Lark's Solstice by Faedra Rose

Heat Level 3
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The Winter Court, 2

Stumbling through a tear in the Veil on All Hallows’ Eve, Lark Fraser finds herself lost and alone in the terrifyingly beautiful realm of Faery. Before she can even decide what to do, she’s captured by the legendary Wild Hunt.

The lead rider, a fearsome General known as Bowen the White Death, claims her as his bride. But Lark has a mind and voice of her own—and she isn’t afraid to use it.

With the king and queen’s blessing, the most fearsome knight of Faery must first prove himself to the young mortal woman if he hopes to secure her heart … because Lark won’t settle for anything less than an all-consuming and passionate love.


One moment I’m fetching wood for our All Hallows’ Eve bonfire to keep the evil spirits at bay, and the next … the dark, leaf-littered forest on the outskirts of my village is gone, and I’m lost in a winter wonderland of astonishing beauty. Bewildered, panic overwhelms me, and I turn in circles, dropping my bundle. There’s no determining from which direction I came. The same landscape surrounds me on all sides.

Above, the moon hangs high and full, a blazing celestial beacon against a blanket of shimmering stars. Ancient pines loom overhead, their great trunks more immense than those of any trees I’ve ever seen. Not even a dozen linked men could embrace their girth. And everywhere I look there is snow—pristine, crisp, and glittering—the colorful, crisp leaves of fall nowhere to be seen.

With my heart racing, I lick my lips and hug myself against the bitter cold. Where am I? I wonder. How did I get here? But even as the questions form in my mind, I know. I don’t want to believe it. With all my soul I want to be wrong. But there’s no denying the truth when it’s so tangibly and mercilessly clear. “I’m in Faery,” I breathe as horror fills me to my core. My warm breath whorls away into the frosty night air, and I feel a hot tear turn to ice on my rosy cheek at the shocking realization.

Everyone knows the fae are cruel and capricious creatures. They are unholy in the truest sense of the word. The Elders tell us that they were cast from Heaven, their eternal punishment to be denied His sight and love. To keep us safe, God created a realm especially for them, a place where they could dwell and revel in their debauchery until Judgment Day. And now, I’m trapped with them in Faery. Somehow, I chanced upon a tear in the Veil—the intangible curtain that separates our realms.

Biting my lip to keep from sobbing, I assess my options. I’m not dressed for winter. A moment ago, I was enjoying a slightly brisk fall evening, and now, I’m stranded in the snow wearing nothing but my leather boots, a long-sleeved dress, pinafore, and a light shawl. I won’t survive the night. Not if I stay here. I’ll die! I must move and seek shelter. Every step from exactly where I am could lead to meeting one of the treacherous fae. But if I’m to live beyond this night I have no choice.

With fear feeding my courage, I venture forth, tugging my shawl closer as I trudge cautiously through the deep snow. In the distance a lone howl pierces the silence, and a shiver prickles up my spine. Moments later I hear the distinct sound of horses whinnying and the clap of thunderous hoofbeats. Terror fills me. Precious Jesus, no. Not the Wild Hunt! There’s only one thing that could possibly be worse than happening upon a single wild fae, and that’s being hunted down by a bloodthirsty cavalcade of them.

For several breathless moments I’m frozen, and my world narrows to the deafening beat of my heart in my ears, and the Wild Hunt closing in. Of course they’d be riding on All Hallows’ Eve. They know just as well as we that the Veil is at its most precarious prior to All Saints’ Day. So, they’re out looking for hapless, lost souls—just like me.

And then they burst from the swirling winter mists, a frightening spectacle of fully armored warriors atop steeds as white as the snow itself. There’s perhaps two dozen of them, but it’s hard to guess when they’re charging directly toward you. With every fleeting moment bringing them ever nearer, I’m finally inspired by sheer mortal terror to turn and run back the way I think I came. But the snow is soft and fresh, and at speed I sink hopelessly with every desperate lunge.

I only make it a few paces before they’re bearing down on me like a raging storm. Then I am scooped up by their lead rider as easily as if I were a child’s rag doll. A strangled shriek of horror escapes me as the fae throws me unceremoniously over his horse, my arms and legs dangling over either side.

The world rushes by me in a blur of dark and light—white snow and dark trees, over and over—as the Wild Hunt rides on. How long we ride, I cannot know, but eventually the legendary hunting party comes to a halt, a handful more horses burdened by mortal bounty. My rider vaults from his horse and pulls me down, his gloved grasp firm around my wrist.

I want to cower and hide or sink into the very earth upon which we stand, to escape the frighteningly intense ice-blue gaze that pins me down from behind an elaborate silver skull-faced helm. I feel his eyes rove over me, and an unexpected heat prickles in my cheeks. What a fool of a girl I am! This fae might kill me, or worse, make me a slave. I could be forced to endure a life beyond my natural years in utter torment and anguish, far from everything I’ve ever known and loved. I need to keep my head in the game, for in Faery there is surely treachery afoot at every turn.

“This one is mine,” says a voice as smooth as silk and cold as frost, and no one dares to challenge his claim.

Fear ripples through me as the moments between us seem to stretch into an eternity.

“You can walk, or I can throw you over my shoulder. The choice is yours.”

I swallow the lump in my throat in an attempt to find my voice, but to my burning shame nothing more than a nervous rush of hot breath slips from my lips. I plead with my eyes, but it fails to have the desired effect.

“Very well.” In the next instant my captor tosses me over his shoulder, his hard, elaborate armor pressing painfully into my soft middle.

As afraid and apprehensive as I am, I can’t help but feel the warmth in my cheeks flare anew as the fae saunters across the picturesque courtyard, his gloved hand firmly on my backside.

He carries me up the grand stairs with ease toward what must be the most incredible structure that exists between Heaven and Hell. Carved from ice, it spirals into the clouds, an impossibly enchanting work of art. It’s spectacular beyond my wildest dreams and looks as though it’s come straight out of a faery tale … and it has. It can surely be none other than the castle of the King and Queen of The Winter Court.


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Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 7th Jan 2024

This second installment of the series was well written and kept me entertained thanks to the endearing characters along with the engaging story line.

Great Romance
Written by Lilbirdh on 7th Jan 2024

This was a great fantasy romance book! I really liked the characters and the romance was both swoon worthy and hot.

Written by bookfever52 on 7th Jan 2024

Bowen and Lark. Hes the General of the Wild Hunt and the Kings friend. She is a human who has fallen through the Veil. He feels her presence and turns the hunt towards her. She is fiesty and he must win her hand. Really loved their story.

A New Beginning in the Winter Court
Written by JennT on 7th Jan 2024

Lark is caught by the Wild Hunt and brought to Faery by Bowen, the leader of the Hunt. Can she learn to thrive in Faery and find love with Bowen? I quite liked that Lark had fire and spine enough to stand up for herself - it made her acceptance of Bowen that much more beautiful. A wonderful quick read.

Lark's Solstice!
Written by Mary on 7th Jan 2024

This is the second story in the Winter Court series and can be read as a stand alone one. You do get to see Raven and Kyren, from the first story, again. The story is a sweet, steamy read with some dark themes. The one is about Lark, who finds herself breaching the realm into Faery land. She is standing alone lost, scared and nervous when she hears loud horse dashing her way. She has been caught in the Wild Hunt and scooped up on the horse of their leader, Bowen, the White Death. He has come to clam her. He takes her back to castle to make his clam in front of the King and Queen, Kyren and Raven. What he doesn't anticipate is what happens then. It is fun to watch Bowen go from caveman, hear more roar, to actually courting Lark and being sweet. I enjoyed the short story from beginning to end.

Lark's Solstice became a thing of Fairy tales.
Written by Rebecca G on 7th Jan 2024

Lark was walking home on All Hallows Eve when she accidentally walks through a tear between worlds. Before she can find her way back home, she is captured by the Wild Hunt. The leader of the Wild Hunt takes her back to the Winter Court and claims her as his prize. When Lark sees the former human Fae queen, she gains courage. She dares Bowen to court her to gain her as his. Bowen is wiling to take up the challenge. He will make her his by Solstice.

Short easy quick read
Written by Terilyb on 7th Jan 2024

This story was a short and easy read. It was also a sexy page turner. It was very descriptive of the world in which the story took place. The characters were likeable and I have to wonder if there will be another book after this one? I would recommend this book to fans of the author or to those that enjoy Fae stories with sexy scenes and a happy ending.

Sci-Fi Romance
Written by Julez♉️♏️♐️ on 7th Jan 2024

This is the 2nd book so I was a little lost but it's a good book full of romance & adventure. The fmc is full of fire & sass.

Great read
Written by hgrainger88 on 7th Jan 2024

A good read. A fast paced short read. On all hallows eve Lark was taken by Bowen who wants her as his wife. Both characters are strong and I enjoyed their story. a must read

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 7th Jan 2024

This is the fifth book I've read written by Faedra Rose; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the second book in the Winter Court Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Lark & Bowen. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Fantasy Romance
Written by Samkat on 7th Jan 2024

Lark has been transported to another world of fantasy and the fae. She’s now part of the Wild Hunt and the fearsome Bowen the White Death is determined to catch her. Now that he’s caught his prey, she’s supposed to surrender but that not who Lark is and her spunky personality only draws Bowen to her more. This was a well thought out and delivered fantasy romance. The world building was great and the characters were well developed. Very interesting and entertaining story.

Lark & Bowen
Written by Babs on 7th Jan 2024

The second book in the Winter Court, Lark Fraser comes through a tear in the Veil on All Hallows’ Eve and is captured by a fearsome General known as Bowen the White Death. It is the night of the legendary Wild Hunt in the realm of Faery. A story that captured my interest from the start and did not let go until I was finished. I enjoyed seeing them get their happy ending. The story was well worth reading. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Another bird in court
Written by Redfaeryrose on 7th Jan 2024

The FMC turned out to be courageous when she found her voice before the fae court and demand her due. The MMC knows how to seduce with words and actions. It’s a short story, with a bit of gross but lots of love between our MCs.

A change in circumstance
Written by A Schofield on 7th Jan 2024

Lark is transported the Faery and is captured. What I like is that she doesn’t just sit in the weak human category but, instead is wild and wilful and is full of sass and attitude. This is a short story which still has all the element needed to make it an enjoyable one.

Good Story!
Written by C. Sinclair on 7th Jan 2024

When MFC Lark stumbles through a veil into Faery on all hallows eve during the Fae’s wild hunt she finds herself captured by the hunts leader Bowen the white death who claims her as his bride. Well Lark has a lot to say about that and does in this short,nicely written steamy little gem of a read that ended too soon but was an enjoyable one.

A quick read in a delightful fantasy world
Written by EPM on 7th Jan 2024

On All Hallows' Eve, Lark ends up in Faery and she is taken by Bowen, the General of The Wild Hunt with his intention for her to be his wife. Bowen expects Lark to be a push over, however Lark surprises everyone and stands up for herself, making demands of Bowen. This was a well written book, a quick read in a delightful fantasy world, delivering strong characters, humour, action, blood and heat and a lovely courtship. I haven't read the first book in the series, but I didn't need to to understand this story (I will however be going back to it since I enjoyed this story so much).

A charming bite and warmth
Written by Emmellen on 7th Jan 2024

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up story on a cold winter’s night, try this one! I loved that Rose depicts a fae court that is truly different, containing the thoughtless and selfish elements that are part of the fae myth while still building a lovely, stable relationship between Bowen and Lark. Lark finds herself in the land of the Fae when she stumbles upon a rift between worlds. And she knows that means nothing good for her, as the Fae are merciless. So when the Wild Hunt finds her and sweeps her up, she knows she’s prey for their sport. But she doesn’t realize the sporting game she’s playing, or what the stakes are. Lark is lovely, sensible, and adaptable. And Bowen is just a gem. Fated mates come into play here, and Bowen is totally gone for it. I would have liked a bit more of a gradual change for Lark; she goes from being terrified of the fae to accepting of them a bit too rapidly for me to believe it (the fated-mates angle helps a lot here). But I loved this story overall. It’s got a charming bite and warmth, just like a spiced wassail on a cold winter’s eve.

Wow, such a great short read!
Written by Shelly44 on 7th Jan 2024

Wow, this was such a great short read! I love paranormal novels and this just hit the spot for me. This novel reeled me in from the first chapter. I loved Lark and Bowen's story. This was a new author for me, but I definitely will be looking for more novels from this author.

Lark' s Solstice
Written by SBJ on 7th Jan 2024

A human woman named Lark is brought to faiery. The general of the winter's hunt finds her. It is a fairy tale love story. It has romance, and sex appeal.

A quick read and Fae romance
Written by Sarah ES on 7th Jan 2024

In true Fae style this book has blood and action as well as the wild hunt. I finished this book in about an hour and enjoyed the quick read it was. So steam, romance, and a mortal who accidentally stumbled through the veil what more could a Fae want.

Lark's Solstice
Written by Karen99 on 7th Jan 2024

He Was There To Find Her! Being thrown into the realm of Faery was a shock to Lark but an even bigger shock was the General who claimed her and wanted her for his wife but first he had to prove himself. She was no pushover and had been hurt in the past, could he rise to the occasion and give her all her heart desired? Wonderful, steamy romantic read with a lovely storyline.

Exciting Fae romance
Written by LBing on 7th Jan 2024

This was quite the entertaining romance for me and I loved the fact that the Hunt drew the Fae to the human that came through to their realm. Bowan was drawn to Lark when she arrived and he quickly scooped her up with the intention of making her his bride. Well. She was no shy miss and demanded her due - his name, appearance and proof they'd be a good match, aka woo her ;P This amused the King and Queen immensely and they granted her demands. I love how he went about showing her his true self and that she finally felt safe enough to allow the chemistry between them to bloom. Expect an exciting Fae romance to grab hold and not let you go until you hit the end, fanning yourself and smiling away. Good fun!

Lark and Bowen
Written by POmoto on 7th Jan 2024

When Lark was taken to the land Faery, her presence was felt by Bowen who knew he must have her. He finally has a chance for happiness like his king did when he met his mortal queen but he was caught off guard when Lark demanded he Court her. The story was a quick and sweet.

great read
Written by PHOENIX96 on 7th Jan 2024

When Lark finds herself in the realm of the fae she is discovered by Bowen the genral and hunter of all hunters, who wishes to claim her as his bride, but first he must prove his worth to Lark, but been hurt before her walls are high, can he over come them? well written steamy quick human/fae romance