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Claiming His Human by Doris O'Connor


Product Description

The Projects, 6

Shifters defend their mates to the death...

Bear shifter Darius Longton never expected to find his mate in his favorite coffee shop, but one sniff of her scent in the air is all it takes for his bear to know the truth. This delicious, sinfully curvy redhead is his.

Too bad she’s human and far too fragile for his volatile bear.

Holly Trent cannot understand the instant attraction she feels for this man. One look from his heavy-lidded eyes is all it takes to set her knickers aflame with lust. However, she will not be another notch on his bedpost, no matter how much his voice alone makes her want to sink to her knees.

But when a customer gets heavy with her, everything changes. Darius’s defense of her places them both in terrible danger. Thrown headfirst into shifter council politics, it falls to Holly to save her mate.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, spanking


Darius’s eyes flashed from golden to brown and back again, and she lost herself in the intensity of his gaze.


“Holly, what are you doing?” he asked. The gravelly timbre of his voice shot straight to every one of her erogenous zones, not least because his scent increased and wrapped her into a cocoon of his earthy, spicy presence.


“I don’t know. I just want … please … I need.”


A hiss escaped him when she lowered herself back down on his lap and ground her by now sodden crotch over his cock.


Another one of those earth-shattering deep rumbles came from the man she was dry humping like some sort of wanton hussy, and in the next instant, his large fingers dug into her hips with enough force to leave bruises. Shivers of apprehension, or excitement, she wasn’t sure which raced down her spine.


Darius lowered his head so that their foreheads touched. Their breaths mingled, and the world stood still, as she waited for him to move, to do something, anything.


She couldn’t get her voice to work past the huge lump of emotion which clogged up her throat, so she simply breached the distance between them and pressed her lips against his. His groan rumbled through her, and then he took charge of the kiss. Just like before, their surroundings faded into the background, as he deepened the kiss, and she gave herself up to the myriad of sensations that immediately assaulted her. With his hands firmly clamped around her hips, she couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything but tug at the strands of his hair which had come loose from his ponytail. The action seemed to incite his bear, because he broke the kiss, and ran his nose along her neck, inhaling deeply.


“Fuck, Holly, you better be sure, because all I want to do is push those panties away and bury myself deep inside your sweet cunt until you have no doubt who you belong to.”


He yanked her up slightly while he traced one hand along her hip until he could cup her pussy.


“So fucking wet for me, little one.”


Incapable of uttering anything but incoherent moans, Holly rubbed herself against that hand.


“Oh, yeah, I can smell your need. Tell me this pussy is mine. Ask me for my cock. I need to hear you say the words, my sweet.”


His voice, full of heated promise, didn’t sound like him at all, more animal than human, and she responded to the almost desperate tones in kind.


“Just fuck me already, will you?”


A sharp tug on her hair brought tears to her eyes, and she whined her disappointment when he pulled back to study her. Try as she might she couldn’t close the distance between them.


“Ask me nicely, girl, or I’ll stop this instant.”


Holly’s flippant reply stuck in her throat when she properly looked at him because the determination edged in his hungry features told their own story. He meant what he’d said, and despite the massive erection tenting his suit trousers, which must cost him dearly, he would get up and leave her wanting. His thighs flexed under hers, and Holly swallowed hard when he released his grip on her hair and grasped her wrists instead. She was no match for his superior strength, even if she had tried to resist him, as he slowly pulled her hands away from him, and pinned them behind her back. The action thrust her breasts out at him, and her breathing sped up when his gaze slowly dipped lower until it rested on her straining cleavage. Her nipples pushed against the fabric of her lacy bra, hard little beacons of lust pointing straight at Darius, positively begging for his attention. Darius transferred both her wrists into one of his large hands and then slowly brought his free hand into view. His knuckles skimmed across the hypersensitive tips of her nipples, and Holly whimpered her need.


A wicked grin flashed across his features, and he repeated the action several times until Holly was pretty sure she would self-combust if he didn’t do something else. Incomprehensible sounds spilled from her lips, and she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the sight of his large, tanned hand against her pale flesh.


“Hmm, so beautifully responsive, my sweet. I bet you could come from this alone.”


Holly gasped in fascination as one of his fingernails formed into a wicked-looking claw, and he used that lethally sharp appendage to run ever tightening circles around first one nipple and then the other until Holly thought she would scream. When he added another claw to lightly score her skin the pleasure pain acted like a livewire of electricity connected her clit to her boobs.


Her hips took on a life of their own, and her pussy muscles clenched and released desperate for his cock to fill her.


“Please, I need to … please, Sir, I want your cock.”


The words were out of her mouth before her brain had even cottoned on to what she was saying. Darius stilled, his eyes flashed fire at her, and for the first time since she’d initiated this, a trickle of fear snaked up her spine. Not enough for her to put a stop to this, whatever this insanity which seemed to hold her in its grip would amount to, but enough to make her already far too fast heartbeat turn into a sledgehammer inside her chest.


Her vision dimmed, and all reasoning fled her brain in a puff of smoke because Darius looked more animal than human. He looked as though he wanted to eat her alive, and before she could even fathom his intention, her hands were free. The audible rip of her knickers giving way, as he tore them off her sounded far too loud in the quiet room, and then his fingers slipped inside her pussy and she groaned in need. Her head fell forward on his shoulders, even as she instinctively spread her thighs wider apart to give his questing digits better access.


“You’re so fucking wet, my sweet. Come for me, baby.”


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Product Reviews

  1. The Romance Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Mar 2017

    So, what would you think if you heard or read, "Horny bear shifter wants to devour you." To me, my first thought is, well, YES! Well, okay, maybe that's just me but guessing that's a big fat, no, especially after reading Doris O'Connor's CLAIMING HIS HUMAN, which is all sorts of beary, yumminy sexiness and more. In case you had yet to know, Darius is a grizzly bear and the "sinfully curvy redhead" human, Holly, is his mate. I'm a huge fan of paranormal stories that mix in that oh so human element. Whether it's the surprise at finding out there are more than humans in the world or the fireworks that ensue when they get together. Or maybe it's that spark of sass coming from the human females that always puts a huge smile on my face along with some wide grins, giggles and laugh out louds that may spark a bit of a frown from those around me who aren't in the know. Admittedly, that sass seems to be a definite mainstay in this author's stories and I love it. Loves: The sparks that fly between Darius and Holly were grand fun and the sex scenes could singe the hair off a grizzly's back. And, I'm also a fan of the backstory with all the politics and protocols. Did I mention how much I enjoyed Holly's feistiness because that "bears" repeating? Dislikes: Suddenly no longer finding myself a fan of geese. CLAIMING HIS HUMAN is story 6 in the Projects series and each one is a standalone but you know…you should read all of them so you can fully immerse yourself into all things sexy. - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=24467#sthash.ugOVFGWv.dpuf

  2. Fantastic story! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2017

    It's been awhile since Doris has added to her "Projects" collection and with this book, it makes number 6. Darius is a bear shifter and when he encounters his mate working in a diner in a town filled with shifters, he can't believe it. Holly knows nothing about shifters so Darius just keeps coming to the diner for several months to let her get used to him. When another trouble making shifter cause problems and hurts his mate, Darius shifts and attack him and his secret is finally revealed to Holly. And when an angry ex makes matter worse for him, Holly has to do what she can to save the man/bear she has fallen in love with. She loves his dominance but will she be forced to live without him when the council comes after him for his actions against her attacker? Will she be able to guide the good guys to him so they can save him? Love never gives up and Holly is not giving up on Darius!!

    Awesome story as usual and kept me on the edge of my seat.

  3. Hot Bear 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Mar 2017

    Another great romance from Doris O'Connor. I think the bears are my favorite. Love how strong Holly turned out to be.

  4. Darius Is One Hot Shifter! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2017

    Claiming His Human is the 6th book in Doris’s Projects series and let me tell you, you’ll all be happy it’s back! Our shifter du jour is Darius James Longton, an alpha, dominant bear shifter. He finds his mate at a cafe in Covent Garden (London), a human named Holly who works there.
    He has to work to impress his little human, who relocated to London to care for her mother. Holly has no idea shifters exist until a jealous ex causes a violent situation that Holly gets thrust into the middle of. Darius has no choice but to take responsibility for Holly to protect their secret, will this give him the chance to finally Claim his human? Grab yourself a copy and find out?
    I absolutely loved this book! So much going on with this storyline and Darius is a hot, alpha, uber-dominant bear who is a wonderfully written book boyfriend that any woman (or man) would just swoon over. Holly is a tough cookie who is likable, submissive, but most definitely no pushover. The side characters are all just as interesting no matter the length of their appearance. Just a great read from Doris that you’ll want in your keeper pile to read over and over again

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