Dark Days by Naomi Clark

Heat Level 2
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Blood Canticles, 2

Vampires on the loose. Monsters on the streets. And a demon in her bed...

Lola Guntram's life is not getting easier. She's no longer wanted for murder, but there's still danger everywhere she turns. Isaiah's sinister influence still lingers in Fort Rosser, and her friends are breaking under the pressure.

To make matters worse, a new threat stalks Tristesse, and the demon duchess might not win this war. As more blood is spilled and evil draws ever closer, Lola has to ask herself what she's prepared to do—and what she's prepared to sacrifice—to keep her loved ones safe.

Be Warned: f/f sex



"Come here, lover." Tristesse kissed Lola, sparking a slow, lustful burn in her. She remembered the last time Tristesse had done this, and this time she felt the moment the demon duchess bit into her lip. The brief stab of pain was nothing compared to the torrent of power crashing into her. Dark, deep, slick magic, headier than any alcohol could be. It filled Lola as if she was an empty vessel, stretching her awareness and tugging the world out from under her.

Reality was stripped bare. The Red Lotus was suddenly a shimmering, living thing, the very bricks breathing. The lights dazzled, and the scents and memories of countless men and women who'd had their pleasure here piled in on Lola's senses. She gasped, lust, love, and greed ricocheting through her. She clutched at Tristesse for support even though they were both still sitting down.

She'd forgotten it felt like this. She'd made herself forget, because this was utterly addictive.

Wild magic rushed around them, beckoning Lola with an irresistible call. Her heart sped now. Her entire body buzzed and she wanted to throw herself headfirst into the stream of magic, and simply let it carry her wherever it would go, unfettered and mindless.

She reeled that thought back. Intent mattered here, more than in any other kind of magic. She looked at Tristesse, trying to ground herself. Tristesse smiled, unearthly and dangerously beautiful.

"Well?" Tristesse said pointedly. "Where are we going?"

Right. Lola wiped her bleeding lip and flicked a droplet into the ley line. It glowed red for a second, and she felt a fresh rush of power inviting her in. A snaking cord of black light speared through her, and she gripped it firmly, feeling energy crackle along her skin. She marshaled her thoughts, trying to ignore the power rolling around her.

Yvette. She wanted Yvette. She wanted safety for her friends, for Tristesse. She caught Tristesse's hand and squeezed it hard as the ley line whipped them away from the Red Lotus.


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Love Bytes
Written by Dee on 24th Feb 2016

This book picks up where ‘Blood Witch’ ends. Having become invested in many of the characters in that story, I was excited to dive into ‘Dark Days’. And just like book #1 this story is told in third person, and almost entirely from the main character Lola’s point of view. Once again the author has created a world that is anything but predictable. The story has a heavy focus on magic, spells, runes, auras, and a number of other paranormal elements. The addition of blood hounds gives it a dark ominous feel. The plot shifts and changes at nail biting speed, from dead deer, to missing corpses, mystery, animals attacking, rogue vampires… the list goes on! My heart leapt into my throat, when Dawn was attacked and got bit. All I could do was hope and pray she wouldn’t suffer the same demise as her former partner in crime, who she was trying to avenge. Lola is a tough cookie I’ve come to adore. Her relationship with the demon, Tristesse, is a mystery for much of this story. There’s one hot scene between our ladies, but sex is far from central or even necessary to drive the plot. In fact any romance fades to the black, as this story gets darker and darker. The fate of some of the characters is almost written on the walls, or should I say written in blood. However the outcome took me completely by surprise. I think readers will either love or hate the ending. Either way, I can guarantee the journey is one hell of a ride, so strap yourself in and hold on.

Next book please
Written by DD on 11th Feb 2016

Another solid book continuing where the first left off. Lola/Tristesse relationship continuing to grow. ..F/F scenes nicely balanced with main story again. Main critiques (spoilers) - The demon is still not forthcoming with info/history which was annoying given the ending (basis for 3rd book? ) - The way it was setup I really thought the branded rune in Lola's back was going to be a bigger deal at the end ...uh, guess not - Again not clear on the secrecy around Caleb - Still think Lola's knowledge base is a little weak. My hope for third book is Lola will gain more knowledge, go "down under" to get her woman, and bond with her familiar with the help of her friends