Ascended by Evangeline Perrie

Heat Level 4
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Savage Magic, 3

What would you do if the man who hunted you finally had you at his mercy?

Cori is Gavrie Turgenev’s prisoner, unable to use her own magic to escape and hoping that her mates and newest pride member, Tamlen, are able to find her and help her escape. Cori finds unlikely allies in Rhiannon Singer and a wolf who comes to her defense at the most opportune moment. After Cori escapes, she needs to reconnect with her mates before figuring out how to destroy Turgenev once and for all. Cori will need all the support and strength she can get from each of the remaining witch Houses on her side, but help also comes from an unlikely source, one so hidden almost no one knows it exists. Cori and her men will have to support one another in order to find the strength to prevail over an evil that threatens the existence of every supernatural in the world.

Be Warned: reverse harem (MFMMM), anal sex


I couldn’t move, couldn’t defend myself and no one was here to help. I had tried shifting, but this time whatever magic Turgenev used to keep me still prevented me from connecting with my cat. I could feel her, but it was like she was asleep. I even tried shouting to her in my head, hoping it would wake her up, but she didn’t move at all.

My anxiety rose as I considered what was coming for me. Turgenev wasn’t the only threat—the wolves he had working on his side clearly wanted a piece of me. From what that disgusting wolf said, Turgenev had promised they could use my body. Nausea rose and I breathed heavily. If I vomited—could I vomit?—­I’d choke to death since I couldn’t roll over. It didn’t seem like Turgenev had prevented my bodily functions when he locked me down. Speaking of which, I really had to pee.

I tried to calm myself, focusing again on Rhiannon’s conversation with Tamlen. It was like he was so close but completely out of my reach. I had a moment to think that he truly had begun to feel like part of our group, like family, when there was movement and noise at the door. My eyes darted to where it was located slightly behind a wall and then to Rhiannon. She had been in the middle of speaking, but quickly hung up and shoved the cell phone down her shirt and into her bra, sliding it into the band under her arm to conceal it. She did it so quickly, that I blinked, almost not having seen that she concealed it. I realized she must have done this many times before. Then I panicked because she wasn’t supposed to even be in the room with me. How would she play this off? Would I lose my only ally in this House?

As the door swung open and Turgenev entered, Rhiannon was above me, speaking angrily at me with hate etched over her face. The abrupt change surprised me, although I understood she did it for both of us. For our safety. From her conversation with Tamlen, she was trying to save herself as well. She didn’t know me at all, or she would have understood I’d never leave her here now, anyway.

“Stupid bitch,” Rhiannon hissed at me, “you’re absolutely disgusting.” She stepped back slightly and spit on the floor next to me. I played the part, keeping my eyes on the ceiling and away from her in case Turgenev could read anything in them. Since I was magically locked down, I was unable to make many facial expressions, but I tried to convey hate. It wasn’t hard with him in the room, anyway.

“Miss Singer,” he said, “I’m surprised to find you here.” Despite his words and mild tone, it was definitely a question. I breathed, hoping as hard as I could that she was a good actress. 

She turned that anger on him. “If it weren’t for this bitch, I wouldn’t be here. I’m not here voluntarily, so I thought I would let the trash know exactly how I felt,” Rhiannon spat at him. Internally, I felt relief. She was a damn good actress. Thank the Goddess.

She stormed past Turgenev, heading for the door. 

“Oh, Rhiannon,” Turgenev said.

She stopped, but didn’t turn around, her body tense.

“You might want to go see your father. I don’t think you’ll have many more chances to do that, dear,” he said, and I saw the shiver course through her at the threat. My anger grew but I tamped it down. It couldn’t help me now. The best I could do, I thought to myself as the door closed behind Rhiannon, my only ally in this hell house, was not to give him my fear. Then I wondered how I could ever keep it from him.


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Steamy x 100--this is an awesome book--
Written by Andrea R on 24th Feb 2024

This book has so much of what I love, the menage is so off the charts and the plot is so intense I just didn't want to put it down. I love this series and re-read it every chance I get!!

Written by Mary1966 on 24th Feb 2024

This book surprised me! This is not what I typically read but thought eh let's give it a chance. I am so glad I did!!! The author kept me interested and the characters -- of my goodness. You will fall in love with the protagonist! Get this book is your can... It won't disappoint!