Sacrifice by Mark Blackstone

Heat Level 4
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Planet Alpha

Atlas, a human survivalist, left his home and traveled to the tropics to get away from everyone. That's where he met Vega, the Alphan conservationist who's been saving endangered animals. They become bondmates and live happily on Earth. 

Until Vega receives a distress call from Alpha. His baby sister is dying and needs a bone marrow transplant from him. Time is of the essence, but when they try to take a shortcut through hyperspace, they get arrested for entering a restricted region. As captain, Vega is sentenced to death. 

Krux is the Xyran commander of a space station wherein a few Alphans and Xyrans are working together on a secret project. He envies the bondmates' love and doesn't want to separate them, but he has a duty to follow the station laws. 

Will the bondmates escape from the space station in time? What sacrifices will they all have to make?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMM)



In time the lovers rose, bathed in a forest stream nearby, and made their way back without incident to the cabin. When they arrived, however, they heard a constant chiming filling the air.

“What is that?” Atlas asked.

“Incoming message,” Vega answered. “Probably from Alpha.” He dropped his satchel on the porch and headed over to his ship. Raising the door, he entered the cockpit and turned on the viewscreen. His father’s grave face appeared on the monitor, and Vega immediately knew something was wrong. “What is it, Father?”

“It’s about Kelali,” his father answered but said no more.

Vega’s heart lurched in his chest. “Is she dead?” He feared the worst, and his father not immediately dispelling the notion sickened the proud Alphan to his stomach. Alpha was cursed! A fit of despair threatened to seize Vega.

“No, no,” the father said. “Kelali is alive, but she is unwell. She has the Chimera Blight.”

A black wave of despair washed over Vega as he plopped down into his captain’s chair. The Chimera Blight—the disease that claimed so many Alphan females. His family’s good fortune was too good to be true. They would be like every other family: only sons. Another dead end. No females to carry on the Alphan lines.

“All is not lost, my son.” The father shifted in his seat. “But you need to return to Alpha at once.”

Vega lifted his head and dared to hope. Should he hope?

“The physicians ran tests,” the father explained. “You’re a match. You’re the only one.”

Vega took a deep breath. “I will depart at once!”

As the viewscreen flickered black, Vega heard the sounds of Atlas breathing behind him. “You heard?”

“Heard,” Atlas said, “but didn’t understand. I don’t speak Alphan, though I’d love to learn. Something’s wrong, though, that much I can tell.”

“It’s about my infant sister, Kelali.” Vega sat back in the chair and stared out the window. “She’s developed the Chimera Blight.”

Atlas knelt down beside Vega and put his hands on his lover’s thighs. He looked up into his face, and his countenance was a mask of concern and sympathy. “What is the Chimera Blight?”

“We call it so because it changes—adapts—so that there can be no cure.” Vega shook his head. “The only cure is to grow new bone marrow. Little Kelali needs a transplant, and I am the only donor match they have found.”

“So you must return to Alpha at once?”

Vega nodded and grabbed Atlas’s hands. “I want you to go with me. We were just talking about you visiting. Won’t you come?”

Atlas leaned up and kissed Vega’s lips. With his forehead pressed against Vega’s, he whispered, “Of course, my love.”

“My draga,” Vega answered.


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Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena on 4th Feb 2017

There have been a few unusual combinations of bondmates in this series, and ‘Sacrifice’ is no exception. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the less likely groupings, and the resulting obstacles are almost impossible to overcome. Atlas, a human, and Vega, an Alphan conservationist, have already bonded. Atlas is just trying to survive, and Vega wants to save some of the animals and plant species from certain extinction on a slowly dying Earth. It’s when Vega needs to return to Alpha to save his baby sister’s life that a third man enters the picture – and since Alphans mate in triads, that as such is not surprising. The shock is that Krux is a Xyran – mortal enemies of the Alphans – and involved in a top secret project. One that requires he kill any outsiders who happen to find out about it. Atlas and Vega stick together, are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep the other alive, and the love they share is so visible that Krux notices. It sets into motion some unexpected exchanges, new thoughts about the relations between Alphans and Xyrans, and an emotional conflict for each of the three main characters that leaves them reeling. Krux has all the power, but he encounters emotions he has no idea what to do with. Atlas and Vega want to save each other’s lives, but both ask themselves what would be the point of going on living if their bondmate died. What a mess! As the story unfolds, there are quite a few prejudices that are uncovered. All three characters need to grow and change if they want to make it as a triad – and I loved watching them come to new realizations as they changed their opinions. The additional background information about Alphan/Xyran history and their political relationship added a fascinating bigger picture to the proceedings that made me even more curious about their intertwined fate than I have been before. If you like triads with real problems to overcome before they can figure out how to live together, if you want to know more about Alpha, Xyran, and a rather bleak future version of Earth, and if you’re looking for read with lots of action and adventure that also offers some scorching man-on-man-on-man activities, then you will probably like this novella.

Much better than the previous book called Escape
Written by Dennis Wayne Crotts on 11th Jan 2017

Yes was a better thought out book but the two aliens were very flat and not described well enough you could imagine them. For Atlas there was no problem figuring him out and what he might look like. It would have been a bit more interesting to know what happen to earth and why the aliens were there or a bit of the history that brought all the characters together