Dakota's Claim by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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The Grizzly MC, 9

From the moment Dakota Mason realizes he wants Tawny Stoker, this obsessive need rises inside of him. He is possessive, jealous, and territorial of her. He wants to tear down anything that stands in his way of having her as his. 

Tawny appears like she lives on the wild side, but she is really innocent. The one guy she desires, who she wants to be her first, only sees her as the girl he grew up with. Dakota, a member of The Brothers of Menace MC, is just as hardcore as any Grizzly club member she knows, and just as powerful. 

When the two of them finally get together it’s explosive. Dakota can’t control his desire where she is concerned. Tawny consumes him, drives him crazy with lust, and he can’t stop until she is fully his. Dakota will destroy anyone that thinks they can take Tawny from him. 

Be Warned: spanking, rimming, anal sex


They stared at each other for a moment, his arms wrapped around her tightly, his hands perilously close to her ass, and his erection still pressed against her pussy. She was wearing jeans, completely covered with the denim, but she swore she could feel the length of him, the heat of his dick, seep right through the material of her pants.

“I’m sorry, Tawny.” He lowered his gaze to her lips. “But when it comes to you I can’t help myself.” He lifted his gaze back to her eyes, and they stared at each other for several seconds. “With you I feel like this beast, ready to tear anything or anyone down for even coming close to you.”

Her breath hitched. Dakota was a human, didn’t have those animal instincts inside of him like a shifter did, but it seemed that didn’t matter. She could smell the truth in his words, see the reality of what he said on his fierce expression. His short, dark hair was messy, had traces of blood still in it, and he watched her with his hard blue eyes. His face was rudely handsome, his cheeks covered in a light sprinkling of dark stubble, and his lips were slightly parted as he breathed out heavily.

“I see you speaking to a guy and feel this anger rise up in me, the need to tear the asshole away from you, and I have to force myself not to react.”

“Dakota,” Tawny said his name on a breath. This was a conversation she never thought she’d have with Dakota, a situation she had never thought she’d be involved in with him. Yes, she had wanted him for years, and although he had gone away for a while to help out with his club, she had still wanted him like a damn addict looking for her next fix.

“I know this situation is fucked up. You’re younger than me, Dallas’s daughter, but the truth is, Tawny…” He trailed off, moved his face closer to hers, and then said in a low, husky voice, “I have wanted you for a long time, but told myself that you and I being together wasn’t ever going to happen.” He rested his forehead on hers, closed his eyes, and breathed out. “But I get so damn jealous seeing you with other guys, talking to them, laughing at their dumb-ass jokes.”

If this situation wasn’t so intense and sexually charged right now she would have laughed.

“Does that frighten you?” he asked, his blue eyes staring right into hers, this hardness to them, but also a vulnerability.

Her heart beat fast and wild, and she felt her inner, dormant bear brush along her body. She wanted Dakota, had for longer than she had ever admitted to anyone, and she wasn’t nearly finished now that she was actually having him. Grabbing onto his hair, tugging at the short strands until he hissed out, she pulled him closer so she could be the one to claim his mouth. Stroking her tongue along his, sucking the muscle into her mouth, and moaning out at the flavor of him, Tawny knew that she should stop now.

“Tawny, fucking hell, baby,” he groaned out, grabbed a chunk of her hair, and yanked her head back, baring her throat. He growled out, and she felt these tingles take root in her pussy, engorging her clit, and making her so damn wet she felt the cream cover her pussy lips. She had no doubt that soon the wetness would seep through the denim. That was how aroused she was for this man.

He grabbed her bottom lip with his teeth, tugged and pulled at the sensitive flesh, and then smoothed the sting away with a lick of his tongue. She moaned, he groaned, and then she was moving in his arms, grinding her pussy on his cock, and causing this delicious noise to leave him.

“I could devour you right now and it wouldn’t be enough, Tawny.” He moved his mouth to her throat, sucked and licked at her pulse point, ground his cock into her pussy, and caused this heat to move through her until sweat beaded between her breasts.

“I want you to devour me, Dakota.” She breathed out, closed her eyes, and inhaled the scent of the dark and spicy cologne he wore.

He made this gruff noise against her throat, tightened the one hand that was still cupping her ass, and said, “You can’t say shit like that and expect me to keep my control, Tawny.” He pulled back, let go of her hair, and slid his hand over her throat to hold her against the wall. It was a gentle yet fierce hold, one that had just enough pressure to make her know that he was in control right now.

Tawny wanted to submit to this male, to give herself to him and not worry about anything else. 

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 30th Jul 2015

Tawny has been a background story in this series for a while. She's been noted as bringing home bad boys to annoy her father and is an all around wild child. Her parents are at their wits end (irony much?) and Tawny shows no signs of slowing down. But all this activity is just a cover as she really just wants one bad boy. Dakota is that bad boy and he has feelings for Tawny too. How do they get from growing up together to growing old together? I have the utmost sympathy for Tawny and her father, Dallas. Equally. I see both sides of that equation and there is really no way to handle it properly. Tawny wants what she wants and she sees no problem, as her father is/was the same as Dakota. Dallas knows the danger and wants his baby far, far away. Who wins? Well, it is Tawny's life to live and I'm glad the author showed how a good parent handles an outcome they don't really want for their offspring. Dakota is in a unique situation as he has to deal with the brother-in-arms and the father-figure combined within Dallas. Yikes! While the romance all seems sudden to others, the author shares that Tawny and Dakota have been eyeballing each other for years and maturity has ripened them both that it's time to act or live with regret. I missed the additional drama the earlier books in the series had, in one form or another, be it a crisis of personal or MC origin. A must read if you follow the series.

Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Robin on 25th Jan 2015

Hi, my name is Robin and I am an addict. I am addicted to Jenika Snow’s The Grizzly MC series. It was a cause for celebration that Ms. Snow had a new release in the series because I was absolutely jonesing for a fix. Dakota’s Claim more than satisfied my need for all things Grizzly. Ms. Snow has done her fans a wonderful service by continuing this fantastic series with the next generation of Grizzlies. If you are a fan (and you really should be), then you remember Dakota from the sixth book in the series, Owned by the Outlaw. We met Dakota as a child, but now he’s fully grown and finds himself unable to stop thinking about Tawny. He knows that he is meant to be with her but he is concerned that he isn’t good enough and that Tawny deserves so much more than he has to offer. Tawny grew up in the Grizzly MCs so she knows how these men are. She has been attracted to Dakota for a long time, but doesn’t think that he feels the same. When the two finally admit their feelings for each other and connect, the sparks ignite. What follows is a passionate love story that will leave the reader happy and satisfied. One of the reasons that I love reading Ms. Snow’s books is because of her skills at setting the perfect atmosphere for each genre she writes. The MC world is gritty and dark; the men love passionately and possessively. When I began reading Dakota’s Claim, I was immediately pulled into the MC lifestyle and I was excited to be there. It isn’t a pretty place but the love between Dakota and Tawny transcended that darkness and created a light that shone brightly on each page. I loved Dakota as a child but I fell in love with him as a grown man. When he explained his feelings to Tawny’s father, it was sheer perfection. His statement that “I love her enough that I won’t let her go, no matter what happens, or what anyone thinks” is what we all want to hear from the person we love and who loves us. To be loved like that is something we all dream of and it was easy to see why Tawny loved Dakota. The sex scenes were exactly what you would expect between these two passionate people. When they made love, it was a claiming – a claiming of heart, body and soul. It was intense and animalistic, yet so full of love. Dakota’s Claim is a novella so Ms. Snow doesn’t waste precious pages on unnecessary conflict. Instead what you get is two people admitting their love and connecting in every way possible. This made me connect to them and their story wholeheartedly. I have come to expect nothing less from Ms. Snow and the Grizzlies. So I proudly own my addiction to this series and cannot wait for the next installment.

Dakota's Claim
Written by Kindle Customer on 12th Jan 2015

I love the grizzly mc series, the characters are great you laugh with them and cry with them and I can't wait for the next book!

Red hot alpha male!!!!
Written by Connie on 12th Jan 2015

OMG! This is definitely one of my favorite in the series. Dakota and Tawny's story is well written, sweet and so hot. Dakota is a red hot alpha who is possessive and obsessed with Tawny leaving him feeling almost animalistic. He wants Tawny intensely like drinking his last cup of water. Tawny is considered the "wild child" but in all reality she's sweet and innocent. They have passionate chemistry and smokin' hot scenes. Would recommend.

Written by on 9th Jan 2015

So freaking good! Love this series and this author and so can't wait for more!

You did it again
Written by Amazon Customer on 9th Jan 2015

I love this book can't wait until the next one comes. I just love this series. Thank you for being a good writer

Written by Rhonda on 9th Jan 2015

Jenika hit it out of the park with this book. It's hot, raunchy and steamy. I love this series and each book just keeps getting better.

What an amazing book. Its so strange to see the kids...
Written by Amazon Customer on 9th Jan 2015

Jenika Snow is one of my fav's!!!! What an amazing book. Its so strange to see the kids all grown up. It has just the right amount of Sex and gives you a little look into the other people and whats going on with them. I just with it was longer other than that It was a GREAT read!!!!

I want to start off by saying I have read all if Jennika Snow’s book and the woman knows how to write a good MC book and the sex
Written by Josie M on 9th Jan 2015

I was lucky to receive an ARC of Dakota's Claim. I want to start off by saying I have read all if Jennika Snow’s book and the woman knows how to write a good MC book and the sex is amazing. Dakota’s Claim is book #9 in the grizzly MC series, this series is great because it spans the years and show readers the generations in the series older. Dakota is a member of the Brothers of Menace MC has knows Tawny for a long time, ever since they were both children; he is concerned because of their age difference and her father, Dallas is fiercely protective of his daughters and is a Member of the Grizzly MC. Dakota has wanted Tawny for the past few years; he didn't want to be with another woman. He’s openly acknowledged is feelings to Tawny or anyone else, but he has an intense obsessive need for her. Even when he is not around Tawny is constantly consumed with thoughts of her; he is extremely possessive, jealous and territorial of her . Tawny has grown up in the Grizzly MC; she is accustomed to the MC lifestyle but her father Dallas had has sheltered both her and her sister Tarren. Tawny is different from the woman in the Grizzly MC; she is innocent and not interested in the men of Grizzly MC. The only man that stirs up emotions and desires in Tawny is Dakota. She is confused about her feelings for Dakota, and his lack of interest in her. Tawny confides in her sister Tarren, (we got to know all about her and Lucas in Book #8). Tarren is great with her sister, she reminds Tawny about her and Lucas relationship and how he stayed away because he thought the she was too good for him and that the MC life might ruin her, perhaps Dakota was doing the same thing. Tarren also tells her sister perhaps she should let Dakota know her feelings for him also, maybe. Holy Moly when Dakota and Tawny finally get together and get their feelings out in the open, it is one heel of a hot steamy ride!! Dakota is hot as hell, a even though is not a shifter let me say, he has a lot of the primal tendencies, you can see this by his actions and his inner dialogue. He does not mind letting anyone know that Tawny is his, and if they touch what is HIS, he will destroy them. Tawny is different, she is used to this kind of behavior but with Dakota gets this with around her; she calms him, soothes his inner beast; together the balance their relationship. As usual that author has written, a fabulous story that is easy to follow, and draws a reader into the story line. Dakota’s Claim is a short read, but the author gives so much in such a short read. I love that she gives us an innocent woman and a dominant male character and some steamy hot sex scene but also a story line as well. I can’t wait to see what Jennika Snow will bring next!!!