Revenge by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Skulls, 8

Two MCs and one enemy—who will come out alive? 

Any threat against The Skulls and Tiny deals with it, but Gonzalez is not any ordinary threat. Taking him out will require more than a bullet to the head. It’s going to take time, patience, and help, but can Tiny trust Devil? No one’s been able to control the leader of Chaos Bleeds, so how far does Devil’s loyalty go? When Eva and Angel are attacked, Tiny loses it. He’ll handle the threat alone—and a friendship is torn apart. 

Called away from Fort Wills, Devil has no choice but to deal with the dead body hung up outside of his compound. Lexie’s sister wasn’t part of his world, but now he has to deal with her death. He’s done with the threats, the deaths, and the uncertainty—and with Tiny. Devil’s going to take out the fucker that has almost destroyed his club, no matter who stands in his way. 

No one is going to be the same again as Gonzalez leaves his mark wherever he goes. Who will survive? Who will die? And what will happen next? 

Be Warned: anal play, bondage



“What’s the matter, honey? Did that bastard do anything to you?”

She chuckled. He always threatened Tiny whenever he called. It was funny even though she didn’t doubt for a minute that Ned would hurt Tiny if she asked. Her father was very protective of her, and she didn’t mind. It was nice having a man worry about her.

“No, I don’t want you to hurt him. It’s just this shit with Gonzalez. I don’t know, it’s all getting to me, you know?”

Ned sighed over the line. “It’s a shit situation we’re all in.”

“I’m scared.” She’d never in all of her years ever admitted to being scared before. This was a first. Being around a father who controlled a bunch of fighters, she had found it hard to be afraid of anything. She was finding it a lot easier now to be scared.

“Baby, honey, you’ve got to be strong. Talk to Tiny. I hate his fucking guts, but I also respect him. There’s no one else I’d trust with your safety than that man.”

Wiping the tears that had fallen, she smiled. “I know.”

“He loves you.”

“I know. It’s not him I’m worried about. What’s going to happen? I don’t know what I’ll do without him, Dad.”

Ned was silent on the other end of the line. “You’re my daughter. You’ll do what I’d expect you to.”


“Anything happens to Tiny, you’ll get Miles and Tabitha and all your passports, and then you’re on the first flight here. I don’t give a shit what anyone says. You’re my daughter, and you’ll come fucking home.” She heard some muttering in the background. “Do you hear me, Eva? You will come home and I’ll protect you along with my boys. You’ve got nothing to worry about in that respect.”

“I can’t stand for anything to happen to him or any of the club.”

“We’ve all got to deal with losing someone. Don’t let it scare you, Eva. You’re better than this. You’re a club woman, an old lady to Tiny. Deal with the shit when it comes, but until then, embrace the time you’ve got him. I can’t promise it won’t hurt. It will. It’ll hurt more than anything you’ve ever known, but afterward, you’ll slowly start to mend the pieces of your broken heart.”

“It’s going to go bad, isn’t it?” she asked, hearing the fear in his voice.

“I’m preparing you for the worst in the hope it doesn’t happen. All I’ve ever done is try to prepare you.”

“Daddy, I’m not ready for this.”

“You will be. No one is ready for it until it actually happens.”

Noise near the door made her look up. Tiny was staring down at her with concern in his eyes.

“I’ve got to go.”

“Talk with Tiny or I will.” Those were Ned’s final words before she hung up the phone.

Wiping the last of her tears aside, she smiled at him. “I didn’t hear you approaching.”

“Your dad going to come and kick my ass?” Tiny helped her to her feet.

“No, of course not.”

He had the pantry door closed with her pressed up against it. “I don’t want you to be afraid.” Her chest was to the door. Tiny wrapped her hair around his fist, moving the strands out of his way.

“I can’t help it.”

“Then try. I’ll never let anything happen to you,” she heard him say as he inhaled her scent. His tongue licked a path from the pulse in her neck to her earlobe. “You’re my everything, Eva.” He bit down, making her moan.

“Please,” she said, begging.

With his free hand, he glided his fingers up underneath her shirt.

“I need to be inside you. Fucking you is never enough. I’ve got to have you again.” He tore open her shirt. Someone pushed on the handle of the pantry door about to open it. Tiny slammed his palm against on the wood. “Fuck off. We’re busy.”

“Oops, sorry, man. I’m hungry,” Pussy said, shouting through the door.

“Fuck off.”

Tiny palmed her breast even as Pussy’s mumbling complaints could be heard through the door.


“No, I don’t want to hear any complaints from you. I’m going to fuck you to make us both feel better, and then I’m taking you shopping. Shut the fuck up complaining. You want this as much as I do.” He nibbled on her neck, cutting off any complaint she might have had.

With one tug on her bra, he tore the fabric, leaving her tits hanging free.

“Fuck, I love your body, Eva. Never change, baby. I never want you to change.” He tugged on her nipples, pinching and stroking the hard peaks. She didn’t have any other choice than to take his wicked torment.

Eva couldn’t complain about anything he’d done to her. Each erotic touch set off a burning deep inside her. She needed his hands and mouth on her body.

“Please,” she said, whimpering.

“I will when I’m good and ready.” He moved onto the next breast, fingering her nipples. She cried out as the sharp pain went straight to her clit. “That’s it, baby. Shout my name. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

She shook her head. “No, anything but that.”

“Then you better tell me what you want otherwise I’m leaving you like this.”


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This great series continues.....
Written by Cavylady68 on 13th Sep 2022

Sam Crescent sure knows how to write MC books! The books are fast paced, full of steam, excitement, action and strong characters. Revenge is no different and I would suggest that you are familiar with the series first as this book 'compliments' both the Skulls and Chaos Bleeds books. If you love a good MC series, then Sam Crescent is your go to author.

Written by Nate on 13th Sep 2022

Two MCs and one enemy—who will come out alive? Any threat against The Skulls and Tiny deals with it, but Gonzalez is not any ordinary threat. Taking him out will require more than a bullet to the head. It’s going to take time, patience, and help, but can Tiny trust Devil? This was an exciting read. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Great Read
Written by TracyaH1976 on 6th Aug 2022

Revenge Book 8 of The Skulls Sam Crescent The story and characters are wonderfully written and nicely developed. I enjoyed the journey and that it was told with multiple POV's. This was a great story. I cannot wait to read more about their world.

Written by Stacii on 3rd Aug 2022

This book help you put ending together for the shared storylines for getting Gonzalez out of Skulls and Chaos Bleeds lives with the roller coaster drama and emotion.

Written by weaveswife on 3rd Aug 2022

I wish I would've realized before I downloaded this that it was a series. Like, it starts in a continuation of the previous book(s). Usually a series is a lost of books that can be standalones. I was hoping that would be the case. So just know it is better with these to start at the beginning. What I read I liked. I enjoyed most of the characters. The suspense was amazing. Now I need to start from the beginning.

Good story!!
Written by Wendy L on 3rd Aug 2022

This is the eighth book in this incredible series. The Skulls, Chaos Bleeds, and the Savage brothers, all have one goal, and that is to take down Gonzalez. Gonzalez in on a mission to destroy the MCs, and he begins to target their women. This is a good action-packed story, with vengeance, loyalty, danger, suspense, intrigue, twists, betrayal, and is a steamy all-consuming page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by Angel Joy on 3rd Aug 2022

Love reading Mc romances. Loving this series! Ready to see what is next for this MC! Good read and romance.

Love this series and this world
Written by coffeesmom on 3rd Aug 2022

It's so nice to see such hardened men go from no nonsense bikers to softies to no nonsense bikers again. The way they will go to any length to protect what is theirs will make you swoon.

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 3rd Aug 2022

This is the 3rd book I've read written by Sam Crescent; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is part of the Skulls Series; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Tiny dealing with Gonzalez and the threats against The Skulls. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

great read
Written by PHOENIX96 on 3rd Aug 2022

The Skulls and Chaos Bleed MC cross over, this story will take you for a ride, fast paced action packed and more!

Written by Gkp2460 on 3rd Aug 2022

Revenge is a gritty, intense story. The Skulls and The Chaos Bleeds MC's have one main objective, to rid the earth of Gonzalez once and for all. Of course it's never really that simple is it? There's plenty of chaos, action and excitement and no room for being bored that's for sure.

Full on
Written by BecM on 3rd Aug 2022

This has two sides of the story going on with two clubs. They had a common enemy. Tiny was showing his fears & worries well in his part. Devil was also being shown as a man with lots to lose. It showed strength that these men & their men were not willing to go through any loss & will do anything. The womans part more dominant than usual. Good mesh up of a revenge.

Gonzalez is dealt with!
Written by Angie on 31st Oct 2014

We see how everyone finally deals with Gonzalez. I loved seeing all the different points of view. This book was packed with so much action and adventure. Some of the women surprised me with how strong they were in this book. There were sad parts in this book, but with Gonzalez and his men trying to destroy everyone not everyone could get away unscathed. I like how The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds were both in this book and to see from their points of view how they dealt with everything.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Debra Taylor on 25th Oct 2014

Wow! Sam Crescent fans are bound to love this one. Revenge is an intense and action packed read that kept me on the edge of the seat from start to finish. This book picks up shortly after Blind Devotion ended, with both clubs coming together in Fort Wills and plotting to put an end to the bad guy thorn in their sides. Personally, I think Sam Crescent has outdone herself with this book. First of all, it's extra-long so there is plenty of goodness to enjoy. The storyline was great as the drama with Fredrick Gonzales finally comes to a climax. The plot was fully layered to include three clubs (The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds and a mysterious new club) with all of our favorite characters involved. Crescent threw in many twists and turns as secrets were revealed. It's a most complex plot for sure, and it also set up some future stories for both clubs. I will tell you that this novel stirred up many emotions for me. I found myself surprised by how some of my favorite characters behaved. As an example, I loved Devil while I kind of got mad at Tiny. Devil was the true bad ass here because he was finally fed up with Gonzales. Tiny still acted like his whipping boy and it made him seem weak to me. There were some intense interactions between our two bosses that spelled the end of the road for their lifelong friendship and alliance. At least for now. Then there was Butch who tried so hard to do the right thing for too many people. Go Cheryl for taking up for her man. I knew I liked that girl. Lastly, at long last, Whizz had a great setup for his book. I don't know how it's going to play out for him and Lacey, or even if it's possible, but I cannot wait to read their book. Like I said, I think this book is Crescent's strongest effort yet. In fact it was better written and more entertaining with hardly any grammatical errors at all. As usual, it was a sexy read with plenty hot scenes. In a nutshell, it was a great story, and a must read for her fans.

must read
Written by Teresa on 24th Sep 2014

I absolutely adored this book. Loved the characters and the build up to their relationship especially, and the delicious dynamics at work between them all.

The best ever
Written by martina scully on 24th Sep 2014

this was by far the best book of all of them I can't wait for whizz and lackey and then deaths story I usually don't like long series but I do hope these one goes on and on and on

What a ride this series (and CHAOS BLEEDS MC) is turning out to be!
Written by Skeletor-Vixen on 24th Sep 2014

Absolutely riveting! Had everything going on and I was totally engrossed with reading this. I've read the entire series (both MC clubs) from the start and each has been wonderful. This....however.....was the BEST! Can't wait to see what's next.

So satisfying
Written by nana on 24th Sep 2014

A lot going on in this one! There is no new couple here, but all the couple's are here from both The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds as they unite together to defeat the common enemy. Tiny and Eva as well as Devil and Lexie have plenty of action! The stage is set for Whizz's story and Death's; looking forward to them!

Freaking Awesome
Written by CJ on 24th Sep 2014

Loved it! Storyline was well written, entertaining, action packed and so dang hot! I could not put down and at times was on the edge of my seat. Sam Crescent's writing style makes the characters come alive. OMG! A roller coaster bundle of emotions. Love these sexy badass bikers & their will to protect their women, children and what's theirs. Enjoyed the interaction between the two MC's. Definitely a must read book. Would recommend this whole series.

An incredible Read.
Written by Elizabeth Clinton on 24th Sep 2014

Only two words can describe this book Simply Incredible. Revenge is Book 8 in The Skulls series and all I can say that each book gets better. Revenge has all the drama,emotion and angst you could want in a book. This book will take you on one hell of a rollercoaster ride which you will never want to get off.,The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds have come to a crossroads not only against an enemy that they both need to rid of from each of their towns but also a in their friendship that has span through the years. You will not only fall harder for each member of the MC's but also see that the woman behind these men are just has tough and strong especially Eva and Lexie. If you love MC books this is a series you definitely do not want to miss

Written by Mlmayer on 23rd Sep 2014

Freaking Awesome!!!!! So can't wait for Whizz and Death books!

so hooked on this series
Written by Aubrey on 23rd Sep 2014

Can't wait for more!!! I don't want to end it with the clubs "breaking-up" love these alpha men & the stubborn fierce women!!!

Revenge the skull book 8 by Sam Crescent
Written by suellen wright on 23rd Sep 2014

Brilliant sam it was so good I couldn't put it down I was so scared some might happen to devil and lexi it was sad when lexi sister died do you think the skulls and chaos bleed will be friends again I like to see what happen to tiny and Eva

Action-packed and dazzling
Written by Neringa on 23rd Sep 2014

Sam did that again. It was splendid. So much of twist's. This story just boggled my mind. Before reading I was really apprehensive. Because after the last book's in The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds series I just knew there going to be a lot of things happening and I wouldn't enjoy them much. What I'm talking about is how Gonzales was affecting everyones life's, friendship between our beloved club's...The list can go on and on. I was right. I was dissappointed practically in every man in both club's. (Well maybe not with Pu*sy because the man just that hilarious. And you can't help but love him.) Most of Tiny, Alex, Butch, Devil. They let their fear's for their family's to control them. It's seemed that they were civilian's, the one's who sits on their a*s and waits while cops are looking for bad guys. I was thinking where the hell bad hardcore biker's gone, who eleminate any treat to their club. Sometimes it's seemed like everyone was looking for himself. No solidarity. Devil was the first one who got his mojo back. And fought for what he lost. Tiny was...Probably right word would be lost. Fear grabbed him really hard. And because of it he lost himself. Though in the end he find his mojo too, but don't before he did and said really stupid thing's toward Devil and his club. Devil got all pissed, which turned into what I call "Birds syndrome". We have fable here about heron and stork. They got into fight with each other and didn't speak. Then heron decides thay maybe he was wrong and goes to stork to apologise but the later one practically saids f*ck off. So heron offended storm out. Then stork thinks maybe he was to harsh and goes to heron but this time heron says f*ck off. So stork storm out. So they go forward and backward like this for a while. I get a little of the track here but Devil with Tiny reminded me of this fable with the things left so bad between them after fight. Butch...Where I start? I like him. I really do. He had a heart for The Skulls. But what the hell he was thinking I had no clue. He got himself out of one s*it and got in another. "Seriously man whats wrong with you?!" I wanted to ask this everytime when I read his POV. And all this time while men where running like chicken's without their head's around clubhouse, the women were awesome. They where "there". I mean the old ladies were right next to their men. Comforted them when needed, advised when they were lost and kicked their a*ses when they deserved it. I just L.O.V.E.D. them. They really completed their man. I can go and blab here more. It just so much to talk and mention about in Revenge. But I'm not going to tell all secrets lying in this action-packed and dazzling book. If you want to know the rest just go and grab it! You wouldn't be disappointed. PS Here you going to find out what made our poor and beloved Whizz feel much better. But even there Sam was able to put a twist. You are devious Sam. And because of that we love your stories so much.