Wulfgang by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 4
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Bad Oak Boys, 3

After years in the military, Wulfgang Marrok has had enough. He wants nothing more than to settle down into quiet normalcy and live out his life. Unfortunately, the moment he meets his music history professor, normal and quiet disintegrate beneath a sudden metaphysical connection he didn’t think was possible. His mother is a werewolf, but he didn’t inherit her abilities … until now. 

Silas River desperately needs a break from life as Bad Oak’s drummer, so he dons a disguise and heads to a sleepy little town to teach music. Of course, life always fouls up the beat: the moment his fated mate walks into his classroom, his dormant wolf side wakes up and demands attention. 

For shifters, instinct trumps solitude. Werewolf politics and violent enemies trump peace. Can Silas and Wulfgang’s new bond survive murder and a loss so deep that Silas almost destroys himself trying to soothe the pain? 

Be Warned: m/m sex, MPREG, spanking



Wulfgang closed the front door behind him and followed his professor to the bath. Forest flicked on a light, illuminating slate tile floors and a gorgeous granite-topped vanity.

“There. Sit on the edge of the tub,” Forest said, rummaging around in the cabinet above the sink.

“This isn’t a tub. It’s a freaking pool,” Wulfgang said, perching on smooth tile. “How the hell can you afford this?” He smoothed a hand over the edge of the tub. “You’re a teacher. Last I checked, you guys make enough to buy one cup of coffee maybe every other week and that’s about it.”

“I have my ways,” Mr. Sexy Professor said, dropping to his knees in front of Wulfgang.

Holy shit. Wulfgang caught his breath. Forest had popped out his blue contacts while he’d been gawking at all the tile and intense hazel eyes looked up at him. “Your eyes…” He trailed off as that sense of familiarity that had been dogging him for the past two weeks punched him in the gut. “Christ, you look familiar.” His cock pressed against the front of his jeans painfully. He wanted to grab the professor and mess him up until they were both desperate and dirty and very fucking satisfied. He clenched his hands into fists so he wouldn’t do something stupid.

Forest snorted. “They itch after wearing them all day, and since you already know they’re fake…” He shrugged. “Now hold still. This might hurt a little.” He reached up with a wet cotton ball.

Wulfgang leaned back. “What the fuck is that?”

“Peroxide. Don’t be a baby, Wulfgang.”

The professor reached out again, and this time Wulfgang let him get close. He hissed at the sting. “Ow.”

Forest pressed harder.

“Wow, you’re actually kind of mean,” Wulfgang said. Somehow, the pain in his temple didn’t help dispel his erection one bit. Probably because you have the sexiest man you’ve ever seen on his knees between your legs. He wished he could reach down and adjust himself, but that would definitely give his body’s condition away. As it was, he could still pretend that Sexy Professor had no idea how badly Wulfgang wanted him.

“My brother and cousins would agree with you. I have no mercy for the weak.” Forest blotted with the cotton, then ripped open two bandages. “Hold still.”

“I’m already holding still.” Wulfgang’s mouth had gone dry. He gripped the side of the tub surround like it would keep him from falling. Forest was close enough that the warmth of his body felt like a whisper against his skin. “Fuck, it’s hot in here,” he whispered.

Forest smoothed the bandages down over Wulfgang’s face. His fingers lingered just a tad longer than they needed to. “No, it’s not. Not with the air conditioner on.” He touched a thumb to Wulfgang’s lips. “You’re hot,” he said softly.

Hell. I want him bad. Wulfgang blinked as his mouth tingled. “What?”

Forest sat back on his haunches. “You can’t tell when a guy is making a pass at you?”

Wulfgang’s nostrils flared. Forest smelled like, well, a fucking forest. He smelled like home. “Why do you smell like pine trees?” He frowned. “And electricity?”

“Damn, you have no clue,” the professor said, and then he leaned up and kissed Wulfgang full on the mouth.

Wulfgang flailed for a moment. Then he sank his hands into Forest’s hair and held on. Mr. Sexy Professor knew exactly what he was doing. He kissed like a soldier on a mission: deep, hard, and intent on reaching his goal, which in this case felt like he was trying to drive Wulfgang over the edge in three point two seconds. Wulfgang shuddered and kissed him back, licking inside the man’s mouth. His head still hurt, but the pain paled in comparison to the inferno raging inside his body. He fisted one hand in Forest’s hair, then used the other to drag him closer. When the professor’s chest collided with Wulfgang’s cock, both men groaned.

“You taste like berries,” Forest gasped.

Wulfgang bit the man’s lip, inexplicably angry. And really turned on. “You’re no fucking professor, are you?”

Forest laughed. “Hmm, not quite.” He slid his hands up over Wulfgang’s thighs and pushed his thumbs into the crease where his legs met his torso.

Wulfgang’s dick jumped, wanting those clever fingers closer.

“My name isn’t Forest, either.”

Christ. Wulfgang grabbed the front of the ugly, oversized t-shirt cloaking Forest like a freaking burqa and yanked it off. Forest didn’t protest. When he was bare, Wulfgang’s gaze landed on the huge tree tattoo decorating the man’s right arm and shoulder. It lay on thick muscles like a damned signpost, mercilessly poking at Wulfgang’s memory. “Fuck. Who the hell are you?” He slapped a hand over the tattoo, then squeezed, relishing the solid reality of the man in front of him. Something wild surged through him. He wanted to bite this guy, this liar who kneeled in front of him and had the balls to drag him home and try to fix him. He bared his teeth.

Instead of running, like any sensible person would do, the professor snarled back at him and tipped his head slightly to the side. “Come on. Do it. I know you want to.”


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Love Bytes
Written by Tammy on 28th Mar 2016

Wulfgang Marrok has returned to the quiet little town he grew up in with his mother so he can hopefully settle down and live a normal life. The one thing he never thought would happen was that not only would he meet a man he was incredibly attracted to but the man would turn out to be his mate. As far as Wulfgang was concerned he was human, he would never be able to shift like his mother and the rest of the Marrok Pack. Silas River is tired, being Bad Oaks drummer is exhausting. To achieved his desire of anonymity and be able to hide in plain view Silas takes the position of the nerdy Music History teacher Forest Lester for summer classes in Desert Island, Maine. When Silas meets Wulfgang in his class he’s torn about getting involved with a student, then he remembers they’re all adults! All it takes is one lunch together and Silas is changing into his wolf, the only thing is that he’d been around so many different people that day that he wasn’t sure who triggered his recessed wolf genes to come to the fore. As soon as he changed Silas knew he was an Alpha, the only thing wrong with that is that the only pack he’s had anything to do with was the Forst Pack and there are already two alphas’ for that pack. It took a bit longer for Wulfgang’s wolf genes to wake up and take notice that his mate was right there in front of him. When they did they did it with a vengeance! Contrary to popular belief it turns out that Wulfgang is a natural wolf but he is also the new Marrok Pack Alpha! Wolfgang’s father who has long been thought dead takes offence to Wulfgang and Silas taking over the position of Co-Alpha’s of the pack. The ensuing fight for leadership really isn’t much of a fight but it does lead to the asking of some very important questions for the remaining pack members. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to either of them Silas was pregnant until he had to shift to protect Wulfgang and everyone knows you can’t shift whilst pregnant! This is a devastating blow for Silas and he returns home to Forst Pack to lick his wounds and Wulfgang is left not knowing how to feel. The Bad Oak Boys series is getting better; the main characters are getting stronger along with their mates. I can’t wait for Shane’s story. For those of you who don’t know who Shane is, he’s Silas’s brother and the last unmated member of Bad Oak Boys!

GGR Reivew
Written by Scott on 19th Mar 2016

So far my favorite. Erin surprises me, I was wondering where this new story would take us. Forst pack would only be able to handle so many Alpha pairings before it ruined the dynamic of how a pack works. Silas has taken a hiatus from Bad Oak Boys to escape the drama, we find him in Maine teaching Music History in a small college. Wulfgang is back living with his Mother after a stint in the military, he’s also taking classes and he notices something different about his professor when he walks into the Music History class. Wulfgang knows all about shifters, he always believed that the shifter gene passed him up, taking after his Father. Not all is as it should be in the small college town nestled in the woods. The angst in this story wasn’t centered around finding out you’re Werewolf or even the Mpreg. This story had more drama, it was about building and putting together a pack that has been without leadership in years. There is also a mystery interwoven in the story, attacks on the pack, a possible murder of the last Alpha, this all lent itself towards a more dramatic story that really keeps the reader riveted. This story also includes all the sexiness that Erin is known for with her Bad Oak Boys, she surely doesn’t disappoint this reader. Silas and Wulfgang are VERY compatible and the sex appeal oozes off of the pages. She also gives us a little teaser about who the next story is going to be about, and you can bet that Shane’s story is going to be dynamic. This is definitely a read in order series and I do recommend you start at the beginning.

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Christy D on 21st Feb 2016

“You’re human for now, but that will change soon enough,” Bardulf had said just before he’d left New York. And dammit, Silas knew the Alpha was right. He could feel a change in his bones like an itch he couldn’t quite reach yet." I had a feeling Silas's story was going to be more - more oomph, more revelations, more emotions - and the author didn't disappoint. I mean, Forst pack already has two alphas, an alpha-shaman, and a beta, so unless Silas was going to be a lesser pack member, which I couldn't imagine, there'd have to be a change. Turns out the small town in Maine where Silas goes to get away from all things wolfy and famous has a local pack with no alpha. Silas's dormant genes kick in after he meets his mate, and yep, he's an alpha. Luckily he's able to keep from immediately bonding with the local pack, because there's definitely something wrong there. Wulfgang is human, but his mother is a werewolf. His father was the son of the previous alpha of Marrok pack, but his dad was an addict and messed up his ability to shift, not to mention he went clinically insane, and was banished. Wulfgang has no idea he has dormant genes, even though Silas tries to explain and warn him, but when they mate and shift together, Wulfgang is pretty freaked about the mate bond and being an alpha. "But he wasn’t ready for this. He took a step back, then another. He could feel Silas in his head, like a bright strand, woven through fucking everything. “What the hell have we done?” His voice shook. What had he been thinking?" If I thought the couples in the previous two books had troubles, it was nothing compared to Wulfgang and Silas. The Marrok pack is a mess, and Wulfgang's dad is out to get everyone hooked on aconite, which is a synthetic form of wolfsbane that causes wolves to lose their ability to shift, become more manageable, and clinically insane. Unfortunately, while these two alphas are dealing with all of these issues, something else is happening that neither of them recognize. The consequences cause an emotional devastation that I can't begin to understand. It broke my heart. So, so, so good! This was a more emotional but just as fantastic book in the series. The revelation at the end has left me salivating for Shane’s story. All in all, I couldn't be happier to have discovered this wonderful series, and these amazing characters.

The Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 17th Feb 2016

Silas needs a break from the rock n roll lifestyle of Bad Oak, so he decides to go back to his teaching roots for the summer, and leave all the werewolf madness behind him. What he doesn't realise is that Wulfgang is about to make an appearance in his life, and that means a BIG change, in more ways than one. I loved the fact that Silas is a calm character who accepts who he is and what has occurred. Too many times, the story is taken over the with angst of changing, whereas this story was able to concentrate on bringing a broken pack together and making it stronger, the politics that Bardulf is dealing with, and the dangers of aconite to the wolves. This is a smoothly paced and exceedingly well-written story, full of love, humour and angst, with characters that are well-rounded and delightful. If I had one warning about this book, it would be not to read the last few chapters in an airport, where people look at you strangely when you start crying! Absolutely and definitely recommended! - See more at: http://glbt.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=20731#sthash.cUuFJDts.dpuf

4 Stars
Written by undefined on 14th Feb 2016

Loving this series. Wulfgang and Silas have become my favorite couple. They went through alot and ended up stringer than before.

4 Stars
Written by undefined on 14th Feb 2016

I really love this series. I bought the 1st one on a whim, I think it was on sale or I had a code or something. And I loved it, and I binged on 2 & 3 today, and totally can't wait for the 4th.

Terrific story of Silas & Wulfgang
Written by undefined on 14th Feb 2016

I really loved this story because both Silas and Wulfgang were both very strong and their love story was done very well! I didn't like the Gerwulf as a character therefore the story Fifa ń hazels but I loved Wulfgang! Great story!