The Devil's Cum in His Eye by James Cox

Heat Level 3
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A Cox Club Story, 1

Cop by day, erotic writer by night, stripper on the weekends, and Tomkin Coburn just found a dead body in his bedroom. But which occupation lead to murder?

Coburn has his teenage son in tow and a detective that seems to be interested in his butt as well as his innocence. He’ll do anything to protect his kid and the intense feelings he has for Detective Luke Early. The evidence quickly mounts against Coburn—murder weapon, body fluids, and oh yeah, no one in the world seems to know who the dead guy is.

Together, Coburn and Luke find themselves in the path of a killer, but can they unravel the mystery before it’s too late?

Be Warned: m/m sex



Luke undid his belt and stood up.

Coburn watched as the sexy fucker took off his shoes, socks and finally his pants. That gorgeous dick bounced free and the smear at the tip told Coburn just how much Luke enjoyed sucking him off. Well, that feeling was very fucking mutual. But Coburn didn’t want to do this standing up. He grabbed Luke’s arm and directed him to the couch, then Coburn shifted to his knees. It was a thrill when he slid his hands up Luke’s hairy thighs and parted his legs. “By the way, it was phenomenal.”

Luke snorted. “Good. You were about to hurt my feelings.”

Coburn grinned and wrapped his hand around Luke’s shaft. “Prepare to be reciprocated with that phenomenal-ness. And yes, I know that’s probably not a word.”

“Well, right now, I’m not really caring about words.” Luke’s head fell back.

Coburn pressed kisses on each thigh, slowly leading up to that hard, long cock begging for attention. He stroked the length once, twice and on the third lowered so he could lick Luke’s balls. Easy, tentative touches with the tip of his tongue had Luke shifting his hips upward. “Like that, do you?”

Luke groaned.

Coburn lapped at Luke’s big hairy balls, swirling and sucking gently on his sacks. He rubbed the tip of Luke’s dick with his palm as he made wet designs with his tongue. When Luke started squirming and grabbing the couch cushion, Coburn gave the man a break. He moved on to that red tinted tip. Coburn couldn’t wait to taste him. The moment the salty pre-cum was on his tongue, he smiled. “Mmm.”

“I’m about a second away from having a heart attack and you’re saying Mmmm?” Luke said, sounding flustered and overwhelmed.

Good. Coburn chuckled but gave in. He wrapped his mouth around the beautiful shaft and then moved his hand to Luke’s balls. With a hard suck, he gently massaged.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Luke shouted and thrust his hips up.

Coburn would have laughed if his mouth wasn’t full. He sucked again with the ball massage and this time added a tongue flick at the end. Luke groaned loudly and tightened his grip on the couch. The next suck Coburn rubbed his soft cock against Luke’s leg. He was still enjoying the sensation, even though he wasn’t hard.

Luke muttered something unintelligible.

“Oh, yeah?” Coburn asked amused and then gave Luke’s dick another suck-massage. He opened wide as that salty sperm sprayed into his mouth. Coburn quickly swallowed, still stimulating those big balls as Luke thrust and sputtered.

When his cock stopped spewing and his hips returned to the couch, Luke opened his eyes to stare at Coburn. “I don’t know if I should say thanks or dear God, please do it again.” Luke rubbed his hand through Coburn’s hair. “I have money. I could pay you to come over every night and suck my dick,” he joked.

“Isn’t that romantic,” Coburn said it with a smile. “And you damn well know prostitution is illegal and disgusting.”

“Agreed.” Luke slid his fingers along Coburn’s jaw then rubbed at the wet spot under Coburn’s eye. Cum?

“Plus, you couldn’t afford me.” Coburn planted a kiss on Luke’s knee. “There’s also the whole murder investigation thing—oh my God.” He leaned back, shocked at the revelation that had just popped into his head. “The cum in his eye!”

Luke sat up. “What? I feel like I’m missing something here. Something important. How’d we go from a nice after-orgasm talk about prostitution to cum in your eye?”

“His eye. Pat.”

“The case.” Luke shifted to the edge of couch, oblivious of the tempting soft cock dangling within reach.

Coburn couldn’t think with his dick right now. “I know who framed me.” 

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The Romance Reviews
Written by Book Addict on 29th May 2018

When it comes to humour and incredulous plots, Mr. Cox is always a winner. His stories are always a thrilling time with fun characters and mind boggling plots. In this latest series, how can a reader not love the title and pick it up? Yes, I read this book because of the title with absolutely no clue what the story was about. Based on Mr. Cox's usual genre, I figured it would be m/m and erotically hot. Beyond these two givens, it is anyone's guess what would take place. I smiled through this entire story and laughed so hard I may have snorted a few times. Let's start with the characters. Tomkin Coburn is a single father who does whatever he can to bring in money to raise his son. When I say anything, I mean to the point he sells his body for a little lookie-lookie but no touchie-touchie. As a featured dancer in a gay strip club, one would think he would be raking in the money. Not so. He also moonlights as an erotic writer. But wait, there's more! His day job is a cop. My guess is he gets paid the very least as a public servant and it is the most dangerous. Where does Coburn find the time? I'm just baffled. Still, he's a character who is easily visualized as a high octane on the go guy who is never still. Just thinking about him exhausts me. His carefully stacked house of cards comes tumbling down when he wakes up late for his day job and finds a dead body next to him. Luke Early is the detective assigned to solve the murder case. He is a nice guy and seriously crossing lines as he becomes more and more attracted to Coburn. Honestly, the plot of this story is decent. The solving of the case is a bit loose. Let's not confuse this with a mystery story. As with most of the tales written by Mr. Cox, there is a bit of tongue in cheek poking fun of genres. When the murderer is caught, it is not a surprise. Whilst not anti-climactic, it is a bit disturbing. Fortunately the closing of the case ends with a happily ever after. This erotic suspense is recommended to m/m readers who enjoy crazy situations with hot sexy men.

Long and Short Reviews LASR
Written by Fern on 14th Apr 2018

Tomkin was a police officer by day, an erotic romance author by night and a stripper over the weekend. Despite the busyness of his life, he enjoys every moment – until he wakes up next to a dead lover. Luke might be the detective in charge of solving the case, but that doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to the handsome Tomkin. Can they work out who is trying to frame Tomkin? I have to admit, I really wasn’t keen on the title of this story. But after it had caught my eye numerous times I figured I just *had* to give it a try and I’m very glad I did. The mystery around the dead body was really well written and I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly noir feel to the writing style. This story could have turned all dark and angsty, but I was pleased that the author managed to inject just enough humor into it to keep the plot developments light and breezy. I thought the balance between noir detective story and comedy-of-errors was perfect and this really helped sell the story as a whole to me. Luke and Tomkin’s characters were fun, smart and understandable and I enjoyed how even though they were clearly attracted to each other from their first meeting they didn’t simply hop right into bed. Luke was meant to be investigating Tomkin – for murder no less – and while they didn’t hide their attraction they were both sensible enough to not act on it until they had a number of other (non-Tomkin) suspects for the crime and they could both start a relationship without the treat of the investigation hanging over their heads. While the mystery of who murdered Tomkin’s lover definitely is front and centre of this story there are a few deliciously hot sex scenes that left the romance reader in me very satisfied. This is a very strongly plotted story though – so readers looking for a sex-laded, erotic-heavy story mightn’t feel as happy as I did with the strong mystery plotline. Personally though, I loved it, an interesting mystery with a few good suspects – and although I guessed the ending – overall I liked that the plot took dominance over the sex. The fact Luke and Tomkin ended with an excellent start to their relationship was definitely a happy bonus for me. A great and surprising story I will enjoy re-reading.

Sexy as hell and full of suspense
Written by Anne Bock on 4th Mar 2018

I love James Cox' work so dang much and was more than just curious to read this book. The title just made me grin and I knew I would be in for a steamy ride for sure. And OMG, I wasn't disappointed. At. All!! Coburn is Police officer by day, erotic author by night, stripper on weekend and full time dad 24/7 of a teenage boy he loves more than his life. The whole story starts with a bang when Coburn finds a dead body in his bed. Enter sexy Detective Luke Mark Early (what a Name! :) ). He believes that Coburn is innocent and not the murderer, or is it just his "little brain" thinking? But the more he finds out about Coburn the more he wants the man to be innocent...and to be with him veeeeeery close. The scene in the Cox Club, that was so dang hot, I was almost melting myself!! When shit hits the fan and the murderer is found, Coburns son, Tom, is in danger and he seems to loose everthing in his life thats of worth. But then comes his knight in shining armour to the rescue. But will it be in time? I so loved this book, its awesome. The heat is so steamy and sizzling between Luke and Coburn, you'll get your fingers burnt on your reader, believe me. The mixture of the action and lots of suspense and the touchy feely or smoking hot moments is well done. It's full of twists and surprises but some feelings, too. The sweet family times between Coburn and Tom are touching and so lovely and heartwarming, and funny all the way. You really see that they have been through thick and thin Toms whole life and that they love each other no matter what. Its amazing. And Luke, sexy Detective Early. He would fit perfectly in this little family, but if he does, well, you'll have to find out by yourself. And if they will find and bring down the murderer in time. I really can recommend this book and I am curious what will happen next in the Cox Club Series!!!

Love Bytes
Written by Dani on 21st Feb 2018

So, we’ve all become used to the in your face titles that this author comes up with. Correct? Well, maybe not, even old jaded me had raised eyebrows when I saw the title of this latest James Cox story. I believe I actually laughed, and out loud at that. But title aside, let’s talk about the story. I really liked this one. I’m happy to see the author moving into new areas. A murder/mystery was a good choice. Tomkin Coburn is a likeable guy, and I liked the mystery of whodunit. When Officer Coburn wakes up one morning to find a naked dead guy in his bed, it leads to all sorts of questions at work. He isn’t completely out at his daytime job as a police officer, even though he moonlights at night as a stripper at a gay club. Oh, and he also writes smutty erotic gay themed books in between as well. I think that last part Mr. Cox probably modeled after himself. Just saying. Oh…and did I mention the name of the strip club happens to have Cox in it?

Sexy cops
Written by Ramona Keebler on 10th Feb 2018

Coburn is a cop, a stripper on Saturdays, and an erotic author. Luke is a cop, nothing else, just a cop. Coburn wakes up one morning and there's a dead body beside him. Luke is the cop sent to investigate the murder. Their attraction is immediate. Knowing what they are doing could end very badly, they still can't stop themselves. Nice story with a little mystery, a little murder, and a whole lot of sexy times make for a fun read.

Written by Catherine A Casey on 10th Feb 2018

Oh wow this story was full of twist and turns but I was amazed by the love of Coburn had for his son and the love he was getting for Luke . The murder of Pat and by who did was surprise and I was sad at the death of Paul. I really love this story and all the characters in it and I hope you will enjoy it too.

4 Stars!
Written by Kerry D on 3rd Feb 2018

The title of this book grabbed me immediately. I have to admit, my first thought was, "Seriously, can we GET any more corny?" After looking at the synopsis and reviews, I knew I had to give it a go. I'm glad I did. I think this was my first James Cox, and it definitely won't be my last. This was a charming romance/murder mystery with a 'who-done-it' feel and very little angst or suspense. The story line wasn't quite believable, but that's okay. I liked Coburn and Luke immensely. Coburn's relationship with his 16-year-old son reminded me of the Rory/Lorelai relationship from Gilmore Girls. That was a total win for me. Coburn and Luke definitely had good chemistry and fit together well. There wasn't much character growth, but since the conflict of the book was the murder, and this was a quick read, it didn't really seem to be missing. It looks like this is the first in a series, so I'll definitely check out the next one!

Fun, Flirty & Suspenseful! Loved It!
Written by Dale Federico on 17th Jan 2018

Funny, flirty, mysterious and suspenseful read! I absolutely loved this book! Tomkin Coburn is a cop, a stripper and erotic romance writer who wakes up with a dead guy in his bed! Pat, just Pat, yep, that's his name! Detective Luke Early believes Coburn is innocent and together they set out to prove it. It is obvious from the beginning that Coburn & Det. Early are smitten with each other. They have roving eyes and funny banter between them. There is a hotter than hell stripper scene in the Cox Gay Bar where Coburn is performing and Det. Early nearly, ooops, you will have to read the book to find out! Coburn is a single dad with a teenage son who has a secret, oh my! The story kept me guessing, who done it! I have read almost every book this author has written from Sci-fi, Steampunk, Contemporary and now this Mystery, suspense romance! James Cox is a fantastic writer and one you should start reading his books! I highly recommend! Kudos to James to another Notch in his book covers, hot!

Fun Read
Written by Jessie on 13th Jan 2018

I had to get this book when I read the excerpt, and I'm glad I did. Coburn is an interesting character with a lot of depth, and I like the murder mystery. And the strip club dance? Yeah, that's a winner. =)