Once in a Lifetime by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Guy doesn’t do relationships or commitments. All he does is sex, sex, and a little more sex. The women always know the score, and he never gives them a chance to think anything different. Then everything changes when he meets her in the most unlikely of ways.

Emily is done with all men, especially cheating bad boys. After seeing her boyfriend sleeping with a slender woman, she’s had enough and sworn off all men. Then she meets Guy, and all bets are off.

The chemistry between them is sizzling, and neither can deny their growing feelings. However, their fears hold both of them back. Can Guy get past his fear of commitment to finally claim Emily for his own? He knows she is that one woman he doesn’t want to regret leaving behind.

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage



Sinking his fingers into her hair he tilted her head back. “Do you have any idea what you’re getting yourself into?” he asked.

“Why don’t you show me?”

He cut her words off with his lips. Guy didn’t want her talking. He wanted her lips open and her body quivering as he took her. Slamming his lips down on hers, he plundered her mouth with his tongue, making love to her lips.

Her hands tightened around his neck. Fisting his hand in her hair, Guy controlled the kiss, only giving her what he wanted.

She moaned and whimpered as he took his sweet time loving her lips. There was no rush inside him to kiss her.

“Guy,” she said, crying out. He dipped his head down to suck on her pulse, which was pounding against his tongue.

The sound of a car honking brought him out the thrall. They were still stood in the middle of the road as they kissed. He waved to the car, leading her off the road.

“I forgot we were still stood there,” she said. “I forgot everything.”

“Do you want to do this, Em? Once we start this I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop.”

“I want this. I want you, Guy. Take me home.”

He didn’t know what would happen once he got her home. If she sent him on his way, he’d leave her alone. If she invited him inside, he’d give her a night she wouldn’t forget.

The journey to her home went by without any event. He didn’t think and acted more on instinct. When they were at her apartment building he followed her up to her floor. Her hands were shaking as she produced the key.

Taking the key from her hand he unlocked the door. “What’s it going to be?” he asked.

Her hand went to his chest. He didn’t break eye contact with her. She fisted her hand, pulling him inside.

Guy got his answer and slammed the door shut. Slamming her up against the nearest wall, he sank his fingers back into her hair and claimed her lips. She cried out. Her hands tugged on the stands of his hair at the nape of his neck.

Lust charged through him. His cock was incredibly tight against the confines of his jeans. Letting go of her hair, he ran his hand down her body to cup her breast.

Tearing the shirt from her arms he worked erratically to rid the clothes from her body.

“I need to get you fucking naked.”

She shoved him away, tearing at her clothes. When she was done, she tugged him close still dressed in her underwear.

Her fingers worked at his buckle trying to rid his body from the clothing separating them. “You’re not naked yet,” he said.

“Neither are you.” She bit into his lip leading him back. 

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Written by Angie on 8th Feb 2014

This was a really good story about two people who when they first saw each other had totally different reactions. I liked how Guy changed his ways, but he still had a hard time accepting how things had changed. Emily had a good support system, who happened to be friends with Guy. These two made me believe that people can change and good things can happen.

Amazing Story
Written by Amy Bowens on 29th Jan 2014

Guy is such a womanizer he uses and loses woman as soon as he's done with them, but then he meet's Emily and let me tell you it was not a good first impression! Emily just arrived in town trying to start her life anew . Just having broken off her relationship from her cheating ex she isn't to keen on dating right now. I enjoyed reading about the turmoil that both Guy and Emily are in! He wants her but she is resisting(even though she wants him) due to his womanizing ways. Definitely a page turner couldn't wait to read what happened next which I won't tell you! Any story that is written by Sam Crescent is amazing and once you read one of her stories you won't want to stop!