Jana's Fierce Biker by Lila Fox

Heat Level 3
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Viper's Crew MC, 7

The only time Jana feels safe is with Gunner and the bike club, which is ironic since every one of them are violent and have broken the law. At any other time, she might have felt fear, but this wasn’t a normal situation.

Gunner didn’t want a relationship. Sure, he kind of envied the brothers with old ladies, but he didn’t know if he had what it took. His brothers spent a lot of time looking after their women because they tended to get in trouble a lot. He doesn’t think he has a choice but to help Jana, but he certainly didn’t intend to fall in love with her.

Be Warned: anal sex


Gunner walked out of the bathroom and froze. He would remember that moment forever. She sat in the middle of the bed, slowly brushing her hair. It was a feminine thing he’d only seen his sister do a few times when they were growing up, and it never made him feel like that.

He’d wrapped a towel around his hips to appease her until he got her flat on her back and tucked under him. Her eyes skated to him as he turned off the overhead light but turned on the lamp on the nightstand.

Her eyes went back and forth. “Do we really have to have that on?”

He grinned and nodded. “Hell, yes. I want to see every part of you I’m touching. And your expressions as I fuck you.”

Gunner lay down on his side toward her and rested his head on his palm. He waited, watched her for another minute, and guessed she was trying to delay them. “Are you about done?”

He held out a hand. He grinned when she sighed and handed it over. He set it on the nightstand and then pulled her against him. Before she had a chance to take a breath, his lips covered hers and devoured her. Her taste went to his head, and her scent made his cock harder than ever before.

The kiss seemed to last forever, but he wanted to taste more of her. He slid down until he got to her neck. A smile crossed his face when she shivered, and her nails started to dig into his shoulders.

From her neck, he went to her breasts and spent a long time attending to them, and he didn’t stop until her nipples were hard and red. She gasped when his tongue probed her belly button. Fuck, even that was beautiful. There was nothing about her that didn’t appeal to him.

Gunner pried her legs apart, ignoring her when she tried to push him away. He grinned, like that could happen. He was finally in his little heaven. It would take a bomb to get him away from her right now.

He used one hand to separate her cunt lips and then blew on her swollen clit. She screamed, just about jackknifed off the bed, and then collapsed against the mattress. Jesus. She was incredibly sensitive, and he would have fun making her come repeatedly. He wouldn’t hurt or even make her sore but would be in her body somewhere whenever he could.

“Let’s see how my finger does.”

His one finger glided into her cunt, making them both groan. “Jesus, Babe, you’re so fucking tight.”

One of her hands gripped the blanket under them, and her eyes were closed tightly. “Look at me.”

He waited for a moment. “Okay, let’s see how two fingers feel.”

She tried to protest, but he was already working his fingers into her.

“Ahhh,” she cried out.

“Does this hurt?” he asked.

She nodded and then shook her head, making him grin.

He spent a long time stretching her and pushing her to a level of desire that would help him get into her. When he could work three fingers into her, he pulled out and reached for the condom under the pillow.

He rolled the rubber on and was in between her legs within a minute. He cupped her face in one hand, and the other went to her hip to keep her steady.

“Just relax.”


He didn’t like the anxiety he heard in her tone. “Are you in pain?”

She shook her head. “It’s just … so much.”

“You can take me. We’ll take it slow this first time.” He slowly worked his cock into her. When he got it all in, sweat rolled down his back and forehead. He couldn’t describe the feeling at that moment. The closest he could describe it was their souls were being affected. He was content at the same time, hornier than ever before.

Gunner had no idea how he could hold still when every cell in his body screamed to fuck her. The slow glide in and out didn’t last long before both were moaning, and she was begging for more.

“Please, Gunner…”

“Shhh, Babe. Everything’s okay.”

He bent down and kissed her lips as his hips worked to push her over. He felt the tingling start in his spine, and his balls swell.

“Come for me,” he demanded.

He could see her struggle against the pleasure. That wasn’t going to happen. He reached under her and used one of his thick fingers to spear into her tight ass. She screamed and immediately tightened on his cock. He could feel her lose control and started pounding into her.

“That’s it. Another one.”

She shook her head, and her breath was billowing out of her throat. “I can’t.”

“The fuck you can’t. Let’s try this.”

Before she had time to tighten, he pushed two fingers into her ass, sending her right over. He pounded into her a few more times and finally let himself go.

He couldn’t seem to get close enough. His strength left his body, and his forehead dropped to her shoulder.

His cock was still in her cunt and his fingers in her ass, but it was next to impossible for him to get the strength to move. He did have the presence of mind to keep his weight off her.


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Gunner & Jana
Written by Nate on 3rd Dec 2023

I enjoyed Gunner and Jana’s book. I thought it was an intriguing read. And m voluntarily leaving my review.

Gunner, the biker and Jana, the P.A.
Written by Maggi on 3rd Dec 2023

This is a quick biker read with plenty of sizzle, danger, fierce protectiveness and passion. When Jana tries to scare off a brute of a biker, yelling at her next door neighbors teenage son, she threatens him with a garden shovel. The man looks scared suddenly and leaves. When she turns around to the boy, she sees another biker standing behind her. It’s Gunner, the boys uncle and one look at him no wonder the other guy left. Loved the characters in this book.

So So Amazing
Written by Jenny B on 3rd Dec 2023

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. In this book we meet Jana & Gunner. These two meet for the first time when Jana comes to what she thinks is a rescue of her next door neighbor's son. When she tells the guy off she thinks he is leaving because of her. Little did she know Gunner was right behind her. Gunner can't believe the feisty woman who comes over to help his nephew. He knows from the moment he speaks to her she is meant to be his. Can they find a HEA or will others make sure that never happens? Another amazing story by this author. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Mc romance.
Written by Ashbear on 3rd Dec 2023

This is book 7 in this series. Can be read as a standalone but I’d recommend reading in order for full enjoyment. I loved this Mc story, flowed well and the world building was great. Highly recommend!

Written by bookfever52 on 3rd Dec 2023

Gunnar and Jana. He doesnt want a relationship even though he envies his MC brothers relationships. She feels safe with the MC even though they are fierce and dangerous. Great book. Danger, Chemistry, suspense. Loved it

My Fierce Biker
Written by Danee on 3rd Dec 2023

This book was a quick and easy read, I was completely in love with this story. Gunner and Jana's story kept you glued to their story from the start. They are opposites but still fit together, for a moment I thought because Gunner behaved stupidly and made some situations more difficult than they had to be. And that all changed when he ended up in the hospital. A wonderful MC story and highly recommended to read.

Fast and fun
Written by Kurtins-R on 3rd Dec 2023

This one is Jana and Gunners fast paced, quick read about Gunner who is part of an MC and Jana a Physicians Assistant who meet when she is defending his nephew. Although Gunner likes Jana she isn't ready to jump on board, until she is attacked and his MC comes to her rescue.

Jana’s Fierce Biker
Written by Stacii on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana and Gunner’s story has them meeting since she lives next door to his sister where things happen often. But with her job as a PA and him in a MC how will things work out after he gets around his confusion and change is way of thinking.

Gunner for the win
Written by Vibekke on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana has just moved to town and is working at the ER. One afternoon she defends the kid next door against an abusive man and meets the huge biker called Gunner. When a stalker kills her cat he is there to support her and from there it grows. This is a short read. I loved the witty dialogue and the attraction between them.

Light and dark
Written by RaeWoodland on 3rd Dec 2023

The beginning of the this story has a few dark moments that border on very dark but once the setting changes to the clubhouse it becomes a lighter story and sweet romance for this couple. It had a little bit of everything in the story and plenty of potential for more stories

Well written MC romance with all the feels
Written by LBing on 3rd Dec 2023

This was a fun and action filled MC romance for Jana and Gunner. She's a PA and lives next door to Gunner's sister, where drama seems to happen regularly. Gunner, while not looking for love, was jealous of his MC brother's that had found their other half. This confusion led him to make some unwise decisions when it comes to a relationship with Jana. However, his scheme to get back in her good books was a twisted romantic big gesture that made me shake my head whilst smiling. Lol! I was thrilled that the mystery surrounding Jana was resolved and that they did manage to get their HEA. It definitely was a one-sit read for me as I couldn't put it down. This author continues to be a favourite of mine :D

Nice MC story!
Written by Diana A on 3rd Dec 2023

I Love how everything came together in this story. Everything started so easy and evolve to love fast. This story has enough angst and action as well as romance.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 3rd Dec 2023

I've read a lot of books written by Lila Fox; she is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the seventh book in the Viper’s Crew MC Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Jana & Gunner. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Real good.
Written by Sherry on 3rd Dec 2023

The book was a very entertaining read. The flow was smooth and well written. The main couple have very romantic chemistry between them. I definitely would recommend reading this series in order.

Gentle giant?
Written by Reader62 on 3rd Dec 2023

Interesting novella, with humour and look at the MC lifestyle. Jane lives a calm, quiet life living alone, work as a PA in the local hospital. Despite this calm exterior she has fire below the surface which can flame if riled. She meets Gunner, a large MC biker via her neighbours. Entertaining, sexy romance, especially as Gunner was not looking to follow his brothers into a relationship, and certainly not with the little spitfire who captures his interest.

Gunner and Jana
Written by Maleficent on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana hears a man threatening Cody, the teenager next door. Not one to sit idly by, she goes to rescue him. She realizes later that the guy backed down because there was someone behind her and Cody. This is the first time she meets Gunner. She sees him again when he and a copy of guys bring in one of the brothers that went down with his bike. When someone starts harassing her, Gunner is there for support. He never planned on having a relationship but there is something about Jana that makes him start to think about it. Will this feisty girl wrap him around her finger?

Loved this book
Written by Brooke T on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana’s Fierce Biker was an exciting and thrilling book. This book is a dark MC romance with dark themes and dark triggers. It is book 7 in the Vipers MC Crew but can be read as a standalone. This book was exciting, thrilling and suspenseful. There is action, drama and spice. The storyline is original and the characters had amazing chemistry. The characters were complex and loved their journey throughout this book. Jana was a BA!!! She was independent and very good at her job. I loved that she wasn’t a doormat and stood up for herself. Gunner was a one wolf in a MC. I loved his possession he felt towards Jana. He was loyal to his club and always got what he wanted. This book has off the charts chemistry and kept me turning the pages to the end.

❣️♥️❣️ Gunner and Jana ❣️♥️❣️
Written by DebinOkla on 3rd Dec 2023

❣️♥️❣️ Gunner and Jana ❣️♥️❣️ Shes smart and talented and stood up for Gunner's nephew. He knew he wanted to see more of her! Things happen and he is there for her. Lila Fox does an awesome job telling Gunner and Jana's story! A must read along with the series!

Jana's Fierce Biker!
Written by Mary on 3rd Dec 2023

This is the seventh story in the "Viper's Crew MC" series. It is a stand alone read with connected characters. This one is about Gunner and Jana. Jana is a Physician Assistant who lives alone with her sweet and loving cat. She sees her neighbors thirteen-year-old son being yelled at by an unrulily man with tats and piercings all over. Her protective instincts jump in and she takes action to protect Cody. She thinks she is the reason the guy, who is clearly on something, runs but then she turns around. She finds a big and burly biker who happens to be Cody's uncle, standing there. This starts off an intriguing story with danger, murder, possession, protectiveness, mystery, passion, stupidity and much more. Man these men never seem to learn! Don't ever under estimate these women. They stick together and protect each other. Gunner's stupidity in this one has some of his brothers getting involved.

Jana and Gunner
Written by Ann L on 3rd Dec 2023

Fantastic older person story, Gunner and Jana are a lovely couple and the drama they are involved in was page turning.

Great protector
Written by RahiaLeight on 3rd Dec 2023

Rather enjoyable tale and a quick read. Gunner was a ball of confusion and Jana was very reserved. Gunner also made some stupid moves instead of just talking to Jana, but the one to get him in the hospital was probably the most asinine...and mildly romantic. Sweet tale.

Written by Redfaeryrose on 3rd Dec 2023

I’d have to disagree with the author, it was Jana who is fierce. When it comes to her, her biker became a tamed wolf. I can’t believe what he did to make her see him.

Jana and Gunner
Written by Kimmijane on 3rd Dec 2023

Such a sweet book! It’s intense with heat and suspense! There are a couple of shocking moments all with in a short story! It’s very good and if you like biker romance stories than you will definitely like this one.

Big bad biker
Written by Steacyn on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana is a kick ass doctor assistant when a deadbeat starts harassing a child she can't help step in to help the kid. Little does she know it will change her life forever. This is a short read but well worth it.

Super intense love story--quick read--recommend this series--A++
Written by Andrea R on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana and Gunner's story is so good. The way he worked things out realizing he could do the relationship thing was just great storytelling--This series is full of drama and danger but the romance is great--love the way this author writes.

Jana and Gunner
Written by CarKar on 3rd Dec 2023

Great chemistry between feisty medical professional, Jana, and biker Gunner. Gunner could be ridiculous, but I loved how Jana could not resist his antics. At the end of the day, Jana knew she was loved and wanted.

Great Story
Written by Merry J on 3rd Dec 2023

Janna is a PA who comes to the assistance of a young boy. She and Gunner connect, and sparks ignite between them, but they aren't ready for a serious relationship until danger comes Jana's way in this action-packed story. Will he and Jana get their chance for happiness in the end.

Written by Alexis H on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana and Gunner's story A romantic suspense, a hero MC that is a big softy, Insta love, hot bedroom scenes. Need I say more?!

great start
Written by PHOENIX96 on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana andGunner sizzle with chemestry from the start, he didnt want an ol' lady like the rest of his brothers all settling down but he felt drawn to Jana and felt a fierce need to protect her as his. well written quick steamy engaging MC romance

Written by Sua on 3rd Dec 2023

Awesome flow in the story with the couple as they dance around each other when it came to getting to know each other. I enjoyed the drama that came along with finding out why Jana was being targeted.

Gunner & Jana
Written by Kelsey B on 3rd Dec 2023

I love age gaps! Being on a novella kick and finding books that still tick off the boxes of what I enjoy isn’t always easy. Especially when there’s a bunch of unanswered questions within the plot. This book was not like that. It ticked my boxes & I enjoyed it. I didn’t question anything and liked that it didn’t leave out the MC lifestyle since it’s an MC book. I’ve seen that happen in some MC novellas and it’s always a letdown.

Fast paced and good story
Written by Jedi on 3rd Dec 2023

This was a quick read about Gunner who is part of an MC and Jana a Physicians Assistant who meet when she is defending his nephew. Although Gunner likes Jana she isn't ready to jump on board, until she is attacked and his MC comes to her rescue. Good chemistry and with a good HEA.

Written by Gkp2460 on 3rd Dec 2023

This one is Jana and Gunners fast paced, quick read. It's a good story but I had a butbif a hard time getting into it. Jana is a Physicians Assistant and Gunner is with the Viper's Crew MC. They meet when Jana steps in to defend Gunners nephew Cody from his mother's boyfriend. They each definitely have their own personalities and the banter back and forth is comical at times.

Gunner and Jana
Written by Doris on 3rd Dec 2023

What a great quick book that had me rooting for Gunner and Jana the whole way through. Jana was a PA and Gunner a member of the Vipers Crew MC whose sister and nephew lived next door to her. I loved how the author made me feel a lot of things throughout this book from fear, repulsion, laughter and the heat between these two. A page turner that I have no problem recommending.

Janas bikerman
Written by Mozzy on 3rd Dec 2023

Thoughly enjoyed this story. What i like about it is that number one right from the start you are drawn into the story and right the way though the whole story is good and will keep your focus on the book.(which is a must in my opinion). Janas character i loved her although she had an outward appearance of being held together which comes from her training as a nurse practioner, but once she is on her own she lets it all out. Jana first met Gunner when she was defending her neighbours son Cody, instant attraction for them both, however when a present comes to her house she knows she is in trouble from whom she dosnt know. Then she is attacked and Gunner steps in and steps up. A great story i loved it!!

I couldn't put this down
Written by Kaylapolk on 3rd Dec 2023

Jana meets her neighbors brother out of the blue one day while trying to defend her 13 yr old neighbor.He was one sexy biker and she couldn't stop thinking about him. He popped by one day to invite her to a bbq next door but she declined. The following day she came home from work to find a package on her door step. Soon she called the cops when she seen what was inside. Her neighbor Cody called his uncle gunner when he seen them. Gunner was by janas side in minutes and stayed with her all night. Not long after while gunner was handling club business she got attacked. Cody called the club and left him a message so he would know. Again gunner was at her side and held her until she could go home. Only now he was full of rage and wanted revenge. After she left the hospital she moved into the compound with gunner and their romance quickly heated up when she got the all clear. Now that just had to find out who attacked her and gunner was determined to make Jana his.

Written by Michele77 on 3rd Dec 2023

An engaging read about a PA who meets her neighbors brother who is a member of a MC. A great storyline filled with heat, friendship and drama. It does contain violence to an animal and the FL, not committed by the ML.