Taking Over by S.J. Maylee

Heat Level 3
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Love Projects, 3

Gina’s life was perfect, until the day she realized the man she loved didn’t love her back. Her charming life turned upside down as tragedy and cruelty struck her down. She learned to protect her family from those who could cause them pain, but she inadvertently ensured the perfect life would be forever out of her reach.

Marcus has hid his love for Gina for years. His assumptions about her have allowed him to be harsh, but underneath all the anger is a man deeply in love. The tough realities of her life put them in position to see themselves in a whole new light. The second chance is right there and it could take them over the edge into the love they’ve always wanted.

Be Warned: light BDSM, sex toys, public exhibition



This had to be a new record. In less than a minute, he had her loathing herself. It didn't matter he was working on incorrect data. “Hope not to see you again.” She waved as she turned to go.


She kept moving.

His hand came down on her shoulder and pulled her around. “When a Master tells you to wait, you do as you're told. Our personal history doesn't erase protocol. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her chest rubbed against his. From under her lashes, she looked up into his light blue eyes and, for a second, wished she could forget why she hated him.

“I'm sorry.” He stepped back and let his hand fall. “You came to this area because you needed something from the benches. I'm the only one free right now.” He raised his hand and brushed away the hair hanging in front of her eyes. “I can give you what you need.”

Once again, Marcus showed himself as the good guy. She didn’t like him because he had a tendency to call her out on her mistakes and she was certain he thought her supposed latest was a doozy, since it ended her marriage.

“That's nice of you, but it's okay.” She took a step back.

“I can see that it's not.” He took a step forward. “We can push past our history and live in this moment.” He grabbed her hand. “Let me help.”

Warmth gathered in her core. She'd seen this side of him, but they'd never scened together. She tilted her head to the side and examined him. The first time she gazed into his blue eyes, she knew he'd cause her problems. He could see the truth through all the mess, not that he ever tried to understand her. She didn't want to know what he'd see if he ever took a closer look at her. Fear ticked up her spine. She had a feeling that he alone would be her undoing.

Desperate to let go, she knew the sting of a paddle was what she needed, but sometimes it was hard to separate feelings discovered at the spanking bench. She laughed out loud. Since there was no way she'd start to care about Marcus now, she decided to take him up on his offer. After all, she was determined to reach the kind of release only a good reddened ass could provide.

“Thanks, Marcus.” She walked to the only free bench and bent over the apparatus, putting her forearms on the padded rests and grasped the holding bar. Her short skirt would already be giving him quite a show. For the first time, she wished the club allowed submissives to wear panties.

“Since we've never played together, I won't be restraining you. We certainly don't have that kind of trust. You understand how important it is not to move, correct?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand. I won't move.” It pinched her last nerve to call him sir, but he was doing her a great service. For these few minutes, she'd give him the respect any Master in this club deserved.

He flipped her skirt up over her back, exposing her round ass. The paddle brushed over her lower back, across her hip, and down the length of her leg to her knee. His hand followed the paddle with a feather touch, allowing a soothing bliss to spread over her skin.

The room either quieted or she'd blocked out the noise but she welcomed the peace, needing to remember why she was there. He repeated the pattern on the other side, drawing her in with his tenderness. She swallowed against the unwelcomed thoughts threatening to break her concentration.

“I'll give you twenty swats. I expect you to count them.”

“Okay. Thank you, Sir.”

The paddle rubbed over her right cheek and then smacked against it, rocking her whole body. The force behind the swat surprised her, this was not her first mistake. What had she been thinking? Submitting to Marcus was on her list of things to never try. She had to give him more credit. He'd caught her off her game.

“We'll start back at one each time you forget to count.” He smacked her other cheek.

“One. Sorry, Sir.”

“Not as sorry as your ass will be if you forget again.” He dragged the paddle along her skin in the same figure as before, spreading the sensitivity. “I have no problem paddling your ass all night.” He smacked her right cheek again.

“Two...three...four.” Somewhere over the next couple of swats, Gina remembered why she'd come back into the club tonight. Her knuckles turned white with the force of her grip. She gulped in a breath of air and waited for the next hit to land with its punishing kiss of heat, but none came. Marcus stepped into her line of sight, just out of reach. The paddle was no longer in his hand.

“I'll keep counting, Sir. Please, I need this.”

He lowered himself beside her and reached out to caress her fingers until she released her strangle hold. “I'll finish, after I've determined you're in the right frame of mind.”

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This was a great edition to the Love Projects series… In this book ...
Written by Beckey on 26th Jun 2015

This was a great edition to the Love Projects series… In this book you get a chance to understand why Gina behaves like she does. In addition if you have read the other books in this series they can all be read as standalones but each book has a glimpse of the other characters in the book series… Amazing :) The only thing I would like to have seen was that the step-dad got a little more of revenge at the end or even payback… Can’t wait for the next…

Complex characters
Written by Cara Bristol on 22nd Jun 2015

This book had strong opening hook. “Bad girls” are always more interesting than good ones, and in this book Gina, who was a “bad girl” in the previous Love Projects books, gets to tell her side of the story. Of course, we learn that everything is not what it appeared. I liked the complexity of the relationships in Taking Over, and the way Marcus leaped to Gina defense even when he wasn’t sure he believed her or could trust her (that’s a man in love!). I also enjoyed seeing the characters from the previous book, but note that this book CAN be read as a stand-alone. You don’t have to read the previous ones to enjoy the story.

Bad Girls Meets Her Match
Written by Liz Castillo on 14th Jun 2015

When SJ first told me that she was going to write a story about Gina, well let's just say I was very skeptical. Gina was defiantly not my favorite person and the way she treated my favorite heroines, well that didn't bode well for Gina. To Gina say was my least favorite person would be the understatement of the year. As can be expected, when SJ told me to expect this story in my inbox, I was part excited and part scared. Excited to finally get to know Marcus and scared because it was Gina. But I promised to go into this story with an open mind, after all I do adore SJ. So after reading it, did I like it? Short answer..... Yes. Long answer..... Gina surprised me, in more ways than I anticipated. The reasons that she acts the way she does proves that she has a heart.... a really big heart. Although her actions are not be condoned, I get it. And for this I have to, albeit reluctantly, admit that I like and respect her. Marcus has he's hands full when he decides to get to the heart of Gina. He's the Master with a heart of gold. He's techniques are very provocative and alluring. I love that he never gives up on Gina, even when her stubbornness gets in the way. And it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes. What a great surprise to see so many familiar faces in this story. It's like seeing old friends and catching up with them. I would have loved to have been sandwiched between all those seductive men at one table. Someone get me a fan! In short, this was a very sensual tale of longing for someone from afar and then getting the opportunity to finally act on those feelings. A story of hope, courage, and second chances. A story that proves you can't judge a book, or a person in this case, at face value. Well done my friend! You took the bad girl we all loved to hate and made her someone that we can love and care for. I didn't think it was possible, but you are Gina's personal miracle worker!

great read
Written by undefined on 13th Jun 2015

this story pulled me in and had me reading until the end. there was a little drama to spice things up and a great resolution to the problem good book.