Bratva Bully by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Galina is about to marry a monster. A bully. The guy who made most of her high school life miserable.

Mikhail Belsky is the son of the man who rules the Belsky Bratva. He’s a dangerous man, but what he wants, he gets. When it comes to Galina, he will not allow her to marry anyone else. She will belong to him. Gone are the cruel jokes, the mocking laughter, and in its place is a man determined to have her at his side.

Mikhail has never hated Galina. He bullied her because he couldn’t have her. When he learned who Galina was meant to marry, he knew he couldn’t allow her to fall to that fate, so he gave his father an ultimatum.

If his father wanted the Belsky Bratva to flourish, then he’d get Galina, but if his father gave her to someone else, Mikhail would see to it that the Belsky name crumbled.

Galina belongs to him.


In a shocking twist of events, she and Mikhail were the same age, well, a year apart. She was twenty-one, Mikhail was twenty-two, but she already knew he was considered one of the scariest men around. Rumor had it, he had his first kill at twelve years old. The circumstances surrounding that kill were a little confusing, but even still, she had looked in those eyes while he’d been threatening her, and known. His eyes were those of a killer.

For years this man had bullied her.

They didn’t go to a normal school, but one specifically for members of the Bratva, known as Belsky High. Yep, the school was owned by him, so no matter what he did or said, Mikhail was in charge. Teachers were afraid of him. They had no choice but to go to a private school, because the Belsky Bratva trusted no one. They rarely allowed outsiders in, and if an outsider went to high school with them, they were in for a rough ride.

Mikhail had hated her on sight. She didn’t know if it was because of the way she looked, seeing as she wasn’t a slender blonde, but even at a young age, she’d been … fat. Ugh, she hated that word, even her mother hated that word, and insisted she wasn’t fat, she was curvy.

She heard a lot of people talking, and knew many insisted she was fat.

Mikhail, her future husband, grabbed her hand and locked their fingers together. She had no choice but to follow his lead, as he lifted their raised hands.

The Nikitins and Belskys had always been close. Their fathers were the best of friends, and she had gotten used to Mikhail being around her home quite regularly. Mikhail was friends with her brother Peter, even though there was a five-year age gap, and Peter was the older of the two.

Boris, Mikhail’s father, was suddenly there, nudging them onto the dance floor. This was the last thing she wanted. Her smile was starting to hurt her face.

The music started up, something slow, romantic, which made Mikhail put his arms around her and pull her close. She wanted to cringe.

“I never knew you would look forward to marrying me,” Mikhail said.

There was nothing she could do while they had an audience. Her mother had told her to be very careful with her stance, especially at events like these. There were too many vultures waiting to surface, and she had no choice but to keep a smile on her face and look like the doting, loving, fiancée she’d become.

“I don’t want to marry you. Trust me, this is not for me at all.”

He leaned in close and tutted against her ear. “Come on, Galina, you don’t have to be that way. I always knew back in high school you were tempted by me. You couldn’t resist me.”

“In your dreams.”

“And now your dreams are becoming a reality.”

She wasn’t going to slap him. Her parents would be so pissed with her if she did. Mikhail was doing this on purpose to get a rise out of her.

On the night of their engagement party, her father had told her they were going to a formal event. From the moment they walked through the main doors, it had been one surprise after another.

Galina tried to ignore him, but Mikhail had always been a master at getting under her skin.

“You know what this means?” Mikhail asked.


“That I was right when I said one day soon, I was going to fuck you until you begged and screamed for it. I was right.”

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Written by MrsKissmas on 29th Feb 2024

Bratva Bully - Sam Crescent Galina Nikitin is 21 years old, an innocent and was supposed to be married off to another member of the Bratva as part of a business deal. However when the son of the boss of the Belsky Bratva Mikhail Belsky , heir to the Belsky throne, learns Galina is to be married to someone else he makes a demand of his father unlike anything he ever had before. At 22 years old Mikhail didn't care Galina saw him as her bully at Belsky high, a school specifically for Bratva kids where he had terrorised her all her school life, he knew he bullied her but he couldn't deal with the thought of her never being his. Galina was a beautiful heroine and was a victim of bullying but did seem to forgive Mikhail quite quickly really as the story went on and you can see why as you learn that to Mikhail, Galina is his whole world. I loved as their story unfolded and although I think Galina forgave him quite quickly it was a really enjoyable read with twists and turns along the way and other characters being introduced, I do hope Peter gets to find his own happily ever after also. I really hope that you give Mikhail a chance because he is definitely worth the risk. Happy Reading! 5 out of 5 stars Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.

Loved IT!
Written by Jessica on 24th Nov 2023

You know when a book is so good you end up staying up late and finishing the whole thing in one sitting? Yeah that’s what happened. It is so good that you just can't help but want to read more, just one more chapter becomes the whole book. The characters are wonderful, Mikhail is so in love with Galina he just has to have her and keep her safe, while Galina has a hard time believing he actually cares because of their past together(he wasn't that nice in highschool.) Even Galina's brother is loveable. The way Crescent writes men that love their women for exactly who they are, it sucks me in each time. I only hope that this world will grow and we get more. You will not regret adding this to your collection of amazing books.

Awesome romance with action, humour and steam
Written by LBing on 31st Oct 2023

This was an awesome addition to this engaging series and I loved Vivi and Lincoln together. She was such a firecracker with no filters and the understanding that if you didn't behave the way people expected, you could have some control in hard situations. I especially love when she first saw Lincoln that she knew he was it for her and set about freeing herself to be by his side. He was completely flabbergasted by her, when they first met, but her beautiful man sure caught on quick. Lol! Another fab thing in this read is that not only does she have a psychic skill, but so does he. This is an entrancing concept for me and I really hope the author keeps turning out more of these original stories with great plots and steamy romance :D

Sweet and steamy mafia romance
Written by LBing on 31st Oct 2023

This was a sweet and steamy mafia romance. Mikhail was Galina's brother's bestie but he was her bully all through high school. When he found out who she was being married to, he arranged things to go in his favour, wanting her to be safe with him. She, of course, can't figure out why he's suddenly being nice. Turns out, he REALLY wanted her and was not nice because he couldn't have her...until he could ;P What follows is a fast paced story with action, danger, family and steamy romance. This was a one-sit read for me and I always look forward to what's next by this author :D

So Good!!
Written by Amy J on 31st Oct 2023

Loved reading Bratva Bully. This was a quick read for me because it was so good. The chemistry between Galina and Mikhail was steamy HOT. One bad seed could take out everything that you love but love wins in the end. Their story was so good!!

loved it
Written by Mr. Bobos on 27th Oct 2023

Galina and Mikhail have to overcome their past to secure their future. I really enjoyed this book - watching Mikhail work to overcome their past. The romance was great. Then there are the threats: who is the target, when will it happen? The build up and suspense were all there and all held together by the romance.

The beauty and the bully
Written by Laura S. on 27th Oct 2023

I like these beauty and the bully stories! I'm not quite sure why Mikhail bullied Galina though, to get her to pay attention to him? Mikhail knew her family, was friends with her brother, yet he seemed to want her attention. And now they're engaged in an arranged marriage. Can Galina ever get a break from this guy? Will he make her life miserable forever now? A surprising turn of events will bring a bit more clarity and personality to the bully and perhaps she might find him to be a likable guy after all! Another enjoyable story from Sam Crescent!

Written by Andrea R on 27th Oct 2023

I am a huge fangirl of this author--have read pretty much every book she has written at least once but most of them i have read many times over and I never get tired. This one is awesome and have already re-read it again to make sure I didn't miss anything--highly recommend.

Actually really sweet
Written by RaeWoodland on 27th Oct 2023

So yes the guy is a bully in the past and is feelings don’t excuse his behavior but it was sweet the lengths he was willing to go to in order to win her trust and love. It had great scenes as they grew together funny, sweet and spicy. It is worth reading

Written by Anotherdayinparadise on 27th Oct 2023

Short. sweet with a little dark thrown in. Emeries to lover trope, It holds your attention from beginning to end. This characters have enough depth that make them interesting and enough of a history together to make their dynamic believable.

Mikhail and Galina
Written by Reensburger on 27th Oct 2023

I love a good bully romance and Sam really is the best in the business. Mikhail has known Galina her whole life, as next in line to be head of the Bratva and best friends with Galinas brother he's hard to ignore, especially when its seem as if he's made it his mission to make her life hard. What's the best way to turn this around? Forced marriage of course! But is there more to Mikhails reasoning behind marrying Galina?

Falling for her bully
Written by Bookbunny on 27th Oct 2023

Galina Nikitin isn’t about to marry Mikhail Belsky. He bullied her all through school. Sure he is from a powerful family. But he hates her and she isn’t marrying a man that hates her and cares nothing about her. Mikhail made sure that everyone stayed away from Galina in school. Yes, he bullied her but there was something about her that made him want her. He wasn’t about to let her marry Vik Kuzlov. Vik was old and didn’t deserve Galina. I have to say, I wasn’t thrilled about him bullying her in school. Seriously, he could find other ways to get her attention. But we do learn about why did was like that. You have to love the intent that Mikhail has. He wanted Galina to fall in love with him. He knew he screwed up but he was a better man that his father. These two find strength in each other.

Brutish bully
Written by RahiaLeight on 27th Oct 2023

Mikhail spent most of his life bullying Galina. It was sad to think that she had no one other than her older brother in her life. In snippets, you learn why Mikhail did the things he did, and it actually helps his case, I think. They make quite a pair. You don't get a glimpse in the epilogue, but I hope that Peter found his way.

Wow things are not what they seem
Written by JudyCh on 27th Oct 2023

Wow you really believe he is a bully but as the story opens up you realize he was protecting her or he thought he was because he knew they were never gonna be married but he finally puts his foot down and what amazing ride you will be in for watching him win her over, loved it.

Young adult romance!
Written by Diana A on 27th Oct 2023

It was a short romantic story. Really enjoyable and with good amount of action. I to see if there is a story for her brother.

Bravata Bully by Sam Crescent
Written by Spender of Money on 27th Oct 2023

A fun young adult, bully mafia read. I do love me those sub-genre mash ups! I jumped at this book, when I saw it. Didn’t even read the synopsis- downloading and reading happened on the title and author alone. And I gobblers it up, while munching on popcorn. Bully and mafia books are on the darker side, overall, but I personally think Sam Crescent’s young adult romances have a lighter, sweeter feel to them. And for me that includes this book. Still living this author.

Written by Sua on 27th Oct 2023

Mikhail has always had a soft spot for Galina. But all Galina can see is a man who bullied her during school and thinks he is the greatest. When they get married, its great to see how they connect and clear any misunderstandings that they may have of each other.

Amazing as always
Written by Jessa8 on 27th Oct 2023

You know when a book is so good you end up staying up late and finishing the whole thing in one sitting? Yeah that’s what happened. It is so good that you just can't help but want to read more, just one more chapter becomes the whole book. The characters are wonderful, Mikhail is so in love with Galina he just has to have her and keep her safe, while Galina has a hard time believing he actually cares because of their past together(he wasn't that nice in highschool.) Even Galina's brother is loveable. The way Crescent writes men that love their women for exactly who they are, it sucks me in each time. I only hope that this world will grow and we get more. You will not regret adding this to your collection of amazing books.

Very sweet Bratva romance
Written by Sarah ES on 27th Oct 2023

This book was everything a Bratva romance should be. A marriage for the business side that turns into a romance that of course includes an unhappy person who wants to take over and therefore causes strife within the book. It ends with a HEA which is always nice and the bad guy ends up dead. Perfection!!

Love the bully!
Written by JustMe83 on 27th Oct 2023

Oh man this killed me a bit inside to hear about the times he pushed her away and bullied her. Honestly it was more how it was hurting him to do it more than how she felt. She was so strong I feel like it hurt him more than her. They were sooooo freaking good together!!! And they just got better and better as the book went on.

Good work
Written by Nasra on 27th Oct 2023

It was simple and straightforward . I enjoyed their interaction. The male lead acknowledged his problem and corrected them. Good job

Written by Lynn on 27th Oct 2023

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Mikhail has been in love with Galina since he has been 5 years old. Unfortunately he had a funny way to show it. He was her bully all through her school years. He would keep everyone away from her so she couldn't have any friends. When the time come for Galina to marry she is supposed to marry someone and Mikhail makes his father understand that she will only marry him. This is the further thing that Galina would want but he doesn't care.

Great short Mafia romance
Written by Michelle E on 27th Oct 2023

Overall I enjoy Sam Crescent's book, but some are hit and miss for me. This one was a big hit. I love then he falls first and chases the h and works to gain her trust and adoration. Galina is more of a shy introvert that keeps to her self. She has a backbone and speaks her mind and uses her quick wit to put Mikhail in his place. The bullying was more in the past and the story was more about him working to gain her trust and win her over. He did a lot behind the scenes to get her and was swoon worthy. I loved the scenes where he took he to the gym to teach her self defense. Overall a great short story that is well developed and engaging.

Bratva Bully
Written by Karen99 on 27th Oct 2023

Loved It! Mikhail had loved Galina all his life but never thought he would get the chance to take her as his own. When he found out who she was meant to marry, he stepped in and insisted he be allowed to marry her. He then had a big task of getting her to trust him, he’d ruined her earlier life with his bullying for his own reasons which he would never reveal but he was up for the task because after all this would be his and Galina’s very own HEA. A tender, possessive, passionate romance about trust, secrets and a love that would last a life time! Ooh, I just love it when an arrogant alpha male falls in love! Recommended Read!

Short but intense and loving read
Written by Mary S on 27th Oct 2023

Mikhail and Galina story was amazing to read. Love reading their story although it was short it had it’s intense and loving moments.

Mikhail and Galina
Written by POmoto on 27th Oct 2023

After enduring all of high school being bullied by Mikhail, now she must marry him or be forced to marry an older man with an abusive history. Unbeknownst to her, Mikhail had always been in love her and he knew he was a jerk to her but he couldn't help it. Now that he finally has her, he has to prove to her that he is longer that guy. It was an adorable story for them and as short as it was, the characters and plot was not rushed.

Written by Gkp2460 on 27th Oct 2023

Bratva Bully is the arranged marriage, bully story with a twist. Being the bane of Galinas existence for years isn't exactly as it seemed. Mikhail has his reasons for everything he did all of their lives and now it's time to get what he's always wanted. How can you not love a story and it's characters where you get to be a part of the growth with them and their relationships almost from the beginning. Bratva Bully is just that story and it gives us just that journey. A fantastic read from start to finish!

Love story
Written by Michele77 on 27th Oct 2023

A very unique love story in that it’s between members of the bravata that grew up together. There is violence but the focus is on the story between Mikhail and Galina.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 27th Oct 2023

Mikhail was the bane of Galina life, her tormentor and now husband to be. Mikhail had wanted her for years but bullied her away. And now when she's set to marry another he gives his father the pakhan an ultimatum, give Galina to him or his bratva will crumble. But could Galina ever want him the way he wants her too? Well written steamy desires, bully/lovers, arranged marriage romance