Brute's Revenge by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Evil Fallen Bratva MC, 1

Brute has vowed to kill all of the Golubev Bratva. They are the enemy and he has formed a group of men, an MC, who want nothing more than to see them all fall.

When Faith Dawson goes on a date from hell for her mother, she had no idea it was going to end up getting her kidnapped. She tried to hide the fact her grandfather is Sergey Golubev, but there is no hiding anything.

The man who has taken her knows who she is. In this war, there is never any chance for survivors. It is well known that Sergey adores his granddaughter, and Brute wants to see how far he’s willing to go to protect her.

When Sergey offers a trade, Faith for one of his men, he has no choice but to take it. He has no interest in Faith—she was a means to an end, and so, he sends her off.

Brute may have released her, but when he learns of her upcoming marriage to a trafficker, he cannot just let it happen. He takes her. Faith will belong to him. But Brute knows it is only a matter of time until Sergey retaliates. He will be ready. Until then, he was going to have his fun with Faith. She has gotten under his skin and seeped into his heart. There is no turning back.



Brute stepped into the room, and this time he didn’t close it behind him. He surprised her even more by lowering down on one knee and gripping her ankle. Only one was secure to the bed, and she shouldn’t care what it meant or how it felt, but there was a spark when he touched her. A sudden bolt of heat traveled up her leg and spread throughout her whole body.

She gritted her teeth and took a long, deep breath.

It was fine. Perfectly fine. This meant nothing.

She couldn’t help but think about the kiss and then she felt like even more of a fool. The kiss had meant nothing. He had only done it to silence her. She knew that, as did he. He wasn’t pining for her. The kiss was a means to an end.

Don’t trust him.

She took a deep breath as the lock releasing seemed to echo around the room.

The chain around her ankle slid down and she was finally free. She had a few seconds where she thought about making a run for it, but she had told him she wouldn’t. She’d never break her word.

Brute stood up and he was so close. She had no choice but to take a step back. She tilted her head and looked up into his blue eyes. They looked so beautiful and yet, she knew the man behind them was nothing like his eyes. He was the Devil. There was no doubt about it. She couldn’t trust him, or this newfound kindness, if it was even that.

He held out his hand. “You’re going to have to take it.”

Looking at his hand, she wanted to tell him no, but what was wrong with touching him? She was never going to forget he was the enemy, so she placed her hand within his and ignored the bolt of heat that traveled up her body.

It didn’t matter. None of this mattered.

She took another deep breath, one she hoped he didn’t hear, and then followed him out of the cell.

This would be the first time she had stepped foot out of it—apart from using the bathroom, but that didn’t count—since he placed her inside. She didn’t have on any shoes or socks and the ground felt different. It was slightly smoother out of the cell.

He moved to the set of steps and Brute went up first. He didn’t let go of her hand, but she didn’t see anything romantic in his grip. She was still his prisoner, at his mercy.

He opened the door and there was noise as they entered the main house again. The door had opened into a section of the kitchen.

Stepping through but staying behind Brute, she couldn’t help but glance up, and she saw a couple of people. None of them she recognized. They all looked disgusted and placed hands over their noses and mouths. She smelled really bad.

Brute didn’t linger, he was already walking her out of the kitchen.

Her face heated at the reaction of the people they passed. This wasn’t good or fun or nice. This was horrible. She didn’t know if she’d rather be kept in her cell in the basement and just have buckets of warm water thrown on her. That might be better than having to deal with this humiliation. She hated it. They were all cruel.

She bowed her head so she didn’t have to witness their reactions and only looked up when the floor changed and she was standing on linoleum. Never in her life had she felt so pleased to be standing on a different kind of floor.

She was an idiot. How dare they? It wasn’t like the clubhouse was in any good working order. With nothing to protect her feet, she felt how sticky the floor was, how unkept it was, and yet they treated her that way. I stink really bad.

The door to the bathroom closed and she heard another lock, which made her look up to see that Brute had locked them both inside the bathroom.

“You’re going to watch me?” she asked.

“I’ve got to make sure you don’t try anything stupid. Now, you choose—shower or bath?”

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Great read!
Written by MrsKissmas on 28th Feb 2024

Evil Fallen Bratva MC - Book 1 - Brute's Revenge - Sam Crescent The first in a new series by the fabulous Sam Crescent and hopefully its the first of many and it combines two of the tropes that this talented author excels in and manages to deliver exciting and well written plots each in each and every time. Her gift for creating a tangled web of the MC lifestyle mixed with the Bratva lifestyle, then added some age gap romance brings it into its own. Brute is the 40 year old hero of our tale and leader of The Evil Fallen Bratva MC the group, the group he created when he left the Golubev Bratva and went against Sergey Golubev and intends to end the Golubev Bratva and their reign permanently. That is his mission and part of his plan involves Faith Dawson our 25 year old virgin heroine whom is Sergey's granddaughter, Brute and his brothers kidnap her to help with their scheme for revenge but Brute has no idea that Faith will end up meaning so much to him that letting her go forever just is not an option. The story is mixed with plenty of intrigue, lots of action and steamy scenes to make your Kindle catch fire and more heroes in the future who will have their own stories to tell makes this an award winning recipe for success without question. However I did find the story a great pace but then suddenly the ending wrapped up quite quickly leaving you with a happily for now scenario as Brute has yet to take out Sergey Golubev and his son Nikki, Faith's father along with those that stand with them and to fully deliver his revenge on all those that deserve it. However, Brute and Faith got their happily ever after but I am very much looking forward to seeing more if this couple in future stories. Which does leaves plenty of future scope for Igor, Road, Vlad, Sarge, Hail, Krill, Tank who has his own demons and recovery to find, along with Maxim, Nikolai, Stan and hopefully many more to tell their sides of their stories along the way. This really is a very promising start to a new series and I'm excited to see the direction it heads into. I look forward to seeing Brute exact his revenge but to also see more of him and Faith in the future stories and more of what their own story has to come and what their happily ever after brings along with each one of the brothers falling and finding their own happily ever afters along the way. There are exciting things to come in the future for this series I am one hundred percent sure of that. Happy Reading! 5 out of 5 stars Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.

"He didn't like the feeling he was having."
Written by Anij on 3rd Dec 2023

I usually like Sam Crescent's books, despite the uneven writing and the chronic poor editing, because she manages to write interesting characters and plots. Yes, they sometimes become repetitive and occasionally the stories have more action in than out of the bedroom. Brute pretty much checks every box, both positive and negative. I liked the two main characters as well as some of the side characters. There was enough story to keep my attention even if it was predictable. The editing was practically non-existent and there were so many inconsistencies I almost got lost a few times. Brute was a typical Sam hot alpha hero who was in denial most of the times about his growing feelings for Faith. Faith was sweet but didn't have as much personality as Sam usually gives her heroines. Road was too inconsistent to connect with as was Nikki, although I think he was written that way deliberately and I think there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. I really liked Tank, a lot. Poor guy has been through so much and yet he's so sweet and kind to Fairh. I really hope he finds his own hea. Bottom line, this book is 3 1/2 stars and I decided to round up because I really want Sam to continue the series.

Great Story!!
Written by Amy J on 3rd Dec 2023

Loved reading Brute’s Revenge. This was a very fast read for me. Sometimes a person can be in the wrong place at the wrong time and that’s what happened to Faith. The chemistry between Faith and Brute was hot and the ending was so good.

Brute's Revenge.
Written by Shiftybugger on 3rd Dec 2023

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Wow, I was absolutely captivated by reading this book, the story was written well and the characters were really sensational. This book was about Brute and Faith, Brute wants revenge and take out all the Golubev Bratva, he was working through the Ranks when they killed his whole family. Golubev Bratva the are ruthless they trafficked women and children, they would no hesitation to kill them. Faith is the granddaughter to the Golubev Bratva. Serge was always nice to her until she went to Brute's MC and now she knows what he is like. Now she has a bounty on her head.

Bratva Mafia
Written by Shortbec on 3rd Dec 2023

Faith is a normal woman that has been made to go on a date by her mother, this date takes a turn when she is taken to a MC clubhouse party. She knows she is not suppose to be there when her date disappeares she tries to make her escape. Only to be stopped by the Prez Brute. Brute has wanted revenge against the Golubev Bratva, so when he heard that Sergey had a soft spot for his granddaughter a plan came to play. He kidnaps her, when he makes contact he makes a trade for one of his man and returns her to her grandfather. But as time goes neither can stop thinking of the other what happens next will be too hot to handle.

Brute and Faith
Written by Crystal74 on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute and his MC mission is to take down and kill all of the Golubev Brata by any means necessary. This leads him to kidnap Faith the granddaughter of Sergey. It's an action packed can't put down once toy start reading book. Definitely recommend this

Rage and faith
Written by Jamee h on 3rd Dec 2023

I absolutely loved this book. Rage and faith start off on the wrong foot but by the end everything turns out great. I would definitely recommend reading this.

Brute’s Revenge
Written by Stacii on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute and Faith’s story has them meeting when his MC kidnap her since she is the granddaughter of Sergey from Golubev Bratva. He wants his man back and they trade but then he finds out she is to be wedded to a trafficker and takes her on her way to the wedding. They had got to know each other and they liked what they see in each other. But what will become of this latest score. Will it be war or will it be an ending. A good twist story

Brutes revenge
Written by BrightJacks on 3rd Dec 2023

Can this innocent girl caught in the middle of two worlds win over the man set on using her for revenge? Sweet romance with many twists and turns.

Brute & Faith vs. Sergey Golubev
Written by Shell R on 3rd Dec 2023

Faith was living a peaceful life until her mother sets her up on a date from hell. One harmless date lead to a kidnapping, a wedding, and one virgin losing her virginity. Join the story to figure out why everyone wants to control Faith's life. If it's not nasty, rude mother being controlling, then it's her grandfather who always presented as a caring person but he has a dark side and don't forget Brute with his sexiness. Hopefully Faith can figure out.

Brutally his
Written by Reensburger on 3rd Dec 2023

What starts out as a kidnapping turns into a story of intrigue and you never quite know who is bad or good. What you do know is that Faith is a sweet, kind woman and Brute is going to fall without knowing it. Action and spice packed, I really enjoyed this book and how Faith managed to win everyone over.

Faith and her Brute.
Written by Mylene on 3rd Dec 2023

Kidnapping Faith was going to be simple. She would pay for her grandfather's crimes against the Fallen Bratva MC. Brute under estimated the lure of a innocent beautiful woman. Can they both get over the hurts of the past to find peace together? or is this war?

Brute and Faith
Written by Redfaeryrose on 3rd Dec 2023

When Brute replied “Because I loved her!” That made me liked him. He is indeed a brute, he lived up to his name. He may be the hero of the story but he acted as a villain. The FMC, Faith, is the complete opposite of our MMC. What I loved the most, when he fell, he fall hard.

Written by AllyMcGarry52 on 3rd Dec 2023

Another good book, this one is about Faith who is a member of the Bratva but not my choice. When a chance kidnapping by Brute forces her further into her family's life, she looks for an escape.

Written by Rubensgram on 3rd Dec 2023

Good Bratva story. Brute kidnaps the granddaughter of his sworn enemy to use as a bargaining tool to trade for one of his men held captive. But there is something about her that gets under his skin. Steamy.

Bratva turned MC club
Written by Brooke H on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute is the President of the Evil Fallen Bratva MC club. He used to be part of the Golubev Bratva until their leader murdered his entire family. Faith Dawson is the granddaughter of the Golubev leader. She's tricked into coming to the MC clubhouse where she's kidnapped and held for ransom. Brute is immediately taken with her and can't stay away. He eventually lets her go in exchange for the release of one of his MC brothers who was taken by the Golubevs. Faith has been beaten down emotionally her entire life - made to believe she's nothing but a bastard daughter of the Bratva leader's son and a random woman. She's also betrothed to a human trafficker. Brute pulls his head out of the sand in time to rescue her before her wedding. I loved all the characters in this book and can't wait for the next book!

Brute and Faith
Written by Maleficent on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute is the leader of the Evil Fallen Bratva MC, they used to be part of the Golubev Bratva until they were betrayed and struck out on their own. A war is brewing the MC brothers cannot wait. He cannot believe his luck when Sergey Golubev's granddaughter comes into his club. She came with a date but Brute is going to keep her there to use against her grandfather. He keeps Faith locked in the basement for the first two weeks. She does not seem to be like her family. When he finally calls her offers to trade her for one of their guys. When her grandfather arranges for her to marry a human traffiker, he cannot let that happen to her an plots to rescue her. Does she want to stay?

Brute’s Revenge
Written by Samkat on 3rd Dec 2023

Faith’s Grandfather is the head of the Golubev Bratva and is responsible for hurting a lot of people. This has created enemies who wish to use Faith to make her Grandfather pay. Brute wants Sergey Golubev to pay for what he’s done and Faith is the perfect way to get his revenge. What Brute doesn’t count on is that Faith would be an innocent victim caught up in the middle or that he would become attracted to her. This complicates things and now getting revenge is not his sole focus any longer.

Evil Fallen Bratva MC
Written by Danee on 3rd Dec 2023

I was on cloud nine because two of my favorite tropes were in one story. The MC and the Bratva. I was glued to Faith and Brute's story from the start. I loved them together and the storyline too. Highly recommended reading if you like this trope.

Written by Marie R on 3rd Dec 2023

I LOVED this book! The chemistry in this book is HOT!! You will NOT be disappointed!! I will be reading more by this author for sure!!

Good Series Start
Written by DidiF on 3rd Dec 2023

An exciting, unique start to a new series that will keep you reading and rooting for an HEA. Brute is President of the Evil Fallen Bratva MC, created after his world was tragically changed forever. Set on revenge against the Golubev Bratva, he kidnaps Faith for retaliation. Brute doesn’t count on falling for her in his big plan. Lots of action, kidnapping, innocence, sweetness, a bit of suspense, “Brute-ish” behavior, steamy spice, twist, turns and love. Good read.

Brute’s Faith
Written by Vibekke on 3rd Dec 2023

This is the first book in a series about Evil Fallen Bratva MC. Brute and his men in the MC is hunting Gobulev Bratva. To get the upper hand on Sergey Gobulev, the leader of the Bratva, they kidnap his granddaughter. Faith has been living with her mother away from the Bratva, shielded from that life. When Brute is offered a trade for Faith he has to take it, but when he get info of her faith in the hands of her grandfather and father he decides to step into her life again. This is a dark, Hot read with deep feelings. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Faith and Brute
Written by SeahawkGirl on 3rd Dec 2023

This was a little different twist on the Bratva and an MC. Brute and the other members of the Evil Fallen Bratva MC were formerly part of the Golubev Bratva. Now the MC and the Bratva are enemies. Faith is caught in the middle as the MC wants to use her as leverage against her grandfather who leads the Bratva. There were times I did not care for Brute. Faith was a bit naive and had been set up by her mother and yet she still loved her mother and did not want anything bad to happen to her. Overall it was a good read and I look forward the the other MC brothers' stories.

Loved it!
Written by Anne H on 3rd Dec 2023

Loved it! Brute is the President of the Evil Fallen Bratva MC and he has a plan to get his man back from Golubev Bratva. You see he has found out that Faith Dawson, is the daughter or better still the granddaughter of Sergey Golubev and he is going to make Sergey pay for what he has done to the men in this MC. Faith had a complicated upbringing because her dad didn’t want her. She was just one of his bastards that he had. Her Mum had wanted to be part of the Bratva, to be someone, but her dad never wanted her, so she took it out on Faith. She set faith up on a date with horrible looking man and they ended back at the evil fallen MC and all she wanted to do was leave, but it seemed that was not the plan because Brute kidnapped her to hold her as leverage to get one of his men back. Faith is a quiet girl who has done well at school, she’s kept her head down, but it seems that her life has always had a plan because once she gets given back to her grandfather, he organises a wedding for her to an evil man who works in human trafficking. Faith tries to escape and she pays for it. Grandfathers punishments are very harsh. She just wishes she was back at the MC with Brute. It seems that Faith has made a big impression on brute, because as the limousine is taking her to her wedding, he breaks her free and takes her back to the clubhouse. So what can come of this now will it be war?? Wow, the twists and turns in this story just keep coming. I’ve got to admit I couldn’t put this book down and read it late into the night. I really enjoyed the interaction between brute and faith. There was something magnetic about their connection just made me tingle and the passion is off the charts. I can’t wait for the next book in the series..

Brute and Faith
Written by Ann L on 3rd Dec 2023

Love this, it has everything you could want in a story, action, drama, plenty of drama, and likeable characters.

Rough go of it
Written by Eve S. on 3rd Dec 2023

Faith is 25 years old, beautiful, intelligent, a good person also a virgin. She has had a rough childhood with an horribly abusive mother whom envies her in ever way. One night after getting set up on a date by her mother changes her life forever. Brute is the leader of the Fallen Bravta MC. He and his fellow members have all shared similar tragic experiences st the hands of Faith’s grandfather. They all are seeking revenge and use Faith to get it. Story ends with an HEA but it was a very rough ride to get there. I did not care for Brute, I would have preferred Faith to end up with Tank instead.

So good! I loved Faith!
Written by Shelly44 on 3rd Dec 2023

I loved this novel, it was so good! I loved the main female character Faith. From the very first chapter this novel reached out and grabbed hold of me and did not let go until the very last page. Oh my gosh what a ride this novel took me on. I could not put this novel down because it kept me on the edge of my seat reading to find out what was coming next. I loved Faith and Brute's story. Their chemistry was so good. But to be honest this novel almost had me in tears a few times. I love when a novel can almost bring me to tears but leaves me with a happy heart. This novel did exactly that for me. Loved it, can't wait to see what is coming next.

Written by Mreads90 on 3rd Dec 2023

Awesome book!!!! I loved every minute of it, and cannot wait to read more from this Author. Five star read for me!

Brute and Faith
Written by Angela F on 3rd Dec 2023

This is Book1 of The Evil Fallen Brace MC Series It is a stand-alone But there is a larger plot that is left hanging. This is such a tale of revenge. Lots of drama, deceit and bit of steam as well. I liked the book and the storyline but wish the couple got a more resolved ending. Good read and start to this series.

A Great Mix of MC and Bratva
Written by Doris on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute and his club had a huge enemy with the Goluber Bratva and knew that by taking Faith they would have the upper hand. Spending time with Faith after the kidnapping he was finding it harder to make the trade to get one of his men for Faith. Once he finds out what awaits her, he takes matters into his own hands for the woman he has fallen for. This was a real page turner with plenty of action and suspense and has me waiting on pins and needles to see what comes next.

Oh my!
Written by Anotherdayinparadise on 3rd Dec 2023

The lead male character is not very likable to begin with, but as you go along and learn his backstory, you began to understand. This storyline has strong secondary characters so much so, that I hope they also get a storyline. The twists and trying to figure out who is really the enemy makes this a strong read.

Revenge never sounded so sweet
Written by Brooke T on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute’s Revenge was an amazing book!! I love Sam Crescent’s book and this one did not disappoint. I couldn’t put this book down until I reached the end. The world she created was beautifully written and told in vivid detail. I love her writing style it is gritty and captives me from the first chapter. The characters were complex and had a slow build chemistry. This is a dark Bratva romance that covers dark themes and topics. Faith was strong, intelligent and just wanted to be cared for. I loved her determination to be separate from the Bratva life. Brute was broody, intense and a total Alpha. I loved their journey throughout this book. There were ups and downs and push and pull. Their chemistry was a slow burn but when it ignited it burned beautifully.

A great book!
Written by Queen L on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute will kill all of the Goluber Bratva, they are his enemies. Faith was set up for a date by her mother. She is kidnapped by Brute. He keeps her for two weeks. He knows who her grandfather is. He trades Faith for one of his men. Faith is forced into an arranged marriage, by her father. She desperately tries to plan a way out of the marriage. Brute kidnaps her on the way to the wedding. He sends her wedding dress to her father. This kidnapping makes Faith a target. Brute realizes that he loves Faith. His actions have started a war. Who will win this war? I enjoyed reading this book. It has violence, revenge, and love.

This book is wonderful!! New series and more epic books to read!!
Written by Andrea R on 3rd Dec 2023

This book has it all--this author is able to write a enemies to lovers romance like none other. She was able to give us that plot and then throw in a "hero" that decides that he is going to make the point that he doesn't need the heroine but realizes his mistake when she is at risk by her own family. Then he swoops in and saves the day. EPIC writing style.

Erotic romance
Written by Kelly S on 3rd Dec 2023

I really enjoyed this etotic romance, it was written very well and kept me on the edge of my seat, I just couldn't put this book down.

Entertaining series opener
Written by LBing on 3rd Dec 2023

This was an entertaining mix of an MC romance with mafia mixed in. Brute, prez of the Evil Fallen Mc, wanted complete revenge on Sergei, head of the Golubev Bratva. Sadly, Faith was drawn into this war because she was Sergei's granddaughter. She was beyond kind, completely different than her mother and family. She definitely wasn't anything like Brute expected her to be. What follows is a wild journey that goes from kidnapping to hostage exchange to fierce love. Expect the intrigue, drama, danger, action and sizzling romance to have you feeling all the feels, on the edge of your seat and rapidly fanning yourself ;D

I'm loving it
Written by Deanna S on 3rd Dec 2023

This book was amazing and I could not get enough of it. It pulled me in from the first line til the last. I really enjoyed reading it.

Brute and Faith
Written by Kimmijane on 3rd Dec 2023

Faith is the granddaughter of a Bratva kingpin. She has nothing to do with them but that doesn’t matter to Brute. To him she’s the enemy, but sparks fly!!! This a very good book. I love this author and you will too.

Written by Lynn on 3rd Dec 2023

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Brute is exacting his revenge on the Bratva. His MC are all ex-Bratva. His forms a plan to kidnap the granddaughter of the Bratva leader. He never thought he would catch feelings for Faith. There was alot he never thought would happen but it does.

Written by Diana A on 3rd Dec 2023

I loved this book. Although I would wanted that Faith has more fierce in her, but I guess that was all the point in the story. Still I enjoy the dinakoc between Brute and Faith. I would want to continue reading about the other brothers.

Lots of action, twists, turns, kidnapping (and more kidnapping), and steamy times
Written by EPM on 3rd Dec 2023

Sam has written great MC books and Bratva books and now a series of former Bratva men who form a MC, which is off to an excellent start with Brute's Revenge. Faith becomes a pawn between her Grandfather, the leader of the Golubev Bratva and the President of the Evil Fallen Bratva MC who are seeking revenge against her Grandfather. Faith is a sweet young women who is just trying to get by, with nobody really caring about her, while Brute is, well, a Brute. Lots of action, twists, turns, kidnapping (and more kidnapping), and steamy times. I am looking forward to more books in this series.

Written by Maria M on 3rd Dec 2023

This is not my usual genre but I really like the author so was pleased to be able to reach this I thoroughly enjoyed this Great characters and storyline.

A very complex and enjoyable MC romance
Written by Sarah ES on 3rd Dec 2023

If you enjoy complex books with good characters and good world building this is a good choice. This book is also a slow burn romance for the enemies turned lovers. There were some twists and turns as well as a few darker themes so be prepared for that. Overall it was enjoyable even if it felt a little long winded at times!!

Such a great story
Written by Terilyb on 3rd Dec 2023

I really enjoyed this story. It kept my attention from page 1. It was definitely a page turner and full of action and plenty of steam with a well developed romantic relationship between Brute and Faith. This is a mix of both Russian mafia story and MC story. This was a story about Brute’s revenge such as the title of the book. I like how he got his revenge too. The story was well developed and well paced I couldn’t put it down. The Author did a great job in describing the action scenes and the main characters were all likable. I would recommend this book to fans of the Author and to those that enjoy Bratva and MC style stories with plenty of steam and romance and a happy ending.

Aptly named
Written by RahiaLeight on 3rd Dec 2023

I understood the attitudes of the men of the MC, but it was really annoying to conclude that Faith had a similar story to each of those men, and yet they treated her like she wasn't one of them...except for Tank...well, and Brute, but still. To finally be something to somebody, other than a commodity or a burden, was all she needed. It's such a shame her grandfather turned out to be as awful as he was, but it was better to know. Good read, a bit of suspense, lots of brutish behavior, and a happy ending.

New series, yes please!
Written by Readstoforget on 3rd Dec 2023

I’m so happy! I can’t believe we get a brand new series, I’m so excited. This one is half mafia, half MC. I loved Faith and Brutes relationship so much! They are a couple that shouldn’t have happened being from opposite sides but due to some circumstances (a lil thing that rhymes with smidnapping) they end up falling for each other. This one is action packed and a little angsty. Absolutely loved it. I cannot wait for more stories of the rest of the evil fallen.

Great story
Written by RhondaVB on 3rd Dec 2023

Age gap, Bratva,'s all here in this story! Brute is wanting the whole Golubev family gone and if he has to use Faith, the granddaughter, to do that, he will. Only things don't go as planned. He tries to keep from catching feelings for her but Faith worms her way into his heart! What will happen now. Will Brute go through with the revenge or will he give in to the love that Faith promises? Wonderful story!

Written by Alexis H on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute and Faith's story. Wozer, talk about an enemies to lovers story. This read was a good one. Fast-paced, enjoyable, and hot romance. Everything This working mama needs.

Excellent beginning!
Written by Mary S on 3rd Dec 2023

Oh man this was an excellent beginning to a new series of Evil Fallen Bratva MC. Brute and Faith had not a great beginning in their relationship with the problems this club is dealing with they sure don’t have it easy. And I for one would love to know how all this will end it sure will be interesting to know more of this Mc club and see what will become of them.

Brute's Revenge
Written by Karen99 on 3rd Dec 2023

An Unexpected Love! Faith had been kept away from the reality of her family but when she was kidnapped and held prisoner, that was the day her life changed forever! Brute the leader of the ‘Evil Fallen Bratva MC’ let her go but when he found out what her family had planned, he had to step in to take her for his own. He never intended to keep her just to get her out of his system but best laid plans have a habit of changing. A fast paced dark romance with lots of action, betrayal, revenge and some surprises along the way.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute had vowed revenge against the Golubev Bratva and Faith is just one ticket to get him closer to ending them all. Faith didn't think her date could get worse but she ends up kidnapped by her grandfathers enemy, only for him to return her in an exchange, but what she doesn't expect is Brute to return before she's set to be married and this time he has no plans on letting her go. Well written steamy age gap, captive, enemies to lovers desires action, violence and more!

Dont miss out on this exciting story
Written by Mozzy on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute and his men have left the Bratva and have made up their own MC known as the Evil fallen Bratva. Getting back at those who set them up for downfall and especially destroying his family. The one plan they have is to kidnap Golubevs granddaughter. Faith Dawsons mother has set her up once more, and this time her date has taken her to a MC club and she knows its really not for her, however when she gets up to go she is confronted by Brute the leader and locked away in a cell all because of who her grandfather is. This story is absoulely fabulous, i honestly couldnt get enough of this to tell you the truth. I certainly was a page turner and i really enjoyed reading how Faith got under Brutes skin, lol his plan certainly backfired a small bit. This is a certain must read in my opinion and i thoughly reccommend it .

Written by Sua on 3rd Dec 2023

I love the sweet innocence of Faith and Brute’s harshness as it brings out a balance between the couple, especially since there’s so much stacked against them. Every moment of the story drew me in with all the characters and had me anticipating of what’s to come.

Written by Gkp2460 on 3rd Dec 2023

Brute's Revenge is Brute and Faith's story and is a yummy age gap read. Set on revenge, Brute has only one thing in mind and that's getting back at the ones who wronged him. What he didn't count on is all the feels that's evoked when he kidnaps Faith. After making an agreement and returning her he has other ideas and this time he's playing for keeps. This is an excellent, intense, fast-paced story that'll keep you on your toes all the way through.

Holy WOW!
Written by Mistie Best on 3rd Dec 2023

I loved this one! Brute and Faith were an awesome pair! Brute took her without regard for the outcome, but she quickly became more to him, even when he didn't realize it. As the story unfolded and more pieces began to click, this story became even better! I really hope to see the other brothers get their own stories!