Bound for Christmas by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Club Kink, 1

They rarely spoke. They only touched hands. Until now.

Bernice Rowe has been fascinated by the man who regularly visits the library where she works. They never speak and only stare at each other. When she learns that her mystery man is one of the dominant men at Club Kink, she makes a choice to become a submissive.

Master Leon has been visiting the library for one reason—Bernice. He wants her desperately but knows his desires are not for everyone. When Leon finds her at the club he makes sure everyone knows she is his submissive.

He takes her away and starts her training. Leon is determined to make her his woman in time for Christmas. Neither know how the other feels, and it looks like it is going to be a Christmas to remember for both of them.

Be Warned: sex toys, spanking, BDSM, public exhibition



Her nipples were on fire. The clamps stung. She wanted to tear them off her breasts, but then she’d get even worse. Then the burning pain shot through her whole body. Her clit swelled. She rubbed her legs together feeling the pleasure shake her entire body. His touch sent off electric signals all around her. She was sensitive to the slightest touch. 
“Do you feel the change?” he asked. 
“I ache everywhere, Master.” 
He turned her so her back was to him. “Every part of you is sensitive?” 
“Yes, it is more than I can stand.” 
Leon chuckled. The vibrations went straight to her cunt. She was on fire with the need to climax.   
His hands moved down the sides of her body. She whimpered then cried out as his hands slapped either side of her thighs. “Did I say you could play with yourself?” 
“I’m not.” 
Another short sharp slap to her thigh. She cried out then moaned as her legs scissored for more contact with her clitoris. 
“You’re building up your punishments here, baby. Address me properly with my title unless I tell you otherwise.” 
“I’m sorry, Master.” She wanted to sob and beg him to make her come all at the same time. 
“Good.” His hands moved round to the front of her thighs. She felt him move down her body until he split her legs open. The contact she’d gained with her clit was lost. 
Bernice whimpered missing the contact already. 
“Please,” she said. 
“Please, what?” he asked. 
She cried out. It was too much. How could anyone concentrate with so much sensation? Her focus failed at every opportunity. It was too much and not enough. The pain combined with the pleasure made it hard for her to focus on anything. Leon expected her to keep saying his title while she couldn’t remember her own name. 
He turned her back to face him. She stared at him for several seconds before he caught her close. Leon stroked her hair as she tried to gain some composure. 
“You can use your safe word at any time,” he whispered. 
She closed her eyes. Was she ready to give up?

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by NOR on 26th May 2013

Bound by Christmas is a short story about a Dom named Leon. He has 3 weeks to train and Bond himself to a new submissive. In comes the librarian of his dreams, Bernice. Bernice has had a crush on Leon forever. She had a friend get her in the club that Leon is a Dom at. She wanted to get his attention. Now the two of them are together for 3 weeks to see if they are compatible. This was a well written story and the plot was well done for a short. The characters were very likable and you couldn't help but fall in love with their story. The sex wasn't overboard. It was just enough to keep the book spicy. This was a good read, and I'd definitely read more by this author.

Long and Short of It Reviews
Written by LASR on 10th Mar 2013

When Dominant Leon Butters finds the sub of his dreams, Christmas gets a little more merry. Leon has been watching Bernice Rowe since he first laid eyes on her. A local librarian with lush golden hair and a voluptuous figure, he knew she had to be his. When she entered Kink, the local BDSM club, he watched from afar until it was the right time to make his move. Bernie would be his for Christmas. Bernice was enamored with the possibility that becoming a sub would help her with her issues with attracting the right kind of man. New to the lifestyle, the relationship between a sub and a Dom really appealed to her, especially if that Dom was going to be Leon. Bound for Christmas had a fairy tale quality that you don’t often see in a BDSM novel. It had a sweetness and simplicity to the story and flow that was intriguing. Leon was a typical Dom character- overbearing and doing everything from cutting Bernie’s food to dressing her. Bernie was a quiet sub with very little going on. There were points in the story that frustrated me, the doormat syndrome being one of those. While the loving nature of the story was nice, the lack of character depth made me restless as I was reading. On the other hand, the sexy spanking scenes and other BDSM moments were a lot of fun and had me reaching for the iced tea. The very real weight concerns that Bernie had were a strong pull as was the fear of being alone. Body image is a very real part of most women’s lives, and I identified with Bernie’s need to be accepted by Leon. To have someone care about you enough to correct you, feed you, dress you and the like is intoxicating, but in this instance it felt like Bernie had very little presence. There were a couple other issues that also popped up. Echoes. When the same word is used over and over again in the course of a paragraph, then it tends to stick in the reader’s mind and you notice. The other thing was that there was very little getting to know you time before things progressed to a level of commitment that felt unrealistic and I had a moment where my ability to suspend disbelief was having some issues. Overall, I liked the storyline, characters and the idea that you can meet a Dom in a club and have a sexy three week Christmas vacation with as much kink as you can stand. That would frost anyone’s cupcake, especially mine. The holiday essence and sweetness of the story prevailed in the end. If you want a story that has a little bit of kink under the tree, then give Bound for Christmas a try.

The Romance Review
Written by TRR on 14th Jan 2013

If someone told you there's a BDSM story that is sweet, cute and a perfect holiday read, would you believe it? No? Well, grab this book and let it change your mind! Because BOUND FOR CHRISTMAS is all that and more. Bernice Rowe is a twenty-five-year-old librarian. Plus-sized, insecure and completely fascinated by the man that keeps coming to the library. Leon Butters has had his eye on Bernice for some time, but as he is well aware his lifestyle is not for everyone, he kept his distance. Once Bernice learns he is a Dom in the BDSM Club Kink, she decides to become a submissive – his submissive. Leon claims her, and her three-week training begins. He wants to make her his in time for Christmas. She wants to stay his long after that. Are three weeks enough to explore their feelings, create a connection and make a lasting Christmas miracle? For these two, the answer is – yes! I wish I could give this book a higher rating. I liked it, but I have to say I did not love it. The writing could have been smoother, and it felt a bit rushed at some points. If the story were longer, it wouldn't lack the development I missed here. Another thing that bothered me a bit is that they committed to each other rather too soon. Other readers might not agree, but I feel that a slower pace, when it comes to declarations of love and marriage proposals, is much more realistic. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story. Bernice is a bit shy and clumsy, but she is a great, loving girl. Leon is playful, attentive, considerate, kind man – and a great Dom. They managed to create a Christmas miracle together, and find love, sense of belonging, and home – in each other.