On Wobbly Legs by Penelope Rivers

Heat Level 3
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Cum Buckets, 2

Wobbles is the band player. He likes partying and exploring new horizons, aka other guys’ hot bodies. That is, until seizures frighten him into wondering whether he has brain cancer, a disease that killed his mother. Soon he finds himself falling for the band manager, Emery, and he wonders if he can put his past as a player behind him … all while he accidentally runs over a pigeon or two.

Be Warned: m/m sex


The next day, Wobbles got up early, despite a night tossing and turning. Emery would be over in thirty, a bit before the massage, so he cracked eggs into his skillet and looked down at them with determination. I can do this, he said, staring down at the eggs. I am an adult. I am more than capable of scrambling an egg.

Or so he thought.

At first, things were going great. Eggs were bubbling on the stove and the microwavable bacon he’d bought was heating up. But then he heard knocking on the front door. Emery was here. His heart jumped, well, more than usual, and he headed over to answer it. He threw open the door, and Emery stood at the threshold wearing a tight shirt and snug jeans. Once again, he found himself eyeing Emery’s body, shocked by the tone of his muscles. But more than that was his smile. It made his blue-green eyes light up like gemstones. Wait, why am I checking out Emery?  he asked himself in frustration. Damn, he was thinking with his dick again.

“Um,” Emery said.

“Oh, yeah.” Wobbles stepped to the side. “Come on in.”

“Your skillet is on fire.” The words were punctuated by the sound of his fire alarm.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Yanking at his blue hair, he rushed in, tripping over his bunny slippers. He took the skillet off the burner and dumped it in the sink. “Last time it was pancakes, this time it’s eggs. And these fire alarms should be called ‘shit cook’ alarms.”

“That’s it, when you’re not rehearsing, I’m giving you cooking lessons.” With a paternal sigh, Emery watched him scoop out charred eggs. “You’re either going to die by fire or by food poisoning. I cannot in good conscience leave for New York with you like this.”

“Then don’t go,” Wobbles blurted out.

This time meeting his eyes with a raised brow, Emery asked, “Why are you trying so hard to keep me from going?”

Suddenly, he lost all human speaking capabilities. He opened and shut his mouth several times, unable to admit a reason, even to himself. But thankfully, he didn’t have to stew like a hunk of meat. Someone knocked at the door, and he had a feeling it was the masseur. Grateful, he let the topic go and padded to the front door.

He was met with a very thin Korean girl with her black hair cut into a bob. Her auburn eyes were warm and soft, and she somehow managed to carry a hefty backpack. “I’m Donna. I’m here to give a massage.”

“Come in.” Stepping to one side, he allowed Donna into his apartment and pointed at Emery. “You’ll be massaging him.”

“Is doing it right here okay?” she asked.

Before he could even answer, she unfolded her backpack, which surprisingly turned out to be a portable massage table. She dug around in her purse and pulled out a bunch of oils. Her eyes raked Emery, and something predatory roared in his chest.

With her eyes still on Emery, she said, “Please remove your shirt and come lay here.”

For a moment Wobbles remained focused on the burning rage roaring in his chest, but when Emery grabbed the bottom of his shirt and hauled it over his head, he was struck dumb and deaf—but thankfully, not blind. Emery’s muscles managed to make his dick jump in his pants, a secret he concealed by standing behind the counter. But when she poured oil on his back and began to rub her wet hands along the long, sinewy muscles of his back, a breath escaped his lips. Damn, what the hell was wrong with him lately? He licked his lips all the same. The lady leaned closer, fingers running down his spine.

For a moment the angry monster in him growled louder, but then the burning, acid feeling disappeared like he’d eaten a whole container of Tums. He imagined it was his hands running along Emory’s back, touching him, feeling him. And he wouldn’t stop at just his back. He’d feel his legs too. His cock received a sudden rush of blood flow as he squirmed, grateful that Emery couldn’t see him.

“While you do this, I’m, ugh, going to take a shower.” Normally, he wouldn’t abandon someone in his apartment, but he couldn’t let the manager see his hard on. Normally, when he had a stiffy, he could beat it off single handedly, but not while Donna was here. So that meant only one thing—a cold shower.

After he turned it on, he stood beneath the icy spray, eyes squeezed shut. He tried to think of people he found unattractive. Any woman. A man who’d just eaten a whole container of Cheese Whiz, a corpse, Kanye West. Yeah, that did the trick. It took him several minutes to climb out and dress. When he came out of the bathroom, the masseuse was gone. Emery sat on the couch, even now sitting like his spine was made from a metal rod.

“How’d it feel?” he asked as a way of greeting. Emery didn’t look like spaghetti. Not cooked spaghetti, at any rate.

“You’ll laugh.” Like a lover settling on a cock, Emery wiggled from side to side.

“Why?” When he reached the counter, he leaned against it, trying to pretend he hadn’t been sporting an erection over this guy thirty minutes ago.

“I’ve done an Ironman, but that woman’s massage was more grueling.” With a frown, Emery swung his arm in circles like a helicopter. “She put me through muscle hell.”

“But she was tiny,” he said, unable to keep the amusement out of his voice. It was hard to believe a woman so small could pack so much of a punch. But, hey, it was possible. He’d been beaten up by a girl in primary school.

“Well, she must have learned her massage technique in Auschwitz,” he said.

Before he could even think, he blurted out. “I’ll give you a massage some time, then.” Shit, what was he thinking? The sight of him had driven him crazy. How was he supposed to touch Emery and handle it?

You? Give me a massage?” Silence fell as Emery held his gaze. The air became so electric it could have powered China, but he couldn’t back out now.

“Yeah.” Though he wasn’t willing to admit the only massages he knew how to give were sexual.

Several more beats of silence fell. Wobbles hated it. Maybe Emery could see right through him. He always seemed to. But then Emery was looking away.

“I hope you’re better at massages than cooking,” Emery said with a wicked grin.

With a sigh of relief, he felt his muscles relax.


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Great series
Written by dubdub on 14th Jan 2024

Having been pleasantly surprised at how good the first book was I was hoping Penelope continued to exceed expectations which she did with this second book. In this one we continue with Wobbles the bands player who realises what is important to him when he gets a health scare plus their manager Emery saying he’s leaving. A great friends to lover storyline that has humour and plenty of steamy moments!

Ermmm really surprising
Written by Another world awaits on 14th Jan 2024

errrrm really surprising. Really good read excellent characters and a wonderful romance. But those poor pigeons… wonderful MM read. Surprisingly sweet and a great HEA

A loving and steamy read... with pigeons
Written by Hotrelle on 14th Jan 2024

William, AKA Wobbles, is the drummer in his band. Their manager Emery gives notice of leaving just at the time Wobbles needs him. A loving and steamy read. With plenty of pigeons too. “F$*#ing pigeons” ?

Good series
Written by Dee176 on 14th Jan 2024

This is book two in the cum buckets series, in this one we learn more about Wobbles the band joker’s background and when Manager Emery says he’s leaving and Wobbles gets a health scare it makes Wobbles think about what is important to him and the answer comes at a bit of a shock to him. Worth a read.

Wobbles & Emery
Written by DLB2572 on 14th Jan 2024

I'm rounding this up from 3.5. This is definitely an interesting story to read. It was also entertaining.

So good
Written by GAnnG on 14th Jan 2024

What a great book. Friends to lovers, overcoming epilepsy. And who would have thought pigeons would be that hilarious. Loved it!

Wobbles & pigeons!
Written by SMK9 on 14th Jan 2024

Wobbles is the guy that cracks jokes at inappropriate times and situations not to mention the inner monologue he runs is hilarious at times. The band pays no attention to this as it is just how he is. But why? Glad we asked because we find out in this book. We also find out much more about the popular drummer and why he flits from bed to bed, and no one sees as the settling down type. Enter Emery, the long-suffering manager of the band. We come to find out why he is long-suffering in this book too. When Wobbles begins to have some health issues, it is Emery that steps up and helps him as if he is more than a manager. Emery is also there to help Wobbles with the PETA mongers after he accidently may have harmed some pigeons and other birds over the course of this book. F***n pigeons! Wobbles begins to see Emery in a new light and can't understand why he never saw Em for the hottie he is. Grab this second installment of the series and find out if a drummer that is used to a different guy every night can get the tightly controlled manager to see they can have a future. Or is it the manager that wants the drummer to realize they can have something special? Find out in this story.