Steven by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Skulls, 15

He’ll do anything—kill anyone—to protect her.

Steven was used to women falling at his feet. But where once he would have relished to see a woman there, any woman, nearly losing Sally in an attack on the club woke him up. Now he can’t imagine life without her. The biggest problem is she’s Whizz’s adopted daughter—but there’s also an age gap between them. Everyone sees her as part of The Skulls’ “kids”, even though she’s in college, and old enough to make her own decisions.

When Sally’s best friend, Drew, makes his intentions known, she knows there’s no competition. She’s always loved Steven, starting from her girlish crush at fifteen, now to full-blown love as a woman.

Neither Sally nor Steven can deny their attraction. It’s there, always close to the surface, and Steven can’t take not having her. But can Drew prove that he’s the one for Sally? Can she bring herself to break Drew’s heart? And what will Sally do when she realizes her past is coming back to haunt her, and that it was Steven who opened the door?



Steven sat back and tried to think over the past couple of years. Sally rarely stayed at the club, not since she got shot in the leg.

“You know it’s safe now.”

“Don’t, Steven.”

“You’re not going to the club because you don’t feel safe.”

“I visit the club all the time, Steven. It’s not that, okay? I just … I like having some quiet time. I used to have it all the time, but something changed.”

“You know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you,” he said.

She chuckled. “I know.” She took her hot chocolate from him and snuggled up close.

Steven wrapped his arm around her, stroking a thumb down her arm.

Drinking his own hot chocolate, he stared at the screen becoming aware of Sally pressed against him. The shirt she wore didn’t hide the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The movie got steamy just like it had to when he was having difficulty right about now. Sally wasn’t a girl anymore. She was a woman, and they’d always had this thing between them. He’d kissed her, for God’s sake, and it had been the only touch he’d had from a woman in years.

Yes, he’d been celibate for a long time now, and it was fucking killing him.

Her hand landed on his leg, and he glanced down at it, wondering if she’d done it on purpose.

Stroking her arm, he stared at the screen.

“Does it always feel like they make it look?” she asked.

He glanced down at her. Her eyes were dilated, and her lips were slick from her licking them. He’d never thought brown eyes were all that attractive until he looked at hers. They were so clear, so beautiful, and she belonged to him. He knew it deep in his soul that she was his, and no one was ever going to take her away from him. Moving his hand up to her neck, he stroked across the pulse, which was pounding.

“It depends on the person you’re with. There are some really shit lovers out there.”

“Shit lovers? You sound like Adam.”

“The brother is rubbing off on me. I can’t help it.”

She sighed. “I like what you’re doing.”

His cock was pressing against the front of his jeans. He turned, cupping her cheek and tilting her head back.

Running a thumb across her bottom lip, he watched as she opened her mouth, and then he couldn’t resist. Closing the small distance, he pressed his lips against hers. 


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Debra Taylor on 22nd Sep 2017

Sam Crescent did an amazing job on Steven for the fifteenth book in wildly popular Skulls MC series. This one had some all around great storytelling from Sam Crescent. I loved Steven and Sally and catching up with the rest of the Skulls family, and getting fully immersed into the drama and emotions of the plot. Steven and Sally's relationship had been on the backburner for a while now so readers already know a bit about them. Sally is Whizz and Lacey's adopted daughter who had a very tragic past. The entire club was super protective and kept warning Steven away from Sally because of his own love them and leave them past. Needless to say that there was a lot of family tension and hurt feelings to go around. I really enjoyed this book. Steven and Sally were great, and I loved seeing Whizz being so protective of his daughter. The characters were vibrant with a rich history that added to the story. When it came to Sally's past it was emotionally gut wrenching and made it harder for Steven to earn her complete trust. I loved the parts with all of the Skulls kids. I predict major fireworks for them later on down the road. So this was another great book from Sam Crescent that has left me eager for more Skulls / Chaos Bleeds drama.

I love The Skulls
Written by Rachel Tigani on 14th Aug 2017

I love The Skulls!! Been waiting a while for this one to happen and I wasn't disappointed. Thanks Sam.

I love this series as awhole
Written by Michele DelRey on 14th Aug 2017

Sally and Steven. I have been waiting for their story and was not dissapointed. I love this series as awhole. The story had sex, love and kept on my toes. I enjoyed each book in this series.

LOVED IT.......
Written by Amy Jones on 14th Aug 2017

Another great book by Sam Crescent. I'm never disappointed with anything that Sam Crescent writes. The Skulls books are my all time favorite books to read. Love the hot chemistry between Steven and Sally.

Awesome Read!
Written by Jamie on 14th Aug 2017

I love The Skulls! They're one of my favorite series. I knew Steven and Sally's book would be emotional but the level that it touched me was off the charts. One of the best in the series! I so look forward to more!

Totally outstanding
Written by Angeline Sambrano on 14th Aug 2017

I absolutely loved Steven and Sally's story it was heartwrenching and hard to read at times but Sally overcomes her past through the love of her parents Whizz and Lacie then her long time crush Steven plus her best friend Drew but most of all the love and support from her Skulls family!!! I absolutely love this series and I can't wait for the Skulls kids to get their own stories!!!

Sam keeps amazing me with her writing!
Written by D. McKelvey on 14th Aug 2017

Each Skulls book I fall in love with the characters and this book is no different. I have loved following the build up of Steven and Sally's story in the previous books. They are perfect for each other. I laughed, cried, cheered, cried, laughed and then cheered again for them. Sally has been through so much in her life it was great to see her get her happy ending. I also loved how Sam kept us up to date with the other Skull kids and adults. I could not put this book down until I finished, did not get a lot done that day. LOL

A Good Hook up
Written by Kindle Customer on 9th Aug 2017

I'm so happy for this couple. Sally loved Steven for years. He accepted her just like she is. Took him awhile but once he realized it nothing got in his way. Loved it.

Good job Sam very good read;)
Written by Kindle Customer on 9th Aug 2017

I'm never disappointed with Sam when I read her skull series! And never disappoint with her other series either... I don't do reviews very much because I'm not good at it!! I will say if you read this book it's worth the money! but I love the skulls so I'm never disappointed...

#TeamSteven ~ #TeamTheSkulls ~ 5 Stars Plus!
Written by Francesca - Mrs Kissmas! on 9th Aug 2017

WOW!!!! This is one of my favourite series from this amazingly talented author and this story has been a long time coming but so worth the wait! The Connection has always been there between Steven and Sally and that has never dulled but only strengthened over time and allowing her once crush to develop into something deeper. As she grows Older Steven starts to see the beautiful woman she has blossomed into and they realise that the chemistry between them is not something they can fight any longer and don't want to. This story does deal with some issues some sensitive readers may not handle from the past of the character of Sally but they are all handled with care. They are an integral part of the story and the character that this strong young woman has grown to become. The story is filled with the usual action, emotion and passion that we expect from the books in this series and is definitely an exceptional read. There are twists and turns with best friends, club members and ghosts from the past but above all this story has all the hallmarks of a true book of 'The Skulls' collection. It also features the other brothers, old ladies and kids of the club that we all know and love along with some additional surprise visitors! This is one of the best series I have ever read and I love every single book within it. However, to fully appreciate this book I do suggest that you read the series in order from the very beginning to fully appreciate it. I look forward to the next addition to this series will it be Fighter or Adam, or someone new!? My only wish is that these stories were longer but that is purely from a selfish point of view as I do not want the stories to ever end. I really hope that you give this amazing book and series and author a chance and become as addicted as I and so many other are! You won't be disappointed I promise! Happy Reading !

Five Stars
Written by Gaye Miller on 9th Aug 2017

Loved It! The Skulls are one of my Favorite Series! Thanks!

Steven: The Skulls
Written by LRCH on 9th Aug 2017

Just finished Steven in 1 sitting - couldn't put it down! As usual Sam Crescent delivered a wonderful book!!! Absolutely love her books.

Beyond Amazing
Written by RoGo on 9th Aug 2017

Words cannot describe how freaking awesome this series is!! I laughed, I got angry, I cried, and loved all thanks to Sam Crescent! Sally and Steven's story was so heart wrenching and gut clenching good... I hated having to stop reading because of my need for sleep lol The way Sam told Steven and Sally's story makes you realize the club has matured and is moving on and accepting the new things coming their way! I can't wait for the next Skull Book... Sam Crescent you have taken a piece of my heart with Steven's book and I have no problem letting you keep it.

Another Fantastic Skull Book
Written by Elizabeth Clinton on 9th Aug 2017

How is it possible that we are at Book 15 already in this series. We have seen Steven in previous books but now we get to have all of him. Steven is a member of The Skulls, tough, strong but also has a soft spot for Sally and he will do whatever it takes to make sure she is loved and well taken care of. Sally is a young woman who has seen and been through a lot of heartache in her life but since she was adopted by Whizz & Lacey she has been nothing but loved. Her feelings have developed over time for Steven but now that she can act on them we just hope that the two of them can find a HEA that they both truly deserve. With each new book in this series you can't help to fall for each and every member all over again. All I can say is keep them coming Sam.

Written by Neringa on 7th Aug 2017

It's seems like I was waiting for Steven and Sally story forever. It didn't disappointed. Another good addition to the series, I love so much. I love Steven. I love every hero who is ready to forsake anything, even the club, to be with his girl, to make her happy. He was patient, loyal, protective. But despite that Steven was amazing with Sally, he did got himself in the doghouse for a while. You know what is saying about good intentions. On the other hand, you may think that Sally overreacted over all the circumstances. Though, it wasn't exactly how I saw. I don't think it was a biggy that Steven wanted to slay her monsters from the past. Actually, on the contrary. And on this she overreacted. But for him to let her go without a hint of warning to have questions thrown at her about her past, that was a f*** up. Being a couple is about having each other's back, not letting to be blindsided. Lucky for both of them everything got resolved. Though, I didn't liked how she felt, when Sally had time to think about what happened and she started to think that she overreacted... I disliked how she compared herself to hers abusers. She was far from it. How she could even think about it, that just boggled my mind and made me angry. Good thing Steven took care of her thinking like that. I'm going to repeat myself. God, Steven was awesome. In previous books I didn't think much of Drew. I didn't liked him, didn't disliked him. He was just someone that need to ruffle Stevens feathers, where Sally was concerned. But in this book I fell for Drew. OMG That guy is everything! I hope Drew will get his book. He so need HEA. And if Sam can't find a girl for him, I'm offering myself on the silver platter. LOL.