Bitter Bite by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 4
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Alaric Normand is a solitary predator, so when he meets a man who kindles long-dormant emotions, he dismisses the attraction. What does he need with a lover? A consort bond spells nothing but vulnerability for a vampire who’s been alone for five centuries. 

Ex-priest Gideon Keegan has lost his faith, so when he witnesses a supernatural killing, how does he accept the reality of evil? And why does he feel attraction for such a violent individual, especially when he’s already in love with someone else? 

Everyone thinks Hannah Ward is an innocent, but she knows the truth: she’s done terrible things, and so she hides her affection for Gideon. She isn’t worthy of love, yet when a handsome stranger kisses her she falls hard, despite her sense that something is wrong. How can she have feelings for two men at once? Must she choose between the dark and the light?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex


Alaric shook his head. “You’re not a priest. I would’ve sensed it.” 

“I’m not a priest anymore,” Gideon said softly, suppressing the familiar stab of anger. Leaving the priesthood had been the toughest thing he’d ever done.

“But you used to be.” Alaric half-smiled. “Well, well. How interesting.”

“It’s only interesting to me. Now get out of my way,” Gideon said, trying to shoulder past.

Alaric grabbed him again, this time shoving him up against the wall. “Not so fast, my dear. I’m not done with you yet.”

Gideon flushed at the words, feeling more turned on than threatened, though why, he didn’t know. This man had, after all, attacked two people that he knew of, and possibly more. Alaric was dangerous. Of course, you’re not an old man like that poor sucker outside was. You can take Alaric down any time you want. Strength doesn’t trump balance, he reasoned, breathing deeply to center himself. He glanced at Hannah again, needing to know if she could see him stuck in the corner with Alaric, and found her watching them.

When their eyes locked, surprise chased across her face, probably because he and Alaric looked like they were embracing. She had no idea he liked men, too. As his former student, it wasn’t any of her business, dammit, but it looked like all his secrets were about to be exposed whether he liked it or not.

“I’ve seen you looking at the pretty bartender,” Alaric murmured softly, leaning in as if he was about to kiss Gideon, or possibly bite him. “She seems young for the job, and oh so sweetly innocent, especially for this place. Those gorgeous brown eyes are staring at us, you know. She looks shocked. Do you think she likes watching us together? Is that why she’s working in a gay bar?”

“Leave her out of this.” Gideon put his hands on Alaric’s wrists and squeezed, but he couldn’t break the vampire’s grip. “And let me go. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Alaric chuckled. “You couldn’t hurt me if you tried.” He leaned in closer. “I bet she’d enjoy watching us kiss.”

The image Alaric painted aroused Gideon more than he wanted to admit. Angry now, he tried again to escape, squeezing harder. When that did nothing, he kicked out with a foot.

Alaric pushed up against him roughly, using his body to hold Gideon immobile against the wood paneling. “None of that, Gideon. Let me have my say.”

Gideon gritted his teeth when he felt Alaric’s cock pressing into his hip, thick and hard. God, it felt good. “Fuck you,” he said, slightly breathless. Shame washed through him. He hadn’t tried very hard to get away, and the truth was, he liked being manhandled like this.

“Perhaps I will let you someday. I’d enjoy that very much,” Alaric said, smiling slightly. “But what of the girl?” He cocked his head slightly, blue eyes luminous. “She likes you, my dear. I can sense it.”

Gideon swallowed an angry retort. The creature was playing with him. “She’s innocent. Leave her alone.”

“If you tell anyone what you saw outside, I’ll have to take steps,” Alaric whispered threateningly.

Gideon flinched when Alaric’s lips touched his temple. His cock was hard now, too, and aching. He resisted the urge to rub himself against Alaric’s strength. “What kind of steps?” he asked instead, like a fool.

Alaric inhaled. “God, you smell good.”

Gideon’s breath hitched.

“Did you know I like both men and women?”

Gideon honestly wasn’t surprised, not after the way Alaric had noticed Hannah. “What kind of steps?” he asked again, more forcefully.

“Perhaps I’ll ask your girl out. Take her dancing.” Alaric touched his mouth to Gideon’s lips and kissed him softly. “I’m sure I’d enjoy tasting her like this.” He kissed Gideon more aggressively, licking inside and taunting with his tongue.

Gideon choked on a moan as Alaric held him against the wall and ravished his mouth. He felt himself weakening and bit Alaric’s lip, warning him he wasn’t some damsel in distress. He couldn’t let his guard down, no matter how desperately aroused he felt being constrained like this.

Alaric chuckled. “Mmm. I like that. Bite me again.” He rubbed his cheek against Gideon’s. “Or perhaps I’ll bite you. I bet your blood tastes sweet as candy.”

“What are you?” Gideon asked, breathing harshly as another pang of heat shot through him. God help him, but he wanted to drag Alaric into the darkness and fuck him until he couldn’t think straight anymore.

Alaric leaned back. His blue eyes had bled to midnight again. “I’m exactly what you think I am, my dear.”

Gideon’s heart knocked against his ribs, hard enough to hurt. “Don’t touch her, or I swear—”

“I won’t, as long as you keep this delicious mouth shut,” Alaric said, kissing him again.


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Love Bytes
Written by Tammy on 14th Dec 2015

Alaric Normand is a 500-year-old vampire on a mission to avenge the murder of his last surviving blood relative. Gideon Keegan is an ex-priest who is in love with his ex-student, a bouncer for a gay bar and oh! he is also bi-sexual. Hannah Ward is a 21-year-old virgin, a bartender in a gay bar, has been in love with Gideon since he was her teacher in high school and they are both consorts to Alaric! Alaric is not at all happy to meet his consort when he is so close to finding and ending the ancient vampire that murdered his “nephew” over a hundred years ago. The moment he touched Gideon though his ‘beast’ side whispered to him, consort! He denied it until Gideon unknowingly forced his hand and even then Alaric was not going to do anything about it as he reasoned that at 500 years old he was far too old to have a consort. It wasn’t until he was in the bar with Gideon and noticed the way he looked at Hannah that Alaric got the shock of life. He had not one but two consorts! Gideon can’t believe that the incredibly attractive man he met in church lighting a candle for his late mother is a vampire. He knows there are a lot of evil beings around but it’s not until know that he has to acknowledge the reality of it. Gideon left the priesthood 2 years ago after he lost his faith after watching his mother waste away and die from cancer. Not only did he lose his faith but he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that the church deemed him to be and evil abomination because of who he was attracted to. And to top it all off, he has been in love with his now ex-student for a great many years. Hannah is, if not happy then resigned to the fact that she is a 21-year-old virgin, truth be told, Hannah’s got absolutely no motivation to change her status either! Luckily for Hannah, Gideon got her her job as bartender in the same bar he bounced at. The only problem with that is that she now gets to watch Gideon all night every night but she doesn’t dare touch or tell him just how much she loves him. Hannah had an incredibly abusive father who not only drank a lot but he used to beat both her and her mother. One night after she finished high school Hannah walked in the door of her house to find that her father had just murdered her mother and when he saw her he came at her like he was going to kill her too. Hannah picked up the first thing she touched and threw it at her father. The book hit him in the “right” place on his face because the next thing she knew he was hitting the floor with blood coming out of his nose and he was dead! Because she was scared out of her mind Hannah blamed her dead mother for her father’s death but she could never forgive herself for telling such a lie. When the three of them were all together in the bar the attraction was almost overwhelming. Alaric couldn’t help himself, he kissed both Gideon and Hannah. He accidentally breaks the skin of Hannah’s lip and tastes her blood, big mistake. Because Hannah is his consort tasting her blood makes Alaric pass out just when his nemesis comes into the bar looking for him. Later, Alaric tells both Hannah and Gideon that not only is the ancient vampire very strong he has very own demon and the demon can scent the fact that Hannah is innocent and it’s making him even more determined to get to them. After a bout of hot and heavy sex, Alaric decides to attack the vampire and demon on his own to protect Gideon and Hannah. And so begins the fight to vanquish the vampire, send the demon back to hell and save Alaric so they can have their happy ever after!! All in all, Bitter Bite is a very well written love story with a definite twist to the overall storyline. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to all m/m, ménage, vampire romance story lovers!!

The Romance Reviews
Written by Rachel's Willful Thoughts on 8th Dec 2015

The only thing on Alaric's mind is to destroy his enemy. Little did he know that he'd stumble upon his consort. Author Erin M. Leaf pens a spicy supernatural tale in BITTER BITE, but there's an unusual twist. The end result is an entertaining menage...with a definite bite. Take a seasoned vampire, mix with a former priest and an innocent bartender and you have a recipe for some rather interesting scenarios. Add in a deadly enemy complete with a demonic helper and the action rapidly increases. While there is obviously much more to the story, Alaric has to deal with the fact that his life is now tied to two humans. Although some part of the storyline seemed a bit underdeveloped such as Hannah's interesting skills, combining a menage relationship into a paranormal romance worked well. With plenty of off-the-charts interaction, there's no doubt that Alaric, Gideon and Hannah share a phenomenal bond. - See more at:

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Elf on 9th Sep 2015

This intriguing and erotic paranormal romance has deliciously compelling characters who struggle against the sizzling attraction that forms the basis for a ménage a trois. The danger that accompanies the attentions of the vampire Alaric adds to the tension and makes this a suspenseful read, but I felt that some of the developments seemed a little forced and abrupt, and a little too convenient. I was also a bit uncomfortable with Gideon’s history and his confessions about his feelings for someone who was a student, despite his never having acted on them, as it seems a bit too close to the line for me. That being said, the intimate scenes are wonderfully steamy, and the dangers are chilling, and I would love to see this triad in a longer story that gives them all a chance to be better appreciated in more detail. “Bitter Bite” by Erin M. Leaf follows Alaric Normand, a very old vampire, who discovers that his chance encounter with ex-priest Gideon Keegan signals the start of a complicated relationship that will eventually get even more entangled with the addition of Gideon’s former student, Hannah. The three of them are astounded and challenged by the attraction felt between them, but the two humans have no idea of the dangers…and benefits…of giving their hearts and loyalty to a being who has amazing powers, but whose attentions come with a risk to their lives and their souls. Fortunately for Alaric, they have hidden depths to contribute to the relationship as well.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
Written by Kenna Nauenburg on 4th Jul 2015

Oh my goodness, but this was such a great book! I don't want to give any plot away. The blurb is sufficient. I just wanted to say that I really loved this story. It had everything...action, intrigue, angst, imperfect heroes, deep love, and hot MMF sex. It's all so beautifully written and detailed. I was caught up from page one, and I read it straight through in one sitting. It felt like I waited for this book forever, and when I finally got my hands on it, it was all worth it. Read this book!

I love it very different from books I have read so ...
Written by Amazon Customer on 30th Jun 2015

I love it very different from books I have read so far it shows that you can love more the one person and that the persons that have lost their faith or don't deserve to be love are very much loved even of their past I enjoy it very much that I finish it in one day