Dark Captive

Heat Level 4
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Everyone has a dark side... 

Dark Captive is an exclusive collection of dark erotic romance stories featuring alpha men with fierce sexual appetites. They'll stop at nothing to get what they want. And they have their sights on one woman. Possessive and bold, these heroes give their conquests exactly what they crave—to be taken … to be owned. Any resistance offered will be tested, but in the end love rules. 

Kidnapping, abduction, and sexual slavery are just a few of the titillating taboo themes in this hand-picked anthology.

Be Warned: anal sex, BDSM, forced seduction




Take Me by Jenika Snow 

Sinful by Lily Harlem 

One Last Job by Alexa Sinclaire 

Captive Artist by N.J. Young 

The Shadow by Elena Kincaid 

Godsend by Jocelyn Dex

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Just awesome
Written by Renee Southaven on 12th Apr 2018

All of these authors were perfectly put together I have read this book front cover to cover I loved it dark captivating and sensuous.

I absolutely loved reading this anthology
Written by kdawnms on 28th Apr 2017

I absolutely loved reading this anthology. All the stories were short and spellbinding. Dark reads but so very good. Take me - Jenika Snow So fast, so wrong yet so right Holly is living an unhappy life; still at home, looking after her mother who is sick, and hating her father. She goes out one night with her friends and gets into a situation where she is rescued by a very imposing man. Later this same man plays a huge role in the direction of her life. Undertones of scary almost creepy throughout the story. Good and quick read. Sinful - Lily Harlem Wow! Sinful indeed. Fantasies fulfilled, fantasies you didn't even realise you had! Riot in London leads to an eventful evening for Cheryl. Meeting Steve was just the beginning and thankfully he came back. One Last Job - Alexa Sinclair's No caviar, no champagne. Living your life, keeping to yourself because you are just a bit different and can't rely on anyone else. Ivy keeps to herself getting through life. Then Lawson happens along to hint at what could be. One wonderful night and then she's drifting alone. Lawson needs to keep himself away from Ivy. He's got a job to do. The hints of darkness they share... Captive Artist NJ Young For the love of art! Carrie runs a lovely art gallery with her brother. She's the brains and art expert. Jax is the janitor who she seems to stumble around at the office. Carrie returns to work one night to find Jax not doing his job...Or is he? Her night takes a turn and you'll be entertained to see how!! The Shadow - Elena Kincaid Revenge doesn't make it better. Brody is out for revenge for his sister, and brother at arms. Emily is not who he expected her to be. And he doesn't feel any better when his plan is completed and his team can leave. Suddenly he is rescuing Emily ... Godsend - Jocelyn Dex Two lost souls who find each other in a most remote place. Gia is looking for a place to rest and stumbles upon a small cabin in the woods. It's not abandoned as she imagined. Bane is hiding away from the world. He trusts no one and yet Gia makes him feel.

Just awesome
Written by Amazon Customer on 28th Apr 2017

All of these authors were perfectly put together I have read this book front cover to cover I loved it dark captivating and sensuous.

The Romance Reviews
Written by Gabrielle on 20th Jun 2016

DARK CAPTIVE ANTHOLOGY is comprised of Take Me by Jenika Snow, Sinful by Lily Harlem, One Last Job by Alexa Sinclaire, Captive Artist by N.J. Young, The Shadow by Elena Kincaid, and Godsend by Jocelyn Dex. The stories all follow a similar pattern of good girl gets stuck in a sticky situation and falls for the bad boy. Each of the stories have a certain level of suspense and emotional turmoil. Of having to choose between doing what is morally correct (and your brain is screaming at you to do) and what you instinctively want to do. I liked some of the stories better than I liked others and I'll leave which ones you like to your own preference. I'm one of those who tends to gravitate to much darker stories. And I will say that I enjoyed the anthology aspect for its consistency of story type and it gave me some bedtime stories that I could stretch out over several nights, which is always a good thing. Lovers of dark tales that are a bit over the top will enjoy this anthology from Evernight Publishing as it has something for everyone. - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=22170#sthash.9ZeGh4a8.dpuf

If Sinful is anything to go by then I cant wait to read the rest.
Written by Maud Mama on 9th Jun 2016

I have only read Lily Harlem's story in this anthology so far - the others will get their chance. 'Sinful' brings to mind every single naughty thought you had whist reading or watching The Thorn Birds. Whilst seeking refuge in a church during a London riot, Cheryl stumbles across Steve, a priest, who seems to have secrets. A great quick read! (and no typo's!)

This is not a chocolates and flowers romance set of stories so please bare that in mind when reading if you don't like things a
Written by Francesca - Mrs Kissmas! on 9th Jun 2016

This anthology holds a variety of stories by talented authors all with the theme of being a little darker. This is not a chocolates and flowers romance set of stories so please bare that in mind when reading if you don't like things a little darker. Book 1 - Take Me - By Jenika Snow. This story is well written and is about a girl named Holly who leads a dismal life and suffers emotional and physical abuse from her father, but when her life situation changes she meets Alex. A dark and brooding soul who knows she was always meant to be his, and will be whether she realises it or not. The chemistry between them is intense and they show a deep connection. Happy Reading! Book 2 - Sinful - By Lily Harlem. The fabulous Lily Harlem has done it again! I absolutely loved this story! It was so good I didn't wan't it to end! The chemistry between Steve and Cheryl is intense and electric and instant. A definite hot and sexy read! You could not want more from a sexy bad boy, with a heart of gold, Steve was completely sinfully delicious and definitely a character I want to see more of! Happy Reading! Book 3 - One Last Job - By Alexa Sinclaire I really enjoyed this story, it was not as dark as I was expecting but that did not matter. Even though Ivy has some darkness in her past, her story was written with care and thought to the kind of woman she would become. Lawson is not a good man but then not an especially bad one either. They both have some darkness in their lives but manage to find a light within each other that joins them together and makes their bond become an unbreakable thing of beauty. I really enjoyed this read, just wish it was a little longer and we found out more about Lawson's escape from the crew etc. Happy Reading! Book 4 - Captive Artist - By N.J. Young. Another great read! Jax is a sexy bad boy who has an objective to complete, but the beautiful, curvy Carrie is proving to be the ultimate distraction and draws him like no other woman ever has. Carrie doesn't know what it is about Jax, but she knows he is everything she shouldn't want and yet is everything that she does! This story is written well, great chemistry between Carrie and Jax, and the storyline has some great sexy segments and surprises! A really enjoyable read! Happy Reading! Book 5 - The Shadow - By Elena Kincaid. This is a well written read full of twists and turns. There are some darker scenes within this story and some parts of questionable consent that more sensitive readers may want to be aware of before they read it. Overall a gritty and gripping tale. Emily is trying to lead a normal life after escaping an evil past, but Brody a devilishly handsome man is out on a mission for revenge and thinks that Emily is his key to getting it. Lots of twists and turns in this darker, sexy read. I hope the rest of his seal team get stories in the future too! Happy Reading! Book 6 - Godsend - By Jocelyn Dex. Another well written, darker captive read, with some scenes of dubious consent that some sensitive readers may feel uncomfortable with. Gia is a free spirit, lives by her own rules, travelling throughout the woods answering to no one but herself. That is until she meets Bane. Bane is looking for something to change his existence and believes he has it in Gia, he just needs to convince her of it. Happy Reading!

Great collection of dark romances
Written by J. L. Johnston on 25th May 2016

Yummy collection of dark romances. Each one was very hot and dark so if dark bothers you don't read. If the dark excites you then this is a great collection of books to read. Each one is different and will keep you panting for more. I found some new to me authors and I'm looking forward to more from each of them.

Written by Rhonda on 22nd May 2016

This is amazing collection of short and dark stories. Each of them are very well written and just suck you right into them. If you love dark romance stories, then this is the book for you!!!

must read
Written by Donna Briody Buccella on 22nd May 2016

Amazing stories loved this........dark, sexy, twisted hotness

Short Hot Read
Written by Melissa Murray Quintanilla on 22nd May 2016

This review is for Take Me by Jenika Snow, in the Dark Captive anthology book. This book is dark, if you aren't into dark romances this book isn't for you. I liked this one. It is hot, wish it was longer. One night at the bar has put Holly in a dangerous situation. A mystery man came to the rescue. Alex has been stalking Holly and he is determined to make her his. Will Alex finally get what he wants with Holly? Read the book!!!