Underneath His Armor by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Outlaw MC, 2

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws? 

As President of the Outlaw MC of Mars, Knox needs to keep his head clear and always stay on alert. That’s easier said than done. In the middle of this war with the government, another MC wants to start making some big moves. Knox knows they need to watch the their backs but he also wants to protect his club brothers. 

Knox and Liam grew up looking out for one another. That didn’t change when they were sent to prison or when they turned helplessness into a thriving motorcycle club. But Knox is determined to hold Liam at a distance to keep the MC objective safe. When Liam is injured, Knox is faced with a terrible truth. What if Liam dies before Knox can say just how much he loves the sexy VP? 

Explosions, hover bikes, corruption, and hot sex. Will life on Mars keep two men from finding happiness together? 

Be Warned: m/m sex, multiple partners



“Why would you lie to the club? Why would you lie to me?”

“They don’t matter where my dick is concerned.” I kicked the nearest chair and regretted my words instantly. I should have said everyone didn’t matter. I shouldn’t have singled Lover out. “Just fucking drop it.”

Lover grabbed my bicep.

I turned toward him, his green eyes pulling me in like a damn trance. “Leave. It. Alone.”

“No. Lies destroy a club. Lies get people killed.”

“It’s too fucking hard,” I shouted. Damn it, I had to get control of my outbursts.

“What’s hard?”

“I am.” Big fucking balls! I took a deep breath and laid my forehead against the closed door. “I’m hard, Lover. Every time I see you, every time I hear your voice, every time I fucking smell you. You are a distraction in the middle of a deadly war that I can’t shake. All I do is

dream of you naked and think about kissing your lips. So no, I am not fucking the prospect.” 

There, I wasn’t lying.

“So why aren’t you fucking me?”

“Lover...” His name came out a harsh whisper. “I’d be thinking about your ass instead of taking down Wexmen.” It was the honest truth. “We’ve started something with this club. Others are rising up and joining us. Now is not the time for this.” We had a huge job tomorrow.

Lover moved closer, too fucking close.

I could smell his cologne, musky and subtle. My gaze went from his eyes the color of spring grass to his soft lips. Lover slid his tongue out and dampened the bottom lip. My cock was all sorts of excited, pressing against the zipper of my jeans almost painfully. “We can’t.” The protest sounded pathetic. Too raspy and deep. My breathing doubled as if I was sprinting, but I hadn’t moved an inch. Even my fingers jerked. I wanted to grab handfuls of his brown hair and hold him still while I ravaged his mouth. “Oh, fuck.” I sunk my right hand into his hair. It was short so I couldn’t get a great grip. Still I tugged the locks and jerked his head back. I could see the long expanse of his tanned neck and his chiseled jaw. He licked his lower lip again. This was such a bad idea it was almost epic and yet I was lowering my head. Lover was shorter than me, so I got to tower over him and exert more dominance. I stuck my tongue out and glided it along his lower lip. I used my teeth to nip at his chin.

He gasped.

My cock nearly plowed through my zipper at the sound. I wished we were naked so I could watch his growth. A kiss would have to do for now before my mind overrode my dick. I took his bottom lip between my teeth, holding him still as I applied pressure. Just enough to sting, then I placed my mouth over his and plunged my tongue inside. It was a claiming, a show of dominance that I knew I’d win. Our first kiss had been hesitant and awkward. This one was pure lust. I took control, savoring the shudder that ran through Lover’s body. My tongue invaded so deep he nearly gagged. I tightened my grip on his hair and used my other hand on his throat, squeezing gently. I sucked on his tongue then sunk my teeth into his lower lip. The sharp, copper taste of blood filled our mouths. I licked at both his lips and then fixed my mouth to his again. My lungs were burning, our breaths like strong winds between us. I walked Lover backward with my hand on his throat. He bumped into the wall. I used that barrier to my advantage and pressed my body against his. I could feel the heat coming from his skin under his shirt. My cock ground against his upper belly and I felt his against my thigh. I thrust against him, taking his mouth with pure savagery.

Then the door opened.

I pulled apart from Lover so fast I was almost dizzy. “Get out!” 

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The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 2nd Jun 2015

We’re on Mars for the next fabulous installment of Outlaw MC. Knox, president of the club has been secretly in love with his best friend and vice president of the club for years. However, he’s been hiding it because of the war with the government. When Liam is hurt, Knox realizes that sometimes you have to face your fear to find happiness. James Cox blew me away with this book. I liked the first book in this series but I loved this one. Biker romance has become a favorite genre of mine and this author takes a new approach. Bikers are the good guys, the government are the bad guys. Black men are slaves. Women are used for breeding and homosexuality is a death sentence. Knox was a wonderfully rich character and Liam was a determined sexy man. I love how their friendship unfolds with flashbacks. They really added to the depth of the story. I can’t believe how short this book was and yet so much was packed so perfectly into the pages. James Cox has a truly unique biker series. Take a chance and go to mars with Cox’s sexy, badass characters!

Night Owl Reviews
Written by BookGirl on 30th May 2015

Earth has become a prison colony and people now live on Mars. The world is corrupt now though and times are very hard. Knox and Liam have been best friends for years and run a MC club together. In this world the MC clubs are the good guys though and it's a constant struggle to protect their members as well as the people around them. This is a short story that is the second in a series but can be read as a standalone. The story was well written and had an interesting world. Lots of steam and sexy times. (This author can write some hot scenes.) I'm definitely heading out to read the other two in the series.

Prism Book Alliance
Written by Lirtle on 10th May 2015

As book one, Chaos Unchained, focused on Chaos and Beau, this story centers around Knox, the MC Prez, and Liam, his VP. They’ve been friends since they were teenagers, and it’s been close to twenty five years now. Unlike book one which was mostly set on Earth, we’ve now moved to Mars where all remaining living souls reside. Well, except for those back on Earth who are either prisoners or prison “guards”. Yeah, not exactly a wonderful existence for most. A series of flashbacks are used in the opening chapters to show us some of their shared history over the decades. Your “friends to lovers” alert should be pinging right about now. What I like about this particular telling is that they don’t rush in, they know the stakes, the importance of the club and its purpose, and worry about what affect a relationship would have on all of that. Given the author’s writing style, some of the political realities of this world feel heavy handed, even if they are true. Believe me, they’re true. It might be that this is heightened because the time in which these characters are trying to survive feels like right now, not some crazy far into the future reality. Hot. Yep, hot. Sexy, growly sexy. Heart, yup, we got heart. There are a few places where physical descriptions appear to contradict themselves: someone had been kneeling but is then said to have just now knelt; someone was already lying down on their back and then was described as sitting back to enjoy the activity being visited upon them. Slightly confuzzling and momentarily removed me from the story as I worked to decipher. For all of the jacked up realities, and the necessary adjustment of some morals in order to deal with them, this still contains sweetness, respect, and emotion that all feel real. Also, returning to the hot ‘n sexy, Cox knows kissing and what it does, being one of the quickest ways to buckling one’s knees with need. Bare bones, this second installment is a love story. I’m smiling as I write this. Despite some editing issues, I enjoyed this story, I like the character names, the various relationships, and the umbrella story about fighting back against a cruel government, an overlord, really. I’m hoping we get shown a bit more of that instead of just telling. Oh yeah, and this story is hot.

Rainbow Gold Reviews
Written by Tracy on 4th May 2015

WOW James Cox does it again. Underneath His Armor is book 2 in the Outlaw MC series, for such a short novella it does pack one heck of a punch…. Knox (Outlaw) leads the MC’s in their fight against the government. The law are ridiculous, Women are only for breeding, blacks are locked up as slaves and Gays are killed. His second in command is Liam (Lover), they have been friends since they were kids, started the MC’s together. The lust between the two is explosive. Knox thinks he needs to put the MC’s and their fight before his love for Liam, until Liam is injured in a battle. This book is set on Mars and focus’s on the war, its very fast paced, lots of explosions, high speed hover bikes and sizzling multi partner sex that borders on being an orgy. There is still the fun element that James Cox is known for. Its why I enjoy reading his books so much. The world building this author creates is second to none. He is a genius, you don’t get an info overload, the story flows beautifully with a kick ass plot that will keep you riveted. I honestly couldn’t put the book down. The sex scenes are powerful, described to perfection and sizzling. Public sex is a thing this author is the master of. Overall a fantastic book that is action packed with a great storyline and an ingenious plot.

Love Bytes
Written by Dan on 18th Apr 2015

Dude, you are killing me! The dude I refer to is of course James Cox! He keeps giving us these teasing little snippets of a story. Just when I start, I’m done….and I want MORE! I was doing a little happy dance when I got to dive into this next installment of the Outlaw MC series. I would have included a video attachment…but yeah…me in my boxer shorts…it wouldn’t have been pretty… ;-) So seriously, back to the review. To quote the book: “Hold on to your nuts, things are about to get bumpy…Welcome to Mars. Knox and his best friend Liam have been friends since they were kids. Both share a passion for justice and both oppose the government on Mars. A government that: says women are property, for use as breeders only, and can be killed by their owners at will; says dark skinned men are slaves; says anyone found guilty of gay sex will be executed; and a government that has outlawed drugs, alcohol, kinky sex and smoking. I’m seriously thinking there are several people running for President in the US next time that share President Wexmen’s ideals. Knox, aka Outlaw, the co-founder and President of the Outlaw MC of Mars and Liam, aka Lover, the other co-founder and Vice-President of the Outlaw MC founded the MC to battle the injustice of the corrupt Wexmen’s rule. With a group of gay bikers, they help fight injustice by doing some really bad shit to the government! Explosions, gunfire, freeing slaves, saving abused women. All are part of their work. Knox though is harboring a secret. He hasn’t had sex with another man since he kissed Liam the day they opened the bar which is a cover for the Outlaw clubhouse. It was so intense that he decided on the spot that they couldn’t pursue it. It has been years since they kissed, but he still has a hard-on only for Liam. Things are about to change. When Liam is hurt while raiding the slave pens, will Knox finally figure out what he stands to lose? Somewhere in the middle of the book, we do also get an update on Chaos and Beau from book one. It appears they are doing very well, since them having sex keeps Outlaw up at night with all the noise Beau makes. Beau also drives a get-away vehicle in this installment as well. What else can I say? Typical for a James Cox story, this installment is of course filled with lots of sex, big uncut dicks, testosterone, a cum pig prospect, and hairy bikers. Sounds like heaven to me! I highly recommend this installment and the one before it. Read it quickly, so that I’m not the only miserable person waiting for the next installment!

Written by LeeAnnP on 16th Apr 2015

In the second book of the Outlaw MC books, the President , Outlaw, has had to be tough in a cruel world. His V.P. Lover , has been his best friend since childhood. He is also the man Outlaw has been in love with almost as long. They fight the evil, that is the government on Mars. For as long as he can remember Outlaw has been fighting his feelings for Lover. He didn't want any relationship they might have to interfere with their mission to help those who need them.Not to mention, if it was discovered, they would both be put to death. Then one day, Lover is almost killed by a bullet. Outlaw realizes that he needs to take the love offered for as long as he can and finally let the man he loves know how much he means to him. I loved watching how their story unfolded. James always writes an amazing story. I enjoy every word. Yes there is sex in this book and it IS amazing. However, I truly look forward , in every one of James's books, to the love story woven into the fabric of the story. I have never been disappointed.

Written by shorty on 5th Apr 2015

As President of the Outlaw MC of Mars, Knox needs to keep his head clear and always stay on alert. That’s easier said than done. In the middle of this war with the government, another MC wants to start making some big moves. Knox knows they need to watch their backs but he also wants to protect his club brothers. Knox and Liam grew up looking out for one another. That didn’t change when they were sent to prison or when they turned helplessness into a thriving motorcycle club. But Knox is determined to hold Liam at a distance to keep the MC objective safe. When Liam is injured, Knox is faced with a terrible truth. What if Liam dies before Knox can say just how much he loves the sexy VP? Explosions, hover bikes, corruption, and hot sex. Will life on Mars keep two men from finding happiness together?

Awesome book!
Written by Anne Bock on 25th Mar 2015

I so loved this book! On the one hand we learn more about the Outlaw MC and the fight the few men are struggling with with the government. But, and that's the most important aspect for me, we learn more about the president of the MC and his secret longings and fears. Knowing his vice president and best friend, Liam aka Lover since they were little boys, Knox aka Outlaw has to fight his own war with his feelings. He was falling in love with his best friend a Long time ago, but is afraid to tell him or let it happen. His feelings and the urge to be with Liam grows on and on and will destroy their friendship and can't be in this bad times of war and punishment for lovin a man. Or can it? Could he try to let loose and fall for the man he secretly longs for for years? And Liam, who sees through Knox's armor and straight to his heart and soul. He knows and confronts his friend. Could they be together? I love all of the characters James comes up with! It's easy to follow the flow and to feel their angst, sadness, longing and maybe luck and happiness. You just want them to be together and happy as they deserve it! And James' guys are hot and damn sexy, too! Damn but he has some good taste and sexy naughty ideas about them being and "playing" together. Delicious. I am so looking forward now to the next installment in this series. Good Job, James! And if i haven't told you lately, you and your books are amazing!

A kind of sexy Robin Hood of the galaxies
Written by lorraine Lesar on 24th Mar 2015

OMG James Cox you are such a tease! How do you get away with it? and this is why I love The Cox books so much - they are pure and simple fun, very, very sexy fun! This latest offering, is the second book in his new series (it can be read very successfully as a stand alone) and we are given Outlaw and Lover's storyline. Outlaw (MC President) has been in love with his Vice President (Lover) since they were kids, but he has responsibilities and can't let his love for Lover distract him, so he stays away - in body, not mind (he has some very dirty thoughts in his mind!). The world is now fully f***ed up, all thanks to one man, Max Wexman. Outlaw and his Club is determined to take Wexman down and end the wrongs - it's going to be a long battle. When someone gets hurt on a mission freeing black slaves, Outlaw finally realises that staying clear of Lover is no longer an option. Have to say, that the whole book was great fun to read and the sexy bits weren't bad either (lol). Really looking forward to reading book 3. P.S. just found out that this book is a no. 1 Bestseller - not surprised, go read for yourselves why people love to read James Cox books.

5 stars!
Written by Shirley on 23rd Mar 2015

I love this new series by the King Of Outrage, James Cox. This series is about an outlaw MC gang that live on Mars. Earth is now a prison colony. Things are much different in the future. Women are used for breeding purposes only, men of color are forced into slavery, smoking, drinking, homosexuality, and anything besides missionary sex is against the law. Understand why the Outlaws are the good guys now? In usual James Cox style, there is smoking hot scenes and an amazing story to go with it! Long live my King of Outrage!!!