Ruin by Raven Hush

Heat Level 4
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Club Fray, 5

He’s a lonely Dom with a wide variety of kinks. She wants to discover everything—until she meets a Blake.

Keria Blythewood loves to hate the shifter community. Not sure she fits in with the crowd at Club Fray, she seeks a Dom online. And when she meets him, he's all the right sort of wrong.

Acclaimed surgeon Damon Blake has more kinks than one person could ever need. Fray provides a tenuous neutral ground while he tests the pleasure of his new submissive. But when he has to tell her the one secret he’s withheld, he isn’t sure if she’ll accept him the way he is … or run screaming from the club’s front doors, leaving him exactly in the position he hates.


Be Warned: anal sex, BDSM, public exhibition, menage sex (MFM), double penetration


In the end I didn’t need my key as the door stood ajar to room number two. Dungeon two would’ve been more apt. I slipped through the gap in the door, clutching my purse in front of me. Dim lights illuminated an almost bare room.

Off to one side sat a chaise lounge double the usual width and a little longer. Velvet pillows were piled at one end and blankets at the other. The concrete floor was completely unadorned. Small slits covered the center of the floor. I stared, trying to work out what they were. The ceiling above yielded chains attached to large rings suspended above my head, cuffs attached the ends closest me.  One wall held an array of whips.

I tilted my head to one side, working it through before my lightbulb moment made me blanche.

Oh my fucking furballs, they’re drains.

This room was meant to be hosed down after use.

I shivered, wrapping my arms around me tightly.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?

All my cast off worries and warnings suddenly seemed … pertinent.

Something shifted in the shadows at the far end of the room. As I peered into the darkness beyond my line of sight, a bright spotlight flooded the center of the room and left me with weeping eyes. I couldn’t see anything after that and was still swiping away my tears from the light when the door closed behind me. Slow, precise footsteps announced Damon’s presence.

My heart jumped. Thankfully, my body didn’t.

Just put me into a slasher flick right now, please.

I had done everything possible wrong. And I could’ve made yet another list just based on my lack of security and awareness when a not-yet-familiar hand with a cool touch traced lightly over my hip bone, obliterating all those thoughts.

I wanted this. I wanted exactly what was happening now.

If I’m going down in a slasher flick, I hope to hell they have microphones, because I’m going to scream well and loudly at the first cut.

But Damon’s brief caress dropped away.

“Stand over there.” Fingers extended past my vision, pointing to the center of the room. A thin strip of blue fluttered in my periphery as his tie dropped forward.

The beams crisscrossed in a kaleidoscope of shadows and light right at the center, but when I stepped into the middle of the floor, bright white light blared directly into my eyes.

I edged into the very middle of the room, until I became used to it, as much as was possible.

“Too bright?”

I couldn’t see a fucking thing. “I think my makeup might run,” I joked, but it mustn’t have been a problem because there wasn’t a single sound behind me. I sighed. “It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt.” Silence met my response, and I jiggled a little on the spot before I realized what I had missed. “Sir.”


“Good.” His voice came from directly behind me.

If I leaned back, I would be able to touch him, though I didn’t feel his heat this time. More a cold void where the cheeky man had been earlier in  the night. I swallowed and prayed I hadn’t made a huge error in judgment.

Footsteps echoed weirdly around the room, bouncing off the walls and back at me. Something cold and slippery pressed against my bare ankles. I squeaked and shifted.

“Don’t move. Don’t be tempted to survey your surroundings.” The command froze me on the spot. “Look directly into the light, please. If it’s intolerable, ask for a blindfold.”

I didn’t answer him as he didn’t seem to require an answer. Footsteps moved around behind me, as though he stepped away. Something else brushed the backs of my knees. Damon grabbed my ankles, and I swallowed a scream that still tried to emerge from my throat in a warbling little moan.

So not sexy.

He flicked my sandals off my feet and tossed them to one side of the room. A single finger slid along my arch, leaving me writhing and giggling.

The sharp sting from his open palm on my sole silenced me.

“You’re going to be fun to play with, aren’t you,” he mused.

I shivered as he worked the buttons open on the back of my dress and flicked away the ribbon that held the top in place. The material slithered along my thighs where he caught it.

“Step out.”

“Yes, Sir.” My nipples pebbled tighter, almost painful. I wanted to beg him to give me relief and not to touch me at the same time, in case it made the tension worse.

Don’t look never seemed so hard.

His fingers grazed my calves as he threw the dress on my side. A moment later, his breath brushed my bare shoulders. Cool fingertips traced my arms. “Beautiful.”

One word, and my body joined my head in spinning.

“So are you. Sir,” I said without thinking. I twisted at the waist, seeking his mouth on mine, but remembered just in time to keep my gaze forward on the light.

That cursed lamp that would haunt me in the following weeks.

His soft laugh puffed around me. “You promised me you wouldn’t look, or move. Are you unable to hold to your promise?”

I nibbled on my lip. I got the impression I’d used up my  only freebie by accident. Did I need that blindfold? I never had been that kid who looked for Santa when I wasn’t supposed to, preferring to choose to believe the lie and enjoy the magic of the moment. I never tried to search for the tooth fairy either. Was this any different?

More than anything, I wanted to do what Damon asked. Needed.

I shook my head. “No. I’ll be…” I found I was unable to finish my sentence.

“Good girl.” He trailed those cold fingers across my rib cage, brushing the very lowest swell of my breasts. My nipples ached as he tapped my feet out a little more. His shadow impaired the light for a moment. Then clicks attached my ankles to the floor. He raised my hands over my head, attaching my wrists to the shackles there, too, until I stood helpless and panting.


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Damon and Kiera
Written by Kaylapolk on 31st Oct 2023

This book was so ??!! Keira meets a man Damon about being his sub. He tells her to meet him at club fray. This will be an audition of sorts. Soon they are there every week and Kiera is drawn to Damon and his needs. But he still has one little secret for her and when she finds out he isn't sure how she will act. But she makes it clear she is going anywhere!! This book has a lot of spicy scenes and a lot of bdsm play but holy hell was this book on fire!!

Complete Mind Trip
Written by JennT on 31st Oct 2023

Kiera has been chatting with a Dom online for a while now, but when she meets Damon for the first time, she feels like they don’t jive. At their second meeting at Fray, their scene is explosive, and Kiera keeps coming back for more. They’re both keeping secrets - how will they respond when those secrets are revealed? This story kept me engaged and guessing, plus the pleasure/pain scenes were as enjoyable as they were challenging. I loved the twist ending and the happily ever after was delightful.

“What are you looking for that you haven’t told me yet?”
Written by Anij on 2nd Oct 2023

Let me start with a warning, do not, I repeat, do NOT read any reviews that discuss the plot to this book. To be honest, it’s probably best to avoid all reviews completely and just read the book first, so you for sure get to experience the entire story without any hints or spoilers. I got to read it this way and I’m so incredibly happy I did. What a ride! Since I have to write a review of some kind, because I promised to when I signed up for the Arc copy, I will but it’s going to be vague and brief. The entire series is really cool it unique. The stories all center around a shifter bdsm Club in Melbourne, and there is a huge variety of different kinds of shifters. Some of them I even have had to look up. For example in this book Kiera is a civet cat. I had no clue except she’s a cat. Yea, well apparently a civet cat has very little in common with a typical house cat. I mean, who knew? It’s a lot of fun all these different shifters all mingling in the same club. Kiera is a great female main character. She’s complex and occasionally unpredictable which I really liked. The male main character, Dr Blake is a Komodo dragon shifter. I mean how cool is that? In some ways he’s a typical Dom, hot, bossy, intelligent… You know the type. And did I mention he’s a Komodo dragon? Yea, I know I did. I just felt it was worth repeating. Anyway our Komodo dragon neurosurgeon Dom is looking for a sub which is apparently not easy as he has a ton of different kinks and so far no sub has been satisfactory. Enter our civet cat girl Kiera. She’s not like all the other subs and we just know she’s going to be perfect. After the meet cute at the beginning the rest of the story focuses on relationship building. There isn’t any real outside plot or distractions. The book is really too short to include anything else but that’s ok. Sometimes I just want something shorter and more focused. There is a lot of steam because, duh, it’s that kind of club, and it’s definitely open door. You can easily read it as a standalone because even though there are a couple of appearances by characters in other books, this story in very separate from the others. What really ties the books in the series together is the location, Club Fray. So feel free to read this even if you haven’t read any of the others. This book doesn’t even really have spoilers for the others either, which is kind of nice. And despite some of the reviews that say otherwise, it’s not a cliffhanger nor a HFN. I don’t know why anyone would think it does, either. I will finish my review by saying in my opinion this is hands down the best book in the series so far. I say so far because I’m still hoping swan shifter James will get his own story! He’s so interesting. Not only is he a swan shifter he’s a switch! Doesn’t that just make you want to read his story, too? Please Raven, keep this series going. It’s so much fun I don’t want it to end. Four and a half stars because it needs some serious editing but Evernight is unfortunately pretty bad about not doing a great job in that part with their books and also because we never actually got the answer to his question: what was she looking for that she was hiding? Hmmm… I’ve rounded up because it really is a unique and fantastic little story.

Written by Lucy m on 2nd Oct 2023

This is the first book that I have read in this series, it was good. It had a twist I was not expecting. It was hot and steamy and I can't wait to go back and read the other books.

great read
Written by hgrainger88 on 2nd Oct 2023

A steamy read. Damon and Kiera are both into the bsbm scene and When they meet they have a seamy chemistry. and fast paced short read. a good read.

Not to be mised
Written by Steacyn on 28th Sep 2023

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this book. But it was beyond great. Bdsm with a hint of shifter. Great read. I look forward to more from this author.

Hot, Hot, Hot
Written by Vicky N on 28th Sep 2023

At club Fray, you could get away with your darkest wishes. Kiera knows all the rules when it comes to BDSM and meeting people online but she throws this all to the wind when she agrees to meet Damon. Some really hot steamy scenes ensue with a great twist - no spoilrers. You won't regret reading this book if you like your books short and steamy.

Great Kinky Story
Written by kdavis on 28th Sep 2023

This is a shifter BDSM story of Kiera who is a Civet Cat, and a submissive and she's looking for pleasure/pain with a Dom. She's been talking to Dr. Damon Blake who is a Komodo dragon, who is looking for a sub that can handle his kink. There is electricity in the air when they meet and he's looking forward to training his new sub. I loved the steam, the kink, and the major surprise at the end of the story. I enjoyed this short steamy story.

Ruin Book 5 of Club Fray
Written by Makeen on 28th Sep 2023

‘Ruin’ by Raven Hush is book 5 in her Club Fray series. Kiera is a beautiful sub, obedient and needy, and deliciously responsive to her new Master. Damon has a closely held secret, is highly respected as a surgeon, and seeks a sub who is open, trusting, and trainable. Pain, pleasure, and secrets keep Kiera in a sexual frenzy while pleasing her Dom immensely. Raven’s story is short but filled with emotion and sexual energy that is doubly compelling. The BDSM aspects of this story are powerful: bondage, sensory overload, and highly addictive pain with pleasure. A mystery reveal that adds to the experience and heightens the connection for Kiera. So dang good!

Steamy Shifter Romance
Written by Danee on 28th Sep 2023

Another wonderful story from the Club Fray series we follow Dr Damon Black and Keira. They meet when they are in the hospital to be interviewed by him. He thinks she would be a good sub for him and that he can teach her the tricks to make her a good one. She doesn't know he is a Komodo Dragon Shifter their story contains occasional tension and many steamy and hot moments between them. I definitely recommend this book because it is a joy to read and you won't be able to put it down.

Written by Angela F on 28th Sep 2023

This is Book 5 of Club Fray And it is a quick little spicy novella about Kiera a submissive who was "interviewing" and training to be a submissive for Damon a shifter and a neurosurgeon. This book will definitely get the blood pumping and squirming in your seat. I loved it and all the little surprises the book had to offer! Great addition to this series!!

Steaminess that is OFF THE CHARTS! MUST READ!
Written by Andrea R on 28th Sep 2023

This book delivers so much steam you need to beware if you wear glasses! I think if you enjoy reading this trope the storyline and kink is wonderful!

Written by Mary on 28th Sep 2023

This is the fifth steamy story in the "Club Fray" series that is a stand alone but has some connected characters. If you have not read the prior stories then it will not detract from this one. This is Dom/Sub paranormal shifter read that is a quick and short read. This story at a little twists in it that I did not see coming. I liked it and was pleasantly surprised. I think the characters were as well. A civet cat meets her match in the neurosurgeon, ex MMA Fighter and komodo dragon. I like the characters and the plot is interesting and intriguing.

Good book
Written by Jamee h on 28th Sep 2023

This book kept me entertained the whole way through. The ending totally surprised me. I would definitely recommend reading this.

Spicy, steamy, and oh so naughty
Written by Sarah ES on 28th Sep 2023

This book was definitely unexpected with the twist that happened towards the end of the book. The twist was a very sweet and spicy twist that made me enjoy the book all the more!! Unlike most of the other books in the series this one ended with a different sort of HEA that was worth the wait!!

Written by Karen99 on 28th Sep 2023

WOW! This is one hot, steamy erotic read, sure to please any reader who likes their reading hot enough to set their imagination on fire with an unexpected twist. Damon isn’t all what he seems, he’s a Dom who knows what he wants in a Submissive and he won’t accept anything less plus he just loves to play games. Enjoy this hot read!