Lunatic Desires by Faedra Rose

Heat Level 4
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Loving Monsters, 5

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Penelope Mathers is determined to change her fate. Heading out to Blackwater Falls with her trusty camera, she has her heart set on capturing a prize-winning snap so that she can get the hell out of West Virginia for good.

But her evening doesn’t quite go as planned when she chances upon an antique locket which tempts her down an overground path where she comes face to face with the jaws of death. Luckily for her the Mothman is nearby—but now Penny owes him a life debt—and the winged cryptid knows exactly how she can repay him…

Be Warned: monster sex, anal sex, forced seduction, knotting



Holy crap. Shit. Shit. Shit. I’m unarmed and who knows how deep and far into this tunnel. But surely, if there were bears, I would have come across them already, wouldn’t I? Heart racing, I feel torn. Go back while the going’s good and get a damn shot of the Falls? Or explore on and find out just where this bizarre, smooth passageway goes? My inner rebel takes my fear and beats it to death before it can take ahold and destroy my Halloween adventure.

I’ve come this far without incident—I might as well go on. Soon the cave seems to bottom out and widen into a larger cavern. My phone light isn’t powerful enough to see further than a few feet, but there’s space all around me now, and I can no longer reach the cold, stone walls. “You’re okay,” I whisper. “Just keep the light ahead and watch your feet.”

A deep and rumbling growl fills my ears and my heart bunny-hops in my chest. I can almost feel my life leave my body. Oh no. Dear God, No! I freeze as still as a statue, my phone still grasped firmly in hand. Every muscle in my body quakes with terror. I’m fucked. I’m so very, very fucked! I’m going to get mauled, eaten, and shit out by a fucking black bear! What a way to go. Seriously. Fuck my life.

So much for my new beginning. I’m going to die here in West Virginia, just like my parents, and I’ll never see New Orleans. I’ll never take another photo again. This is my curtain call. I hear the distinct sound of heavy footfalls on the earth, and in a sheer moment of panic I lumber backward. Something crunches horrifically underfoot, and I stumble right onto my ass. A shriek escapes me as I fall and it’s amplified by the cavern, echoing in a mockery of my ungracious stumble.

I scramble backward and raise my phone before me like a shield of light. There’re bones scattered all over the ground. Lots and lots of bones. And that cracking sound? A skull of some description that I just crushed with my boot. In the shadows beyond the reach of my pitiful light, I see a great lumbering shape. There is no mistaking the territorial huffing and low rumble of the bear as it ambles forward, closing in for the kill.

This is it. This is how I die. The bear draws nearer. It’s so close I smell its breath now. There’s nowhere to go. I can’t outrun a bear. For a split-second I contemplate grabbing a broken bone and attempting to defend myself, but this beast is massive, and I just waltzed into its home. It’s pissed. Even if I managed the odd stab or two, it’d be like tossing stones into the Grand Canyon. It probably wouldn’t even feel it and then it’d gore my throat anyway.

It roars suddenly and its spittle flies at my face, its rancid breath blows my hair over my shoulder. I can’t prevent the strangled scream that tears forth from my throat as I realize the bear’s mouth is wide enough to just bite my face off.

A bloodcurdling screech vibrates through my soul, ricocheting off the rock walls to bounce around painfully in my skull. It’s so shrill and high-pitched that it could be ultrasonic. In confusion and agony, I drop my phone and plaster my hands to my ears, protecting them from the abominable sound.

The bear shakes its head from side to side in the darkness, illuminated only by my discarded phone. It roars in retaliation, but a heartbeat later a great black shadow slams into the beast—knocking him sideways and across the cavern.

What the fuck was that? My guts twist inside me as whatever it was that barreled into the bear shrieks again. My head swims, and I squeeze my eyes shut tight against the pain. I feel warmth trickle from my ears and between my fingers. I know with mortifying certainty that it’s blood. Bones skitter in all directions as the two creatures fight, and I turn my face away, but then it hits me. Now is my chance. Maybe I can make a run for it while they’re occupied?

Steeling my courage, I scramble to my feet and bolt haphazardly into the darkness, blind without my phone. It’s live or die, I must take the risk. But my ears ring, and I have no idea in which direction I’m headed. I just run, hands outstretched before me, and pray to God that I make it out of here alive. Maybe West Virginia isn’t so bad, after all.

Maybe I should count myself lucky to be breathing and able to stand on my own two feet? Maybe chasing a dream was the dumbest thing I ever did. But I don’t have time to mull the thought over, because in the next two seconds my already dark and terrifying world comes to a bone-grinding halt. One moment I’m pelting through the inky gloom for my life, and the next—nothing.


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Perfect for spooky time or anytime.
Written by Mary S on 31st Oct 2023

This series is so good! To bad that they are too short, but they are always an entertaining read. Just perfect for this perfect spooky time to enjoy a mothman and his mate.

Fun, speedy and steamy
Written by LBing on 31st Oct 2023

This is another fun and steamy adventure romance. Penny is determined to change her future and heads off into the woods on Halloween night to get what she hopes is an award winning photo, and thus her ticket out of her small town. What she ends up finding is a locket, a lure, to take her down another path to a totally new future. Mothman monster, Omen, is thrilled she took the bait and a hot romance quickly follows. I'm really enjoying these speedy steamy reads with their unique monsters and plots ;D

Legendary Mothman Goodness
Written by SeahawkGirl on 27th Oct 2023

All Hallows Eve good times. Penny is traipsing through the woods of West Virginia trying to capture the perfect moonlit photograph of the local falls. Winning the photo contest will get her enough money to move to Louisiana. On the way, she notices a locket hanging from a tree branch. She picks it up and takes a detour into the woods. She ends up in a cave with legendary Mothman, Omen, and a hungry bear. She is given a choice to become bear food or have sex with the Mothman. This book was so over the top that it was a really fun, quick, and sexy read.

Penny and Omen
Written by Kirsten P on 27th Oct 2023

This series is so good. The women in these stories usually take an ill advised adventure, which brings them to their unconventional “Prince Charming”. Dark and dirty, the way I love my short stories!! I’ve Arced some and bought the others but if you love dark Halloween based romances you need this series in your life.

Mothman/Omen and Penny
Written by kymagirl on 27th Oct 2023

Penny (h) ventures into the wilds of West Virginia at night in hopes of taking a moonlit waterfalls photo that will change her life. She finds a locket that points her down a hidden path into a cave where she finds herself in grave danger only to be rescued by Mothman/Omen (H) who offers her a life-changing choice. Penny realizes that Omen is nothing like the Mothman stories she’s heard, and things heat up between the two, leaving Penny with another choice to make for her future. Ultra-hot and steamy human-mothman romantic quickie with a side of danger.

Another fantastic monster romance
Written by Sarah ES on 27th Oct 2023

This installment features an all new and equally scary monster. This monster meets his fated mate who once again is an unsuspecting human. He gives her 2 options to either mate or die. For the first time this monstrous creature gets accepted and they end up falling in love and making lots of little monster babies. I love how the urban myths become true in this series.

Written by JustMe83 on 27th Oct 2023

I have read monster ones before but this was a first for this type and I wasn't sure how I would feel. I totally was able to picture him in an attractive way and get into it. So that was a major hurdle I'd say. I absolutely love Penny with everything and so happy she is getting her HEA. And honestly he deserved it too! He wasn't really a monster on the inside.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 27th Oct 2023

Penny wanted to make something of herself and for that she needs a winning snap to propell her career and get outta dodge. Only she ends up in danger and being saved by Omen, the mothman who knows exactly what payment he requires. Well written steamy mothman/human desires, Monster romance