A Sense of Duty by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Volkov Bratva, 2

I was never supposed to marry Andrei Belov. He was meant to marry my beautiful sister. But she did something very wrong to have the man in charge of the Volkov Bratva change his mind.

Now I’m married to a man many call a monster. He ignores me. I mean nothing to him.

I’m trapped and alone in a loveless marriage. My parents don’t care. They have what they want. Andrei doesn’t like it when I have friends. He doesn’t like it when others take care of me. He claims not to have slept with my sister, but Bethany is still around to cause me trouble, to make me doubt.

It all starts with a kiss to get what I want. If I kiss him, I'll get a reward, but soon the game changes.

I’m Andrei Belov’s wife. In this world, no one is safe, especially not me. I didn’t know it, but I have an enemy, one that wants me dead no matter the cost. I wasn’t supposed to marry into this family, but now, there is no way out.



“What the hell did you do?” I asked.

She stood up, pushing her long brown hair out of the way. I loved her hair. She never had it cut. The length was glorious, and I couldn’t wait to have it wrapped around my fist.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I … I need to get out of this apartment.”

“You’re not leaving this place.”

“Are you trying to kill me, is that it? You hate me so much that you want me to do the deed myself or something?” Her hands were clenched into fists.

This I wasn’t expecting.

“You’re not going to die.”

“Seriously? Can’t you see I’m dying already? Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend every single day here, doing nothing?” She yelled each word at me. “Before you I had a life. To many, it would have been boring, but I had a life. I enjoyed leaving and being free, but I can’t even have that anymore. Your boss, or whatever the fuck he is, was here, and you know what, I was scared, because I don’t know this way of life. I know you’re part of the Bratva, but I don’t even know if I’m supposed to say that. I didn’t grow up in this life. Ugh, what is the point? You should have married my sister. I’m pretty sure you would have been far happier with her.”

“Are you done?” I asked.

“Why? Bored of being in this place already. Trust me. I know I am.” She threw the cloth at me. “And I don’t care if you’re pissed off that I damaged your precious wood. What kind of an asshole lives this high up?”

I’m stunned by her language, by her aggression, and most of all by just how aroused I am. I take a step toward her, then another. With her fear in place of the heights, she doesn’t move, the line keeping her in place.

Sinking my fingers into her hair, I tug her close, not to hurt, but to guide. She gasped. Her hands went to my wrist. Her touch shouldn’t do anything for me. I shouldn’t enjoy it. There should be no happiness at having her hands on me.

When it comes to the opposite sex, I’m the one who’s always in control. They do my bidding. They are not permitted to touch me. But Adelaide is my wife. She is not like other women.

“If you want to play the victim, carry on, but I’ve told you exactly what you need to do in order to earn rewards.”

“Are you being serious right now? You expect me to kiss you to get out of this place? To have a cell phone? To even go shopping?” she asked.

I smiled. It wasn’t a nice one, and she flinched away from me as I did so, but with the hold I had on her hair, there was nowhere for her to go. She was stuck with me.

Holding her close against me, I relished the feel of her curves. They were so soft and so close. She smelled good as well, like strawberries and cream. My mouth watered for a taste.

“Do you think kissing me is so distasteful? Do you have any idea what I could have ordered you to do?” I asked. “I could make you go on your knees, take my dick between those fuckable lips, and choke on it. Force you to swallow every single drop of my spunk. Or I could have pounded your virgin pussy. Forced you to bleed over my dick for your first time. What about your asshole?” I grabbed her ass, pulling her toward me. “If your pussy and mouth haven’t seen a cock, then I bet your ass hasn’t either. Forcing you to take me there, just so you could breathe fresh air. So, the next time you think I’m a monster, why don’t you compare my request to the other things I could have forced you to do?”

“I hate you.”

“Get in line. There’s a long list of women who hate me.”

This time, she fought against me. I could make her accept me. Kiss her. Make her give me my due. My dick hadn’t seen a pussy in a long time, and I was well past due emptying my balls. With Adelaide, I didn’t even need to use a condom. She was supposed to be getting pregnant with my kid, but that wasn’t going to happen until I fucked her.

I let her leave and run away toward our bedroom. I’d give her a few minutes to gain her bearings, and then I’d seek her out. Annoying the fuck out of her was part of my plan. Hurting and raping her was not. Nor was terrifying her.

Some men couldn’t handle facing off with me. Adelaide was just a woman. I should have gone easier on her.

I moved toward my office, removed my jacket, and threw it across the chair. The scotch called to me. I made my way over to the drink, poured myself a generous shot, and drank it straight down, enjoying the burn.

A memory of my father flashed through my mind. I couldn’t have been much older than six or seven. My mother had asked me to go and grab the photograph album she’d left in his office. I had been a klutz back then, and as I lifted the heavy book, I knocked his bottle of vodka off the table. The glass had smashed. He’d entered as I tried to clean it up, and as punishment, he’d grabbed the glass and slashed me right across the arm, three times. I was bleeding, he’d punched me in the gut, and tossed me out into the cold. Three days later, the doctor had come to fix me up. I’d nearly died of infection.

Pushing the memory to the back of my mind, I put the glass down and made my way toward the bedroom.

Adelaide wasn’t there. I heard the sound of the shower running, and I walked toward the door. Her clothes were on the floor, and I saw the outline of her body in the frosted glass. My dick hardened. She was my wife. Mine.

After removing my clothes, I eased them onto the floor and stepped toward the shower. Opening the door to the stall, I stepped inside and heard her gasp.

She wrapped her arms around her body and turned her back to me, but I was a man who liked a woman’s ass, and the one she presented me with was sheer fucking perfection. Rounded, juicy, almost a little too big, but a generous handful.

I closed the door, moved in closer, and she stepped forward to try and keep some distance from me. There was nowhere for her to go. Reaching past her so that our bodies touched, I grabbed the soap.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Taking a shower.”

“I can’t even have one of those alone anymore?”

I smiled, lathering up my hands with soap. “Tell me, Adelaide, do you want to live?”

“What kind of question is that?” she asked.

“A real one.”

“Of course I want to live. Who wouldn’t?”

Putting my hands on her hips, I pulled her back against me. She was so damn tense. “Then I will start to teach you tomorrow morning,” I said. There wasn’t much to teach, not really. Ivan liked to consider this new era of Bratva to be modern, thinking outside of the box, and making sure our enemies didn’t have a fucking clue what to do.

Adelaide was too adorable to show disrespect, and I could imagine Ivan would find her cute as well. He wasn’t a stickler for tradition unless he faced someone he hated, and then he made sure tradition was served.


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This book was everything!
Written by Cynthia G on 27th Mar 2023

Thank you netgalley for the eARC. This book was everything! I haven’t even read book one but i don’t thinki need to…. This was so exciting!! I felt for adelaide but i was so happy to see her become her own woman. With a strong man beside her! Isn’t that what we all want?

Read it today
Written by Desiree E on 27th Mar 2023

Love me a good mafia story and this one did not disappoint. I was hooked from the cover and from the first page. this was a good one. Yeah. Read it today.

Five stars in my book!!
Written by Kristi D on 27th Mar 2023

Sam Crescent knocked it out of the park again. Another great story for the Volkov Bratva. Andrew and Adelaide’s story from start to finish was one of the best Mafia reads I have enjoyed in a long time. Five stars in my book!!

I gave this 5 stars as I believe this book deserves them
Written by Jane H on 27th Mar 2023

Adelaide and Andrei, a fabulous story that has so many twists, lots of emotion and a beautifully sweet epilogue. Adelaide is in an arranged marriage to Andrei. She starts off quite afraid of him, not because of his actions, but because her sister has filled her with lies about him. Time passes, violence (not between the lead characters), trust issues, passion and revenge are just SOME of what makes up this story. Oh, and some great supporting characters too, particularly Andrei’s boss. I gave this 5 stars as I believe this book deserves them

ARC Review of A Sense of Duty by Sam Crescent
Written by The Dragon Den Book Blog on 27th Mar 2023

An arranged marriage in a world of blood loyalties and dark deals turns a powerful man on his head as he is now linked to a woman who is bringing out his softer side and craving for more. Adelaide was no supposed to marry the fearsome Andrei. She was the curvy sister - undesirable unlike Bethany - as she has been told her entire life. However, one screw up has left her taking her sister's place as wife to one of the city's most fearsome brigaides. She has to give him a child on top of that ASAP! Andrei is not thrilled with the marriage, believing his wife to be not prepared for this world. Yet, she is stronger than she looks and has more heart than her family. She pushes him, she questions him, she does not back down...he finds that both irritating and attractive. Women are weakness. Love is weakness. But in all this gunfire and death attempts, he's wanting her as his and more. I am not one for mafia style romance however I very much enjoyed this. Andrei's boss Ivan is a real treat, mischevious and manipulative but friendly and you can somehow trust him in despite all that. Adelaide's family is just plain nasty! Andrei's past really sticks to him however I love the moment when he doesn't realise he is starting to break down his walls for Adeliade.

I really enjoyed this story between Andrei and Adelaide!
Written by CARMELLA S on 27th Mar 2023

I really enjoyed this story between Andrei and Adelaide! Andrei is Russian Bratva and his Pahkan has decided it is time he married. At first he is to marry Bethany and then his Pahkan decides it will not be Bethany but her sister Adelaide. Adelaide grew up in this life so when her father tells her of the marriage, she accepts it. She is very afraid of Andrei. She has heard of his reputation plus lies that came out of her jealous sister's mouth. Andrei and Adelaide marry. Knowing she is a virgin, Andrei does not push her but does try to entice her. They do finally consummate the marriage. Being protectve, Andrei doesn't really want her out but eventually gives in with her having a guard. Then the danger intervenes. Someone wants to take over the territory and violence begins. Can Andrei keep Adelaide safe from the enemy? Will they ever discuss the feeling that have developed between the two? I really loved their story! Andrei fought for his life since he was a child. He faced death many times and came out as a strong man. Adelaide was a "forgotten child". There was nothing she could do to gain any approval from her family. She is a lovely and kind young woman and deserved so much more love than she received from her family, Since I enjoyed this story so much, I am going to go back and read the first book! There were some very interesting other characters in this book, namely Ivan (Andrei's Pahkan) and Nathan. I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Dark, mysterious, sexy, and intriguing!
Written by KReads Books on 27th Mar 2023

Dark, mysterious, sexy, and intriguing! New genre and author for me but was pleasantly surprised! Would recommend for readers who are in need of something new and unlike other romances on the market! Mafia romance that isn’t too morbid!

Written by Allison V on 27th Mar 2023

Wow, what a deliciously steamy novel to read on a cold winter weekend! Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for the early read.

Good mafia romance
Written by Gloria W on 27th Mar 2023

Andrei Belov was suppose to marry Bethany but at the last minute his Bratva boss chooses her sister Adelaide instead. Adelaide has always been made to fell inferior to her sister but Andrei likes her better. So when Adelaide's life is threatened Andrei will do what he does best. Find the person responsible and kill them. Good mafia romance.

A Sense of Duty
Written by Sissy H on 27th Mar 2023

A Sense of Duty by Sam Crescent is the Second book in the Volkov Bratva Series. This is the story of Adelaide and Andrei. Andrei who is a Russian Bratva around 40 years old has been informed he is to marry by Ivan Volkov who is the head of the Volkov Bratva. Andrei was to marry Bethany but she lost favor and they turned to her sister Adelaide to marry him. Which starts their story. I really enjoyed this book and I hope to read more from this author.

Well hot damn!
Written by Celeste H on 27th Mar 2023

Well hot damn! This was dark but then not…. It was super sexy hot with a great storyline, well written characters and I ate up the pages! I absolutely loved it, it hints a darker but doesn’t fully go there, which is absolutely perfect for me. Honestly I am wowed by every book I read by SC and I look forward to the next book in this series.

Definitely recommend
Written by Michelle C on 27th Mar 2023

I’m a big fan of this authors MC books so when I spotted this mafia story I wanted to see her spin on this trope. She did not disappoint. I loved the hero and how he’s only gentle with the heroine. Plenty of action, some angst and a great cast of supporting characters. I’m definitely going to read book one & hoping there’s a book for the boss coming soon. Definitely recommend.

Ohhh wow! Loved loved loved!
Written by Regina K on 27th Mar 2023

Ohhh wow! Loved loved loved! When Adelaide is forced to take her sisters place in marriage to Andrei, she’s terrified! Her sister informed of Andries love for blood. He’s a member of the Bartva. Lots of action and suspense . I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

Looking forward to where Ms. Crescent will take us next
Written by titania w on 27th Mar 2023

Andrei has one boss and when he tells you to get married...you get married. Adelaide is the unwanted child but when her sister screws up she gains a husband in her place. Now can she move past her fears and see the man she married? A Sense of Duty is second in Sam Crescent'sVolkov Bratva series. I enjoyed getting to know Andrei better. We got a glimpse of him and now Ms. Crescent allows us to see the man behind the legend. Adelaide had to grow on me. She had a backbone but it took a bit for her to find it. She has very little self esteem and she is constantly fighting to believe in herself and Andrei. But once she accepts not only her lot in life but the man she married Adelaide blossoms. I enjoyed seeing Andrei and Adelaide learn to trust in each other and am looking forward to where Ms. Crescent will take us next.

This is really a good book and a quick read
Written by Pat L on 27th Mar 2023

I found this to be a good book. Andre is forced to marry Adelaide who is already having poor self-esteem from her parents and from her older sister. She thought he was supposed to marry her that is the older sister but there was a change so now she marries Andre. Though through most of the book she is fighting with herself and with him as well. You do get to see the change in both characters. You also have a lot of action going on as someone is trying to kill her and then him as well. This is really a good book and a quick read. Good characters.

I had a great time with this book !
Written by Eria SB on 27th Mar 2023

Adelaide was never supposed to marry Andrei Belov, he was meant to marry her awful sister , or was he ? This is the story of Adelaide, our virgin hero and her mafia husband Andrei. I really enjoyed both the main and the secondary characters, Sam if you see this , please i need more information on Ivan (an older age couple mafia book maybe).... . I had a great time with this book !

Duty, honor, obedience
Written by Eva H on 27th Mar 2023

I liked the plot, the writing style and the characters. It's rare that I like both main characters from the start, but Andrei and Adelaide are an exception. Both are exposed to a situation from which they cannot escape. But in the end it was exactly what they both needed. I liked that Adelaide takes the severity out of Andrei's life. For him it is a good balance to the constant violence. And he gets something of his own worth fighting for. Ivan Volkov is a very interesting character. Frighteningly efficient and creative when it comes to asserting one's interests. His other brigadiers will have to be on their guard in the future as well; especially if he plans to continue his dynasty. Duty, honor, obedience. I'm excited to see how that plays out in the next book.

This book hits so many tropes that I love
Written by Sinead H on 27th Mar 2023

This book hits so many tropes that I love. Arranged mafia marriage, second choice sister (without making it icky) and even a grandfatherly figure masterfully arranging love matches for the people in his life. I loved Adelaide she was this kind and innocent women in her terrible family but she didn't feel too "practically perfect in everyway"

I so recommend this authors books
Written by tracy r on 27th Mar 2023

I very much enjoyed this book .Adelaide is a dissapontment to her parents they favour there other daughter Bethany who is vile and a cruel person and Bethany has been chosen to marry Andrei but then every thing changes Adelaide is to marry him. he is part of Volkov Bratva. Adelaide is so gentle and a kind person. but Andrei is sort of cruel to her but then he sees the person that she is and he has a little secret but someone wants her dead I so recommend this authors books will it be a happy ending

Loved Andrei and Adelaide
Written by Jill G on 27th Mar 2023

Things and people are not always as they seem and this story is full of contradictions. Adelaide is forced into a marriage with Andrei and it is here that the author shows that love can touch just about anyone, even those in the bratva. The story is action packed and part of that is the violence that surrounds Andrei. I also like how Adelaide seems to have a calming effect on him. There is never a dull moment in this story even if some of it is pitted with violence. I enjoyed the story and especially liked our H/h worked through their issues and eventually got their happy ending. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Love this world!
Written by Mreads90 on 27th Mar 2023

I love this world that Sam has created! It feels like I have been waiting forever for this book and it was worth the wait! This one was such a fantastic read!

Enjoyed it
Written by Amanda1444 on 27th Mar 2023

I have loved all of Sam Crescent’s work so far and this story was no different. This is a mafia arranged marriage between 40 year old Andrei and 21 year old Adelaide. Adelaide wasn’t originally meant to marry into the mafia but her sister Bethany upset the wrong person leaving the black sheep of the family who by all means is far too innocent.

A Sense of Duty by Sam Crescent
Written by Spender of Money on 27th Mar 2023

I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for more Volkov Bravata series since about half way thru Second Best. Sam Crescent can write ‘flawed’ characters so well; makes these characters somehow relatable. I mean how can I possibly relate to the bravata world, let alone what these characters do or have been thru? Yet here I am… eagerly awaiting MORE VOLKOV! I adore how these characters aren’t a-typical ‘romance novel’ characters. Rather, humans making the best and in some cases thriving in this violent and morally questionable world. Kudos! Cannot wait for more!

A Sense of Duty by Sam Crescent
Written by Spender of Money on 27th Mar 2023

I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for more Volkov Bravata series since about half way thru Second Best. Sam Crescent can write ‘flawed’ characters so well; makes these characters somehow relatable. I mean how can I possibly relate to the bravata world, let alone what these characters do or have been thru? Yet here I am… eagerly awaiting MORE VOLKOV! I adore how these characters aren’t a-typical ‘romance novel’ characters. Rather, humans making the best and in some cases thriving in this violent and morally questionable world. Kudos! Cannot wait for more!

This book is so amazing and action packed full of action
Written by JudyCh on 27th Mar 2023

This book has so much going on and a sweet innocent girl and a rough man but he loves her and is very patient with her but her conniving sister she is a different story and someone is out to get them, she lost her baby and almost died and I want revenge for her and him so the ending was perfect, I loved how we got pieces of other characters in this book for the other books, I could not put this book down.

Love this series so much.
Written by Mary S on 27th Mar 2023

Love reading Andrei and Adelaide story so much. Since the first time I read Second Best I was looking forward for more, and I sure was not disappointed when Andrei and Adelaide story came to be. Love the Volkov Bratva series so much and I’m hoping we get more soon.

Married to the Mafia
Written by Laura S. on 27th Mar 2023

Sam Crescent does it again with this gritty, hard core, take no prisoners story of marriage. Adelaide was always second best; scorned and mistreated by her parents and beautiful older sister. Adelaide doesn't care so much anymore though, as long as she is free to do as she pleases. All that ends when she is given away in marriage to Andrei of the Volkov Bratva. Although she knows about the mafia, to have to live with it is something different. You will stay engrossed with the story as it unfolds and find yourself hanging on to the pages as the action, betrayals and connections keep you engaged to the very end. This will be put in your "to be read again" pile for sure!

Hard man
Written by RahiaLeight on 27th Mar 2023

Sometimes it's difficult to tell how these men will soften...or if they will. It took Andrei a long time, but I think it took Adelaide even longer. Old wounds on both sides built walls that held them back, even though they were both feeling the same thing. Trauma brought them out of their shells to right where they should have been, much sooner IMHO. Great read!

Solid Bratva story
Written by Brooke H on 27th Mar 2023

This book begins with an arranged marriage that wasn't supposed to happen. Andrei was supposed to marry Bethany, the more beautiful (in her own mind) sister. Instead he is forced to marry Adelaide, the plus sized, quirky, scared of heights sister. I immediately loved Adelaide. She was her own person and loved who she was. Andrei was harder to get a read on at first but soon it became apparent that he's a good man who needed a push towards what he really wanted. His Pakhan, Ivan, gave him that push when he swapped brides. This book has all the typical good Bratva shenanigans in it. Enemies to lovers, forced marriage, betrayal, hitmen, hostile takeovers... all the good stuff. The prologue catches your attention and then the story keeps you hooked. This was the first book I've read by this author and now I want to read Aurora and Slavik's story.

Andrei and Adelaide
Written by Bobcat on 27th Mar 2023

I am really loving this new Volkov Bratva series. A Sense Of Duty is the second book and the story of Adelaide and Andrei. Adelaide was substituted as a bride for Andrei when her sister messed up. Always hidden away because her family was ashamed of her, now she is the reason they are able to keep a deal with the Bratva. Both Andrei and Adelaide are damaged souls and have been abused by family. They had met before under different circumstances and an obsession began. Looking forward for the next story. ?

5 Star!!
Written by Amy J on 27th Mar 2023

Loved reading A Sense of Duty. I was hooked with the first book and I couldn’t wait for this book to come out and I wasn’t disappointed because it was awesome!!!

Good book
Written by Jedi on 27th Mar 2023

This is the second book in the series and centres around Andrei Belov and his new bride Adelaide. Adelaide’s sister was the intended bride, but she did something to anger the Pakhan Ivan so Adelaide the younger sister living in the shadows takes her place. Adelaide is unprepared for the life in the Bratva and being married and has lots to learn before she is accepted. I liked Andrei’s character, although portrayed as deadly, his character was interesting and didn’t disappoint. I found Ivan kind of creepy, for a Pakhan he had power, did a lot of everything but nothing and just gave off bad vibes always hanging around. Hoping there is more books to come.

A Great Read that I was not Expecting!
Written by Red18 on 27th Mar 2023

One of my favourite tropes is a mafia romance. I thought this one might be a little washed out focused solely on the s*x and romance but I was pleasantly surprised! This book had a great storyline. There was a lot of danger suspense, and political drama which gave the book some “meat the the bones” of the story. I love a good arranged married and a possessive, growly, alpha male that treats his wife like gold. There is something about the “touch her and die” mentality that gets my temperature rising every time. Andrew has his stupid moments when dealing with his wife but realistically what man doesn’t lol. Adelaide was such a sweet likeable character. I thought she was a great match for Andrew. Great HEA. I have kindle unlimited but I might consider paying $7 for the next book I liked it that much.

A great Bratva novel
Written by Sarah ES on 27th Mar 2023

So far this is the best Bratva novel I have read!! There are so many twists and turns, so many surprises that I never saw coming it was so hard to put down. Talk about a page turner!! The world building and the depths of every character in this book is done very well. The steam between Adelaide and Andrei was phenomenal. I look forward to reading more novels in this series because of how well it was written and the utter unpredictability of the book!!

Great story
Written by KreggySue on 27th Mar 2023

Sam Crescent has delivered a wonderful Bratva story, that reveals secrets and machinations as it goes. Adelaide is Bethany's younger sister and the two couldn't be more different. Adelaide is sweet and Bethany is nasty, manipulative, and downright evil. Andrei is a brigadier in the Bratva and is meant to marry Bethany, who he loathes. This book is the story of how everything unfolds

Pretty good book!
Written by Jamee h on 27th Mar 2023

This is Josie and Elijah’s story! Not wanting to give any of the details away from the book. Both characters have a great chemistry and it’s a Great storyline. I would recommend reading this.

Next book in the Volkov Bratva.
Written by ObsessiveReader on 27th Mar 2023

Next book in the Volkov Bratva. Ivan Volkov seems intent on marrying off his men. Originally Andrei was to marry Adelaide's sister, Bethany but was switched out for Adelaide. Bethany's transgressions are brought up in the first book. Adelaide is a sweet woman who her family has verbally abused for years. She isn't meant for the lifestyle but is exactly who Andrei needs. Andre isn't a soft man, however, Adelaide is definitely his weakness. I enjoy Sam Crescent's longer bratva books. It allows you time to really sink into the story and enjoy it.

A Sense of Duty
Written by Chanika T on 27th Mar 2023

I am totally into this series each one just gets better but the one I and looking for Ivan that is going to be epic.

Andrei and Adelaide
Written by rainereads on 27th Mar 2023

I absolutely adored these two. Andrei and Adelaide have a unique relationship that I enjoyed seeing bloom. This book did make me cry on more then one occasion which is rare.

Andrei and Adelaide
Written by rainereads on 27th Mar 2023

I absolutely adored these two. Andrei and Adelaide have a unique relationship that I enjoyed seeing bloom. This book did make me cry on more then one occasion which is rare.

Written by Amd2662 on 27th Mar 2023

Andrei/Adelaide. Volkov Bratva/Neglected daughter. Arranged marriage. Broken first engagement to sister. Attraction. Taboo. Virgin. Consensual. Affection. Acceptance. Contract hit. Violence. Dangerous. Kidnappings. Threats. Murder. Attempted murder. Attempted coup. Assaulted. Action packed. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Fun read.

Russian mob
Written by Shortbec on 27th Mar 2023

Adelaide has been 2nd if not the forgotten sister. So when her older sister messes up and she has to marry Andrei, she knows it's only because it's her duty. Andrei has always done what the Bratva boss Ivan has told him so when was told to marry he did even when the changed his fiancé. After the wedding Adelaide is put up in his penthouse away from everyone. She is afraid of heights and can only get so close to the windows, she is so bored that she feels like she will go crazy. Then one day Andrei makes her ab offer one kiss and she can have anything she wants. But when they kiss a fire ignites within Adelaide. But then trouble comes Adelaide is the one injured. Andrei will get revenge and paint the town red if he has to in order to put the ones who hurt Adelaide in the ground. Andrei's territory is being challenged by not only an MC but one of their own.

well written, I felt I was right there with them
Written by memes on 27th Mar 2023

This story is the second in the Volkov bratva series, although you do not need to read that story in order to enjoy this one, but it would give you more background info. I read the first book in the series and loved it, so I was anxious to read the next one and it did not dissappoint! This story has it all, there was humor, hot scenes, action and violence as well as drama and tears, there's even a little intrigue and plot twist. Andrei nor Adelaide planned on marrying the other, but that's what happens. Once married their relationship is definately not smooth sailing. The family drama and rivals of the bratva don't make things easy with them trying to get to know each other. Andrei is arrogant and thinks its his way or no way, I liked how he softened toward Adelaide and wanted to spoil her and basically make her life a happy one. Adelaide is so kind and tender hearted its no wonder Andrei wants to protect her from anything upsetting or harmful. I enjoyed the action and intrigue that kept things moving along in the story. It was funny how Ivan would flirt or just be nice to the ladies and it would rile the men up. It helped add some humor and also prod Andrei along. The story was well written and I felt as if I was right there with the characters, teary eyed at the horrid events and happy at the triumphant ones.

Written by Sua on 27th Mar 2023

I definitely dived into this book loving the feels both of these characters were giving off. To see how they were thrown into a marriage and progressing in their relationship, made me glued to how things would change for their future.

Written by Andrea R on 27th Mar 2023

I love how this book comes full circle. I mean from indifferent hero to devoted husband who figures out how important his wife is. This has that suspense factor in it that the author always can deliver. I love how there is so much action and just the whole story keeps you tied up. I love how this author writes the bratva subject and even though they are a ruthless bunch they just make you fall in love with them.

Loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 27th Mar 2023

When her sister does something wrong, Adelaide is destined to marry Andrei instead. Both of these characters have had such a rough life and even though this is an arranged marriage, you can tell there is a spark there between them! I was all in with this story. It had all the things that I love about Sam Crescent's writing! The betrayal, the mystery, the sheer sexiness kept me turning the pages. When Adelaide is taken, it's up to Andrei and the rest of the Bratva team to save her. It's so good!!!

Dark mafia
Written by Michele77 on 27th Mar 2023

This story is the second in a series, but can be read as a stand-alone without too much trouble. This story focuses on Andrei, a bravata brigadier, and is arranged marriage to Adelaide. This story is dark and does contain lots of violence, multiple times directed at the FL, but not by the ML.

Duty, trust, and love
Written by Bookbunny on 27th Mar 2023

Andrei Belov was doing what Ivan wanted to strengthen the Volkov Bratva even more. Adelaide wasn’t supposed to be the bride. Her sister Bethany was. But Ivan changed all that. Ade is innocent and doesn’t want to be in this world of violence. But she will learn, even if Andrei has to break her. I have to say I wasn’t too happy with Andrei. He was harsh with her from the start. Not even talking with her. What happiness was she to have if he was going to isolate her and be cold? Aurora would be able to help navigate the life as well as show her kindness. Andrei certainly didn’t take the time to know his new bride. Regardless of Ivan’s plan, he could have at least learned about her favorite foods, interests. Nope, he was being a big jerk. I loved the lady from Adelaide’s past. She was always kind and gave her excellent advice. It took one moment in time to actually wake Andrei up. There is a lot of going on. I have to say some of it was a shock. Andrei and Adelaide are a perfect match. Ivan was right. They are both broken in their own way and need each other to not only heal but to move forward and find happiness and trust. I am looking forward to finding out what will happen with Ive and Lottie. THAT is an interesting combination. Ivan is always being sneaky. I like it.

Andrei, bratva brigadier and Adelaide, the ugly sister ... his gift
Written by Kindle Distracted on 27th Mar 2023

Beautiful Bethany was meant to marry the older bratva man in exchange for maintaining the family's wealth and status. Adelaide knew her older sister had messed up somehow but it was the younger, unloved daughter who had to pay the price. A forced marriage to a her sister's ex. Intense feelings, dark machinations, betrayal, greed, torture, loyalty and sacrifice are featured but at heart it is a story of two unloved people getting to keep their one. The cast is soap opera worthy, but the story enjoyable....The sweet, innocent, ignored daughter bringing the big, bad, experienced tough guy to his knees. I had not read the first in the series but felt more curious about it than disadvantaged.

A Sense of Duty
Written by BrightJacks on 27th Mar 2023

I Really enjoyed Andrei especially after he started to believe they could have a relationship. The storyline was intriguing. The problem i had was with Adelaide self-confidence; I don't think we went a single chapter without her bring up cheating and Bethany. The story was still good but it could have been shortened but cutting some of Adelaide's repetitive monolog.

Arranged Marriage Mafia
Written by Michelle E on 27th Mar 2023

Another great book in this series and can be read as a standalone. Andrei was supposed to marry Adelaide's sister, Bethany. After a situation, Adeline was chosen for her place in an arranged marriage. Adeline is unsure if she can trust Andrei and fears him and he does not want to scare her. A dark romance with violence, drama, and outside interference to test their relationship. Book with plenty of steam, action and drama to hold my attention. Duel point of view.

The Bratva wife
Written by Susan_C on 27th Mar 2023

Andrei Belov was suppose to marry Adelaide’s sister Bethany. However the perfect daughter (not so perfect) messed up and Adelaide is forced to marry Andrei by her parents for money and power. Adelaide does not know the Bratva life so while trying to learn that she is also trying to find a compromise with her husband. Her sister is a B@tch and is doing what she has always done to her sister. Even with all the danger in the Bratva life Adelaide and Andrei with the nudging of Ivan find their way. This was a good read. Interconnected with the other stories but a stand alone can be read alone.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 27th Mar 2023

Adelaide wasn't supposed to marry Andrei, her sister Bethany was, but after some revelations, Adelaide is chosen in her place. Andrei is a man feared by many, including his new wife, though he doesnt show it, he doesnt want her to fear him, especially when he needs to fufil his pakhan Ivans plans. But as Adelaide and Andrei get closer, others plan to tear them apart. Well written steamy, desires, drama, action and more the characters and story develop and hold your attention through out. A great addition to the series

Sam Crescent never disappoints!
Written by Savannah1321 on 27th Mar 2023

Sam Crescent is one of my go to authors for mafia romance. They always have just enough steamy moments and action and even some drama. There’s nothing different with this one. I really enjoyed Andrei’s character. He was all man and wasn’t ashamed to be it even if he was a little broken. Adelaide’s character was a little different for me. I didn’t take an instant liking to her. She annoyed me and there were many times I wanted to either smack her or throw my iPad across the room. Towards the end, she did grow and become a more likable character for me. Even though, both of these characters were the main focus, Ivan stole my favorite spot. His character was serious, but funny…He was the one responsible for these two being together and he was like a mafia Cupid. It was awesome. My favorite moment though was when it was explained when Andrei and Adelaide actually met first. It made my heart swoon. Another mafia book hit out of the ball park!

Mafia Romance
Written by C Smith on 27th Mar 2023

H is engaged to marry h sister. At the minute it is changed to marry h. The h's family is unkind to h. OW drama by sister, but no cheating.