Cain's Darkness by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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The Brothers of Menace MC, 4

Cain Trainer isn’t a good man. Being in The Brothers of Menace MC means he has had to hurt people and break the law. But nine years ago his world came crashing down when he found out his daughter and her best friend, Violet, were assaulted. All Cain could think about was revenge. 

Violet Wings has wanted Cain since she was sixteen and watched him nearly kill a man to defend her and his daughter, Fallina. For the past nine years he’s been locked up for the crime. She knows Cain’s pushing her away now to protect her, but she can’t stop loving him. 

When Cain is released from prison he can’t stay away from Violet. She’s now twenty-five, and wants him as much as he wants her. He has a lot of darkness in him and doesn’t want Violet tarnished by that, so maybe he should avoid her. But when it comes to Violet he’s a fiend. 

Be Warned: anal sex, rimming



He breathed out, ran a hand over his stubble-covered jaw, and then spoke after what seemed like ages. “When you came to the prison five years ago, told me all about what that motherfucker had done to you, all I wanted to do was avenge you and Fallina even more. You wrote me, kept in contact with me even though I said you needed to go on with your life and not worry about an old bastard like me.”

She set her cup down and shook her head, knowing he was not answering her previous question. “You’re not an old bastard. You are the man I have looked up to for my entire life. You are the one that has protected me, let me be a part of your family, and cared for me like no one else ever has.” She felt her emotions move up, felt them clog her throat, and knew that this man was so deeply engrained in her body she would never be the same again.

“I know I kept you away, but I thought it was the right thing. I didn’t want you seeing me in that fucked up place, and didn’t want you surrounded by that filth.” He shifted slightly on the couch so he could look at her. “I might have said not to come back to the prison, cut contact with you, but I always made sure you were taken care of, and watched over.”

She knew this as well. “You were the first man I fell in love with, Cain.” She snapped her mouth closed after the words spilled forth. God she had said that, had just blurted that out when she wasn’t planning on saying that until they really talked.

He was still unmoving for a few seconds after she spoke, and then he leaned back and exhaled. He covered his eyes with an arm, cursed something low and fierce, and then he looked at her again.

“I am not the man you need, Violet, and not the man you deserve, that’s for fucking sure.”

“This isn’t how I saw this conversation going.”

Cain leaned forward and braced his forearms on his thighs, and stared at her. “I am in my forties, Violet, far too old for you. You’re just starting off your life. Being with me will only complicate things. I am rough and coarse, and crude on the best of days. You know this just as well as anyone else.”

“Cain, please. Don’t say shit like that.”

“You don’t love me like that. You see a man that has watched over you for a long time.”

She curled her hands into fists. “Don’t tell me what I feel, Cain. I know what it means to love someone. I have never felt what I feel for you with any other man, and I know I won’t, ever.”

“Fuck, Violet.” He scrubbed a hand over his eyes.

“I love you, am in love with you, and I won’t apologize for that, Cain.”

He stood so fast that his leg hit the coffee table and the cups fell on their side, brown liquid spilling across the wood. “Shit, I’m sorry, Violet.” He turned, and she knew that he wasn’t apologizing for spilling the coffee. This man, this brutal male that wasn’t afraid of killing or death, and who never apologized for anything, was looking at her like he was pained. “I would only bring you down, make your life dark when it should be light.”

And then he was striding toward the front door. She stood, her hands shaking, her eyes filling with tears. He stopped and looked at her.

“I killed him for you and Fallina, Violet. I made that bastard pay for what he did.” He took a huge breath and said, “You don’t have to be afraid to close your eyes anymore. That’s why I came here tonight.”

And then he was gone, just like that.


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Nrslalee on 12th Jul 2016

I picked up “Cain's Darkness” as I wanted a short MC story. I didn’t want to get something too long and end up not liking it. I was so surprised at how much I really enjoyed it this story. I noticed that this is book 4, but I was able to read this with no trouble at all. I will be making sure that I read the rest in this series because it is so well written. There is just enough drama and sexy stuff to create the right balance that I want with my reads. I can’t wait to read more from this author and this series.

The Romance Reviews TRR
Written by Rachel's Willful Thoughts on 28th Jun 2015

As a member of the Brothers of Menace MC, Cain Trainer protects what is his. When his daughter and her friend are threatened, he comes to the rescue. Nine years later, Violet can't get the image of her friend's father out of her head. Cain knows he should stay away from Violet, but he's losing the battle of attraction. Author Jenika Snow continues The Brothers of Menace series with the fourth installment, CAIN'S DARKNESS. It is everything that an MC book should be -- bad boys doing some pretty bad stuff, but plenty of smoking hot action. Although I was not thrilled with the cliffhanger ending, it accomplished the goal of making me want to read more of the story. It's hard to really consider Cain as a good guy when you read about his actions. However, his character is so compelling that I couldn't help but like him. It's a quick read that bears the author's trademark style of passionate encounters with more than enough spice. - See more at:

good read
Written by undefined on 26th Apr 2015

this was a good book. I liked the characters but I wish there was a little something more to the story to make it spicier.

Reviews @ TRS
Written by Shannon on 22nd Apr 2015

Being in the Brothers of Menace MC, Cain Trainer is used to using his fists, breaking the law and, when needed, hurting people. Cain is filled with darkness and rage. He has spent the last nine years in prison for almost killing the man who assaulted his daughter and her best friend, Violet, and now that he’s out for revenge. Violet has loved Cain for years. The years that separate them mean nothing to her. Now that he has been released, she hopes Cain will give her a chance. Cain tries to push her away, understanding that he isn’t any good for her. Where Violet is concerned, he just can’t walk away. The very talented pen of author Jenika Snow has once again created a wildly exciting and steamy adventure that captivates and intrigues, luring the reader into the dark and dangerous world of the Brothers of Menace MC. Cain is one bad Alpha male who is sometimes rude, crude and really rough around the edges. But yet when he finally takes Violet as his “old lady,” he loves her unconditionally, showing the reader a different side to his personalities that is magical. I really enjoyed that the author took the time to build Cain’s character, showing the reader what led up to Cain’s imprisonment, touches of prison life, and his freedom. He lives by a code, one that he takes very seriously. Family and the club are everything to him and he is willing to live or die protecting both. Violet is a strong-willed, tough-as-nails, sassy woman who hasn’t had the easiest life. Yet she has managed to survive and carve a life for herself while waiting for Cain. When these two finally come together, the pages seem to sizzle with their passion, the reader can almost feel the emotions, the tension and the desire that rages between them. Each of the Brothers of Menace MC books can be read as a standalone. They feature a different hero and heroine although the author does a wonderful job connecting the stories with a scene or two that give the reader a taste of what’s to come in the next thrilling and highly addictive story in this series.

Awesome Read
Written by Connie on 16th Mar 2015

Worth the wait! Well written, entertaining and smokin' hot!!! Cain is a hard man, a killer but loyal to the end. He is what he is and makes no excuses. He's protective and loves deep when it comes to his daughter and Violet. Feeling tainted, too dark and hard, he's determined to watch and protect Violet without getting close to her. Violet is sweet but strong, knows what kind of man Cain is and is out to prove to him a relationship will work. Loved their passion and chemistry. Steamy hot scenes. Loved it!! Would recommend. Awesome book cover!!!

Wanted my fix of a sexy, older alpha male, and I got it.
Written by S. Richards on 16th Mar 2015

I was looking for something short but sexy and without a lot of time commitment. This was about 100 pages on my k, and it's part of a series but I think it can work as a stand-alone. You do see series characters again, but the real emphasis is on the main couple acknowledging their love for each other. I really enjoyed this story. It's kind of light without a lot of extra or heavy plot going. But having said that, there are a couple bloody, gritty images in the book. This hero is out for revenge. Nobody messes with what's his. I loved Cain. He's 6'5, tatted, muscled and pierced, a hardcore biker, all rough and gruff with his words. I loved the sexy silver in his dark hair, and I was way into how this hero was never with anyone else in the story. He was all about Violet. Sometimes there's a scene where the guy is getting it on with club wh0res, but not in this book. He has no time for that and only wants what he thinks he can't have. He's an ex-con, and he'd kill for his family or club. For all that he's hardened and rough, this man has a definite soft side where Violet is concerned. That was really nice to read. He can be aggressive, but with Violet, he's caring and protective. So, he's 45, and Violet's 25 and also his daughter's best friend. A bit of taboo there, but not much, but still, the age difference was just what I love to read. Also, I liked that Violet is soft, sweet, and curvy. Some easy reading with erotic sex, hot dirty talk, and a hardcore but sweet-in-his-own-way biker who'd do anything and everything for that one woman.

This is why I love Jenika Snow
Written by B.E. Love on 14th Mar 2015

When Violet was 16 years old her and Fallina were violated by a neighbor, angry and wanting revenge Cain came to protect his daughter and violet. But before he could finish the job the cops were called and Cain was send to prison. When Cain was gone Violet faithfully wrote to him, she had known Cain for many years almost growing up in his house because she spent so much time with his daughter. Violet's feelings for Cain started changing that night all their lives changed and when the writing wasn't enough Violet decided to make a visit to prison, what she found was an angry Cain. Nine years later Cain is free and it takes everything in him to not go see Violet especially after her confiding in him while he was in prison, even though Cain has done bad in his life the feelings he has for Violet are wrong. Finally making it right after so many years just makes Cain wants to see Violet even more. Violet loves Cain and she knows she has to tell him but when he finally comes for a visit and she reveals her feelings, they push Cain away even more. But Violet is determined to not give up, and knowing how Violet feels makes it harder than ever to stay away. Cain finds himself once again riding out to Violet's house. Once Cain arrives neither can deny how they feel and they both realize that they don't want too. Both Violet and Cain know that their relationship isn't as simple as most especially since they both love Fallina so much, and Cain isn't a regular man with a regular job. I really liked this book, I haven't read any other books in this series but after reading this one I want too. But I really want the next book in this series. We get a nice glance into the next book which didn't take away from this story and since this isn't a long book that's saying something. I loved the beginning of this book and how we see what happens to them both, and also Cain in prison. I think it really helped make this book stick out. Cain was a great hero, there wasn't anything not to like about him and adding how much he wanted and loved Violet just made him that much more of a stand out hero. Violet knew what she wanted and was going to get it. And even though in many situations similar to this I might question if the heroines love was real or appreciation I complete believed they both loved each other. I didn't know this was as short as it was when I got it( I always forget to look) but this was a great story none the less and one of my favorite from this author.

Written by Rhonda on 13th Mar 2015

Another awesome book by Jenika Snow. I am glad to see that Cain has finally gotten his story told. Violet is the perfect woman to sooth the darkness inside him. Can't wait for the next book!

I could not put it down until I finished it the book is very dark with serious situations not for the faint of heart but I would
Written by angeline sambrano on 12th Mar 2015

This went well beyond my expectations!! I could not put it down until I finished it the book is very dark with serious situations not for the faint of heart but I would gladly recommend it to readers!!!

Very well done! Cain and Violet
Written by Donna Piecora on 11th Mar 2015

One of the things I love about Jenika and the Brothers of Menace is that they are real in what they want and need. Cain is a hard man with a hard life but everything in him is programmed to protect what is his. That protection is the theme for this story and it comes through loud and clear. Even as we are drawn into Cain and Violet, Jenika never let's us forget the Brothers we know and the ones still to come. Very well done Jenika. I am a reader of yours for life.

From the pits of darkness to the light of love!!,
Written by Kindle Customer Vera Quinn on 11th Mar 2015

Cain Trainer is a killer. He has done many bad things for his club and the people he loves. He is a member of the Brothers of Menace MC. He loves his MC family but he also loves his daughter Fallina. Along with Fallina comes her best friend Violet. These two girls are inseparable. One tragic night for the pair and Cain came to the rescue. He would always protect his two girls. Violet was dealt a bad hand when it came to family. The older she got the more raw deals she got. Fallina and Cain became her family and with them she got the Brothers of Menace MC. That was the way she liked it. She felt safe. While Cane was away for some time she became aware her feelings for Cain were way stronger. That weren't the same feelings as before. Cain pushed her away. He knew it was best for her. Cain's Darkness is a great read. It has a refreshing take on a relationship in a MC. It takes Cain and Violet on a rollercoaster of emotions and I loved it. Each book in this series is exceptional. Great job Jenika Snow and thank you for your hard work.

Butter Me Up with Cain!!
Written by Ash-Morning Books&Coffee on 11th Mar 2015

Book 4 was the Holy grail of this series I can't even imagine Jenika giving me more than this. Cain and Violets story was dark and man was it a bumpy road I love and hated Cain, but totally understood why he was such a meany alpha male. Violet is a sugar pie I loved her and related to her so much because we are the same age, and we would totally be best friends if she was real. This book aren't very long but they are so good. I love this series it is one of my favs from Jenika!!

Not your average love story
Written by shelle66 on 11th Mar 2015

Received an ARC for an honest review. Loved this story. Cain was all alpha, tough and dark and he wanted, loved Violet but felt he was better off staying away from her so he would not ruin her life. Story was well written. I could feel Cain and Violet's pain in staying apart. Violet was a strong heroine. She knew what she wanted in life and she was going after it. Cain's Darkness kept my attention thru the whole book. Absolutely loved it.

Written by Donna Briody Buccella on 11th Mar 2015

Cain, dark, broken, hardened, dangerous, loyal, fiercely protective, but also loving tender, and sexy as HELL!!!!! I'm so happy he was able to open up, let go of the past and find the one pure thing his life needed, his head didn't believe he deserved, but his heart knew....... he needed Violet, deserved Violet. Unconditional pure love!!!!! I can't wait to see where this goes.. LOVED THIS STORY LOVE THIS SERIES

Written by on 10th Mar 2015

Received an ARC for an honest review and I have 2 say this book is freaking awesome! Jenika Snow is 1 of my all time favorite authors. Download this book u will not be disappointed!