a womanizer and uses women for one thing only normally married ones. Harlow is one of his MC brother's sister and she is younger She doesn't like him but nonetheless she is drawn to him. A relationship begins one that have them growing closer, but Hunter doesn't do relationships and end things between them heartbroken Harlow is on her own, but someone knows about them and informs the club about them causing a rift. Hunter realizes too late that Harlow is the woman for him, and someone is out to cause her danger. Will he be able to get to her before they succeed. This story kept me glued to th epages.

Great Book
Written by Merry J on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter is a womanizer and uses women for one thing only normally married ones. Harlow is one of his MC brother's sister and she is younger She doesn't like him but nonetheless she is drawn to him. A relationship begins one that have them growing closer, but Hunter doesn't do relationships and end things between them heartbroken Harlow is on her own, but someone knows about them and informs the club about them causing a rift. Hunter realizes too late that Harlow is the woman for him, and someone is out to cause her danger. Will he be able to get to her before they succeed. This story kept me glued to th epages.

Hunter and Harlow
Written by Doris on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter is the VP for the HBMC and he knows the rules of not touching a brother’s sister but with Harlow’s feelings for Hunter the rules are broken. Everything Harlow goes through is heartbreaking. This was a rollercoaster ride of emotions which made it a big page turner. It checked off all of my boxes for an MC romance that I can recommend.

Love this
Written by Deanna S on 23rd Mar 2024

I always thought that MC books were full of drugs and violence but this author right here proved me wrong. I have enjoyed reading these series and how they are so well balanced. Just enough of everything to make a great read.

A good addition to this series.
Written by Elisabeth C on 23rd Mar 2024

This is Book 5 in this MC series. While this can be read as a standalone, it is recommended you read the complete series as characters from previous books are present and there is an overarching storyline that ties all books together. This installment is the story of Harlow and Hunter. Harlowe is the sister of the VP of MC club has been declared off limits by her brother. Hunter, a friend of her brother and a member of the club, wants her. When Harlowe turns 21 he makes his move; but he has rules. There will be no love or commitment, it is just s3x, and it must remain a secret. Harlow has always noticed Hunter and she agrees to his terms. Plus, she wants to get rid of her V card. When Hunter feels he is getting too close, he ends quits taking her calls and ends the relationship in a brutal fashion. Devastated, Harlow makes a move remove herself from being around the club and the club wives. However, several attacks by a rival club makes everything worse. Harlowe goes through h311 both emotionally and physically. Hunter is OTT possessive with a side of alphahole. You will love him, h@te him and love him again. I love this series. It is gritty, brut@l, vi0l3nt and spicy. This author has built a dark world that you cannot help but revisit with each book. I cannot wait to read the next installment. I will be anxiously waiting to see who the next couple will be. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Hunter and Harlow
Written by Maleficent on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter has never been a one woman man, he does not do relationships. When he meets Harlow, one of his club brother's younger sister, he knows he should stay away from her. Like a moth to a flame, she draws him to her. As things start to get serious, he knows it is time to break things off with her. She is in a car accident the same day, and loses the baby she was carrying. Will Hunter realize what he has lost before it is too late? This is a tear jerker, you feel so bad for Harlow even though she knew the score.

Keeping a Secret
Written by BLT on 23rd Mar 2024

What a great read! Hunter is the VP of the club and knows that his club brother’s little sister (Harlow) is off limits. Harlow has always had feelings for Hunter but knows they should never be together since she is a club member's little sister. They both feel drawn to each other but how can they be together? Will they be able to keep their secret?

5 stars!!
Written by Michele. on 23rd Mar 2024

This book was a call off of work to finish reading type of book. The storyline hooked me, between the romance, heartbreak, action and suspense, this book had my complete attention. Definitely recommend this book and I'm definitely downloading the other books in this series.

Written by AngelaC on 23rd Mar 2024

I really felt bad for Harlow. As a 21 year old woman, with her first crush, a secret relationship and a "it's you" end, she was devastated. Then to find out (spoilers not provided), her heart was broken. While she may not have handled the situation the most maturely, she did try to move on. Hunter was honest in his way. He very explicitly stated that their fling was only one dimensional and would be limited in both time and scope. I am giving it 3.5 stars... I enjoyed the story and while there may be some issues with how it all played out, Hunter and Harlow did, in the end, manage to sort their demons and come to terms with and completely fall in love.

Very Action-Packed Steamy Romance
Written by A.K. Shaw on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter is the fifth book in the Hell's Bastards MC series. It is very much a page-turner. Hunter is the VP of the MC, and Harlow is his MC brother's little sister. Those two getting together is a big no-no, and what ensues as a result is high drama. There is also lots of steamy romance, suspense, intense MC action, betrayals, heartbreak, family drama, and more. The book ended on a happy note, but there are hints of other blossoming relationships that will be full of complications. There is also the threat of the elusive Twisted Bastards MC looming, which will surely be a part of the storyline in the next book. With all of the near misses in Hunter, I can hardly wait to see what happens in book six of the series!

Loved Harlow
Written by Jill G on 23rd Mar 2024

Harlow falls for Hunter but he is a love them, leave them biker but Harlow worms her way into his heart but he fights the feelings and ends up hurting her badly. I loved the story and how strong she was even when things were not going her way. Danger from outside forces puts her and Ava and Hailey at risk. The story is full of suspense, danger and romance. It’s well written and very entertaining. A story definitely worth reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Loved Hunter and Harlowe's Story
Written by Jilllovesbooks on 23rd Mar 2024

I absolutely loved Hunter and Harlowe. I wasn't sure about her sad story of no one liking her and not having any friends. I didn't really understand that part of the story. She seemed to be a very likable person and wasn't horrible to other people so I didn't feel that fit in to this storyline. Other than that this was a great story!!! Loved these 2, even when Hunter screwed up. I feel like there could of been more detail at the end about these 2 coming back to each other. Great story!!

Written by Diana A on 23rd Mar 2024

I was so expecting this book!!! And I love it. I wasn't a put it down until I finished it. I love this series and I can not wait for the next one. Although I would like a bit more of drama that just suffering and groveling, lol.

A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!! This book is one more AWESOME addition to the series!
Written by Andrea R on 23rd Mar 2024

I love Harlow and hate Hunter--then I still loved Harlow and my heart just hurts so badly for her as she goes thru the struggles that are thrown at her--compounded by Hunter being a huge jerk! Love how he had to fight and fight so hard after the hurt he caused to make her realize he knew he screwed up and he didn't want to lose her--such a great book--can't wait til the next one!

Such a sweet hardball romance and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 23rd Mar 2024

This book was awesome!! In the beginning there was a lot of steamy action with plenty of spice and romance although neither party would agree!! Even though both Hunter and Harlow were both on the same page about having fun until their relationship ended everything was a giant mess because of the Twisted Bastards MC. The club got involved and there were a lot of hurt feelings and violence until Harlow found her new best friend!! Even then the club didn’t trust Hailey so Kinky got involved with her just to make sure everything was on the up and up. This of course only managed to make things worse. At the end Harlow and Hunter finally fought for their much needed HEA and with the consent of the Hells Bastards MC managed to get married and find that elusive HEA!!

This gave me all the feels
Written by Reensburger on 23rd Mar 2024

Ugh, so up until this point I loved the pure angst of Smokey, however after reading Hunter and Harlowes story, this is now top of my lose. The gut wrenching feelings this book gave me, the tears and then the jubilation, it was a roller coaster of emotions from start to finish. Also a great intro for the new bad guy. Loved it so much I've not gone back to do a full series reread just so I can read this again. Well done Sam Crescent

Absolutely Amazing!
Written by Jordan F on 23rd Mar 2024

Hell yes! Damn right! You go girl! Harley is #1. This here was a dominant, independent woman that was going to take no $hit. I’m so proud with how she didn’t cave with anyone. She knew her value and she made sure she was given it. This might be my favourite female character Sam Cresent has ever written!

I’m not saying I didn’t love it but….
Written by Mary S on 23rd Mar 2024

Ok I’m not saying that I didn’t love Hunter and Harlow story. but it was not captivating as was the one’s previous to this one. I think my favorite one was Raven story that one had a bit more feel than what I felt in Hunter’s and Harlow story.

Written by Gkp2460 on 23rd Mar 2024

Hunter is book 5 in the Hell's Bastards MC series and is Hunter and Harlows forbidden love story. It's full of drama, intrigue, intensity and of course lots of heat. Problems with a rival club and Harlow in danger prompts Hunter to get off the fence and make a decision about Harlow once and for all. Then we get to catch up with old favorites and all the drama they bring with them.

Written by Lynn on 23rd Mar 2024

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. OMG!!! I loved the story of Harlow and Hunter. Hunter being the forever bachelor and VP of the club he was destined to be alone without love. Having Harlow around changed quite a few things for him. It didn't help they had to sneak around as she was also the baby sister to his club brother and she was off limits.

Written by Mistie Best on 23rd Mar 2024

Holy wow... Hunter and Harlow were so good! I wanted to scream at him so many times through this book but I just loved their story! Watching Hunter change from page to page was awesome and I'm excited to see more in the series.

Holy smoking HOT!!!
Written by Sarah-Jade on 23rd Mar 2024

Sam has done it again! I was hanging out for this story to be published and it did not disappoint!! I wasn’t expecting Hunter and Harlow to be so steamy, sexy and hot! Their story did not disappoint. I re-read this book three times since downloading it :) Each book in this series just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait for the next installment of characters with their own books!

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 23rd Mar 2024

Harlow had always been a little different but that made her unique and head strong. Hunter doesn't do relationships but hes drawn to Harlow, shes off limits as a brothers sister, but still proposes a no strings arrangement, but when their secret comes out and Harlow is targeted by a rival club, she decides to leave, only for more betrayal and heartache to follow. Will Hunter realise Harlows more to him that what he says, or will it be to late? Well written thebstory has you hooked with desires angst, drama and more! A great addition to the series!

Learning the fine points of groveling (maybe!)
Written by Laura S. on 23rd Mar 2024

I really like this Hell's Bastards series! It is nitty, gritty, action packed, smexy, and has one of my fav tropes: the hero rejects the heroine in a pretty awful way, realizes his mistake, and keeps groveling until he gets it right! The fun part here is that our hero doesn't really know HOW to grovel to get our heroine's attention, and finds his fellow bikers really aren't much help in that area either! This story is action packed, entertaining, and has all of our favorite people from the previous books in the series. This can be read as a stand alone, but I think it adds so much more to the characters if you read them all in order. Have fun!

Great story
Written by RhondaVB on 23rd Mar 2024

We're back in the world of the Hell's Bastards MC and this is Hunter and Harlow's story. We've met both before as Hunter is part of the MC and Harlow is Big D!ck's little sister. She's knows about the history with members of the club and while she's always had a crush on Hunter, he's never acknowledged her, until he does! But when he messes the whole thing up, she walks away! And that puts her in danger! She's attacked and loses something she didn't even know she wanted at the time. Hunter is beside himself over the guilt but can he work his way back into her life? I loved that she made him grovel a lot more than Ava made Smoky grovel.................although I think Ava still holds that over his head to get her way in a few things! LOL I loved this story and loved seeing characters from the previous books!

Loved loved!!
Written by Firecracker on 23rd Mar 2024

This book was amazing and kept my interest from page 1. I loved Harlow and surprisely I loved Hunter. What an action packed book written by an amazing author! If I could give higher than 5 stars I would! Loved loved every word every sentence!

Written by Michele77 on 23rd Mar 2024

Each of the Hell’s Bastards stories are filled with an emotional roller coaster and this one is no different. What a fantastic read - the over arching storyline of the rival MC continues but this time Hunter and Harlow are facing love, heartache and forgiveness. Great characters, great story with dark elements.

Loved it so much!
Written by Readstoforget on 23rd Mar 2024

Loved it! This is the 4th instalment into this series and focused on Harlow and Hunter. They both had some growing up to do but Harlow was a strong FMC and Hunter was perfect for her. Once he pulled his head out of course. Seriously loved this, hoping for either Kinky or Big D’s story next.

Written by Karen99 on 23rd Mar 2024

An intense dark Mafia read! Harlow couldn’t resist Hunter, she was in love with him but knew that he only wanted her for sex for a short time but she did live with hope that he would love her back until the day he finished it and her world came crashing down around her. Hunter finally realized he’d made the biggest mistake of his life and he didn’t know how to fit it! The storyline is action packed with so much going on within the MC. It was time for Hunter to make a decision and man up to claim the woman who he loved with every breath in his body but things don’t always go to plan and one betrayal after another keeps getting in the way. This is one hot intense emotional steamy read with a HEA! Loved it!

Brilliant series
Written by MrsKissmas on 4th Mar 2024

Hunter - Hell's Bastards MC - Book 5 - by Sam Crescent Finally we have Hunter and Harlow's story and it was definitely worth the wait! This is the fifth book in this brilliant series, it can be read as a standalone but i would highly suggest reading them all, it is one of my favourites by this author, the stories in it just keep getting better and better! Hunter is the VP (Vice President) of the Hell's Bastards MC, the club is his life and nothing will ever mean more to him, that is until he has a taste of Harlow, one kiss and he is hooked. She may only be 20 but Harlow is special but also off limits, but she belongs to Hunter he just takes a minute to figure it out. Harlow Erickson has always felt a bit different to everyone else, she struggles making new friends but has always been close to her eldest of 6 brothers, George or Big Dick as his chosen road name. She is protected by the club he belongs to and by being around them she was immediately drawn to Hunter and started to find friends. The fact Hunter is older, a womaniser and at times a complete a$$ is not lost on her but she can't help how she feels, the heart wants who it wants. I felt so much for Harlow on this emotional roller coaster of a read and at times wanted to Gibbs slap Hunter around the back of the head to wake him up as to what he had within his grasp with Harlow! It was so good I read it slowly as I didn't want it to end I love the world and characters that this author has created in this series. I wish the ending and epilogue were longer but probably because I didn't want the journey to end, I wanted more time with Hunter and Harlow. It was nice seeing old characters again like Smokey, Ava and Raven. I look forward to Brick finding his woman and oh my goodness Hailey Valentine who is beautiful inside and out I hope her and Kinky get their happily ever after, after he does some serious grovelling! Also Larissa and George or will it be Andrew who knows after George definitely lived up to his road name in his treatment of her. So much to look forward to and so much action with Cadeon and the Twisted Bastards MC still at large! It's very exciting and I hope the next installment is not to far away! Happy Reading! 5 out of 5 Stars Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.