Dear Heart by E.D. Parr

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go ®

Aiden Flint goes on vacation with three friends to Pamplona, Spain. Seeking excitement, they will run with the bulls in the festival of St. Fermin. As the four friends enjoy the nightlife, they notice an attractive man watching Aiden in the bars they visit. In the warmth and heady atmosphere of the exotic city, Aiden takes a chance and approaches the handsome man. 

Enigmatic Santiago Arista is sexy, kind, achingly lonely, and desperate for love. He’s just about given up on ever finding it, until one warm, summer night, sitting alone in a bar, he sees the gorgeous Aiden. He’s elated when Aiden joins him at his table. 

Deep attraction swirls between them. At the end of the night when they share a kiss, Aiden can’t believe the bliss that enfolds him, but have both men found someone to love just when fate is about to throw Aiden into mortal danger? And what will Santiago risk to aid his newfound love?

Be Warned: m/m sex



Aiden poured some beer into the glass and sipped at it. He assessed Santiago as he replaced the glass on the table. He’s fascinating, polite, maybe shy, different, cultured—and yet, sex exudes from him. I bet he’s dynamite in bed.

Santiago’s low voice interrupted his thoughts. “I wonder if you’d take a walk with me. The old town is interesting, even at night.”

Aiden’s heartbeat sped up. The lure of being with Santiago in a place he might hold him close and taste his kiss brought a smiling assent from Aiden. “That’s a great idea.”

On the narrow sidewalk, when they’d left the bright lights of the bars behind, Santiago took Aiden’s hand.

Excitement rocketed through Aiden. He took a deep breath, and on a dimly lit side street, he turned to Santiago and dragged him close. He molded the length of his body to Santiago’s, breathing close to the gorgeous man’s lips. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

Santiago responded.

The gentle merge of his lips with Aiden’s sent wonderful melting sensations through Aiden’s body. He clung to Santiago, taking kiss after kiss, lingering in the delectable embrace, pressing his hips to Santiago’s, breathing with the gorgeous man, sighing at the same time, until his legs weakened with raw desire.

Santiago drew only a fraction away from Aiden’s mouth. “Your kiss is addictive. I don’t want to stop. I feel your need against my body, and I want to ease it.” He held Aiden’s face and kissed him again.

Waves of exquisite feeling rolled through Aiden. He murmured softly, incoherent sounds of pleasure onto Santiago’s lips each time they broke contact to breathe. His thoughts tumbled in those seconds. The kisses were the best he’d ever experienced. He’d never before felt the kind of sensations running through and over him. He rested his forehead on Santiago’s.

“I’ve never had such totally amazing kisses. I’m floating in pleasure.”

“Me, too, I want you so much.”

Santiago’s replying whisper teased on Aiden’s lips.

His stomach clenched. His cock grew harder. Pure sexual need zinged in every cell of his body.

A group of people shouting and laughing turned into the street. Their approach forced Aiden to drop his arms from Santiago’s waist.

Santiago’s eyes flashed silver in a sudden shower of light from a door, thrown open to welcome the group. Regret filled his expression. He gazed with longing at Aiden. “Dear heart, walk with me.” He turned.

Aiden followed, his ears full of the endearment Santiago had assigned to him, his body drifting in delight, and love seeding in his heart for the man he’d only just met.

The river ran in a loop close to the old quarter, and Santiago clasped Aiden’s hand in his as they crossed a medieval bridge.

Aiden enjoyed the gentle strength surrounding his hand. He walked closer to Santiago.

“Do you live nearby?”

“In the old quarter—yes.” Santiago stopped and turned in an elegant move to Aiden. He held Aiden’s hands in his. “I wish you wouldn’t participate in the running tomorrow, or ever… I fear for you.”

Awash with sensation from Santiago’s palms pressed deliciously on his own, Aiden snatched a kiss from the man whose tone held affection and concern. The kiss brought a purr of delight to Aiden’s lips. He took another delicious kiss then murmured, “You called me dear heart.”

Santiago bowed his head. “You don’t like that.”

Aiden pulled a hand from Santiago’s grasp and slipped it around his face. He gazed into Santiago’s bright eyes. “I do like it.” Aiden smiled gently at the man who intrigued and lit him with desire. “Who are you really, Santiago? I feel wrapped in passion, cared for … and yet … well, we’ve only just met.”

Santiago’s words whispered across his lips. “Perhaps we’ve each met someone to love.”

Tingles ran up Aiden’s spine. The words were full of portent. He’d welcome love, and the way he felt kissing Santiago was the best ever. Yet, he couldn’t let himself comment. It’s too soon. What if I fall in love with him and in a week’s time, I have to go home, to work, to my life?

He took refuge in Santiago’s anxiety about him running with the bulls the next day.

“Santiago, I have to join the bull running. My friends expect it. I said I would. That’s why we’re here. I would never live it down if I didn’t do it at least once. I confess I’m scared now, but I have to do it.”

His handsome companion crushed him close. “Then take care.” He ran a hand down the back of Aiden’s head, stopping to tangle gentle fingers in his hair.

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Beautiful story.
Written by Patricia Nelson on 14th Jul 2019

IMHO, this was a fantastic, charming, engaging, sweet, grab-you-by-the-feels, passionate, and lovely story with a delightfully unexpected and unconventional twist.

Written by Lorraine Lesar on 12th Jul 2019

Hands up all those who knew that the word, dearheart, is the greatest term of affection known to mankind? Not many uh? Well know this. Aiden was Santiago’s dearheart. Their eyes met across a crowded bar room. Is it possible to fall in love instantaneously? Both men are looking for more than a one night stand, they want a long term commitment, but we all know that falling in love isn’t that easy. Firstly, Aiden is only visiting the town. He’s on holiday and returning home shortly. Secondly, Santiago has secrets. He’s been looking for his Mr. Right, for centuries...... In just 60 pages, E.D. Parr gave us a beginning, some sexy bits, a middling, more sexy bits, then a HEA. I read this in my lunchtime and I’m quite happy to read her kind of books, every lunchtime