Bullied Mate by Sam Crescent

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The Alpha Shifter Collection, 17

Life is so unfair.

The first time Poppy transitions, she finds out her mate is none other than Klaus freaking Demon, the alpha’s son. The guy who’s been secretly bullying her for years. If he thinks she’s going to fall for him, he’s wrong.

Klaus apologizes, so what more does she want? They’re mates, and there’s no way she can deny this connection. She wants nothing to do with him, but she belongs to him, and he can’t allow her to leave. When a visiting pack full of unmated males comes to town, Klaus knows he’s screwed. While he still tries to make Poppy see sense, the visiting alpha’s son takes a shine to her. Klaus can’t stand to see Poppy with another, and it’s time he steps up—even if his dad will find out about the bullying.

Will Poppy give him a chance or push him away? Klaus isn’t sure how he could handle the rejection. Can he allow her to be happy with another, or will he admit to what he’s done and stake his claim on his mate?



Poppy was able to drop the falseness. She hated lying to her mother. It made her skin crawl.

Being alone wasn’t a good thing either. With her mother around, she was able to control the wolf a little better.

Her skin felt too tight. It was uncomfortable.

Keeping so many secrets locked up inside her made her struggle to focus. The wolf inside her wanted out. It wanted to run. To be let free, but it also wanted to go to its mate. To Klaus.

She took several deep breaths.

It had only been three days. There was no way this feeling should be coming to her right now.

In and out.

She felt the perspiration on her brow, the sickness swirling in her gut.

Dropping the clipboard, she lost her vision and grasped the edge of the nearest counter. Tension built along her spine, and she felt her bones start to merge. This couldn’t be happening. No full moon.

She tried to think of her mother.





Her wolf wanted freedom, and this was why their alpha insisted that newly turned wolves take a minimum of one year to work at different places throughout the pack. He believed every single person had a part to play in helping bring the wolf under control. To bring stability.

Poppy needed it. She was desperate for it. She wanted to scream for her mom. To beg for help.

In the background, she heard the sound of the doorbell.

Arms surrounded her, and she waited as she was moved. Within seconds, the pain started to evaporate. Opening her eyes, her vision returned, and she was shocked to see Klaus standing right in front of her.

He held her face in his hands. “I’ve got you. I’ve got you.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m … I was … I … you’re welcome. I was being responsible here for you, and yeah, I was making sure that everything was working all right.”

She frowned. There was no reason for Klaus to be here.

He didn’t let go of her face, and she quickly became very aware their bodies were flush together.

“I’ve got you.”

“You shouldn’t be here.”

“Poppy, you can be pissed at me all you want to be, but we both know what would have happened if I hadn’t been here. You needed me. Stop being so freaking stubborn.”

“My mom?”

“She’ll be back soon, and I’ll leave out of the back, or wherever you need me to go. I will never hurt you.”

“You … she is asking about a mate. Do you know Lionel’s pack is supposed to be coming here?” she asked.

She watched as his jaw clenched.

“Yes, I’m aware of it.”

“Should I be worried?” she asked.

“Don’t allow any of the men to get too close.”

“Why not?”

“Damn it, Poppy. Why the fuck do you think?” he asked.

She glared at him.

“We haven’t told anyone that we’re mates. I … want you. There, I’ve said it. I fucking crave you, and there is this desperation I feel for you. Do you think I’m going to be able to have so much control if a dick comes sniffing around you? Hell no. I will cause problems. Trust me when I say we don’t want that to happen.”

“Fine.” She understood.

With her mother asking questions and another pack coming, she was screwed.

They both tensed up as they heard the bell above the door ring.

Klaus surprised her even more by kissing the top of her head, and then he snuck out of the back.


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Bullied Mate
Written by Pat L on 1st Dec 2022

I read this author but I don't read shifter books. That said once I got around all of that this was a good story and the characters all seemed to go together with the story. A good story if you are into these types of books.

Bullied Mate
Written by Emma B on 15th Oct 2022

I loved the romance, loved the s*x, loved the entire wolf pack and fated mates vibe going on but I’m giving this a four star since I wish I could truly see the actual change, through his actions, attitude, etc., of Klaus. A part of me felt that the romance was so fast because Poppy got with Klaus even if he bullied her and I couldn’t see the actual change in him. I understand that it’s a novella yet legitimate, readable change that’s clear would’ve been great to see. I ship Poppy and Klaus though, and this book makes for a pretty good quick romance read!

Bullied Shifter Mates
Written by A. Adams on 11th Oct 2022

Poppy and Klaus are in the same wolf pack. Klaus bullied Poppy all during school. Ever since then Poppy has tried to avoid Klaus. Klaus made sure to never bully her in front of anyone and Poppy never told anyone. Imagine Poppy and Klaus' surprise after their first transition to find out that they're mates. Poppy wants nothing to do with Klaus. Klaus will do anything to get Poppy to forgive him. To further complicate things, another pack has come into town looking for mates. There is another wolf who has his eye on Poppy. The longer Poppy and Klaus deny each other the likelihood that things will end violently increases. Klaus realizes he treated Poppy badly because his feelings were misplaced and he didn't know how to deal with that then. Can Klaus get Poppy to forgive him before she ends up with someone else? Good shifter romance book.

Interesting storyline
Written by Diana Rumsley on 11th Oct 2022

I love this series from Sam Crescent. I initially wasn't sure if I would like another bully one but the plot was different than her others. I also liked that the MMC really had to grovel. It was nice to see the female not just giving in. There were just several parts that made the main characters connection more realistic with the underlying issues of their relationship before they realized they were mates. I would reccomend this addition to the series.

Loved it.
Written by Redfaeryrose on 11th Oct 2022

I loved the story. It also has a beautiful ending. And the way he loved her more than made up for the years he has bullied her.

Second chance mate
Written by A Schofield on 11th Oct 2022

Poppy finds out that Klaus is her mate. Unfortunately for Klaus he bullied Poppy for years in school. If she wants to have a chance with her mate then she has to find a way to move on from her past. If Klaus wants to woo Poppy then he has the step up and be the mate that she needs. It doesn’t help that a neighbouring pack visit and Klaus has to deal with other men that are interested in Poppy. The is a good story about second chances. This is a good Sunday afternoon read.

Be prepared to make amends for your actions.
Written by MontanaRose on 11th Oct 2022

This was my first story by this author and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up ended up liking it. I’m not really big on bully romance but with the shifter element as well as fated mates, I decided to give it a chance. It was entertaining and enjoyable. The characters were interesting and likable. Klaus was Poppy’s mate. Unfortunately Klaus was also the person that had bullied Poppy for years. Poppy didn’t want to be mated to Klaus. Klaus was excited to find his fated mate. He had a lot of work ahead of him to try to win Poppy’s heart but he was willing to do whatever it took. When another pack came to visit, there was some drama and angst. I felt bad for Greg. He was really nice and didn’t want to be lonely anymore. He was a good friend to Klaus and Poppy. I loved their happily ever after. I recommend reading this book.

Bullied Mate
Written by Makeen on 11th Oct 2022

First love with past bullying by Klaus making things difficult. Sweet story that demonstrates we are all flawed. Poppy is confused about her feelings and Klaus feels guilty. The couple has great family support. The dialogue between Poppy and Klaus is age and experience appropriate. That’s what the author did so well in addressing young love and giving us a HEA.

Loved this one
Written by Mistie Best on 11th Oct 2022

This was another really good one from this author. Klaus and Poppy were mates, but Klaus was a bully to Poppy when they were in high school. Once these two realized they were mates, it was a struggle to work things out. Klaus knew he had royally messed up and committed to groveling to make up for his mistakes, but Poppy recognized that it took more than words for him to make up for everything. I love how much Klaus was willing to prove his regret over and over again without ever pulling away from Poppy. Really great read!

Loved this second chance read
Written by Brooke Torrey on 11th Oct 2022

This was the first book that I have read by Sam Cresent and all I have to say is I am obsessed. What a fun read and loved it from beginning to end. The characters were complex and well written. The world that was created for them had great secondary characters. So much so that I want more of their stories. I loved the spice and angst both the main characters brought to each other. This is one of my favorite tropes to read and this hit all my likes: a second chance, nice grovel, and a strong female. The male of course was TD&H and loved his determination. Poppy was strong, stubborn, and kind. I really liked how she was determined to avoid the subject that her fate was insistent that they take care of. I am not giving any part of the story away it was just too good to give the plot away. Just know that you will read this book have that HEA and then need more. The road that these two characters traveled to get where they needed to be was a roller-coaster of what is coming next. I will be going and read the previous book and other books by this author.

Will this bully be too late to claim his mate?
Written by Nicole Potter on 11th Oct 2022

Fantastic read by Sam Crescent. 5 stars excellence from start to finish. The storyline held my attention from the 1st line to the last line. Poppy's first transitions brings her the news that Klaus, the alpha's son who has bullied her for years is her fated mate. If Klaus thinks a simple apology will make up for the years of bullying he has another thing coming. It takes a visit from a pack of unmated wolves for Klaus to wake up to himself. Is Klaus too late to claim his mate?

Written by Maria M on 11th Oct 2022

This is an author I have been enjoying recently great characters, great story telling Part of a series, but read as stand alones Looking forward to more from them

Will this bully be too late to claim his mate?
Written by Nicole Potter on 11th Oct 2022

Fantastic read by Sam Crescent. 5 stars excellence from start to finish. The storyline held my attention from the 1st line to the last line. Poppy's first transitions brings her the news that Klaus, the alpha's son who has bullied her for years is her fated mate. If Klaus thinks a simple apology will make up for the years of bullying he has another thing coming. It takes a visit from a pack of unmated wolves for Klaus to wake up to himself. Is Klaus too late to claim his mate?

Find your mate
Written by Dannie on 11th Oct 2022

The stress of having found your mate but they want nothing to do with you….I can see how that would be stressful. And having to work to win them over. Great storyline, very much enjoyed it.

Klaus and Poppy
Written by weaveswife on 11th Oct 2022

Poor Klaus and Poppy. The poor guy had no idea how to handle what he was feeling in high school. And he chose poorly. Thankfully the mating bond is strong and they make it over all the hurdles. I absolutely loved it!

Bullied Mate
Written by Emma B on 11th Oct 2022

I loved the romance, loved the s*x, loved the entire wolf pack and fated mates vibe going on but I’m giving this a four star since I wish I could truly see the actual change, through his actions, attitude, etc., of Klaus. A part of me felt that the romance was so fast because Poppy got with Klaus even if he bullied her and I couldn’t see the actual change in him. I understand that it’s a novella yet legitimate, readable change that’s clear would’ve been great to see. I ship Poppy and Klaus though, and this book makes for a pretty good quick romance read!

A fantastic read
Written by dachief72 on 11th Oct 2022

Another fantastic read from Sam Crescent. As enemies to lovers/bullying storylines go, this has become quite a favourite. Delightfully hot and steamy. Great characters, and a well written storyline. Would recommend.

Worth a read!
Written by Kmhall on 11th Oct 2022

I can defo say that I love this series by this author and I really enjoyed it but it still has a few book in this series that are still my fav above this. Saying that I enjoyed the storyline and how it dealt with the issue of bullying and that it's not just overlooked because they are now suddenly mates. The female stands her ground and makes the male work for it. There was also a lot of tension in this book between the main characters, some which is meant to come across as sexual tension, but some of it also comes from their need and having to hide it, especially when outside forces Coke along and shake everything up. I like how even though the author introduces another male into the storyline that the female stays true to her mate and its made clear from the beginning that the female doesn't want anyone that isn't her mate, even if she isn't happy he is her mate necessarily. I think this makes most of the storyline with them building up to revealing their relationship. Personally, for me I didn't need the addition of another contender for the Female but I see how it works to make them finally realise that they need each other. I really liked the mention of secondary characters such as his sister as it made me want to hear more about her in the future! Thr ending was very good too, you can never beat happily ever after and this is what you got with this one!!

Klaus and Poppy
Written by casvec on 11th Oct 2022

All through school, Klaus would bully Poppy, calling her names, bully about her weigh and putting her down. The night of her transition, his wolf and Poppy's recognized each other, but Poppy wanted nothing to do with him. Klaus laughed when his mother said the true leaders were the mates, but now he understood. Poppy fights the mating bond, the pain he caused her ran deep. Klaus feels bad for how he treated her and tries to apologies, but she is not making things simple. Their story is an emotional ride that grabs your heart as they try to overcome the pain, and find acceptance of the bond.

Thoroughly enjoyed this read.
Written by Anne Harris on 8th Oct 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed this read. Poppy couldn’t believe that her fated mate was her school bully. Klaus had been her worst nightmare through school saying horrible comments about her weight, her looks and about her mum. They had lost Poppy‘s dad when he was defending the Alpha of the pack and her mum couldn’t cope with losing him. they were so happy. So after years of mourning she then started taking up with the single male pack members just for comfort and she got a name for a self. And Klaus decided to make her life hell for that. So now she struggled with the decision of could they be mates. Klaus was devastated at what he had put her through when she was younger. He could look back now and know he done wrong. why did he have to say those things. So now he had to do everything in his power to get his fated mate to forgive him not to forget he would never be able to forget what he did but if she could forgive him then maybe they had a chance. There wolfs knew that they were fated mates and they were making it more and more difficult to not be around each other. And now they have another pack coming to visit with many single wolf shifters how would Klaus react to men around Poppy?? Wow there is just so much heartbreak in this book my heart really went out to Poppy. It was like she was reliving every word. I don’t think Klaus had for one minute thought his words would hurt her so much. But what I did like was this attraction this electric feeling they had when they were together. And it was getting more more difficult to be in the same space without touching one another these two really had something worth fighting for. I honestly couldn’t put this book down really enjoyed it

Good Book
Written by Jeanne Richardson on 8th Oct 2022

I've read several books written by Sam Crescent; he is becoming one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of his books. This is part of the Alpha Shifter Collection; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Poppy & Klaus. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Cute and steamy
Written by LBing on 8th Oct 2022

This was a great story of how things can go when you bully a gal, on the sly, and then find out she's your mate....yikes! This is exactly what happened to Klaus when both he and Poppy hit the age to do their first shift. When she points out all his transgressions, does he feel like a heel...and has to go from the 'you're my fated mate, what are you gonna do?' attitude to some serious groveling and then a huge application of patience. Poppy wasn't a pushover and did make him work for it before accepting the concept to explore mating together. Thank goodness for Klaus ;P This was cute, steamy and entertaining read :D

4.5 Stars - Entertaining
Written by tburbr on 8th Oct 2022

Sam Crescent has provided us with endearing characters along with an engaging storyline making this an entertaining book that will keep you reading.

So good!
Written by Flavia Karina on 8th Oct 2022

Sam Crescent has a unique ability to write. Her stories are amazing and I like the maturity of the characters -regardless of age. Our characters go through many situations to find his HEA, but they find it at last. Poppy and Klaus find that being mates is much more than lust and desire. Hot, sexy, touching and entertaining. A very good read!

Alpha Shifter Collection
Written by Iva on 8th Oct 2022

Love this whole series..... Poppy is sweet girl, who was bullied by alpha´s son...but when she come of age...and goes througt first transition...she finds her mate...it is supposed to be beautifull time.. but her mate is Demon...her tormentor.. He apollogies...but can he undo the past?

Such a sweet story
Written by RaeWoodland on 8th Oct 2022

This story is very sweet and relatively drama free, a bit rare for this author. I liked the world that was created and how the couple came together after true effort. Many bully stories have everything forgiven fast but this one has a slower build as forgiveness is truly earned

Bullied Mate
Written by Stacii on 8th Oct 2022

Poppy and Klaus’s story starts off as him bullying her for years. Then she transitions and they find out their mates. Klaus tries to show Poppy that he takes responsibility of what he did. And he also gave her the time she needed to come to terms with everything. But another pack comes to visit and the Alpha’s son, Greg, is drawn to Poppy. As it turns out Poppy and allays get there fated mate hea.

Great addition
Written by Stephanie D on 27th Sep 2022

What a great addition to this alpha mate series. Sam definitely knows how to write an alpha male that is always wanting his woman. I have enjoyed each book in this series and hope there is more.

Klaus and Poppy
Written by Bookbunny on 27th Sep 2022

Klaus has been bulling Poppy since high school. The night of the transformation things all changed. Poppy was Klaus’ true mate. He has to make it up to her and show her that he truly didn’t mean any of what he did. He was a fool. But Poppy wants nothing to do with him. So, their wolves know they are mates. That doesn’t mean they have to be together. When a new pack comes by, Klaus has to show Poppy he is serious. Why do the alpha son’s always have to be stupid. Did they not learn anything from the Alpha. Never bully. The one you do could be your mate. But nope, never listen. Klaus has to work really hard to show Poppy he truly does care for her. He never wanted to hurt her. He was just being a jerk. You have to love Poppy. She is strong and pushes back against Klaus. Sure, she feels the pull but she wants to know he is telling the truth. Love is right there, they just had to admit to it.

Bullied Mate
Written by Samkat on 27th Sep 2022

I just love this trope and think this story was done well. Poppy is transitioning for the first time and she's about to discover her mate. The one shifter that is meant for her and her for him. Unfortunately, her mate is none other than Klaus Demon, the Alpha's son and her bully. Klaus has bullied Poppy in secret. No one knows how he treated her and she never told anyone. Deciding that she needs time to figure out how she feels about all this, Poppy and Klaus decide not to tell anyone they're mates. They need to decide for themselves if this can work and if Poppy can forgive and trust Klaus after everything he put her through growing up. This creates some conflict when a neighboring pack comes to visit and some unmated wolves put the moves on Poppy. After all, no one knows she has a mate so she is considered fair game. This creates some issues of jealousy and actually helps these two discover their true feelings towards each other. This read was enjoyable and entertaining. I felt that there was an appropriate amount of groveling from Klaus and he was sincere in his regret. Overall, well done and highly recommended.

Good book
Written by Brandi C on 27th Sep 2022

I enjoyed this book a lot. I wish there was more story to back up the history of Poppy and Klaus. I was proud of Poppy for sticking to her guns and making Klaus work for it. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by Debs48 on 27th Sep 2022

A lovely well written story to find they were fated mates but klaus had bullied poppy in their school days and made her life hell she hated him and with her transformation to find they were destined to be together she could not understand her feelings for him. In the end their mating was too powerful and meant to be

Another hit
Written by Amanda1444 on 27th Sep 2022

I really enjoy Sam Crescent and the works we releases. In this book we meet Poppy and Klaus. The pair are both shifters. But it goes back further than that. Growing up Klaus used to pick on Poppy. When Poppy finally shifts for the first time they discover they are fated mates.

Sweet romance and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 27th Sep 2022

I enjoyed this book immensely. The one part that really kind of annoyed me was how they kept hammering on the he bullied her over and over. After reading that for the 50th time, I was so over reading about it. Other than that though I enjoyed the main characters and the world they lived in. The book was definitely a sweet romance with a few hurdles that main characters had to overcome, and of course it had the promised HEA!!

Enemies to lovers
Written by Barb K on 27th Sep 2022

Klaus is the alpha’s son and a bully. Poppy is full figured and beautiful and was the one being bullied by Klaus. They are wolf shifters and at eighteen they go through their first transition. As soon as they do, they know they are mates. But Poppy wants nothing to do with him because of the way he bullied her. The longer they wait, the harder it is to control their animals. Can Poppy forgive Klaus for his past behavior? Great little story. Enemies to lovers. Shifters. Sexual tension. * Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *

Wonderful story
Written by vickymeowmeow on 27th Sep 2022

Realistic characters struggled with remorse and forgiveness. Klaus confusion over why he behaved so out of character was very realistic and I was able to feel some sympathy for him. His remorse seemed genuine, very well written. Poppy struggled with forgiving him and putting the past in the past. There were several moderately described sex scenes which were useful in adding Clarity to the confusion surrounding their relationship. The emotions felt real. There was a great hea and an honest resolution to all their feelings.

Written by Kimmijane on 27th Sep 2022

This story was really good. The characters were charming and Poppy was strong and lovely. Klaus was just sweet! He really grew into the role of good mate from childhood bully. I loved Anna, Poppy’s mom. I hope there is another book where Anna gets a second chance at love.

Bullied Mate
Written by Regina K on 27th Sep 2022

This is one female wolfs story of being bullied through her school years only to find out the wolf doing the bullying is her mate. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

Keep 'em coming, Sam!.
Written by Di Budo on 13th Sep 2022

Shape Shifting? Handsome men? Festy, strong Women? Yes, Please! I really enjoyed the story of Poppy and Klaus. I love the possibility of shape shifters! Keep 'em coming, Sam!.

Another amazing read
Written by Adrianna L on 13th Sep 2022

I love Sam Crescent. I really enjoyed Poppy and Klaus story. Being bullied and not liking him to loving and mated. It's well written and at first I did not enjoy Klaus because of his bullying history. But its a great book . Another amazing read by Sam Crescent.

Excellent read
Written by Sua on 13th Sep 2022

I love Klaus and Poppy’s story! It was good to see how much groveling Klaus needed to do to win his mates heart because she’s been bullied by him for most of her life. Poppy stands firm on keeping Klaus at arms length but when he’s always around, her heart just melts away a little more for him. Throw in a pack that’s visiting and are looking for single mates, makes thing interesting since Poppy is adamant about keeping their relationship secret until they figure out their feelings.

Can a bully find redemption?
Written by Laura S. on 13th Sep 2022

I like Ms. Crescent's bully stories! The hero doesn't know how to handle his feelings, so he torments the one he secretly adores! It's a common theme, but still fun to read about how hard he has to work to redeem himself. I think he should have to work harder, but that's my take on it. Maybe the mate pull is in his favor! This is an entertaining story, one that I think you will enjoy!

Loved it!
Written by AvaNorris on 13th Sep 2022

Klaus was a jerk to Poppy for years and when they're suddenly mates, it makes things quite uncomfortable. I loved how Poppy stood her ground with him and made it known she wasn't happy with fate's choice of a mate for her. I liked Klaus and how he was genuinely sorry about what he did and how he behaved. There was enough grovelling and proving to her that he'll be the mate she needs. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes bully romances and fated mates romances.

Great shifter story
Written by Shortbec on 13th Sep 2022

Poppy and Klaus grew up together, but Klaus made Poppy's life miserable by being her bully. On Poppy's first transition to wolf, they both find out that they are mates. Poppy doesn't want to be mated to Klaus. But when a neighboring pack comes to visit it will put the mate bond to the test.

Live this series!
Written by Diana Acero on 13th Sep 2022

The alpha shifter collection is one of my favorite and this story didn't disappoint. I enjoyed the present story without obsessing in the past but giving you the main past issues.

An enjoyable and heartfelt story
Written by NikiG on 13th Sep 2022

Klaus has bullied Poppy all through high school. When she transitions to her wolf for the fist time, she meets her mate. What will happen when she realizes her Nate us the boy that has tormented her for years? Will Klaus be able to prove he really does want Poppy? This is such a enjoyable and heartfelt story. I really want more of it!

Poppy and Klaus
Written by Keaton Windham on 13th Sep 2022

Hot, young, puppy love! Klaus and Poppy grew up together, so them being mates should be a lucky break… if Klaus wouldn’t have bullied her through high school. I love that Poppy doesn’t let him gloss over the past like he so desperately wants to; being soulmates didn’t change the fact that he was a total jerk to her, so she refuses to give him the time of day. Of course, Klaus starts to understand just how bad it was and starts trying to earn her forgiveness while they keep their mate good a secret from their parents and pack. This book is part of a huge series of standalone shifter romances that put a twist on regular ole fated mate tales. I highly recommend the whole series! Of course, HEA guaranteed!

Absolutely adorable
Written by Emily R on 13th Sep 2022

This book was so cute and really enjoyable to read. It tells the story of two shifter mates who never thought they’d turn out to be mates. Klaus, the MMC bullied Poppy all through childhood, and she’d hated him for it. When they turned out to be true mates after her first shift, she despised the mating bond between them and tried to ignore it at every moment. They didn’t tell anyone they were mates, and Klaus spent all the time he could, trying to prove to her how sorry he was. Things get a little complicated when a neighboring pack comes for a visit and the Alpha’s son wants to mate with Poppy and make her his wife, even without the true mate bond. Poppy and Klaus will have to decide if they really want one another and if they’re ready to be honest with the pack, the Alpha, and Poppy’s mom about why they hid their bond for so long. I love enemies to loves style romances, and this one was no different. Absolutely adorable and it made my heart smile. I definitely want to read more books like this in the future.

Bully turned mate
Written by Michele77 on 6th Sep 2022

A bully finds that the girl he bullied is his mate. Lovely story, great characters with just enough competition to add some depth to the story.

Another great read!
Written by Jamee hunter on 6th Sep 2022

Klaus Has been a bully to Poppy for years. When she first transitions they realize they are mates. When Klaus realizes poppy does not want to be his mate because of how he treated her he realizes how big of a mistake he made. Can he get her to forgive him?

Four stars
Written by April is probably reading smut on 6th Sep 2022

I'm a huge fan of Sam Crescent, this was another hit! It's about a pair of shifters, Klaus and Poppy. Klaus bullied Poppy pretty much all of their lives. When Poppy finally transitions, they find out they are fated mates. But... they hate each other. How can they move past that? I thought this was a super cute romance. I adore the fated mate trope- this one was no exception. I would have liked a little more spice but that's just me. safety: dual virgins OM drama (not reciprocated) no cheating/sharing safe HEA ♡

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 6th Sep 2022

On Poppies 18th birthday she found out her mate was none of than the Alphas son and her secret bully Klaus, she pushes him away but hes not one to give up on his mate, he knows he messed up, big time but he'll do anything to prove himself worthy of Poppy, especially when another pack comes to town. Well written desires angst, grovelling and steamy scenes too!