Twisted Desires by Faedra Rose

Heat Level 4
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Loving Monsters, 4

It's All Hallows' Eve and Bethany Summers has become a social outcast. Ousted by her friendship circle over a misunderstanding, she heads to the Great Lakes to drown her sorrows.

But when her kayak capsizes, she realizes this Halloween may be her last—until a monster rises from the depths to save her life. But the kraken isn't all good intentions ... and Bethany is about to find out just how twisted the desires of a monster can be.

Be Warned: anal sex, monster sex


Scowling, I slap the paddle down across my lap, again. My so-called friends obviously changed their plans at the very last minute—without notifying me—which means they really are done with me. I’ve been cut out of my own damn social circle like a bruise on an apple. And here I am bobbing about in the dark like an idiot out of pure spite.

There’s no one in sight, not at this hour, in these conditions. Though I know a volunteer ranger mans the Devil’s Island lighthouse. But whoever they are, they can’t possibly see me—not down here. And they wouldn’t expect anyone to be out on the water at Halloween, anyway. It’s just me, the lake, and my misery. I sigh.

A strange, mournful sound echoes around me—sudden and unexpected. I stiffen, frozen in place, eyes wide. What the actual fuck? That doesn’t sound like the surf and wind howling through sea caves… It sounds too poignant. The lamentation itself is rife with emotion. I can tangibly feel it. There is no way that it’s just the elements of nature bouncing and echoing off each other. It’s almost like someone or something is calling out. It sounds lonely, I realize. And somewhere deep down inside of me, the call resonates. The sound could have come from my own damn soul.

I take a steadying breath and try to remain calm, though my rational and educated mind races for an explanation. It’s just nature, Bethany, I tell myself. Just like the scientists say. There are no such things as evil spirits or creatures from the depths. You’ve let the ancient stories get to your head like a kid afraid of the monsters under the bed. Despite my feeble efforts to rationalize the strange sound, my gut isn’t fooled, not by a long shot. I know what I heard. It wasn’t the bloody wind, and it certainly wasn’t fucking human.

Swallowing my fear like a bitter pill, I make the only decision that makes any sense. I’m going to get out of here. This was a stupid idea. But I’ve lost my way, and I can’t remember which direction I entered the cave system from. As quietly as I’m able I scrounge around my legs for a flashlight. Raising it at eye level, up by my shoulder, I press the button, illuminating the sea caves around me. Gold and red sediment glitters in the light’s beam. It’s breathtaking. Then something splashes nearby, painfully distinct from the sloshing of the surf against the smooth rock walls.

Lowering the beam to the water’s surface, I nearly drop the flashlight altogether when I see something move, made visible by the light penetrating the rippling depths. Any precious shred of calm I had remaining evaporates, and I begin to hyperventilate, my heart racing for a finish line that doesn’t exist. My arm trembles and I reach for my throat with my free hand. Panic begins to overwhelm me and suddenly I can’t breathe. I try to draw breath, but it’s like my throat has closed, restricting my airway almost entirely. My chest tightens and burns like fire. The darkness begins to close in all around me.

I feel the flashlight slip from my fingers, lost to the turbulent waters of Lake Superior forever. I can’t breathe! I cry out in my mind. Oh, God. I’m going to die. The devastating realization slams into my chest with the weight of a sledgehammer, and I swoon, gasping in vain as my kayak topples over and oblivion claims me.

A heartbeat later and the shocking cold of Lake Superior embraces me from all sides, jolting me back to consciousness. Inverted, I can’t get free. My legs are firmly stuck. Fuck! My curvy girl ass and chunky thighs are going to be the death of me. For fuck’s sake, you’ve got to be kidding me! I wiggle and squirm, leveraging my weight against the sides of the kayak, all the while upside down. I pull and push, but it’s no use.

This is it. Fear floods me all over again with a fresh wave of equilibrium destroying devastation. I’m going to drown! Someone’s going to find my cold, fat, bloated, and lifeless corpse stuck in my kayak. My parents will be alerted, and I’ll be just another drunken Halloween fatality on the news. My ex-friends will probably laugh when they hear it.

Just as I’m ready to give up and kiss my bombastic ass goodbye, I feel movement in the water around me. Something slick snakes its way around my waist, and in the chaotic darkness of the world below the surface, I make out two glowing yellow eyes. They stare back at me, unblinking and curious. Pure terror takes a dump on my fucking soul, and I open my mouth to scream. The lake rushes in, eager to quench the fire in my burning lungs.


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Bethany meets a Kraken
Written by weaveswife on 2nd Oct 2023

This was short but SO good. I loved it! Bethany is ostracized from her friends, not that they were that good to begin with, so she decides to salvage the night (they were at a party) and go kayaking. Well, she overturns and is saved by a Kraken. Little does she know that this Kraken needs a mate and he has his sights set on Bethany. Now Bethany has a decision to make. Holy steam. This one was super hot. Well done.

Written by tapnchica on 2nd Oct 2023

I'm loving how these Monster and Alien romances are gaining popularity! They are just so good and monsters and aliens need love too! This one by Rose is fantastic!.

Loved It
Written by Nina D on 2nd Oct 2023

“I am what I am,” he says succinctly. “No more and no less.” I loved this book. It was such a fun, quick read. Bethany is frustrated at her friends turning their backs on her because of an untrue rumor and half drunkenly decides to kayak on the lake, but overturns when she catches sight of something in the water. The kraken rescues her, but isn't just going to let her go. I really loved Kana. I found him fascinating and liked his personality. Beth's reactions felt plausible in regards to how she viewed her life. I only regret that this book wasn't longer. I would have loved it fleshed out more and definitely want to see what comes after the point where this book ends. 5 stars.

Written by A Schofield on 2nd Oct 2023

Bethany falls out with her friends and falls into Kana tentacles! This is an instalove romance with tentacles! It’s a quick read with steam! 5 stars!

Fun, steamy and twisted ;D
Written by LBing on 2nd Oct 2023

This really was a twisted romance and it brought a steamy HEA to a monster ;D Bethany, outcast by her friends over a misunderstanding, goes kayaking alone...with her bourbon ;) Well, as you may expect, she runs into trouble and a kraken, Kana, saves her. What follows is a steamy romance with some surprises, self-image healing and great joy to each of them :D

Twisted Desires was another fun read
Written by Brooke T on 2nd Oct 2023

I love the Loving Monsters series and Twisted Desires did not disappoint!! I love this monster trope so much. I didn’t know what I was missing until I found Faedra Rose!!! She writes amazing stories that pull me in and enjoy her books from beginning to the end. The story is was original, spicy and a page turner. I thought the characters were complex and were written beautifully. I loved Bethany’s stubbornness and fight in this book. She was strong and witty. Kana was determined to find a mate and a little on the scary side. I really enjoyed their banter and spice. It was a beautiful erotic love story

good book
Written by Mr. Bobos on 2nd Oct 2023

This was a good, fun short read. It had all the spice you could want. It is a break from my normal genres, but a good break. This was my first Faedra Rose story and I will definitely be reading more.

Twisted Indeed
Written by Martylou on 2nd Oct 2023

This is definitely not a mainstream story. It's a well-written, delightfully twisted, and erotic quick read. If something really outside the box, but not overly dark, dangerous, or gross is appealing to you, you'll probably enjoy this story. Particularly if you like tortured, dark heroes and transfiguration as a HEA.

Kayaking alone
Written by Shadowdancer on 2nd Oct 2023

Cut out of the planned Halloween fun by her friends, Bethany goes kayaking inot the caves alone. She flips her kayak and is rescued by Kanaloa. She learns he's a kraken and he wants her to call him Master. Entertaining story between a Kraken and a Human who is his fated mate.

Short but very, very steamy!
Written by Slvrdlphn on 2nd Oct 2023

I don't usually like monster romances, but I've enjoyed Faedra Rose's writings in the past so I thought I would give it a go. Who would've thought a Kraken could be sexy! That's a new one for my spank bank, lol!

Fan yourself read
Written by LestWITCH on 2nd Oct 2023

This book was captivating. I had to fan myself going right in. A quick read that was enjoyable. Kana and Beth are great characters.

Hot monster alert
Written by Reensburger on 17th Aug 2023

This was my first time reading this author and I had to admit I was intrigued by how the kraken was going to be portrayed. Turns out Kanaloa was completely monstrous and yet somehow incredibly thoughtful and sweet. Bethany was a very amusing heroine and even though she had a bit of a rough life she still fought her monster until realizing that maybe a life with him is exactly what she needs.

Refuse to be tamed and refuse to settle! Everywoman deserves to be worshipped!
Written by Mica G on 17th Aug 2023

Everywoman deserves to find her "monster" that brings out the beast in her. We all should desire to be treasured and fight to find the man that loves us for who we are and not try to make us who they want us to look like, act like and become. I really enjoyed the sexy time but I understood and read into the plot. Most of us have inner demons we are fighting and we all have been in the FMC shoes. We are or have been looking for the man who loves us, cherishes us and down right makes us beg for mercy. I really liked this fast paced pace quick read.

Well this was a short novella and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 17th Aug 2023

Not what I was expecting for sure, but interesting all the same. The steam, the spice, and everything monstrous was in full swing and the HEA was as surprisingly sweet.

Wish it never ended???
Written by Nancy L on 17th Aug 2023

Wow! I LOVED IT! From the first chapter, slinking in the eerie depths of Lake Superior, we meet the monster. The writing is so good you actually feel like you are cold and wet, swimming in the depths of the lake. Bethany’s introduction to her Kraken life mate is everything a reader of monster romance genre could want. I wish it was longer because it was soooooo good! ❤️❤️❤️

Bethany out on a cold night alone or was she?
Written by KRP on 17th Aug 2023

Bethany became an outcast at a Halloween Party she went to with her friends, so she left and ended up on the lake in a boat to take her where exactly, she had no idea. Of course, her lake adventure took a turn she never expected and it was very interesting to say the least, join Bethany on her adventure and see what you think?

Good read!
Written by Jamee h on 17th Aug 2023

I thought this was a good book. It’s different than what I normally read but it was entertaining. I would recommend reading this

Bethany and Kana
Written by Kirsten P on 17th Aug 2023

Bethany and Kana I love this series! I’m torn between this and the last book being my favorite. Bethany is kayaking and flips. Only to be saved by the handsome kraken. But he tests her to see if she could be his fated mate. So cute.

Twisted Desires
Written by Karen99 on 17th Aug 2023

He Was A Monster Waiting His Fate A hot, steamy, erotic read, one sexy Kraken who had waited a lifetime to find a mate who could withstand the change, accept him and be with him forever. Beth found herself lost in one of the caves where a monster was supposed to reside and a monster he was, he loved nothing more than to savour his victims and give them pleasure if they could accept him but he wasn’t always good! A dark, short steamy novella sure to make your toes curl!

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 17th Aug 2023

Drowning her sorrows on hallows eve Bethany finds her self in the sights of Kana, the devil of lake superior. Well written steamy engaging short, monster romance

Kanaloa and Bethany
Written by kymagirl on 17th Aug 2023

Cut off socially by her friends, Bethany goes kayaking alone through sea caves, with only her bourbon to keep her company. She overturns and is rescued by a kraken who wants his due and insists she call him Master. Things heat up quickly between Bethany and her monstrous companion, even as she comes to find out that he wants more than a quick interlude, and maybe that’s not so bad. Ultra-hot and steamy kraken quickie with size difference and a transformative experience Bethany never sees coming.

Yes please!
Written by JustMe83 on 17th Aug 2023

Soooo. First time I ever read a Crackin book and wow. Yes. I actually forgot to come review this because I went down a rabbit hole of finding similar. Spoiler I did not!! lol So thanks Winter for getting me back on a PNR kick. Hadn't read any in a long time but now I am going to stick with these for a bit.

Bethany and her Kraken
Written by Mozzy on 17th Aug 2023

What a wonderful story this is. Dark and Erotic with a monster lurking in the waters, and theres nothing better than a monster with tentacles... oh yea... lol. Bethany is on her own in a Kayak on halloween night. She is surposed to be with her friends but alas a rumor has put paid to that. But when her Kayak overturns in the water she thinks this is the end, but she is saved by a monster. A monster to whom she feels some connection to but dosnt want to admit it. He is a Kraken and has been around for a long time and knows that Bethany is his mate. Its just now he has to convince her, will she accept who and what he is and become his mate on her own terms? Faedra Rose has written a excellent story, im finding that so far in what i have read of her books she excells in whatever genre she choses to write.

Well Written Page Turner!
Written by hmg_vermont on 17th Aug 2023

I have been very drawn to monster stories lately and Twisted Desire knocks it out of the park! I want more! I want more of the happily ever after. I want to know what their life is like together, where they settle, their children...perhaps a bit of revenge on the friend group? This story drew me in from the very first page and even though I have finished reading it...I'm still thinking about the characters, the emotions, and the lore.

Tentacles anyone?
Written by Rachel S on 17th Aug 2023

This is the first book of this kind of monster romance I have read and I was intrigued. I wish it was longer with more detail and background about both of them but I still enjoyed it. I'll definitely be searching for more kraken stories in the future!

Twisted Desires
Written by Carzandi on 17th Aug 2023

This is my first time reading anything from this Author and it was okay. The story line was enjoyable and a great fantasy to get lost in. In the end Bethany give up her past life to live and be with her Master. Her mate she found when all felt lost.