Staking His Claim by Winter Sloane

Heat Level 3
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Severin Family, 1

Ryker: I first laid eyes on her ten years ago, naked, bloody, and thrown away in a black garbage bag. The moment she gripped my leg and didn’t let go, I knew. I’d kill three men for this woman, even my own fucking brother. No guilt. No remorse. Sky is mine. And letting her go was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Sky: Ryker tore my heart right in the middle years ago when I told him I loved him. For years, we’ve kept our distance but he’s the first man I call when I’m knee deep in trouble. Ryker’s killed for me and he’ll do it again. He’s feared by his enemies, respected by the other members of the Severin Familia. To me, he’s always been one thing. My man.

Be Warned: spanking



“There’s no need to hold back anymore,” she told him. “I’m yours. I’ve always been yours.”

“Mine,” he said, turning her so she faced him. He repeated the word, this time with more certainty, as if it were fact.

He edged her towards the closest wall. Sky froze, unprepared for what he did next. Ryker knelt in front of her, but there was no mistaking who was the one in control here.

“Lift up your shirt,” he ordered.

She shivered, then did as he asked and pulled up her favorite sleeping shirt—which was one of his old shirts. She blushed. At this angle, he could see her bare breasts and how her nipples pebbled for him.

Sky sucked in a breath as he reached for the hem of her panties and yanked them down, exposing her cunt. Sky was relieved she had shaved down there two days ago. Never before had she felt so exposed, or so sexy. Her experience with sex was limited—Rodney pumping in and out of her in the dark before exploding into the condom and leaving her completely unsatisfied. Sex had been uninteresting to her, scary even.

With Ryker, she felt like he’d introduce her to a whole new world of pleasure.

“Such a pretty pussy. I’ve dreamt of this, of eating you up, hearing your sweet cries and wondering how you’d taste.”

God, even his mere words turned her on. She parted her legs wider for him, allowing him further access. He gripped her thighs firmly, before leaning in close enough so his day-old stubble brushed against her smoothly shaved mound. Then Ryker stuck out his tongue and flicked it over her clit.

Sensation flooded her body as he closed his mouth over the sensitive bud and sucked on it. She gasped, eyes wide as he took his fill, licking and exploring her pussy lips with intense concentration on his face. God knew she’d fantasized about this, about Ryker between her legs, rendering her unable to think. Was she dreaming?