Reckless by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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The Sons, 1

Marcus wants Corin, but his hands are covered in blood, his soul dark. He isn’t a good man, but he can also see her home life is rocky, and that she has a wall around herself. Part of him wants to be good for her. 

Corin’s life changed five years ago. She’s a loner, and has isolated herself. And then she meets a hardened biker, one that defends her even though she means nothing to him. He’s rough around the edges, coarse, and a little scary—but he’s all she can think about. 

Being the son of The Brothers of Menace VP means Marcus is used to the gritty world of violence and death. But even if Corin’s too good for him he still wants her for himself. He doesn’t know if she fully knows that giving herself to him means she is his irrevocably.

Be Warned: anal play, spanking


“I’ll make it so good for you, Corin,” he said against her mouth, not touching her lips, but he had her mouth feeling like it was swelling as blood rushed to the surface.


“I’m your first,” he said on a groan, smoothed his fingers over her cheek, and she felt his hand shake slightly. “And I’ll be your fucking last,” he said possessively, fiercely, and she knew without a doubt he was telling the truth. It was this power that slammed into her, this heat and gust of energy that told her this man didn’t say things like that lightly.


“Marcus,” she said his name softly, because that was the only word she could form at that moment.


“Your cherry is mine.”


Her lungs tightened, the air leaving them at his words. He stroked her lips with his tongue, and moved his hand down her chest, over her belly, and rested it right between her thighs.


“Your pussy is mine.” He pulled at her bottom lip with his teeth until she groaned, and he slipped his hand inside the waistband of her underwear, but didn’t so much as rub her clit. “You are mine.”


She felt that truth deep in her body, and knew without a doubt he meant every word despite the short time they’d actually known each other. He took a few steps back, started removing his cut, and then went for his t-shirt. When he was shirtless, and started working at undoing his belt, button, and zipper, she stared at his chest, because damn, she just couldn’t help it.


Hard planes of muscle covered every inch of his broad chest. The dark bands of ink around one of his arms, the saying he had on his forearm, and the other tattoos that covered his body were works of art and told of a story. And then there was the large tattoo on the side of his abdomen, one that snaked all the way to his back. It was a masterful piece, and was the same logo The Brothers of Menace sported.


Because she couldn’t help herself, she let her gaze travel lower. A line of dark hair started below his navel and made a trail down his rippling, six-pack covered abdomen to disappear beneath his jeans. The low throb that had been present between her thighs now became a fierce pounding that demanded notice.


“Your body was made for me, Corin.” His voice was low and filled with heat. He finished getting undressed, and now stood there completely naked, unashamed or bashful of his nudity. His cock was rock hard for her, standing straight, thick and huge between his thighs. “I’ve never wanted a woman as much as I want you.”


“You’re just saying that,” she said, her voice shaky, trembling because of her nerves and arousal.


He took a step closer. “I don’t lie, ever, Corin.”


The masculine scent that came from him had her nipples tightening, had her toes curling.


“If only you knew that I’d seriously bring down anyone that hurt you…” His words were low and deep and held a hell of a lot of threat. “I’d scare you if you knew the intensity of that, Corin.”


The thick erection he sported had her clenching her thighs together as need overtook her. Corin didn’t say anything, couldn’t even form words at that moment.


She stood, her knees shaking, her legs threatening to give out on her, and took a step closer. They stood toe-to-toe now, the largeness of his body blocking out everything behind him. The force of his breathing brushed across her face, ruffling the tendrils of her hair in a soft caress. His chest rose and fell quick and hard, and the pulse at the base of his throat beat wildly. Was her need just as evident as his?


Her hands shook, but she lifted them and placed them on his hard, rippled abdomen. The hard muscles clenched under her palm, and she slid her hands up the rolling, defined hills of his chest, along his tattoos until she was tracing the lines of that ink with her fingertips.


When she rested her hands on each of his pecs the beat of his heart was strong and steady, so unlike her rapidly pounding one.


Corin,” he said her name on a harsh whisper.


If she derailed from what she wanted to do and did end up stopping this she would hate herself. She leaned into him, felt the heat from his body seep into hers, and closed her eyes. It felt good to feel his warmth. When she looked into his face, the fierce expression of desire reflected back at her increased her pulse and her lust for him. Here she was, in nothing but her undergarments, with this feared MC biker naked and wanting her. Very gently she curled her fingers into the hard, yet pliant flesh at his chest.


“Be my first, Marcus. I want that so badly.”


He took her hand, held it on his chest, right over his heart, and said in a low voice, “I’ll be your first. I’ll be your only, Corin. You’re mine, and there isn’t anyone or anything that will stop me from having you.”


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 1st Aug 2015

A new series following the Grizzly and Brothers of Menace children. This is Marcus's story and his bewildering reaction to Corin. Bewildering in that he likes her, thinks about her, and wants her. All at the same time! Growing up as a male with an MC father, and being in the same MC himself, sex has never been in short supply. But there's sex and then there is a connection with someone that you care about. And while Marcus never thought that would happen to him, he goes down fast and forever for Corin. What kind of woman attracts a hot and sexy biker? An anti-makeup, eyeglass wearing plus-size girl, that's who. Marcus and Corin are instantly attracted, but they do the tap dance of Marcus denying his feelings and Corin convincing herself that he would never be interested in a girl like her. I enjoyed the exposure of Marcus's soft underbelly where Corin was concerned as well as Corin's evolution. The background story of Corin's mom added some drama to an otherwise sedate read in comparison to other books in this genre. There are a few shockers concerning other "sons" but they will be dealt with in future books. The chemistry between Corin and Marcus was steamy but I liked the wonderment they both felt more. How being together brought contentment and happiness. I like that this series just keeps going. I often wonder about how other characters are doing and this series answers those questions. Life on this plane doesn't end until we are dead; perhaps this series can go on like that.

Another HIT!!!!
Written by Branleigh on 30th Jun 2015

Another great book from Jenika Snow. This is a must read you'll love it. I recommend reading Grizzly's MC and Brothers' of Menace MC is order that they were published. You won't regret it!

Take me as I am!
Written by Connie on 30th Jun 2015

Wow! Love, love it!! Which is no surprise with this author. Storyline is well written, steamy hot and sweet at times. Marcus is a sexy badass biker who parties hard and lives for his MC family. He’s a take me as I am kind of guy. He is who he is and has a I won’t change for anyone attitude. Little did he know meeting innocent, shy Corin would change him in little ways making him want to be a better man. Who knew this badass biker could have a softer gentle side that comes out when interacting with Corin but at the same time shows her who he really is. Corin may be shy but accepts Marcus and his biker life and for once goes after what she wants. They make a sweet couple whose characters just click. Loved their chemistry and passion. Loved his style of courting her. Can’t wait for more in this series. Would totally recommend. Received an ARC copy from author for a honest review.

Freaking awesome
Written by Mlmayer on 26th Jun 2015

So freaking good! I love this book and so can't wait for the next 1!

I was late going to bed because I couldn't put this book down
Written by Dawn Povijua on 26th Jun 2015

I love this book it is well writen, I love Marcus and Corin. I have always loves Jenika Snows books but none more then the Grizzly MC books and the Brothers of Menace books. So now that we get the kids of those beloved characters. the only this I did not love is that it left off in a little cliffhanger. This book is great

Hot biker boy book!!
Written by Chrys Armstrong on 26th Jun 2015

ARC by author for an honest review. This story was a great addition to the brothers of menace and grizzly storylines. It was sexy, sweet, and surprising. I love watching "bad boys" fall for their girls.

Im bad, its just who I am
Written by Daria on 25th Jun 2015

~~ARC Gifted by the Author in exchange for a review~ I'm starting to have a thing for MC stories, Jenika has the remarkable talent to bring it to you. I've had the pleasure of reading Jenika's work before and this newest one 'Reckless' was just another show of her wonderful talent to weave a story. Corin is a simple girl an innocent her life is go to work go home. She managed to catch the eye of a member of a motorcycle crew. More bad boy thank she really even knows. Marcus is the bad in bad apple, when he saves a cashier from being harassed by a group of idiots, once he leaves he can't stop thinking about her. He knows he is bad and should just stay way. Reckless is a decent size book, characters are defined and progress. The Bad boy and the good girl, they go back and forth a lot in word play. (that part was just slightly annoying) but I really liked the story, its not a cliff hanger per se, but it seems to lead into the next book. I hope I get the chance to read the next book in the series. If you like bad boy and MC themes go grab it, its well worth it.

The characters are great and the story pulls you right in
Written by Michele on 25th Jun 2015

. I'm loving this new series! The characters are great and the story pulls you right in. This new series has some cross over in to the Grizzlly Series. another great series by this author. excited to see where this new series goes! enjoy it, I sure did!

Could not put it down-Must Read
Written by ChrisS on 25th Jun 2015

Phenomenal!! This is the beginning of a great new series. Marcus is so not what you expect in a biker. I loved how his "other" side was portrayed. Corin & Marcus find each other when they need each other the most.

Sexy and Sweet
Written by T.Superstarlet "MCLOVER" on 25th Jun 2015

Loved this book. Sometimes love can happen when you least expect it. I love their love! I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for a honest review. I'll start by saying hell yes I want more of this series. Marcus is pure alpha and most certainly has a way with words Corine is a shy curvy sweetheart.

Written by Monica Dunne on 25th Jun 2015

I've been eagerly awaiting this book and it absolutely didn't disappoint!! I love the worlds where the Grizzly MC and Soldiers of Wrath MC intersect and this first book into The Sons is AWESOME!! I love the chemistry between Marcus and Corin and the path their story took, and I love that we got to see the hard and soft side of Marcus. This will definitely be one that I read over and over and I ABSOLUTELY recommend this book to everyone!!

Written by Rhonda on 25th Jun 2015

I received this book for an honest review. Just have to say that I LOVED this book and am going to love this series. It was a short, hot and very sexy read. Marcus and Corin are perfect for each other. I really liked that while the MC clubs were in the background, the story was about the relationship between Marcus and Corin. And the ending was the perfect set up for the next book. I loved it and can't wait for the next book. You rock Jenika!!

Love at first sight?
Written by Kelly Scott on 25th Jun 2015

MAN! What is to come now? I won't ruin it for you, but the ending sets the stage for this series. There will be more to this series than just sexy bikers finding their old ladies. There's a new enemy and everyone has to ignore the misunderstandings they have and come together as a club and as allies to the club. I hope to see more from Corin and Marcus in the other books. Corin has so much potential to be strong and to come into her own. I'd love to see more of her "doing" something with her life. Action, steamy sex, hot men and potential butt kicking--- good read.

Sorry I'm busy I will get back to you when I'm finished this book.
Written by Alison Carter on 25th Jun 2015

Wow I couldn't put Reckless down. I'm totally loving this new series and this book is WOW. Now to let you know I'm no spoiler. But I can say it's great. The characters are greatly thought out and the story flows effortlessly. This is a totally new series but it does cross over in to both Grizzly and Malice MC Series. I love that if you haven't read the other two series it don't matter, but if you have (which I'm sure you have if you love MC stories and this author you would have) it give you that extra push to go back and read them too. I was unable to put Reckless down and think I will just head back to my copy and read it again. Great work Jenika I can't wait to see where this series is heading.