Losing It All Over Again by Michelle Graham

Heat Level 3
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Losing It, 2

What if your first time left you unsatisfied and your sex life never improved? 

Lauren Monroe is no virgin. Four years of crappy sex with a cheating husband took care of that. With her divorce nearly finalized, she can’t help wondering what her first time might have been like with someone else. Online hook-up site Losing It offers the perfect solution. 

Hank Abramo vowed to remain a bachelor. The arrival of a daughter he’d never known put a serious crimp in his social life. After a year without a date, he turns to Losing It to find a safe, easy tryst. 

When Lauren suspects that Hank is being unfaithful, she sneaks away. But they can’t stop thinking about each other, and when fate throws them together again, it adds a twist that neither one of them anticipated.




He didn’t know anything else about her. She looked about twenty years old, slim, but with enough curves to make a man notice. Her sapphire eyes twinkled, and deep red highlights shone from hair that looked soft and touchable. How did a girl who looked like her end up a virgin?

The silence between them dragged on. Now that he was here, he had no idea what to say. He eyed the wine. “Would you like to have a drink?” Maybe a bit of alcohol would loosen them both up.

“A drink? Oh, right. Of course. I should have offered.” She stumbled over her words as she moved across the room to the cart.

Hank set his bag down and followed her, watching the sway of her hips in the tight black dress. His cock stirred. When she held the bottle over one of the glasses, he noticed her hand shaking. Stepping forward, he placed a hand over hers. She jumped, splashing some of the wine on the cart.

“Allow me.” He gently pried the bottle from her hand and filled the glasses. He handed one to her and gestured toward the set of armchairs by the window. “Shall we sit down?”

They sat. Each of them took a sip of their wine. They looked at everything except each other. They took another sip.

“So,” Hank said.

“So,” Lauren replied. She still wouldn’t look at him.

“Maybe I should go,” he said.

“I’m not really a virgin,” she blurted out at the same time.

“What did you say?”

“I said that I’m not a virgin.” She took a deep breath and then rushed on. “I was married for four years and I lost my virginity to him, but my divorce is almost finalized, and I just wondered…” She trailed off and waited a moment before she met his eyes. “I’m sorry to have misled you.”

Hank studied her. “How old were you when you got married?”

“I was eighteen. He was my high school sweetheart and we eloped right after graduation.” She shook her head and drained her wine glass. “Biggest mistake I ever made.” She reached for the bottle of wine. “Top-up?”

“Please.” He held his glass out and she filled it, then hers. “If you’re not a virgin, why go to Losing It? Surely there are other sites out there that you can use for hooking up.” He ignored the inner voice reminding him he’d also used the site when there were other options.

Lauren stared into her wine glass, swirling the pale liquid around. Twice she opened her mouth as though she was going to say something, but then closed it again. “My first time sucked. It was in the backseat of this tiny little car, it hurt like hell and was over in about thirty seconds.”

Hank chuckled. “That sounds pretty bad.”

She smiled and her blue eyes sparkled. “Yup.” She sipped her wine again and her face became serious. “I wish I could say it got better, but it never really did. He’d lick my nipples and attempt to rub my clit a couple times and call that foreplay.”


“No shit. Just once it would be nice for someone else to make me come. To be so dripping wet that I don’t have to use lube.” Her cheeks flushed as she met Hank’s eyes. “To have someone listen when I tell him what I need.”

Setting his glass down, Hank shifted his chair closer to her. He noted the way her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, and the way her blush had spread across her chest. Her eyes widened as he placed his hand on her knee and leaned in close. Flicking a glance down to her full lips, his cock stiffened. “What do you need, Lauren?”


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Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Robin on 4th Jul 2014

Sometimes you just need a quick read to pass the time while you’re waiting for an appointment or during your daily commute. Well the geniuses at Evernight Publishing created their Romance on the Go series for just this situation. One of their newest additions to this series is Losing It All Over Again by Michelle Graham and it is quite the sweet, delicious tidbit that you would hope for. Losing It All Over Again is the second book in Ms. Graham’s Losing It series. The premise is that Losing It is a service whereby you could hire an experienced lover to get you past that awkward first time. Lauren Monroe has contracted with Losing It except she’s not a virgin. She’s actually getting a divorce from her cheating husband who also happened to be a dud in the sack. By hiring Losing It, Lauren is hoping that she will finally have the sexual experience she has always dreamed of. As a single parent, Hank Abramo doesn’t have a lot of time for a dating life. He is looking for a safe, easy rendezvous so he accepts assignments from Losing It. Hank is definitely attracted to Lauren but is surprised at just how much he wants her. He is further surprised when at the end of their night she sneaks away and wonders what he did wrong. Overall, Losing It All Over Again was an enjoyable book. I really love the concept behind the Losing It services. Who doesn’t want the chance for their first time to be perfect? I especially loved that Lauren is a divorcee who is seeking out passion after a disastrous marriage. It was easy to relate to her disappointing sexual past and her desire for more. And given her husband’s infidelity, her continued actions made complete sense. Hank was everything that Lauren could hope for in a lover and I admired his dedication to his daughter. Ms. Graham is terrific at combining passion and heat with tenderness and sweetness to create a wonderful sexual (and reading) experience. I found such joy throughout reading because I shared in Lauren’s happiness at discovering what good loving could be like. Despite being a very short read, Ms. Graham was able to give me enough insight into Hank and Lauren. Because of this I admired them and wanted them to reach their happy ending. The road to that happy ending was cluttered with typical romance novel misunderstandings but still came across as believable enough that I could overlook the clichéd plot point. So Losing It All Over Again, and the first one in the series, Losing It in Vegas, should definitely be added to your to be read list. They will be just the thing when you need to escape but don’t have a lot of time.