Sex, Emergency Exits, and Plan Bs by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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The Gentlemen Brothers, 2

When death was near, a man in clockwork wings saved his life...

The Great Wave sent the lower class into dirigibles high above the wealthy landowners. The Gentlemen brothers lived in such an airship with their father until the night men came to steal them.

Logan Gentlemen thought he lost his family that night. Despite the age or class difference, he fell in love with Lucius, the man that saved his life. Logan fears the lust is one-sided—after all, who wants sex with him and his mechanical arm? That thought is soon shattered by a passionate kiss. As Logan and Lucius try to figure out their feelings, they discover the horrible truth about the past.

Traitors lurk in the palace. Lies grow between the new lovers. And at the end of it all, it’s brother vs. brother.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming



“Touch me with your hand.”

I reached out but before I could wrap me fingers around him, he slapped it away.

“Your other hand.”

I glanced up at him. I’d been hiding me mechanical arm behind me back. “Why? Me other hand works better.” I grabbed me crotch as a demonstration. Bloody hell, I was stiff.

“Logan.” He reached out and took the mechanical hand in his. “I trust you … with my most important part.”

I snorted, then frowned. Reaching out, I brushed the cool fake fingers against his balls. I had to give the fucker credit, he didn’t flinch. I stroked them again, spreading the shiny digits out and wrapping them around his cock. “I’ve never done this.”

“Even to yourself?” he asked, his voice dipped low.

“No.” Then I gently slid me mechanical hand up to his red tip and back down. I went slow, ready to pull away the moment Lucius told me to.

“Brilliant.” He gasped and thrust his hips.

He liked it?

“It’s like those sex toys you hear about.” Lucius pressed his hips into the hole me hand created.

“Yeah, Nigel made a few and stashed them under his bed.”

Lucius laughed then moaned. “Harder.”

I squeezed a bit harder and let him thrust into me curved mechanical fingers.

“I want to come all over that shiny metal, then I’m going to suck you as you play with my hole.”

Bloody hell. I rubbed me crotch as Lucius kept thrusting.

“Lick the tip,” he ordered, his breathing coming faster.

I leaned down and he thrusted, me mechanical hand touched his shaved base as I opened me mouth and gave him a lick. He tasted sweeter than I did with only a hint of salt. I stroked again and sucked the tip this time. He froze, rising to his toes and sliding a hand in me hair.

“Harder.” He thrusted, holding for a few moments so I could suck on his cock.

“You taste good,” I mumbled, excited and nervous and fucking gobsmacked. This was Lucius. On the next thrust, I slid more of me mouth around him, taking him a bit deeper and tickling me gag reflex. I pulled free and licked me lips.

“Bloody hell.” He was thrusting faster and moved his hands into me hair. “Suck it.”

I did, opening wide and watching as his head fell forward to stare at me.

“More. Deeper, Logan, take my cock deeper into your mouth.”

Oh, bloody hell, those words nearly had me coming in me trousers. It was an ugly habit as of late. I sucked, swirling me tongue across his slit and then Lucius came. His sperm shot from the slit and onto me tongue. Long, thick spurts of white and I swallowed only to have more engulf me tongue. He cried out and dug his fingers into me hair. He eased his grip and pulled out. Several long bursts of cum sputtered out and his jizz decorated me mechanical arm. 

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 26th Dec 2016

The second installment in a trilogy. Again we get the perspective of the abductions of the Gentlemen brothers from the middle child’s view. Logan always felt out of place as the middle child with no defined role. When he finds himself rescued by an angel with silver wings and taken to a secret island to grow up amongst the resistance, he’s always looking for his brothers. Logan had some interesting issues to deal with as the story progressed, but I’m not allowed to reveal spoilers. After a confrontation that completely alters him, he’s self-conscious and retreats into himself, only allowing himself to fantasize over the man who rescued him. Lucius, who is the head of the resistance by night and a Lord of the Realm by day. Sure his attraction will never be returned, he lives day to day. I liked the way the relationship between Lucius and Logan evolved and how they both discover that dreams can come true if you just put yourself out there a little bit instead of hiding. I found this book to be much steamier than the first and found Logan’s vulnerability refreshing. I look forward to the continuation of the dark back story that is driving the whole trilogy.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 25th Jul 2016

In this brilliant world by James Cox, three brothers are torn apart and they’re trying to find each other while everything around them continues to fall into despair. Children are going missing. Explosions and dirigibles make this romance book so much more. Love! Yes, it’s love. Logan is officially my favorite character in this series. The first book is about Joshua and this one is about Logan, his brother. There are classic one-liners that I think Cox is known for and the sex, *douses self in ice water*. That should explain that but let me add, virgin, library, during a storm and hot, vulnerable men. *shivers* So, Logan is helping investigate the children being kidnapped because his younger brother is still missing. Meanwhile, him and Joshua (long lost brother) try to reconnect. Also the love interest Lucius, who is the leader in this resistance group, is trying to keep his distance because he’s secretly in love with Logan. Now, Logan is thinking maybe it has something to do with his mechanical arm. The miscommunication is quick and well handled. It feels real and not forced like some situations in books. Anyway, there are huge (seriously huge) revelations in this book that had my mouth dropping open! Gah, this series is fabulous! If you haven’t read steampunk, read this! If you like steampunk, this is a must read! If you just like hot sex…yup, this’ll satisfy you! If you like creative worlds and different plots, you guessed it, this is a must read! So, my one question is…when can I read Alex’s story?! This is their younger brother, the one who is kidnapped and I have a feeling it’ll be a heart breaker. Cant. Wait! (Also, sorry about all the explanation points. I was a wee bit excited writing this review, lol.)

Awesome read!!
Written by Anne Bock on 16th Jul 2016

Oh my, that was a sexy, hot and so, so, so, so amazing read, once started reading I couldn't put it away. But it's one of James' books, so I shouldn't have been THAT surprised about it *G* Logans story is touching and really sizzling, just imagining Lucius seducing Logan in the thunderstorm...holy smokes! I love how they get closer and closer and finally...*sigh* And not to forget the breakthrough for Joshuas and Logans chance to get their lost brother back. But what then? I just hope my fingernails will survive the waiting for the next book in this awesome series! I so can't wait!!

Incredible Journey!
Written by Dale Federico on 26th Jun 2016

This is the second book in this series and more is discovered and revealed. After Joshua and Logan are reunited after 15 years, although awkward they pull together with the help of Lucius to save their brother Alex and to prove that the prince and the queen are stealing the children and holding them captive.The now know who killed Lord Peasley which is upsetting to Joshua , Logan and Val. They set out on a mission to get Alex and they fail. Alex is being controlled with a collar, he is vicious, deadly and snarling. But the brothers can see thru him, they see him thru his beautiful violet eyes. A meeting is set with the King and they embark on another mission to save the children and Alex and expose the Prince & Queen. This is a pivotal part in the book. Bloodshed, death and......Well, you will have to buy the book to see exactly what happens! An exciting, suspenseful, revealing, hot sexy men and hot sex! Did I mention the hot sex between Logan and Lucius and their budding love affair! I loved it! Looking forward to book 3!

Five Stars
Written by Leda on 24th Jun 2016

As Logan would say, this was bloody fucking brilliant! I am so in love with this series. These are the first steam punk books I have ever read. Honestly, I don't know if I would of tried them if it was anyone other than James Cox writing them. James has quite an imagination, and is quite a story teller. His world building is second to none! I fell in love with his Outlaw MC series and haven't missed a thing he's wrote since. I highly recommend you give this a try, it's just fantastic! I am so in love with Logan! And he is great with Lucius. Boy are those two hella hot together, wow! So the ending of this was really exciting, they got Alex back. *People, the Gentlemen brothers have been reunited!*But of course, all is not happy. I need book three now! Alex's book is next. Hoping we'll see more of Nigel too, I like him a lot and I think he needs some smexy times too! ;)