Caj's Angel by Nikki Prince

Heat Level 3
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Eternal Lovers, prequel

Caj was once human and in love with an angel named Mercy. Having committed an unforgiveable sin, Caj is punished by The Maker to take on the sins of others so that those souls can be ushered into heaven by an angel. Caj is finding it hard to reconcile who he used to be with what he has become and feels he should let Mercy go.

But can he?

Mercy sees Caj as she remembered him. She knows that he beats himself up daily for his own sins, let alone having to take on others' sins as a penance. The only way for them to be together is for him to go before The Maker and make amends or their love will be lost forever.

Will The Maker allow them their happiness or are Caj and Mercy forever doomed to have loved and lost?



“Are you an angel?” the girl asked him.

Caj gazed into her eyes and smiled.

The girl now seemed to be at ease. The pain she’d once been feeling was gone. She was ready.

He shook his head. “No, but do you see the beautiful angel at my side?

The little girl nodded her head to his question.

“Her name is Mercy, and she’s an angel. She will take you where you need to go. Are you ready?”

“My name is Mina … and yes. I’m ready for the next adventure. Thank you. I don’t hurt anymore. What is your name?”

“My name is Caj. Harmony and love be with you, little Mina.” He gave her a soft smile.

Just when he was about to stand, Mina raised her hand and stroked her fingers over the scar covering his left eye. “Thank you, Caj.”

“You’re very welcome. Go with peace, Mina.”

Mercy moved over to his side and held her hand out to Mina. The girl gripped Mercy’s hand, and then a glow covered them both. Mercy gently coaxed Mina’s spirit out and then they were gone.