Claimed by the Hunter by Lila Fox

Heat Level 4
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Carnal Lust, 3

Nicole still didn’t quite believe that she lived with real live shifters and always thought they were fairy tales. Getting used to her friends and their shifter mates took some doing. It disrupted her whole life because her friends had to mate several times daily. It was something that drove her crazy, but at the same time, she felt a little envious.

When her mate found her, Nicole ran. Dammit, she didn’t have time for this. She didn’t know the guy could follow her scent easily, and there was no place to hide. She didn’t care that he was the best male specimen she’d ever seen. She didn’t want to be controlled by sex.

Hunter knew how hard the situation was for his mate. He tried to help her deal with the mating heat and emotions the best he could. The thought of her wanting to leave him was enraging. He knew it couldn’t happen, but the thought of her wanting to be away from him was enough.

He would do everything in his power to make her accept this way of life. There was no other option for both of them.

Be Warned: anal sex


His head dropped, and his lips took hers in a kiss so powerful and hot she could have come with that alone.

Nicole heard the sounds she was making. It was a mewing sound and small cries as his tongue dove into the depths of her mouth like he needed to touch every part of her.

“Please, Hunter.”

“I know. Let me check to see if you’re ready enough for me.”

“I am.”

She gasped when she felt something long and hard press into her. “Oh, my God. What is that?”

He snorted. “One of my fingers.”

His finger was about the size of the few men she’d dated. She started panting when he pushed two into her.

“Fuck, babe, you’re tight.”

“Please don’t make me wait.”

“I know.” He mounted her and started to slowly penetrate her wet cunt.

“Wait, you don’t have a condom on,” she said.

“We’ll never have anything between us, Mate.”

“But I could get pregnant.” God. The thought of kids didn’t scare her like she thought it would.

“Yes. We’ll hopefully have many babies.”

“Do I get a choice?” she asked.

“I’m not sure about that. I’ll talk to my brother. Besides, you need my seed to quiet the cravings you’ll get. It’s the only thing that will.”

She nodded and then inhaled sharply when he started to move deeper. The pressure was astounding, and if her body didn’t need him so much, she didn’t think she would have been able to take him inside of her.

“Ahhh,” she screamed when he pushed the last few inches into her.

“We were made for each other,” Hunter said.

She moved her hips, hoping it would help her be more comfortable.

“Please, Hunter.”

“I know.”

Hunter started moving in her at a slow pace, but it still wasn’t enough for her.

“We waited too long, baby. That’s why you’re so uncomfortable right now. We have to do better.”

“We will,” she said. Her fingernails dug into his arms as a way to feel grounded. Every emotion she felt was overwhelming enough to make her anxious, but she needed him too much to ask him to stop.

His thrusts were slow and deep. Her body was demanding relief. “Please, Hunter. I can’t take it.”

He pressed a kiss to her mouth. “I know. Just relax and let me make you feel good.”

Hunter started diving into her with a force that would have moved her up the mattress if he hadn’t had a hold on her. The mating ache she’d had a few minutes before started to untangle and give her the relief she needed at the same time, making her body tighten. “Oh. God.”

“I know. I can feel you tighten on me.” His thrusts picked up momentum until his cock was slamming into her. “Come for me, Mate.”

Lights flickered under her eyelids, and her breath caught in her throat as it felt like her body was breaking apart and flying, making her feel a satisfaction she’d never had before.

She heard a high, piercing sound mixing with a low, deep growl and echoing through the room. When she felt his warm cum spurt inside of her, it threw her over again.

She must have passed out for a brief moment because she didn’t realize he was fighting to keep his weight off of her. She’d known him less than a day but still trusted him more than anyone to care for her and not hurt her.

Nicole ran her hands up and down his back and arms, trying to settle him and help him regain control. He lifted his head and stared down at her. The look he gave her made her cunt spasm and her body cry out for him again.

“Jesus, I can feel you, Mate. You need another fucking?”

She nodded.

“Let’s go slow this time,” Hunter said.

He started sliding his cock into her. This time there was no desperate need she’d felt before, so she wasn’t begging him to hurry. This slow loving affected her emotions more, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

It felt like it lasted hours before the need to come forced them to move faster. This orgasm was as spectacular as the last, but in a different way. Hunter rolled them to the side while still deep inside of her and then smoothed the sweaty hair from her face.



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Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 18 ratings)
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Written by KMH on 29th Oct 2023

I love this series and I couldn't wait to read this after reading the previous book and getting a glimpse into what was coming. I loved both main characters and I loved how they came together. I also loved how the other incorporated the drama into the book, almost drawing out their relationship and also making it better in the end because of what they had been through. I loved the shifter element of this story obviously and I cannot wait to read more from this author!

Claimed by the Hunter
Written by Amber J on 29th Oct 2023

Nicole doesn't want to be a mate to a shifter because her friends are and its set their business back some. However, when a shifter appears in the parking lot, she tries to refuse him, but he wasn't going to let that happen. Hunter is happy to have finally found his mate and will wait until she is ready for him. Will she give him a chance? Will they have problems from others? This is an amazing story that once I started it I couldn't put it down. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Nicole didn't want a mate but Hunter was hers.
Written by Rebecca G on 29th Oct 2023

Nicole and her two best friends had decided to move to a small town and start up their own bakery. What they didn't know is their new home is a shifter town. Her two friends have found shifter mates and are wrapped up in them. The bakery is suffering from their inattention. Nicole believes that the last thing she needs is for one of the shifters to decide that she is his mate. Then the sheriff returns back to town and chases down Nicole.

Liked it
Written by Redfaeryrose on 29th Oct 2023

The story is a mix of steamy scenes, kidnapping, a rescue, danger and everything in-between a love story. I liked the story and was surprised when I reached the end.

Hunter is the perfect mate
Written by Kaylapolk on 29th Oct 2023

The story follows Nicole and Hunter. All of Nicole's friends found they were the mates of shifters. She was the only single one left in the group. One day the sheriff comes back into town and discovers that Nicole is his mate. Nicole is so afraid of this type of commitment and of the heat that she will go through but she puts her trust in Hunter and goes with him. They're romance is a wild ride which comes accompanied by crazy stalkers and lots of love between the two of them. This is a great book and I can't wait to see the next book!

Nicole and Hunter
Written by Crystal74 on 29th Oct 2023

Nicole didn't want to be mated to a shifter because she seen what was happening with her friends. Hunter the Sheriff came back after helping another police department scented her from miles away and then she ran from him. He found her and they mated and she would give him a hard time about it. Then you get danger from a stalker also. Very quick interesting insta love story

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 29th Oct 2023

Nicole didn't just have to deal with the fact her friends were mated to shifters but now one was claiming to be her mate. Hunter knew Nicole was his but she pushed and ran at every chance, he had a lot to prove and make her see she was meant to be his. Well written steamy fated mates, human/shifter romance

Insta love
Written by A Schofield on 29th Oct 2023

Nicole didn’t wanted a fated mate but she hot Hunter. Once she got him, she didn’t want to let him go. This story didn’t turn out the way I thought it would and it made it so much better. The writing was crisp and clear, and the characters were feisty. This was an all round great story.

Quick read--love the shifter stories--well written
Written by Andrea R on 29th Oct 2023

Loved this story--it was well written and the shifter storyline was so engaging--really enjoyed and can't wait to read the next in this series.

Love this series!
Written by Diana A on 29th Oct 2023

I really enjoyed reading this. The full series is an easy fast reading that is easy to enjoy. I also like how the characters from the first sotories are in here and involve in this sotry too.

Love shifters
Written by Jill G on 29th Oct 2023

Love shifter stories and how different authors portray them. This is the first book I have read that focused so much on the heat of newly mated couples. I also liked that the mate being human does not become a wolf. Altogether I enjoyed the story and hope to read the next book in this series. Loved Jory and the fact she called Hunter a puppy, especially since he is a wolf. I am curious about the girl whose father had chained her to a tree, wish there had more, but then maybe she will be in a future book. A story worth reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Claimed by the Hunter Book 3 of Carnal Lust
Written by Makeen on 29th Oct 2023

Hunter and Nicole are fated mates and she’s not happy about it. She’s seen how demanding her friends’ mates have been and she needs time to get their bakery going. He’s ecstatic about finding his mate and he’s going to convince her with love and passion. Lila’s 3 rd book in the Carnal Lust series continues with lots of steamy romance, heat, family, and some danger. Lila packs her short stories with so much emotion and energy that it feels complete. Nicole is spunky, fierce, and protective which gives Hunter great pride and makes him love her even more. I love this series!

Enjoyed a lot!
Written by Kimmijane on 29th Oct 2023

The characters in this book are fun! They are feisty and romantic. These Alpha wolves want nothing more than to protect and love their mates but at first Nicole doesn’t want it until she meets her mate face to face. This is a short and sweet shifter novel.

Shifter Insta-Love
Written by dvince on 4th Jul 2023

I enjoyed reading Hunter and Nicole’s story. They are a good couple. The book had some traditional shifter concepts (scent your mate, possessiveness, protective) which were all good. The couple’s mating heats were a bit strong. The other couple’s in the story were a fun addition. They added some realism and comic relief.

Claimed By The Hunter
Written by Karen99 on 4th Jul 2023

A Sizzling Read! Oh this storyline is so much fun! I was giggling from the beginning of the story. Nicole didn’t want to accept Hunter as her mate so had decided to run but he found her! The mating heat came upon her as soon as he was near her and before she knew it, they were in bed and he was easing her pain and bedding her constantly. A hot fun read, with a possessive, caring, tender, sexy mate, some action which will keep you on your toes and wonderful characters who give extra warmth to the storyline. This is the third book in the series, each one can be read as a standalone and every one of them is a fantastic read. Highly recommended series!

Shifter romance
Written by Michele77 on 4th Jul 2023

The story begins where it left off in the first book by beginning with the mating of Hunter and Nicole. The other couples from the series are present in this story and add depth. There is lots of heat and some angst to move the story along.

Hunter and Nicole
Written by SeahawkGirl on 4th Jul 2023

The third installment of three best friends that left the city and found their way to a wolf shifter town. Nicole has seen her two friends find their mates and wants nothing to do with finding her own mate. Fate steps in and Hunter immediately knows Nicole is his. This was an exciting story with action and suspense with a happy ending. I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to more from this author.

Nicole and Hunter
Written by POmoto on 4th Jul 2023

After being away from town for his work, Hunter has finally found his mate. Nicole was frustrated that her two best friends were too busy with their mates to help her with their dream of opening a bakery. Once she found out that Hunter was her mate, she ran. It is a pretty simple story with a little drama. Fun and light read.