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Taming Dru by Nikki Prince


Product Description

Once Upon a Dream, 4 

Drusilla Trumane has been a naughty girl. Flora LeBeau knows just what to do to tame the beast. 

When beauties Drusilla Trumane and Flora LeBeau meet, the only thing beastly is Dru’s behavior. But Domme Flora has just the cure for that. 

Drusilla’s ghastly attitude may have alienated her from her sisters, but Flora sees beneath the façade to the hurt woman beneath. Refusing to be turned away by her snide comments and bitchy attitude, Flora continues to bring the haughty woman to her knees, showing her at every turn she knows what she needs. 

Desperate to retreat to the safety her walls provide, Dru agrees to allow Flora one night. Will twenty-four hours be enough to get the other woman out of her mind and her heart?

Be Warned: BDSM, rimming, flogging, f/f sex



“I get it. You’re in denial.”

Flora was twirling the ball gag around in her fingers, all the while the expression on her face was one of extreme contentment and confidence.

“In denial about what?” Drusilla frowned.

“What you desire, my girl.”

“And just what would that be? You’ve known me all of what, ten minutes?”

“Oh I know exactly what you want and what you need. Hell, anyone within a few feet of you could tell what you want and smell what you’re thinking.” The grin that Flora shot Drusilla pissed her off.

“You don’t know me, nor do you know what I want or even need.”

“When’s the last time you came to an image of a man, if you ever have.”

She gasped. “What kind of fucking question is that?”

“An honest one that I want the answer to, petite amie.”

“That’s none of your fucking business.”

“We’re back to that?”

“Yes, we’re back to that, and you better not try to use that shit on me.”

“Oh, I love a challenge. You’re going to find that out rather quickly.”

Before Drusilla could react, Flora was in her lap, straddling her in the chair. She pressed against her, tangling her fingers into Drusilla’s hair and tugging.

In shock Drusilla just stared at Flora. Flora pulled her head close with a tug of her hair. Like a deer stuck in the headlights, Drusilla could only watch as Flora pressed their mouths together, and then she was lost.Oh fuck.

She moaned softly into Flora’s mouth as the other woman nibbled at her bottom lip, then licked it, teasing her tongue into her mouth. Flora tasted of warmth and cinnamon. Spicy and sweet. Her scent was just as delicious. She smelled of freshly cut roses. She was fragrant and delectable. Drusilla’s head fell back against the chair, and she gasped for breath. She was breathing just as crazy as Flora had said. That brought her back to her senses, and she started struggling.

In a split second, her hands were wrapped up in the bondage tape and pulled up above her head and held against the wall that the chair rested against. She struggled and found that she couldn’t free herself.

Flora had fucking put her hands up against the wall on some sort of hook that held her snuggly in place, and she was unable to free herself. Shit, who knew that the petite woman was strong. Looks were definitely deceiving. God, why did she like what she was doing to her. She’d soaked her panties.

“Now if you’re going to be a good girl, I won’t tie you the rest of the way up.”

“Get off of me and let me fucking go.”

“Wrong answer, kitten.”

She couldn’t kick out because the other woman was sitting in her lap. She was arched in a way that even if the other woman got off of her, there wasn’t much she could do to free herself. The only thing she could do was rock back and forth trying to get her off her lap. It didn’t work.

Flora snickered and pulled on her hair, arching her head back.

“Still think I can’t subdue you, kitten? I suggest you put away your claws and play nice, or I’m going to gag you.”

Drusilla glared at her. “You wouldn’t fucking dare.”

“You’ve already seen what I would dare. That should tell you I’d dare so much more.”

Flora got off her lap with a chuckle and grabbed one of her legs, locking it into the cuff that was at the bottom of the chair. A cuff Dru hadn’t seen until now. Fuck. Flora gave the other leg the same attention.

Standing back to her full height, Flora had her hands on her hips, the ball gag still hanging from one hand.

“So tell me what wouldn’t I dare to do again?”

“I­­—” her words were cut off as the ball gag was shoved into her mouth and the strap placed over her head.

“I like it much better when you’re quiet, kitten. You roar so fiercely but inside you’re a cuddly little cat needing to be stroked.” Flora stroked her finger against her cheek, and Drusilla tried to flinch away.

“That’s okay, kitty cat. I’m going to enjoy taming you.”

Flora turned towards the door that had opened, and Drusilla saw Anastasia enter. Shit. This was all she needed, her sister seeing her tied up like a trussed-up goose.

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  2. Close Encounters with the Supernatural Kind 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2013

    This is actually my first straight f/f and it turned out to be my favorite. Since Dru was a wicked step-sister, her story just ended. So this story was completely original. I loved the underlying message in it, which was Be True To Yourself. No matter what freaky thing you are into, if it feels good to you, then go with it. Society has to right to dictate your happiness. Only you are in control of that!!

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