Moon Fated Mate by Beth D. Carter

Heat Level 3
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Sheridan Pack, 3

Brinnah lives virtually a slave in her traditionalist pack. As an unmated female, she is expected to cook, clean, and follow orders. She thought she’d be in that role forever, until a mating bond strikes … binding her to a mean, self-important sentinel wolf who drags her to the alpha, demanding to be set free.

Brinnah learns that the only person who can break the mating bond is an enchantress, and told to go to Sheridan, Colorado to find her. Only, when she arrives, she meets Everett Brice, and he instantly declares they’re mates.

He’s shocked when she says she already has one.

The more time she spends with Everett, the deeper in love she falls. Could the High Luna have given her a false mate in

Find the first book in the Sheridan Pack series in the Alpha Male anthology



The doctor tilted her head, studying her for a moment. Brow furrowing in confusion, he moved her hair around her ears and sucked in a breath. “Oh, my. I haven’t seen ears like yours in quite a while.”

“You’ve seen others with ears like hers?”

“Yeah,” Doc said. “From packs in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Backwoods beliefs if you ask me. More like a cult mentality.”

Fear sliced through her. “Please don’t send me back. I need asylum. I don’t want to return.”

Everett took hold of one of her hands. “You don’t have to. Alpha Jericho will take care of it.”

“I would never betray the trust of one of my patients,” Doc told her, patting her shoulder comfortingly. “I know what those packs are like. Who rules them. You’re safe here, my dear. Now, let me get a wrap for that ankle and then you can go.”

He left the room, leaving her and Everett behind. Suddenly self-conscious, Brinnah looked down at the floor. A gentle finger lifted her chin until she was looking at him.

“Don’t be scared,” he said. “You’ll never have to go back there again. I’ll protect you.”

“You don’t have to—”

He placed his finger across her lips. “Don’t finish that statement. Yes, I have to, because your scent is intoxicating. My wolf wants to wrap itself around yours. Brinnah, I think you’re my moon-fated mate.”

Immediately she shook her head. “No, I can’t be.”

“Why not?”

“Because I already have one.” Tears clogged her throat and it took her a moment to be able to talk again.

Stunned, Everett shook his head. “What? No, that can’t be.”

“That’s why I’m here,” she continued. “I’m trying to find out how to break the bond.”


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Such a great shifter romance--Love the Sheridan Pack so much
Written by Andrea R on 26th Apr 2024

I love this book/novella so much. I really am addicted to this pack and their stories. I have enjoyed many authors of shifter romances but this author delivers a great story and it flows in the series seamlessly.

Love This Series—Simple Short Insta-Mate Shifter Story!
Written by PT reader on 26th Apr 2024

This book took me a few minutes to understand what was going on, but then I got into it fast. I liked the characters and the settings, but it’s the plot that really made me enjoy this one. Even in short format, I felt that the characters grew based on the things they did. Loved it!

Moon fated mate
Written by P W on 26th Apr 2024

Short wonderful read about a love where they thought it wouldn’t happen. Story was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters. Well written and more. I recieved a free copy via Booksprout and I’m giving my review freely and honestly

Sheridan Pack
Written by Danee on 26th Apr 2024

If you're in the mood for a short but sexy shifter story then this is one you should read. We are taken into the lives of Brinnah and Everett. They meet while she is walking away from a fated mate and while Everett knows after looking at her that she is his fated mate. A wonderful story with enough steam and heat. I enjoyed their story and would recommend reading it.

Written by A Schofield on 26th Apr 2024

This story is a short and sexy tale about Brinnah trying to rid herself of a fated mate bond and bumps into Everett who says that she is his fated mate! I like Brinnah as she is strong willed and won’t settle for less. Everett is caring and kind and they make a great couple. I enjoyed the spice and spark between the Brinnah and Everett. An enjoyable story.

Fab and twisted fated mates romance
Written by LBing on 26th Apr 2024

This was a fab and twisted story of fated mates seemingly gone wrong. When Brinnah, basically a slave to her pack, finds herself a match for cruel Vadin, she's shocked/thrilled to be rejected by him. When her alpha gives her a loophole to leave pack lands, she's off to a safe place to see about breaking that bond. However, shock of all shocks, Everett is quick to let her know that she's his fated mate. Say what?! What follows is an interesting twist that allows for a fab and steamy HEA but with the balance to fate being well-met. I really enjoyed how this one unfolded and hope we get more books for this series :D

Loved it!!
Written by Kimberly R on 26th Apr 2024

This book was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. I really loved Brinnah and Everett. They were amazing characters. I absolutely recommend this book.

Short but sweet
Written by HappyJ on 26th Apr 2024

This one was a short little novella. A love story where her life is miserable in her home pack. Can she break free from her unwanted bond? Will she find someone to help?

Brinnah and Everett
Written by SeahawkGirl on 26th Apr 2024

This is the third book in the Sheridan Pack series. All three books have been worth the time to read. In this story, Brinnah lives deep in the wilderness of Canada. Her pack is very old-school primitive. Unwed females are tasked with all the grunt work for the pack. Brinnah is well past the time of her first change when she recognizes her fated mate. He is a cruel wolf and neither wants to be mated to the other. He breaks the mating and the alpha tells Brinnah to leave. She takes this to heart and heads to Colorado. Everett finds Brinnah with a hurt ankle and knows she is his fated mate. This was a good story with some interesting twists.

Breaking The Bond
Written by De'Anna on 26th Apr 2024

Part of the Sheridan Pack series each with sexy shifter and the one who captures his undivided attention. Brinnah is sweet, mistreated so I want to just give her a huge hug letting her know it will work out treated daily as a slave because her fated mate publicly rejected her dooming her to live a life full of pain and she doesn’t take it sitting down an elder tells her where or who she needs to see to bring the fated mate bond but along the way she meets one who wants her as his fated mate. Everett sexy as all get out shifter has waited for his mate them moment he finds her knowing something is wrong, convincing her that they are meant to be and even agreeing to go with her to find someone to break the bond but will they have the success, will her jerk of a first mate get what he deserves, can the bond be broken, and has she found the completeness she is looking for happiness with a mate who loves her?

So good!
Written by Shelly44 on 26th Apr 2024

So good! I love a great rejected fated mate novel. I have read the other novels in this series and enjoyed them, this novel did not disappoint. This novel pulled me in within the first two chapters. So good! My heart hurt for how much Brinnah had been thru. I loved that Brinnah and Everett were able to find each other. I loved watching them fall in love. Their chemistry was so good! I had a hard time putting this novel down because I needed to know what was coming next. I can't wait to see what this author has coming next.

Moon mate
Written by Steacyn on 26th Apr 2024

This book had me all over eith emotions. Sad.happy angry. I enjoyed reading this book. Sad that she lost something special. But happy she found her mate. A few twists .

So good!
Written by Dr.Lollipop on 26th Apr 2024

This one was short and sweet with an HEA at the end. I have always loved books like this and this one was no exception. The characters are endearing and the story line is great. We also get a bonus chapter at the end for sneak peak of the next book!

Moon Fated Mate
Written by DebG on 26th Apr 2024

This is Brinnah and Everett's story and it starts with Brinnah, an omega being rejected by her so called "fated mate", an evil man called Vadin who is obsessed with his rank and feels he is superior to her and deserves a better mate. After the alpha tells her she can leave she takes that to mean leaving the pack so she goes on a quest to break the bond and ends up in Sheriden where she meets Everett and they feel an instant connection. Her Moondust pack from up north treated females like second class citizens so moving to Sheriden where she was treated better was a breath of fresh air. Can Brinnah find a way to break the bond with Vadin so she can be free to love the man who has captured her heart? Check it out to see. This is a short enjoyable read that I highly recommend.

Quick read
Written by mooredeba on 26th Apr 2024

Coming from an archaic pack in Canada after being rejected, Daisy comes to the Sheridan pack looking for a place to stay. She knows she can still feel the mate tug but also feels something for Everette. This is a short, fast read. The story is interesting and it holds your interest.

Brinnah and Everette
Written by SusieQ90 on 26th Apr 2024

Poor Brinnah Ashford who has a fated mate who denounces her in front of the entire pack. She is in a very old time severe pack. Where women do all the work and if not married then they work for everyone, doing the cooking and cleaning of clothes. She is told to leave, and leave she does to find the right mate. Follow her through her travels to the one true love.

Great Story
Written by Merry J on 26th Apr 2024

Brinnah is treated as a slave because she is unmated but when a mating bond binds her to a mean-spirited wolf, things change especially when he demands that the bond be set free. Brinnah heads out to find someone that can break the bond upon doing so she connects with Everett who instantly tells her that she is his mate. Things heat up from here. Will Brinnah find the person that will break the first mating bond and will she and Everett get their chance for happiness. this story kept me glued to the pages.

Moon Fated Mate
Written by Karen99 on 26th Apr 2024

Loved The Storyline! Just when you think there’s no hope, a tiny spark appears, a chance at a new life and before you know it the spark is a full blown fire with a love that will endure all. That’s how I would describe this wonderful inspiring storyline with some surprises, sacrifices and steamy moments along the way leading to their HEA.

Moon Fated Mates
Written by Mimi J on 26th Apr 2024

Enchanting short love story of fated mates that have to travel an unusual path to find each other. There are whimsical little twists through the story that makes it hard to put down. Having justice served brings a smile to your heart.

Written by Laura S. on 26th Apr 2024

Rough, tough and sweet! A short, instalove romance that is perfect for a quick read at any time! Daisy is left as the "fall guy" after her partner swindled her family, friends and investors out of their fortunes. Warren has been looking for his mate for years, and has just about given up. Fate works in the most mysterious of ways, and nothing is going to stop Fate from having her way to bring the 2 together! This was a fun read; fast paced, great characters and just the right amount of suspense and thrill. I think you will enjoy this story anytime!

A good play on the fated-mates trope
Written by Emmellen on 26th Apr 2024

This is a speedy story that plays with the fated-mates concept nicely. Wolf shifter Brinnah has a fated mate in Vadin, but he rejects her brutally in front of the rest of their pack. Brinnah is then desperate to remove that fated bond rather than live with a lifetime of pain, and an elder in her pack throws her a lifeline—leave and find an enchantress who can take the bond away. What I liked in Moon Fated Mate was how Carter played with healthy versus unhealthy bonds and how someone needs to understand the difference and seek out what is right for them rather than what will hurt them. Without ever breaking the fated-mates premise, Carter helps you understand why Brinnah needed to be mated to Vadin because of what that would lead her to. As this is a brief novella, Brinnah finds her true love rapidly, and their conflict is Brinnah addressing the truth of her bond and the toxic elements of her former pack’s lifestyle. There were some points that didn’t work for me here, like having humans live in the new town Brinnah goes to but having the big confrontation with Vadin occur in the middle of the street where anyone could see them. But this still is a quick, enjoyable read. I’m truly liking what Carter is doing with her Sheridan Pack series.

Written by ObsessiveReader on 26th Apr 2024

This is a pretty short story so there isn't a lot of depth in it. Brinnah comes from a very suppressive pack. You have to feel bad for her about how they are treated and then to be mated to a horrible person on top of that. Everret is a good guy. He knows that Brinnah is his mate and does his best to help her adjust while she searches for someone to break the mate bond. What happens to Vadin is definitely karma and couldn't have happened to a better jerk.

Written by Ashley vs Comma Reading and Editing Services on 26th Apr 2024

I loved reading this book and the angst that I had reading it. I loved that I kept guessing about what was going to happen to crying to laughing all in one.

Written by Ashley vs Comma Reading and Editing Services on 26th Apr 2024

I loved reading this book and the angst that I had reading it. I loved that I kept guessing about what was going to happen to crying to laughing all in one.

A great book
Written by Angelica L on 26th Apr 2024

A great book with an interesting storyline and wonderful characters within. I enjoyed the chemistry between Everett and Briannah.