Broken Mate by Beth D. Carter

Heat Level 3
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Sheridan Pack, 2

Betrayed by her own sister, Anais is left crippled by wolfsbane poisoning, and travels to find the only person known to have completely healed from it. She and her aunt arrive in Sheridan, Colorado to beg for the knowledge of a cure, but what she finds is her fated mate.

Ledger had just accepted the job of beta to the Sheridan Pack when he immediately finds his mate. Anais needs to reconnect with her wolf in order to heal her legs, and he devotes himself to helping her. To curing her.

When her father shows up demanding her return to his pack, she is no longer weak and scared. Will she renounce him as her alpha and accept her place next to Ledger?

Find the first book in the Sheridan Pack series in the Alpha Male anthology



“Please look at me, Anais.”

It wasn’t a request. Her gaze slid over his perfect features, his beautiful smile. Thick dark hair. Piercing brown eyes. A neatly trimmed beard shaded the lower half of his face, but it didn’t detract from his handsomeness. Quite the opposite, in fact. It gave him a wild, untamed look.

“You said you know what we are to one another. We’re fated mates.”

With her heart in her throat, she nodded.

“Then talk to me, Anais. What’s going through your mind?”

“I never thought I’d find you,” she said, thick tears threatening to choke her up. “As a child, I always hoped, but you know the odds.”

“I do.”

“When my father ordered me to marry to broker peace, I agreed because I thought I’d never find you.”

“But you did.”

“I found you too late.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Just look at me, Ledger.” She didn’t gesture to her body, but she knew he understood. “You don’t want to be stuck with someone like me.”

“Someone like you?” He tilted his head. “I don’t understand.”

“Don’t be dense.” She blew out a huff. “I’m crippled, Ledger. I’m broken.”



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Written by ChrisL on 24th Feb 2024

This is a lunch read. This is Anais and ledger's story. Anais has been poisoned bhy wolfsbane. Her aunt is takingher to another pack to see if they can help? Ledger is the beta and has helped the Alpha through his poisoning. Can the alpha help? What are the feelings Anais is having to Ledger? Will her old pack come looking for her?

Great addition
Written by DJ Rums on 24th Feb 2024

This is the second book in the series which starts up a little while after the first. I enjoyed this book and I liked that we got to learn more about Jerichos history before returning in the first book. The connection between the two main characters, the beta and his mate, was built up through the book which was nice. I like how the ML did kept firm with the importance of the mate bond even though you could feel for the FL. I do wish there was more of a confrontation but overall the story was an easy nice read. Can be read in one sitting. Would recommend.

Broken Mate
Written by Bookluver Treecie on 24th Feb 2024

Anais and her aunt Ruby travel to met Alpha Jerico after she has been poisoned with wolfsbane and he is the only known person who has recovered from it. Upon arriving to Sheridan they stopped at a diner where they met Luna Payton who allows them to stay at the pack house and she meets the alpha who agrees to help her. During her stay, Anais finds out that Beta Ledger is her mate and he agrees to help her instead of the alpha. After months of working with Ledger, Anais feels like its not working and tries to give up but Ledger encourages her not to. He tells her that he is not going anywhere and that he will stay with her and help her forever! They end up mating and that ends up being what cures her. She finally gets her strength and her wolf back!! While having a celebration for her, her father(who is an alpha too) comes and tries to take her back but Alpha Jerico and Ledger stand up to him and he ends up leaving!!

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 24th Feb 2024

This is the fifth book I've read written by Beth D. Carter; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the first book in the Sheridan Pack Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Anais & Ledger; he’s the beta of Sheridan Pack and agrees to help her heal.

Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 24th Feb 2024

This second installment of the series was well written and kept me hooked with the entertaining characters. I can't wait to see what Beth D. Carter has in store for us next.

Written by Crystal74 on 24th Feb 2024

Anais is betrayed by ger sister and she and her aunt travel to the only wilf to have ever healed from it. She ends up meeting her mate Ledger who helps her find ger wolf again. When her father comes after her demanding her back does she deny him as her alpha? ReLly good book.

Broken Mate
Written by Amd2662 on 24th Feb 2024

Anais/Ledger. Shifters. Betrayal. Wolfbane poisoning. Sister. Disabled. Hidden wolf. Fated Mates. Vulnerable. Damaged. Angry. Scared. Determined. Attraction. Affection. Virgin. Consensual. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Entertaining.

Broken Mate Book 2 of Sheridan Pack by Beth D. Carter
Written by TracyaH1976 on 24th Feb 2024

Broken Mate Book 2 of Sheridan Pack Beth D. Carter The story and characters are well written and developed. I enjoyed the drama, chemistry and journey. Good read.

Anais and Ledger
Written by Jen9731 on 24th Feb 2024

Broken Mate is a short and steamy, fated mates, paranormal wolf shifter romance. Anais is a young wolf shifter who was poisoned with wolfsbane by her own family. This caused her to lose her wolf and healing powers, and she had to walk with crutches. When she and her Aunt Ruby flee to another pack for help healing, she meets her fated mate, Ledger. He is the hunky Beta of the pack. As soon as he sees Anais, he is in love. But she is worried she is too broken for him. Can she let love in? Can he prove he is all in and help her heal? The chemistry between this couple was super hot, and we ended on a happy note. I would have loved more of a glimpse into their future but loved the story. This was my first Beth Carter book but not my last!.

Great read
Written by Heather7170 on 24th Feb 2024

this is my first book by Beth D Carter. I enjoyed each page. I'm looking forward to reading more from her. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters are great together. a page turner

Super cute short story
Written by Jamee h on 24th Feb 2024

This was a super cute short story with a badass fmc and a super sweet Mmc! The Chemistry was off the charts from the get-go. I would definitely recommend reading this.

Finding My Mate
Written by Danee on 24th Feb 2024

The tension remains in this story and once again I felt bad about what Anais went through. She is poisoned by her sister and flees. She seeks support and help from another pack. In that new pack she finds her fated mate Ledger. From that moment on, it is an emotional journey that she goes through to reach her health. A page-turner and recommended!

Broken Mate
Written by Stacii on 24th Feb 2024

Anais and Ledger’s story has them coming together when her sister poisons her and her wolf stays hidden within her. Her Aunt takes her to another pack who knows how to help. When they get there and meet the beta, Ledger, Anais knows he’s her fated but feels crippled and hurt. He will help her overcome the stigma and help heal her but will also show her his love will not bend. Her father comes to collect her and she has a choice to make renounce her father and claim her mate or go with her father and leave her fated

Broken Mate
Written by KMS on 24th Feb 2024

This was a short quick read with betrayal, determination and love. Anais and Ruby are determined to fine the one person who can help her with her problems. Being betrayed had crushed her soul never expecting a miracle. Ledger is determined to be there for Anais and won’t let herself falter.

So good!
Written by JustMe83 on 24th Feb 2024

Oh I loved this! Ledger was perfect!! Holy moly the way he supported her and didn't even hesitate. Ugh, he had my heart instantly. Loved their story! and now I want to go back and read the first one because I hadn't. It didn't take away from this one but now I want to know more!

Awesome shifter romance!!! Loved it!!
Written by Andrea R on 24th Feb 2024

This book was awesome. Quick read with such a great story. Loved how the hero “saved” her and made her his. Made her strong for herself and showed herself worthy of a beta.

A story about overcoming
Written by mooredeba on 24th Feb 2024

Broken Mates is a story about overcoming obstacles, acceptance, and love. This is a fast read, keeps your attention, and has a bit of steam added in.

Ledger and Anais
Written by weaveswife on 24th Feb 2024

Wow. This was awesome. I felt so bad for Anais. And who had hurt her!? Wow. Yes, again. Lol. But at least fate and shifter destiny had a better plan for her. A better life. A loving mate and pack. Ledger was so awesome to her. He was patient, but gave her a kick in the butt (figuratively) when she needed it. Thankfully having her mate there helped her so much. This was such a great story. I love Beth's books.

Short read
Written by #Lisa D on 24th Feb 2024

This is a short sweet shifter fated mates story between Anais and Ledger. Anais has been poisoned with wolfsbane by her jealous sister and left paralyzed and unable to connect with her wolf, she goes searching for help from the Alpha of the Sheridan pack and ends up finding her fated mate Ledger. He very sweet and patient and shows her tenderness and love and will do anything to help her.

Anais & Ledger
Written by Babs on 24th Feb 2024

Part of the Sheridan Pack, Anais betrayed by her sister goes to Sheridan, Colorado with her aunt to get the cure for wolfsbane poisoning, she meets Beta Ledger her mate. An engaging short story with a very good storyline that held my interest throughout. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Broken mate
Written by P W on 24th Feb 2024

What a wonderful quick read this was. How could her sister betray her. But when she get to another place she finds her mate who is all eager to help her I recieved a free copy via Booksprout and I’m giving my review freely and honestly

Cute Short Sexy Insta Mate Shifter Story
Written by PT reader on 24th Feb 2024

I loved this short story! It was the perfect length for a quick read. I really did enjoy the characters, and even in the small length I felt like I got to know them. I rooted for them as the plot moved along. Can’t wait to read more in this series!

Healing = Happiness
Written by De'Anna on 24th Feb 2024

Part of the Sheridan Pack series we learn that siblings aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Anais is sweet hated by her sister who gave her wolfsbane that caused her wolf to retreat so deep inside enabling her to heal, to eat, to move, some days to think sending her into a depression and causing her aunt to take matters into her own hands she decides to take Anais to another pack to see if she can get a little help since the alpha somehow recovered from wolfsbane. Ledger sexy as all get out beta to the alpha of the Sheridian pack instantly he recognizes she is his fated mate although, he senses her hurt due feeling like a cripple but he intends to show her she is beautiful. His alpha has given the okay besides she is his fated mate she he begins teaching her to interact with her wolf but he also teaches her that she is worth his love, he isn’t going to allow her to reject him, he isn’t going to allow her to focus on her handicap but overcoming it and when she finally sees things his way and her wolf is awake , communicating with her, and her family comes back to get her demanding her return but will she return with her alpha or reject them, will she stay with her fated mate, will she trust her wolf, her heart, and does she find the peace, the happiness she deserves?

Ledger and Anais
Written by Kimmijane on 24th Feb 2024

This is a great shifter story. Ledger is so sweet to Anais and understanding! All women should have a man like that! If you love shifter romance novellas then I recommend this one for you!

Who needs enemies....
Written by thischickloves2read! on 24th Feb 2024

Who needs enemies when you have family like this.... this is the story of Anais and Ledger. Anasis finds her mate after suffering from a twisted fate (betrayal by family).As we follow along in the book -- you go through highs and lows but in the end come out on top. This book has triggers be careful when reading.

Loved it!!
Written by Kimberly R on 24th Feb 2024

I absolutely loved this book. It was a fantastic read. I really loved Anais and Ledger. They were amazing characters. I highly recommend this book.

I enjoyed the story
Written by nurse123 on 24th Feb 2024

I enjoyed the story. Anais was poisoned by her sister with wolfsbane and now she and her aunt are going to Colorado for help. They are hoping to find Alphas Jericho that survived being poisoned as well. When they arrive they meet the new beta Ledger that is Anais's mate. What will happen? WIll he accept her being crippled?

Mates heal all
Written by Steacyn on 24th Feb 2024

Short story about a betrayed female trying to heal from being poison. The story is short but entertaining. Will read more from this author

Broken Mate
Written by DebG on 24th Feb 2024

This is Anais and Ledger's story and it is the perfect length for a shorter story. It captured my attention from the beginning and I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. It starts with Anais and her aunt Ruby leaving their pack in New Mexico to visit Alpha Jericho in Colorado. Anais had been poisoned with Wolfbane by her sister and was in need of healing both for herself and to help reconnect with her wolf. Along the way she gets something even more special when she meets Ledger. Can Ledger help her heal both physically and mentally so that she doesn't see herself as broken? Check out this delightful read to find out.

Broken Mate
Written by DebG on 24th Feb 2024

This is Anais and Ledger's story and it is the perfect length for a shorter story. It captured my attention from the beginning and I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. It starts with Anais and her aunt Ruby leaving their pack in New Mexico to visit Alpha Jericho in Colorado. Anais had been poisoned with Wolfbane by her sister and was in need of healing both for herself and to help reconnect with her wolf. Along the way she gets something even more special when she meets Ledger. Can Ledger help her heal both physically and mentally so that she doesn't see herself as broken? Check out this delightful read to find out.

Great Story
Written by MLWidmitter on 24th Feb 2024

A sweet fated mates love story where the FMC overcomes the odds to grow and flourish. I adore a fated mates story and this one is pretty good as the MMC takes his time to court his mate and make her comfortable with him after a traumatic incident with her family. A short and sweet read.

Anais feels broken after she poisoned but finding her mate may help fix her.
Written by Rebecca G on 24th Feb 2024

Anais was the daughter of the alpha and her mating was arranged until her younger sister got jealous. Her sister poisons her with wolfsbane poison and Anais loses most of her control of her legs. Her aunt takes her away to find an alpha who has rumored to have recovered from wolfsbane poison. The alpha is kind enough to take them in and agree to work with Anais. Then he introduces her to his beta Ledger. Anais is shocked that Ledger is her fated mate. Ledger will do whatever it takes to help her recover.

Anais and Ledger
Written by SeahawkGirl on 24th Feb 2024

Anais is somewhat paralyzed since she was poisoned by Wolfsbane. She was lucky to have survived the initial poisoning but suffered lingering effects. Desperate to leave her father's pack Anais and her aunt Ruby seek the help of the Sheridan Pack and Alpha Jericho. Jericho is the only wolf known to have survived Wolfsbane and recovered to become alpha. Ledger is assigned a job closer to the pack and arrives at the same time as Anais. They know immediately they are fated mates. This was a good story of overcoming difficult circumstances with the help of people who care about you.

Broken Mate!
Written by Mary on 24th Feb 2024

This is a fairly short and quick read that was addictive and really tugged on the heart strings. The story is the second in the "Sheridan Pack" series but can be enjoyed as a stand alone read. The story is about Anais and Ledger. Anais has been betrayed by her sister and has been left injured and crippled. She and her aunt have come to the Sheridan Pack to get the alphas help. Ledger, has just become the Beta of the pack and was sent to pick up Anais and her aunt. What neither Anais and Ledger realize is that they are fated mates. She tries to set him free because she thinks he deserves better than a broken mate. I love Ledger and he really helps her as she struggle with depression and self loathing. I enjoyed the story and the twists.

Written by vickymeowmeow on 24th Feb 2024

My only criticism is that it was too short, I really want it more. Hate it that the book ended. The characters are intense and I really love the diner scenes. The sex was well described but not crude and doesn't overpower the story. I cheered for the FMC as she gained her recovery and got her closure. Can't wait for the next story of the Sheraton pack

Great story!
Written by Laura S. on 24th Feb 2024

This was a great story! Our heroine was poisoned with wolfsbane by her sister. Trying to find a curse for the damage the poisoning had done, she and her Aunt Ruby determined that they would go to the pack of the only shifter knowm to have survived wolfsbane poisoning. Let the adventures begin! This is a well plotted out story full of romance and anticipation. How will it end up? Read it to find out!

I loved it!
Written by Shelly44 on 24th Feb 2024

Wow, I loved this novel! This was the first novel I have read by this author but it won't be my last. This was a novella but it did not disappoint. I loved fated mate novels and Instalove themed novels. This was a fast moving story that pulled me in immediately. I loved Ledger. I loved he was willing to do anything to help Anais. I loved Ledger and Anais together. Their chemistry was so good! I loved this novel and will be looking to see what this author has coming next.

An interesting approach to the shifter trope
Written by Emmellen on 24th Feb 2024

This is a short shifter romance with an interesting focus: depression. Anais was given wolfsbane by a treacherous sibling, and the trauma she endured from that has made her inner wolf retreat. Not having access to this intrinsic part of her has made it difficult to eat, to move, even to think some days. In essence, she’s in a depressed state, and her aunt in desperation takes her to another pack. The alpha of that pack recovered from wolfsbane, so perhaps he can help Anais do that as well. We’ve got instalove here in the fated-mates trope, and that means we don’t have to spend a lot of time on why Anais (love the literary salute in this name) and Ledger fall in love. Instead, the focus is on what Ledger can do to help her recover, to let Anais realize that what happened to her isn’t her fault and that she’s ready to move on. It’s an interesting way to use the structure of a shifter story to show how being apart from your inner wolf is akin to the way depressives sometimes view themselves as separate from their own emotions and from other people. This novella isn’t long enough for detailed development, so my star rating is based on that, yet I enjoyed this unusual take on the typical fated-mates story.

Good read
Written by Maggi on 24th Feb 2024

This is a short PRN romance read that was entertaining. Anais was poisoned by her sister with wolfsbane which left her crippled and the use of her legs. She and her aunt Ruby were headed to Sheridan to seek the help of Alpha Jericho who had healed himself of such poisoning. There she also meets her fated mate. Good read.

Written by Mistie Best on 24th Feb 2024

Love conquers all! Anais has been betrayed by her family, so her aunt flees with her to the Sheridan pack seeking help from Alpha Jericho. When they meet Beta Ledger, everything changes! I loved this story and how sweet Ledger was. Great short read about the healing power of love!

Well written and engaging
Written by LBing on 24th Feb 2024

This was a well written and engaging romance for Anais and Ledger. She's gone to his pack with her aunt to see if she can get help with healing from a poisoning her sister administered to her. Talk about family troubles! Beta Ledger helped his alpha recover from the same poisoning and is thrilled to help her - especially since she's his mate ;) Anais has a long road to recovery ahead of her and she's sure he could do better with someone else. Silly girl, Ledger isn't concerned with her excuses. He knows how strong she is and that she is, in fact, perfect for him. Thankfully, she sees the light and he gets his forever love. I enjoyed following them along, seeing them grow together, and find a fab and steamy HEA :D

Written by A Schofield on 24th Feb 2024

This is a story about faith and believing in yourself. Anais needed Ledger’s selfless backing to start to heal. This is a nice short story but, I wish it was a little longer as it would have give; more explanation and background to why decisions were made.

Personal Journey
Written by Lisa Y on 24th Feb 2024

Broken Mate focuses on the personal journey of the heroine, Anais, through healing and reconnecting with her inner wolf. Ledger, the hero, is her fated mate and stays by her side through her struggles. I enjoyed parts of this novella. The loyalty of the characters in Anais's new pack was uplifting. I absolutely adored the side characters--Alpha Jericho and Anais's aunt in particular. However, the story was more focused on Anais's inner journey and the heavy emotions surrounding her struggles than I expected, and I didn't feel like I ever really got to know Ledger other than that he was amazingly supportive. I recommend this novella for those seeking a heroine who's going through an internal emotional journey to reconnect with herself. It's a beautiful journey of healing and finding loyalty after being betrayed.

Sweet story
Written by RaeWoodland on 24th Feb 2024

This is a sweet story. I love that they have to find common ground in order for her to be able to heal. The part with the villain is relatively minor and real revenge doesn’t happen but the story is still very sweet. I look forward to more stories with the pack

Nice short story!
Written by Diana A on 24th Feb 2024

I discover Beth in the compilation of Alpha Mate, and I was waiting for this book. I really enjoyed this short book, it was romantic and easy to read.

Written by Alexis H on 24th Feb 2024

Anais and Ledger. Finding ones mate is a blessing, but finding a mate who can heal you from I side out is a true miracle.

Magic love
Written by RahiaLeight on 24th Feb 2024

I really enjoyed this tale. It is a short story, and moves like a short story, but it has the feel of a novel. I wish we knew a little more about Ledger, but most of the tale focuses on Anais and her battle. Not a bad thing, really. The tale moves fluidly and has a fantastic end.

Broken Mate
Written by Karen99 on 24th Feb 2024

Great Shifter Read After a painful betrayal Anais was looking for help to heal herself and her wolf. Seeing and recognizing Ledger as her fated mate was painful. Anais had waited her whole life to find him but now she was crippled and didn’t think she was good enough for him! A beautiful well written storyline with a sexy, patient shifter who teaches Anais with tenderness and love that she is his HEA and he wouldn’t settle for less!

Loved it!
Written by Ashley vs Comma Reading and Editing Services on 24th Feb 2024

To being poisoned by her own family to finding true love that heals her. I want that type of relationship because yummy.

great read
Written by PHOENIX96 on 24th Feb 2024

Anais leaves her pack after her sisters betrayle and crippled from wolfsbane posion, she finds herself at the sheridian pack, finding a way to heal herself, when she meet Ledger her fated mate! but when her father comes to bring her back, will she reject her pack for her mate? well written steamy, sifter, desires, fated mates and more

Broken Mate.
Written by Caroline D on 24th Feb 2024

Anais was poisoned by wolfsbane so her aunt took her to the Sheridan pack looking for the alpha to help cure her, Anais’s sister betrayed her because of jealousy now Anais spoke to the alpha who told her that it could take years to heal but Anais didn’t care she was told what to expect but what Anais didn’t expect was to meet her mate in Ledger. Fantastic short story I loved it and the characters and I highly recommend this book.