The Cum Crisis of Neverland by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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A Cox Fairytale, 5

What if Neverland’s magic is fueled by cum and Petar Pann wants all the power for himself?

Tink only has two years left before he turns into a man and then Petar will steal his soul. There isn’t much he can do about it either. He lives in a magical world where Mermen try to eat him and Petar uses cum to give himself even more power. Tink is slightly different from the other lost boys though. He has some magic of his own. When he’s kidnapped by the, maybe not so evil, Captain Hook, they have to work together to stop Petar Pann and save the other lost boys.

Prepare yourself, you’ve never entered a Neverland quite like this…

Be Warned: m/m sex, forced seduction, spanking



“You can go,” Hook said, watching Tink. “Or you can stay.” His silver hook flashed in the moonlight.


Tink should go. It was the best option. It was safer. Too bad his body refused to listen.


“If you’re going to stay, you might as well play.” Hook tugged his dick up and down.


Tink slowly shook his head, his gaze glued to Hook’s motions. The pirate twisted, facing him. One leg bent to reveal his dangling balls. Bloody hell, Tink’s trousers were tented. He felt deliciously stiff. He shouldn’t do this. If Petar found out…


“All you have to do is shove your hand in your trousers, Tink.”


He could. He shouldn’t, but he could.


“No one would see.” Hook blew the nearest lantern out, and it dimmed the brightness around them.


Tink could still see Hook masturbating. Hell, Tink moved his hand to his crotch, squeezing. Tink released the tie at the top of his trousers and shoved his hand inside. The moment he touched his cock he groaned. It had been too long since he last came, and all this stimulation was torture.


“There you go.” Hook grinned. He reached out with his hooked hand and caught the tip of Tink’s trousers. He tugged it wider. Hook peeked at Tink’s hand around his dick. “Very nice.”


Bloody hell! Tink stroked faster, knowing the sexy pirate watched. He squeezed harder. A groaned escaped his lips.


“Almost there, Tink?”


All he could do was nod as the pleasure built.


Hook leaned forward.


Tink came, watching as Hook opened his lips and took some of his cum into his mouth. “Oh hell. Bloody hell.” He came so hard that his eyes shut and his head fell back. Then heat filled his cheeks, and he opened one of those eyes. Tink had just come in the pirate captain’s mouth.


Hook had jizz sprayed on his face. He stroked his long length violently before grunting and coming all over his thighs.


That was so sexy to watch. Tink was still trying to catch his breath as he glanced out at the men still going at it.


Hook sat back, laying an arm over Tink’s shoulders. “Very, very sexy,” he whispered.

Tink blushed so hard he probably glowed. He glanced at the deck of naked pirates.