The Outlaw Stakes His Claim by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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The Grizzly MC, 5

Hope Richards has always kept to herself, and as a teenager suffered from an eating disorder. She no longer starves herself, but she still struggles with self-image issues. Now in her twenties, she's ready to start her life. But during her first night in Steel Corner, violence erupts all around her, and one very intense bear shifting MC member protects her. 

Dallas lost his son and ex-wife in a car accident months ago. He allows his anger to build inside of him until it consumes every inch of his soul. But then Hope comes into his life and she is the first real thing he has wanted in a long time. She eases him and his bear, but they can’t move forward until their pasts are put behind them, and sometimes that is easier said than done.

Be Warned: spanking, public exhibition, anal play



Dallas was barely holding on as it was, and now that he was so close to Hope, touching her, smelling her, and knowing she was wet between her thighs had his cock pressing against the fly of his jeans painfully. But right when he would have moved away, and given her the space he knew she needed, she surprised the fuck out of him by spearing her hands into his hair, pulling his face close to hers, and pressing her lips to his. A guttural groan left him at the feel of her mouth moving softly, almost tentatively against his. Her lips were soft and succulent, and so damn full that he couldn’t stop himself from wrapping his hands around the back of her hair and tugging her head back. Their mouths broke apart, and a gasp of pleasure let her. He knew she had liked it, could smell the fresh moisture that spilled from her pussy as soon as he had done it. He moved forward, using his body to push her back until the front door stopped them from going any further. For a second he just looked into her face, examined the arch of her cheeks, the fullness of her dark blonde lashes, and the redness of her lips. Fuck, he was hard, and wanted her like he wanted to take his next breath. His cock dug into his zipper, and he swore the damn thing was seconds away from bursting through the material. She breathed heavily, and her cheeks were a light shade of red. Slowly letting his gaze traveling down the long, smooth column of her neck, over her delicate collarbones, and stopping at the massive swells of her breasts that were pressing over the hem of her shirt, Dallas felt his bear nearly break through the surface.

“The things I want to do to you.” He hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but he found that if he was near Hope she brought out this other side of him, one that was almost a stranger. He never acted this impulsively when it came to women, and certainly didn’t allow emotions to cloud his judgment.

“Like what?” There was this naturally sensual quality in her voice, and he knew she wasn’t doing it to tempt him. This was who just she was, and that was perfect.

“Like things that would scare you, Hope.” He trailed his gaze back up to her face and stared into her wide blue eyes. “Things that I doubt you have even thought you’d let a man do to you.” He was an obscene bastard. He pressed his lower body into her belly, ground his hard-on into the soft swell of her flesh, and groaned deeply. She was all womanly curves, with nice thick thighs, a big juicy ass, and tits that were well over a handful. Dallas didn’t like those skin and bones females, and Hope was far from that. He leaned in and ran the tip of his nose up her throat. Stopping right below her ear, he inhaled deeply and grunted in pleasure. “You smell so fucking good, like lemons.”

She sighed right by his ear. “This is the most erotic and sensual experience I have ever had, and we haven’t even done anything.” There was a slight tremble in her voice.

He pulled back, which had been hard as hell, and looked into her face again.

“But I don’t want to stop, Dallas. I have never wanted anything more than I want you right now.”

And then he fucking lost it. He slammed his mouth on hers, stroked the seam of her lips with his tongue until he had coaxed them open, and plunged the muscle deep inside. She tasted sweet, and he knew right then that she would be his drug of choice from this moment on. He was drunk on her, higher than he had ever been, and already addicted. He still had a hold of her hair, and with her head pulled back he was able to devour her like a starving man. Never had he experienced something as good as having Hope pressed up against him. She was all softness to his muscles, and the fact that she was wet for him was the biggest aphrodisiac in the world. “Tell me how much you want me, Hope. Fuck, I need to hear it.” He murmured against her lips and then kissed her harder than he had before.

She gasped against his mouth. “I am so wet for you, Dallas,” she murmured against him.

The sound that came from him was not from his human side, but from his bear. The bastard wanted out, wanted to claim her in the way a mate does: rough, hard, and so there wasn’t any fucking denying that Hope was all his. 

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Sizzling Hot Books
Written by isis on 13th Dec 2014

The Outlaw Stakes His Claim by Jenika Snow is the fifth book in The Grizzly MC book series. I loved The Outlaw Stakes His Claim it was a wonderful erotic romance. I enjoyed Dallas and Hope’s story a lot. This is not the first book I have read by this author but it is the first one in this particular series. I would like to read the rest of the series son. I have yet to be disappointed by one of this author’s books and will continue to read her books as long as she is writing them. I look forward to reading more by this author. Hope is a loner, she always has been. She doesn’t mind it at all. She also has image issues, she always has. In fact she used to starve herself because she didn’t feel she was skinny or pretty enough. She hasn’t done that in quite some time but she still struggles with her self-image. All she wants is to have a life and she is ready to pursue it. She is enjoying her first night in Steel Corner when a fight breaks out and she ends up in the middle of it. That is when Dallas shows up and protects her. He is sexy as hell and she is drawn to him and he makes her feel desirable. He is a mystery to her but she knows she wants to solve that mystery. The more time they spend with each other the more she knows she is in love with him. He is perplexing but he is also intriguing. She doesn’t even mind that he is a bear shifter…in fact she likes that about him. He is fierce. Will she be able to tear down his wall? Or will they end up going their separate ways? Dallas has kept to himself since he lost his family. They were his reason for existing and he doesn’t really know what to do without them. His friends understand this and let him be when he needs it. He isn’t looking for anybody else because no one could replace his wife and son. They were ripped out of his life by in a car accident and his life just hasn’t been the same. Then he sees Hope and she is a woman in need of being rescued. She is in the middle of fight that has broken out. He saves her and he finds that he is attracted to her. This surprises him because he didn’t think that was even possible. She seems to bring out the side of him that has been lying dormant since the accident. He isn’t sure he likes that but he can’t seem to get her off of his mind. The more time they spend together the more he is drawn to her. He isn’t sure that he wants her to knock down the walls that he has so carefully erected but it seems that she has found her way into his heart and he doesn’t want to lose her. Will she be the answer to all his heartache? Or will he end up losing her because he won’t let her all the way in? I really enjoyed The Outlaw Stakes His Claim. It held my attention from the first page until the last page. I really enjoyed both the main characters. I liked them both for different reasons. I liked Dallas because he was rough around the edges but had a tender side. I also loved the fact that he was a bear shifter. He was a good alpha male and I loved him. I liked Hope because she was a believable character. She was a typical woman who had her insecurities. I like that she brought out the softer side in Dallas. I also liked the fact that she was out to find herself. She wanted to live and get outside of her shell. I could totally identify with that aspect of her character. I would highly recommend The Outlaw Stakes His Claim to anyone who enjoys erotic romances.

Romancing The Book
Written by Melissa on 15th Jul 2014

Hope Richards has made it through school and has managed to get a job in her chosen field. This has caused her to move to a new town to start her life. On her first night, she meets a man who should scare her, but only seems to fascinate her. Hope has self-image issues but it seems to come toward the end of the story like that author put it in as more of an afterthought. Dallas is a member of The Grizzly motorcycle club. He lost his wife and son in a car accident and is having a hard time moving forward. When he meets Hope, he is attracted to her in a way he does not expect and fights with himself on pursuing her. The sex scenes between Dallas and Hope are scorching. The chemistry between Hope and Dallas is intense. They make a great pair if they can move past the stereotyping they both do to each other. While I enjoyed this book a lot, I wished this book was a bit longer and more detailed. This book seems to gloss over some details (like Dallas’s fighting). The main characters and the secondary characters are appealing and very lifelike. Overall, this was a good book. I have read several book in this series and each book is better than the last.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by completedreviews on 6th Jul 2014

Ooh, I loved this one! Jenika Snow did it again with this amazing love story. Heck, I was already half gone for Dallas, but then the author hooked me completely with a romantic beginning that I will never forget. Dallas had been suffering from guilt and regret for a while now. It was a darkness on his soul that was beginning to overtake him. Not even his Grizzly Brothers could reach him since he’d been hiding the pain from everyone except Diesel. So picture this : He was lost and alone, standing out in the rain contemplating who knows what, when Hope, the mate he thought he didn’t deserve comes driving by. That moment was so poignant to the story, cause he looks right at her as she comes into his life. I was just gushing all over the place, I tell you. Then the story line really picks up later on when Dallas saves Hope from a redneck bully. The thing I liked most about this one was the romantic element. Their first meeting, the rescue, the sizzling connection and how close they became. This author never disappoints in that department, but I felt this one was something special. They each had their own pain and sadness that would always be with them. But they had each other to make it easier. To me that’s why they were so perfect for each other. The author made me believe that their relationship was real. This was the perfect book for me. The writing style was fluid and the story flowed with ease. The dialogue was naughty, with sex scenes that were on the steamy side, just the way I like it. It had everything, really. It’s a gritty MC romance. It’s a shifter romance. It has awesome characters with a captivating love story. Dallas was a real bad-ass biker with regret for the bad things he’s done. He found Hope right when he needed her, cause things weren’t looking too good for him until she came along. I love this series. I really loved this book. Lastly, I can’t wait for the next book.