Art in Shambles by Penelope Rivers

Heat Level 3
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Love by Design, 1

When failing artist Antonio meets Olson, the head of the art gallery, he doesn’t believe they will ever get along. At least, until their sons become friends. In a burst of passion, he creates a series of paintings that the gallery is thirsty for. And Olson becomes thirsty for more than just his newest art. But Antonio’s low self-esteem may stop anything from brewing between them, art or otherwise.

Be Warned: m/m sex



Relaxing, he glanced at the other man. He wasn’t sure why, but his heart stuttered. There was just something about how his wavy hair draped across his forehead and he had just one freckle on his right cheek. But why the hell was he checking out a freckle on some guy’s cheek? He clenched his fists. This was a first for him. Fortunately, Olson didn’t appear to notice that he was studying him, ogling him.

I wasn’t ogling him, he thought angrily to himself.

As his thoughts spun like a kindergartener on an energy drink, he was surprised when Olson picked up his painting leaning against the wall, studying it much the same way he’d studied him moments before. “You did this?”

His face flushed, and he hung his head in shame. “Yeah, just something crappy I did when my mood wasn’t so great.”

“Crappy?” Olson said, a strand of hair falling into his eyes. “This is amazing.”

He’d never heard his art and amazing used in the same sentence. Frowning in disbelief, he scrutinized the other man, certain that this had to be some sort of asshole joke, and a terrible one at that. “Yeah, right.”

“I’m serious.” His eyes were wide, so wide that he was surprised they didn’t swallow half his face. “Can I take this to the gallery? We have to display it.”

For a moment he didn’t say anything. He wasn’t sure if this was real. Things like this didn’t happen to him. His life, aside from having Xavier, had been one crapshoot after another. Had he actually done something right? “Of course.”

Olson lowered the painting and Antonio thought that was it, but the other man reached out, snagging his wrist in his hand. His fingers were rough and firm, his gaze hot and penetrating. There was an embarrassing few seconds where he forgot where he was. Who he was. But Olson didn’t let go.

“Can you make more like this?” Olson asked, running his thumb along the sensitive flesh of his arm.

If life kept sending me doozies, then sure. “I think so.”

“You could really go places,” Olson said, as Antonio licked his lips nervously.

The licking of lips made Olson still, and he appeared to finally realize that he was holding onto him. Their gazes held for a moment, and a strange, desperate heat penetrated his body through his belly button. He’d always seen himself as one hundred percent straight, but if Olson had mouthed his cock at that moment, he would have let him. But then Olson was letting go.

Antonio cleared his throat, trying to find balance. “Workout tomorrow morning. I won’t take no for an answer.” And just the excitement was doing strange things to his insides.

Frowning, Olson looked less enthusiastic. “Sounds good.”

“I was thinking we could jog from here to the gym and do a muscle workout there.” He clung to exercise like it was an island in the middle of a turbulent ocean. “I was hoping maybe you’d like outdoor exercise a little more.”

They agreed on the time, then Antonio smiled as he watched the other man and his son leave. He really wasn’t such a bad guy, after all. And I wasn’t ogling him, he snapped at himself yet again. Yeah, right. Now the problem was believing it.