Taking Flight by Allegra Grey and Emily Sloan

Heat Level 3
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Storm Crows MC, 3

The Storm Crows are facing down the monsters who destroyed Megan’s cousin. Unable to sit on the sidelines, Megan dives undercover in a high-stakes operation, landing in the crosshairs of a terrifying crime lord … and right beside the one man who knocks her off-kilter. And who ghosted her. It’s fine. She’s got villains to seduce, a cover story to memorize, and no time for his nonsense. Or his soulful blue eyes.

Grim knows he’s got a lot to make up for. He’s been so busy finding missing girls in Kansas City, he let go of his life—and the woman he loves—back home. When Megan arrives in KC for the take-down, Grim realizes his heart is on the line—along with his place in the club. But she’s not his ol’ lady. What can he do? Win her back, obviously.

And then Megan vanishes into the night…



“Legs!” Tree’s voice rumbled across the gravel lot, cutting off her last chance to taser Spider’s balls. She smiled not at the asshole computer nerd but at the towering National President, who swept across the lot to pull her into a hug. “You made it.” He smelled like Bulgari cologne, cigars, and whiskey. Just a hint of grease. Megan wrapped her arms around his narrow waist and held tight, some of the tension draining away. “And you didn’t leave Spider rotting on the side of the road anywhere? Good girl.” He said the last quietly before bending low and kissing her forehead.

“Is it too late to try that?”

“Maybe on the way back. I need him here for now.” He turned to slap Spider’s shoulder. “You made good time. Bike doing okay?”

“Great,” he said, the edge absent from his voice. “The new suspension’s a vast goddamn improvement.”

“Good to hear. Let’s get inside.” Tree steered them into the clubhouse, keeping one massive arm slung across Megan’s shoulders. Making a statement to anyone hanging out in the bar since she didn’t have any patches on. Not anymore…

The interior was dark, thick with the scents of vapes, cigarettes, booze, and a slight underlayer of cleaners and male sweat. The last part was clearly thanks to two Crows wearing soaked club t-shirts and gym shorts, who must’ve been doing reps in the attached workout room. One’s t-shirt bore the name Dusty—the local President—and the other was Mambo, the KC club’s Enforcer. She’d known Dusty for ages, though he’d aged at least a decade in the last couple years. Megan waved but didn’t get to say hi, because someone called her name from the bar.


Megan spun around in time for Ice to bear down on her. Hailey’s husband had more beard than he needed, but at least his hair had seen a comb sometime, and he didn’t smell like a forgotten gym sock. Way better than the last time she saw him. Ice had spent most of July and August on Joker’s couch—which Megan knew because she’d been sleeping on the other half of it—and they’d both seen better days.

Tree released her so she could hug Ice, but slow enough she knew he was issuing some visual warning to the local boys. “What the hell are you doing here?” Ice demanded. His grip was too tight, and she winced at the pressure on her tensed-up shoulders.

“Wanted to check on you, big guy.” Up close, he did look better. His eyes weren’t even bloodshot, and he had no obvious bruises or marks from any new bar fights. She knew he’d thrown himself full-throttle into the fight with the traffickers, but maybe that wasn’t so bad after all. He almost looked like himself now. If you ignored the beard, the hobo hair, his beat-up clothes, and the way his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. In fact, he was barely smiling at all. And he wasn’t letting go.

“Where are you staying?” He was looking more at Tree than Megan. Shit.


“This our new girl?” Mambo sauntered over, his shirt now missing. The KC Enforcer was built like a brick shithouse and clearly aware of it. His bronze skin, tatted and toned, gleamed in the overhead lights. Paired with pitch-black hair braided down his sculpted back, he painted a lovely picture. Megan smiled. Maybe Kansas City wouldn’t completely suck. If Ice ever released her.

“Good to see you, Legs.” Dusty smiled at her from the table, lifting a hand in recognition. “Been a while.” Unlike his Enforcer, he didn’t get up, and his shirt stayed on. But he had to be over fifty these days, though he was still stacked. Probably didn’t want to look old up against Tree—who could still beat men half their age into the ground.

“Only three or four years, right?” She managed a half-laugh. “Still working out, huh?”

“Keeps the doctor away. Or so I hear.”

“Legs is here to infiltrate Duro’s entourage.” Tree spoke quietly, but the words felt like they echoed. Mambo rocked backward, his gaze sliding over her now with something more assessing than appreciative.

“What?” Ice finally let go but only to step between her and Tree, cutting off her view of the President’s expression. “You know what they did. What they’re doing. Why not pull in an Aesir operative?”

“Duro can scent that kind of training a mile off,” Tree answered without missing a beat. “How the fuck else has he gotten under Reyes’s radar this long?”

“Jake.” Megan touched Ice’s shoulder, edging around until he looked at her. “It’s okay. I volunteered.”

“You what?” Ice spun past her, looking over her shoulder, beyond the bar. “She volunteered,” he said to thin air. Or… Oh no. Footsteps. She glanced back, swallowing hard. Grim rested in the archway that led to the clubhouse barracks and bedrooms, arms crossed, one shockingly wide shoulder against the wall. Fucking hell. Is he out here doing MMA fights? Whatever his reason for buffing up, it wasn’t fair. She hadn’t packed enough panties for that kind of revelation. And the beard…

Stop it. He ghosted you. He’s not interested. Stop. It.


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Great MC romance!
Written by Ash J on 16th Apr 2023

This was an awesome read! This is the first book I've read by this author and I really wish I would have read the other two books first to fully understand some of the things the other characters went through and events they mentioned but Grim and Megan's story was very exciting and steamy! Can't wait to check out the others now!

Taking Flight
Written by Amber J on 5th Mar 2023

Grim is trying to save the kidnapped women when Megan goes undercover and gets into trouble. This time it leads her into his path, but he doesn't know if he can get everyone out safely. Will they be able to find a way to get everyone to safety? Will they still want to be together? This is a great story that will draw you in from the first chapter on. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Engaging read
Written by Caroline B on 5th Mar 2023

What a captivating page turner. I was completely immersed from the very beginning. There's a deep connection between Megan and Grim. Expect twists, turns, passion and more throughout. Enjoy this riveting addition to the series!

I loved it!
Written by Flavia K on 5th Mar 2023

I loved it! It is the first book I read by this author. And it surprised me in a big way, the story is good, appealing to our vengeful side against human trafficking. Men are amazing and women are incredibly strong. The beginning is a bit tangled with so many facts and names. It would have been ideal to read the other books before. 4.5

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 5th Mar 2023

This is the first book I've read written by Allegra Grey; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the third book in the Storm Crows MC Series; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Megan & Grim; he’s part of the Storm Crows and is in Kansas City helping find missing girls and take down the ones that destroyed her cousins. She goes undercover; when he sees her he realizes how much he still loved her and what he has to do to make it up to her but then she disappears. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Grim & Megan
Written by Nate on 5th Mar 2023

This was Grim & Megan’s book. The Storm Crows are facing down the monsters who destroyed Megan’s cousin. Unable to sit on the sidelines, Megan dives undercover in a high-stakes operation, landing in the crosshairs of a terrifying crime lord … and right beside the one man who knocks her off-kilter. It was an intense & suspenseful read. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 5th Mar 2023

This was another great addition to Storm Crows MC. The character work and story line were well written and kept me coming back for more.

Taking Flight
Written by Stacii on 5th Mar 2023

Grim and Megan’s story has him leaving to go to Kansas to look for kidnapped women. He figures out that he left everything up in the air at his hometown including the one he loves and his MC. Now she shows up where he’s at undercover but when she vanishes, he will not run this time but track down whoever took her. This was another good story for this mc series.

Storm Crows I loved it
Written by Danee on 5th Mar 2023

This is the third book in the Storm Crows MC. Everything you can and may expect in a good MC story can be found in this book. Danger, tension, action and lots of emotions at times it seems like an emotional roller coaster, but it does keep you sharp and your focus on the story of Grim and Megan and you hope that Grim can save and protect Megan and keep her safe. Definitely recommended!

Good Story
Written by kdavis on 5th Mar 2023

I enjoyed this book with all the action, excitement, suspense, and steam. I loved the storyline and how amazing men and women try to stop the human trafficking. I'd love to see the series continue. Enjoyable story.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 5th Mar 2023

Megan desires to take action and goes undercover rather than sit on the side lines, this forces Grim to realise what he left behind and lost but can hebwin her back, or lose her forever? Well written engaging steamy action and more, a great addition to the series

Grim and Meagan
Written by Doris on 5th Mar 2023

I really enjoyed this book with all of the steam and action but I wished that I would have read the other books in this series first to understand a few things better. This is another MC romance to get your hands on.

Great story
Written by Heather7170 on 5th Mar 2023

This was a great story! So much drama, family, MC members drama, relationship drama all the drama! This book should have come with a family tree to follow. Loved all the characters. Can’t wait to see what happens next, I hope there is more to come.

Taking Flight
Written by Kimmijane on 5th Feb 2023

This was so good. This story is about brave men trying to stop human trafficking and even braver women helping! If you like your MC guys hot and heroic you should read this!

Good read
Written by KreggySue on 5th Feb 2023

This is a Storm Crows MC story about Grim and Megan. This can be a stand alone read, but you benefit more from reading the earlier books.

I loved it
Written by Nasra on 5th Feb 2023

This book 8s perfectly amazing. The story line is beautiful no play hard to get. It has a lot of everything and it is perfectly. The chemistry between them is fine. Good job

Great amount of love, action and suspense.
Written by Diana A on 5th Feb 2023

I really enjoy this book. It is a little bit hard to read it as a stand alone due to some background details like their past, but beside that is super enjoyable. I missed a little more of personal history of the couple and how that attraction and caring started. She gave in too fast, in my opinion, knowing that he runs everytime something hard happens. But nice couple!

Written by Mistie Best on 5th Feb 2023

What a rollercoaster of emotions! This was so good... Grim had to figure out how to save Megan and watching the twists and turns of this one.. wow! Really great read!