Owned by the Outlaw by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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The Grizzly MC, 6

Stinger, a member of the Grizzly MC, leads a life that is dangerous and violent. When The Brothers of Menace, an MC in the next town over, ask the Grizzlies for help, they don’t hesitate to step-up. They are asked to help transport abused prostitutes to a safe house. It’s easy enough, except Stinger sees Molly Clark, a nurse for the battered women, and instantly knows she will be his.

As a former old lady to Malice from The Brothers of Menace MC, Molly knows what is involved with being linked to an outlaw club. When Stinger, a bear shifting biker, makes it clear that she is his, Molly should run the other way. But she doesn’t, and instead finds herself wanting much more with the hardened outlaw.

When Malice tries to say Molly is still his, Stinger shows him what it means to go up against a Grizzly.

Be Warned: spanking, anal sex




He cut off her protest with a hard kiss. The flavor of mint covered her tongue when he slipped his inside of his mouth. With his arms wrapped tightly around her body, he moved them until they were back in the motel room. He shut the door, set her on her feet, and broke the kiss.

“I could take you again, Molly. Right now.” He took hold of her hand and placed it right over his erection. He was hard and huge, and instantly she got wet. “You feel what you do to me, baby?” He lowered his head so that his mouth was at the crook of her neck. He inhaled again, and although she had to admit it should have been weird, there was this very feminine part of her that melted at that fact. This man wasn’t just this hard, gritty biker. He was also a wild animal that could tear her apart with his bare hands. There was this frightening realization to that thought, but that fear mixed with her arousal, creating this explosive sensation inside of her that made her feel like some kind of nympho just for Stinger. “I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you.” He ran his tongue up the length of the side of her neck.

She closed her eyes, unable to hold them open any longer. “I find that hard to believe.” Her words came out strained, breathless, and just as needy as he claimed to be for her.

He thrust his hips forward, only an inch, and only enough for her to feel the long, thick length covered only by denim. “You can believe what you want, but I don’t lie. Ever, baby.” He gently nipped at her earlobe. “I could fuck you three more times today and still not get enough.” He used his body to move her until she was walking backward. The bed stopped her retreat, and his breath came out faster against her flesh. “But you’d take me into your sweet fucking pussy, wouldn’t you, Molly?” He moved his hands over her chest and covered her breasts that were only hidden from him by the thin cotton. “Yeah, you’d give in to me again. You’d let me have you any way I wanted.” He moved his hands around her hips, down her lower back, and curved them around her ass. “Your pussy is addicting, but next time I slide my cock into your body, it’s going to be in your ass, Molly.” He took the material of her sweat pants, and pulled them up until the fabric was forced to move between the cheeks of her ass. The seam rubbed along the puckered hole of her bottom, and even though that shouldn’t have been a turn on, when he moved one of his hands to her right breast and started clenching and unclenching the mound she grew wet and filled with lust.

She ran her palm up and down his length, swore it jerked beneath her touch, and turned her head to the side so her lips were by his scruffy cheek. Stinger turned his head to the side, too, and their lips brushed ever so slightly. There wasn’t any pressure added, but there didn’t need to be. Their breathing increased, and she loved the deep sounds that came from him. Her clit throbbed, tingled, and wetness was a constant flow from her pussy. She wanted him, but at the same time she knew she should be angry at him for fighting with Malice. That annoyance rose up, but her lust was far stronger, and pushed it down.

“You’re upset.” He didn’t phrase it like a question and kept his lips lightly pressed to hers as he spoke. For some reason not kissing him, but still being so very close to doing so was more erotic than the actual act. “You should be.” He continued to curve his fingers around the flesh of her breasts, teasing her nipple with his palm, and breathing heavily against her mouth. “But you should also know that I did refrain. I could have easily taken Malice down, and all it would have taken for me to do that was shift.” Letting go of her ass and sliding his hand up the middle of her back, he buried his hand in her hair and grabbed a chunk of it. At first he didn’t do anything but hold the locks, massaging her scalp, and giving her this sense of comfort. But then that all changed when he jerked her head back, baring her neck, and immediately ran his teeth along the arch of her throat. 


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Debra Taylor on 16th Aug 2014

I really loved it! I couldn't help myself, just have to love those bear shifting bikers. Especially a book that has such captivating characters with great stories just waiting to pull me into the pages. This one had everything that I love to read and I enjoyed every single page. So this is the sixth book in the exciting Grizzlies MC Series. Stinger finally gets his happy ending in this one. It was so well done that if I hadn't already been hooked on the series, then this book would've got me for sure. It was just that good from the first page right up until the last. No really, this story actually got started in the last book, but Stinger had walked away from Molly because of her connection to Malice. Circumstances bring Stinger and Molly back together as this story opens and this time he is determined to claim her as his won mate. At first, Malice didn't want to let go of Molly so there was some conflict there. I felt that he handled it okay once he realized that Stinger wasn't out to replace him as his son's father. I did like how Molly put her little boy, Dakota, first. I especially liked that she could stand up to two alpha males. Most of all, I enjoyed getting the POV from all three main characters, not just Stinger and Molly but Malice as well. I felt that it helped to set up the Brothers of Menace Series quite nicely. Definitely got me intrigued and now I can't wait to read some of the Brother's books. All in all, this book was exceptionally well written. The plot was good and flowed at a nice pace. The characters were interesting. I enjoyed the more in-depth look into the other MC and some of those characters as well as catching up with the rest of the Grizzlies. Finally, it was great how the author threw in a very nice epilogue to tie up a few ends for Grizzlie fans. I could not have asked for a better book. I loved it and highly recommend the series.

Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Robin on 27th Jul 2014

Jenika Snow has written a terrific series about The Grizzly MCs, a group of shifter bikers finding their other half. As expected, the newest installment, Owned by the Outlaw, is a wonderful addition. I have read every book in the series and enjoyed each one. It’s rare to find a series in which every installment is an enjoyable read but Ms. Snow has certainly accomplished this task with the Grizzly MCs. This time it is Stinger’s turn to meet the woman of his dreams. Just one problem though, Molly’s the former old lady of Malice from the Brothers of Menace MC and Malice still considers Molly to be his. Molly is attracted to Stinger but she’s not sure that she wants to be involved with a biker again. But Stinger proves hard to resist. It was wonderful to see Stinger get his happy ever after. After watching the other members of the Grizzly MCs find happiness, Stinger was starting to believe that he wouldn’t be as fortunate. Then he sees Molly and his bear is ready to claim her. Their relationship burns hot and fast as has been the case with all the men of the Grizzly MC. My favorite thing about the Grizzly MC’s is how mushy and soft they become when around the women they love. I smiled every time Stinger melted at Molly’s touch. I have become a fan of Ms. Snow’s writing style. Owned by the Outlaw follows her pattern of clear and concise writing, snappy dialogue and characters that I care about. Once I began reading the book, I couldn’t put it down until the final page. Fans of the series will love the epilogue giving us a glimpse into the future. It was wonderful to see all the couples that we have grown to care about and see how their lives have turned out. One of the things that I found so interesting about Owned by the Outlaw is that the story focused on a third character as equally as our two leads. Malice’s relationship with Molly was an integral part of the story. So many of us have a past that affects our current relationships, yet we don’t often see them on display so prominently in a romance. Malice and Molly have a son together so they will always be a part of each other’s lives. Ms. Snow provided us with details on how this affected Molly and Stinger’s relationship. The interactions between the two alpha males was fascinating and helped the reader understand both men’s motivations. While you can certainly read Owned by the Outlaw as a standalone without too much difficulty following the plot, I would really suggest reading the entire series in order to get the full benefit. Owned by the Outlaw has obviously set the stage for what I am sure will be another enjoyable series, the Brothers of Menace MC. Ms. Snow did a fabulous job connecting the two series and I cannot wait to begin a new adventure with more sexy bikers.

Bittersweet amazing
Written by Neringa on 6th Jun 2014

It was an easy and great read if a little bittersweet because it's going to be the last book of guys from The Grizzly MC series. I liked how Stinger and Molly acted here. No super dramas, no annoying stuff. Stinger though at first tried to fight this pull toward Molly but soon enough give in and claimed her. And Molly was very matured and warm person. She had no hard feelings toward Malice, her ex and her sons, Dakotas, father. Even though she initiated broke up between them but that was because Malice was more time gone than at home and they drifted apart. But she didn't blame him and don't try to play her son against him. She keep warm friendship between herself and Malice. Also she keep friendship with his brothers in club. Molly also don't fight her feelings toward Stinger even though she don't wanted relationship with a guy who was in MC life style. She just decided to see where it's going. What we all should see coming is problems between Malice and Stringer. Malice though was not in love with Molly but he still though of her as his. And also he don't want another man to play father to his son. And Stinger had this possessive streak toward Molly and made hims struggle to think of her and Malice together. So no surprise that they got into brawl at barn. But they got understanding between each other. That Malice don't was in love with Molly, just wanna her be happy. And Stinger made Malice understand that he don't wish to step on anothers father toes. And though he would protect the boy like his own but Dakota already have a father. And though maybe they never going to be friends but at least they understood each other after that and be civil. I really gonna miss these series but what helps a little is that in this book we seeing more inside of The Brothers Of Menace. We even have POV of Malice. So this made me itchy to get my heands on these series even more.